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    A magical mishap on Nightmare Night results in the mane 6 and other ponies taking on the personality and characteristics of their costumes. Set in RainbowDoubleDash's Lunaverse.
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    The story of Baron Mounty Max and his early years as part of the Night Court of Equestria and how his destiny became intertwined with Duchess Fragrant Posey during that momentous time.
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  • 47w, 4d
    More on going Plots

    It’s been about six months since my original post about the stories I had planned so I thought it was about time for an update. If you look at the original you’ll see some of the stories have now been written others have been totally discarded and a few are still to be put together.  As its coming up to the end of the year I thought it was about time I looked forwards to what I’m planning to do over the next year or so. It’s been about eleven months since I started writing and I’m somewhat proud of what I’ve produced so far.  I’ve generally written two stories a month normally a complete story plus a chapter of Time after Time.

    However, writing is currently taking up more and more or my time to such a point that sleeping is getting to be a valued commodity, so to prevent total burn out I’m going to be taking a break for a week or two although possibly not entirely (see below).  I’m generally planning to write a bit less next year probably only a single story per month give or take. I’m also going to try to reduce the length of the stories I do write, I’ve ended up with a 25K chapter in Time after Time so I’m going to try and be a little less verbose which I think it’ll make my writing a little easier to read.

    Quick Hits

    There are a few things I want to try and fix up or do over the next month or so rather than write whole stories.

    Pinkie and Bluie Twoie

    This story was written rather too quickly as I wanted to get it out by Christmas resulting it its grammar and Punctuation being poor even by my standards, I’m hoping to have a few days to go over it again and correct some things. I may even tweak the plot a little based on some of the feedback I’ve gotten.


    Several people have said that this story could so with a final chapter to tie things up. I might give it a go to come up with a further thousand words or so to round it off within the next week.


    As previously the majority of my one going work is going to be in the Lunaverse. I’m hoping to get a few more canon stories over the next year and to finish off some things I’m already working on.

    Time after Time

    I’m hoping to finish this off over the next few months but Dr Who keeps giving me new Doctors to work with. I’ve got the 4th Doctor chapter in my head and will try to finish it by the end of January. I’ve also got an idea for the 8.5th Doctor (The war doctor) however, as it stands it’s rather over the top and ends with the destruction of Equestria followed by a reset button, I’ll probably end up toning it back a bit before I write it, but you never know. I’d also like to do an 11th Doctor story but the probably I’ve had from outset is that I just can’t think of a plot for it, anyone out there with any suggestions? I’m thinking Dinky and Pokey as major characters as I’m running out of parts of the Lunaverse to explore, maybe I’ll even include Greengrass and Notary. I’ll eventually do a 12th Doctor story although I’ll probably wait until near the end of the year when I’ve got some idea of his character.

    Dinky’s Birthday

    This was mentioned in my original plots blog 6 months ago. I’m hoping to write a canon story about Dinky’s birthday mostly from Ditzy’s point of view. I’m aiming for bitter sweet with Ditzy being forced to realise that her daughter is growing up and won’t be her baby for ever and at some point is probably going to go her own way and make her own mistakes. However, she will recognise by the end that it won’t be for a while and these things are all part of life. I’m hoping to write this in the first half of the year and hopefully it’ll be fairly short maybe 5-7K.

    A bunch of carrots

    This is an idea I had while writing ‘Another world, Another Child’ it will be a similar idea but with Carrot Top rather than Ditzy. Basically what the two versions of Carrot Top did while they were trapped in the M-verse. They will venture into the Everfree to try and find medicine for Trixie. Both agree that L-verse Carrot Top made the better decisions but as the story goes on M-verse Carrot will see that she has her own strengths as well. Again not too long probably a chapter or two totalling about 12K.

    Climbing the Mountain

    This will probably be my major project for the year, to take over from Time after Time. I’m hoping to get it started in January or February and to keep the chapters shorter to reduce my work load a bit.

    The basic story is the life of Baron Mounty Max during him time in the Night Court and his growing romance with Fluttering Posey.  It will probably be an on-going story to take place behind the main Lunaverse plot. I have a few chapters in mind so far and it’s even possible some might be written out of order. Ideas so far are: -

    Prologue – Creation of Max’s province due to act of Trixie.

    Chapter ? – I’m going to have to check the time line but a chapter of what max was doing during the longest day, probably added to the anthology chapter in the Lunaverse.

    Chapter 1 – Max finding out to his surprise that he’s been made a Baron and having to say goodbye to his friends and family to go to Canterlot.

    Chapter 2 – Max arrives at Canterlot (he actually climbs the mountain rather than getting the train. Why? Because it was there) and first meets Posey as she’s part of the greeting party.

    Chapter 3-6 – Max finding his footing in the court maybe tie in with ‘Greengrass’s night’ and ‘Foaling around’ and Max meeting up with Posey a bit more. Some issues with Max’s goat assistant.

    Chapter 7ish – The Gala. A pseudo date with Posey grows into something more thanks to a certain truth potion.

    Chapter 8-10 – Heading into season 2 and a closer relationship between Posey and Max. Looks into why Posey doesn’t have kids and her past.

    Chapter 11 – A cross over with A concert for Ponyville Max fills in for Posey so she can go to Fluttershy’s concert.

    Chapter 12+ - The side effects of Corona’s return and more relationship between Max and Posey. Possibly introducing Inky and Marshal from Pinkie and Bluie.

    I’d like these to work out as canon but I’ll probably wait and see how that works out given how complicated it could all get. I’m hoping for relatively short chapters here maybe 3-5K each.


    The Cadenceverse doesn’t seem to have caught on as much as I’d hoped it would which is a shame as I think it’s quite a cool place but time will tell what happens I’ve got a few ideas for stories although nothing that will probably be produced in the next few months.

    The Pied Piper of Ponyville

    Tootse Flute gets his hooves on a magic flute which give her control of the other foals which she of course abuses but comes to recognise the consequences. What happens when it gets stolen?


    Octavia as part of her job of studying the musical styles of Ponyville is invited to a Hoedown at sweet apple acres. Set about a week since she first arrived in town.

    Mostly an idea to start of the low key Octavia / Big Mac ship I have running through my other Cadenceverse stories.


    An accident with the Elements of Harmony results in Cadence being split into a normal filly and a golem. Filly Cadence is overjoyed at being a real girl whereas the golem is no longer able to feel anything. But can the two halves really exist separately?


    A spell prevents anyone in Ponyville from producing or understanding music for several months. How will the Elements cope with the loss of their abilities and what will they do with themselves until the spell wears off.


    Tootse Flute’s pet is sick but she’s not worried, her luck will mean it will get better right? Fluttershy tries to convince her that sometimes you have to let go of those you love the most.

    Although I love the idea of this story I’m not sure if I could actually write it given the rather uncomfortable subject matter. But we’ll see

    Cat and Angel

    Fluttershy is incapacitated and it’s up to her assistant Cat and her pet Angel to work together to keep the surgery running. Can the two of them put their differences aside for Fluttershy?

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  • 48w, 6d
    Pinkie and Bluie Updated

    I have updated Pinkie and Bluie to match the current version of Gala i.e. removed the Trixie pretends to poison Blueblood section and replaced it with something else. If you're interested you can read it again but I don't think it changes much of the overall story.

    I've also tidied up the grammar a bit although there are probably still problems.

    I'm doing this as a lead up to Pinkie and Bluie Twoie - A Pinkie and Bluie Hearth's Warming. Hopefully this will be up by this Sunday (cause if it isn't I'm going to be out of contact for a week). Currently I'm quietly confident it'll be done in time although it might be a bit rushed, I've finished 4 out of 5 chapters and I'm about 1/3 to 1/2 way through the final chapter. If I don't finish I'll probably publish what I have so far on Sunday.

    If anyone would be interested in Pre / Proof reading or editing PM me.

    3 comments · 119 views
  • 52w, 4d
    Dr Who 50th Anniversary

    As today is the 50th anniversary of Dr Who I though I should put up a sneak preview for the next chapter of the Dr Who / lunaverse story. hopefully the rest of the story will be up early in December (although I'm rather behind schedule at the moment).

    Ditzy awoke with a groan, bells ringing in her ears. With a herculean effort she dragged one eye open, her bedroom was still dark but she could just about make out her alarm clock in the gloom, it was the source of the racket. She quested about with one hoof and on her third attempt managed to strike the alarm knocking it to the ground and mercifully stop the ringing. For a moment she considered going back to sleep, what did she have to get up for anyway? Then she shook herself, she had to get to work, no work meant no pay and no pay meant no food for her and Dinky.

    Ditzy staggered to her feet, she felt rotten today, maybe she was coming down with something? Muttering to herself she wandered into the bathroom and examined her reflection in the mirror, she looked ever worse than she felt. Her eyes were red rimmed and gunked up with sleep, her mane and coat were dishevelled, she even noticed some bald spots in her wings. Maybe she really was ill, she should make an appointment with a doctor after she finished her shift, she wouldn’t want her daughter to catch anything from her.  She thrust her head under the shower and let the warm water make her feel somewhat equine again.

    Once she had finished washing she decided on breakfast. To her surprise most of the cupboards were empty, she must have forgotten to go shopping. She quickly crunched her way through a bowl of dry and stale cereal. She checked the time again, she was late!

    Quickly grabbing her hat and coat she rushed for the door leading down to the post office below. It was emptier than she would have expected but she didn’t have time to investigate. She grabbed a full bag from one of the tables, shouted a quick greeting to the few members of staff present, who looked up in surprise, and ran out onto the streets of Ponyville.

    As she carried out her rounds a feeling of wrongness continued to gnaw away in the back of her head. Like the office the town itself seemed depopulated and the ponies she did see mostly trudged by eye’s down. The weather did not help, it appeared that the weather ponies had made a mix up, one part of town was buried under several inches of snow while another was suffering torrential rain. Ditzy looked up and saw Cloud Kicker yelling at a number of other pegasus she didn’t recognise but who seemed to be ignoring the deputy manager. Was Rainbow Dash AWOL again? It might explain the mistake if her assistant had been left in charge. Cloud Kicker was normally quite dependable but she didn’t deal with stress well.

    She checked the address on the next letter and smiled to herself. It was the representative’s residence, maybe a chat with Trixie would make her feel better. She could ask Trixie where everypony was today, maybe she’d missed a really big Pinkie Party yesterday?

    Putting on a sunny smile Ditzy pushed open the door and let herself into the residence. As expected Trixie was present but to the mailmare’s surprise she was sitting behind Pokey’s desk rather than her own.

    “You’ve got mail,” announced Ditzy tossing a pile of letters onto her friend's desk.

    “Oh, errr. Thank you Ms Doo,” said Trixie sounding subdued, “You’re looking well today.”

    “Ms Doo? Why so formal?” asked Ditzy bemused, “Actually I’m feeling a little rough. Maybe Dinky picked something up from school and passed it on to me.” Then suddenly it hit her, “Dinky! I forgot about Dinky! I didn’t wake her up and get her ready for school this morning. How could I forget about her?!”

    A look of pain and embarrassment flashed over Trixie’s face. “Ditzy, did you take your medication this morning? Did Par say you could work today?”

    “Medication? What are you talking about? And what’s Par got to do with anything, he’s retired. Look I’ve got to get home, Dinky will be worrying about where I am.”

    Trixie seemed to fight with herself for a moment before looking up at the worried mailmare "I know it's hard Ditzy," she said wheeling her chair over and putting a hesitant arm across the pegasus’s withers, "But you have to accept it, Dinky died with Cheerilee over a year ago now. You've got to move on."

    Ditzy staggered back breaking out of the unicorns grip, “What are you talking about?” she cried, “Dinky’s not dead, I saw her last night she was talking about being in the Hearth’s Warming play this year.” Ditzy though back to last night and the conversation and then she remembered the funeral, the casket had been so small, she’d sat there too upset to even cry just waiting for somepony, anypony to just tell her that it was all a mistake that the thing in the ground wasn’t her daughter. Ditzy staggered back blinking, where had that come from? It couldn’t be true.

    “Ditzy, you’re having one of your episodes, please try to calm down. I’ll get Redheart or Carrot Top or somepony.” Trixie pulled her chair closer. Ditzy’s gaze dropped to Trixie’s rear legs, they were both missing from just below the hip, she was strapped into a wheeled contraption which allowed her to remain mobile.

    “Trixie,” gasped Ditzy in horror, “What happened to your legs?”

    “You remember me telling you about the snake,” she said gently.

    “No, I don’t. This is all wrong,” gasped Ditzy.

    “Grand-père!” yelled Trixie.

    “What is it child?” came a masculine voice from within the residence, “I’m not entirely deaf you know.” An aged blue stallion tottered into the room leaning heavily on a cane, his mane and beard a dirty white.

    “Who are you?” asked Ditzy backing away from the new arrival.

    “Ah, she’s having a bad day isn’t she?”

    “I’ve never seen her this bad,” agreed Trixie pity written across her face, “She normally forgets the ‘incident’ but not much else.”

    “Who are you?” Ditzy demanded again, the stallion seemed vaguely familiar.

    “I am Quartermoon, Ms Doo. You remember me? The town's representative to the Night Court?”

    “Quartermoon? But you’re dead, Trixie said,” muttered Ditzy backing away from the stallion towards the door.

    “Evidently not Ms Doo. Why don’t you just sit down and we can get one of your friends to look after you.” He held out a hoof.

    “Get away from me!” screamed Ditzy bolting for the door and leaping into the air. She had to get away, to get to Dinky, she could see Dinky and everything would be alright. This would all be a bad dream or a plan by Corona or Zecora or someone, Dinky would make everything better.

    She flew as fast as her wings would carry her towards her home, she didn’t even stop to land before entering the building instead prising the window open and crawling into her daughters bedroom. It was just as she remembered, every book, toy and item of clothing was in place. The only thing missing was Dinky herself. The bed did not look like it had been slept in. Nothing looked touched, everything was perfect, like a shrine. A shiver ran down Ditzy’s spine. She remembered cleaning the room and putting everything neatly away, she had to keep it all perfect for when her muffin came back, from when the mistake was all sorted out, no matter how long it took. No that couldn’t be it, what was going on?

    She collapsed to the floor sobbing memories flowing through her head. She remembered Dinky telling her of her adventures in the Everfree and begging her to let her keep the timber wolf foal. She remembered the look on Nurse Redhearts face when she told her what they had found in the forest that she had to identify the pieces left, the pieces of her daughter left. What was happening to her, was she going mad? Had she always been mad?

    “Please help me!” Ditzy cried to the heavens, “Please somepony help me! I don’t know what’s going on, what’s real.”

    Suddenly the room was filled with a wheezing groaning sound and a wind seemed to pick up from nowhere. To her astonishment a large blue box faded into existence taking up much of the bedroom. I suppose that confirms that, thought Ditzy, I have gone mad.

    A door opened in the box and a short straw coloured earth pony stallion with a brown mane rushed from it. He was wearing a cream jacket and checked trousers. Under the jacket was a jumper covered in question marks and a tie. On his head was a panama hat and hooked on one leg was an umbrella.

    “Don’t worry,” he said with confidence, “I’m the Doctor.”

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  • 56w, 1d
    Hitting the Big time

    In my last blog I said that I'm consider one of my stories as hitting the big time if it got 100 upvotes.

    Well that's just happened for 'Pinkie and Bluie' so Yay Go Me!

    As an updated to my general writing, October's been a busy month for me so I'm rather behind. I'm only about a third of the way through this months Time after Time chapter so it's likely that it'll be a few weeks before that's out. After that I'm planning on starting my next Candenceverse story currently entitled Generosity Games with Fluttershy and Rarity competing to try and raise money for their charities. Followed by another Dr Who chapter (probably the 7th Doctor) which will probably take me into December.

    To link back to the start of the post I'm considering writing a Pinkie and Bluie sequel for Christmas currently attentively entitled 'A Pinkie and Bluie Hearthwarming' about each of the pair trying to get the perfect Hearthwarming gift for the other and meeting each others parents. A possible alternative is a romance story telling the growing relationship between Fragrant Posey and Mounty Max.

    Both are currently open to be written or chucked depending on my mood, so does anyone out there have any suggestions or opinions?

    1 comments · 75 views
  • 65w, 5d
    Popular, its all about Popular.

    What makes a story popular?

    I suppose the most important part is that it’s a good, interesting, well written story. However, you could write the best story ever and if no-one reads it no-one will know. So what makes you want to read a story in the first place?

    This all came from my own stories. I set my bar rather low, I consider a story a success if it get 20+ up votes and if I ever get 100+ up votes I’d consider that I’ve made the big time (well big for me). However, the popularity of my stories doesn’t really match how good I think they are. Pinkie and Bluie is my runaway success currently at 90 and I consider it only a bit above average, to my utter surprise Trixie’s lover is my second best story at 26 even though I think it’s my worst story. I consider Monster to be my best story and that’s only on 19 making it not even a success by my measure.

    So I’m going to look into what attracts me to a story before I read them.

    1) First of all is probably picture and description, personally I tend to read whatever appears on the front page and skim this info so a catchy description is likely to get more people to at least think about reading a story which is probably half the battle. When it comes to my stories I’m not good at this, none have pictures and the descriptions aren’t amazing.

    2) Category. I think this probably has a bigger effect than many people think. There are some category’s which a fair proportion of the population just turn off from. Human, Anthro, Sex, Cross Over, Human in Equestria, etc. Personally I’m not very keen on Sad, Dark and Crossover (Despite having written stories in these categories), basically a story needs to be extra attractive for me to read if it’s in one of these categories and I guess others are the same. To me a comedy or romance story is a fairly safe choice to read. My top two stories are both Romances so I think that’s part of the path to success.

    3) Length. Another thing which I think has a bigger effect than others may think. A story with 1-3K words represents about 10 minutes to me so I can afford to waste that time on something that turns out to be poor. >10K is probably an hour or more I’m only going to start that if I think the stories going to be good. This is why I’m generally splitting my more recent stories into chapters even though I write them as single blocks. I’d be more likely to read the 3K first chapter of a story that’s 30K long than a single 30K chapter. I don’t think Pinkie would be as popular if I’d kept it as a single 15K chapter. Time after time is probably effected by this with 10K+ chapters it’s not something people just dip into.

    4) Being part of a good group. I’d don’t think most of my stuff would be as well read if I wasn’t part of the Lunaverse and Cadenceverse. The trick is probably getting the right sized or focused groups. I’m only a member of a few but I guess the larger groups are so big you probably get several stories added each hour which probably makes them useless for actually finding stories due to information overload. The same for small groups as they probably don’t update very often although when they do you would probably find that you wold like the story particularly if the group has a very thin focus.

    5) Further work from the same author. Once I’ve found an author I like I’m much more likely to read the rest of their work. Fairly self-explanatory but probably breaks the previous rules, I’m more likely to read a dark fic if I’ve already read a comedy form the same author even if the new story of 15K long. So in a way persistence will probably get you more readers, if someone likes one of your stories they’ll look at the others.

    6) Finally, once a story is popular it’s more likely to get more popular. The feature box is a fairly good indication of a reasonable story so if you hit there you’re probably going to stay there for a while. Generally I don’t read a story until it has about 100 up votes (So I wouldn’t read any of my own stories) unless there are other factors in play. Pinkie was apparently briefly featured (although I missed it) so that might explain part of its popularity. Word of mouth is also important but that's partially linked to groups, so see above.

    So that’s the factors I think make stories popular or not and how they relate to my own writings. Hopefully this doesn’t seem too self-indulgent and I’d like to see what other people look for in stories before they actually read them.

    For you interest below is the order of my stories based on up votes vs how good I actually think they are from best to worst


    Pinkie and Bluie

    Trixie’s Lover

    Pokey’s holiday

    A Tale of Two assistants

    Time after Time


    The race that ate friendships

    Training Day

    My opinion


    Time after Time

    Pinkie and Bluie

    A Tale of Two assistants

    Training Day

    The race that ate friendships

    Pokey’s holiday

    Trixie’s Lover

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  • ...

After Prince Blueblood and Pinkie Pie met at the Gala, he'd expected it to be a one off thing, like so many times before. So why is he finding it so hard to tell her that?

Set in the The Lunaverse and taking place shortly after the Gala.

My entry to the June 2013 writing 'more than a thousand' challenge

18/12/2013 - I have revised the story (mostly chapter one to fit the changes to the Gala story) there is also some tidying up of the grammar. Thanks to Georg with his help.

First Published
17th Jun 2013
Last Modified
17th Jun 2013

Wow, a suprisingly lovely story. I am impressed.

Yes, some editing would be good, and there are bits that could be writen better, but the core of the story, the heart of it is lovely.

Apparently, the Equestrian equivalent of the Lousiville Slugger is the "Love and Tolerance."  Eakin's Twilight calls hers "Home Run."

When did Raindrops become a romantic?  Usually she's such a Gloomy Gus.

Pretty Woman reference?  Big Mistake.  Huge.  (just kidding... I loled.)  Actually, I could see another version of Blueblood trying to pull a Pygmalion/My Fair lady on Pinkie...

Ultimately, this was absolutely adorable.

Yay! It's up!

my biggest issue with this story, is I see no real evidence that the Night Court viewed Luna as a real god.


Raindrops reading romance novels was established... somewhere. It might have been in In the Heat of the Moment though and thus of questionable canonicity.

Anyway, this is pretty awesome and I am behind this ship 120%.

*Grins and applauds* Very sweet! I really love your characterization of Blueblood, it fit in beautifully. The scenes were well described and well set up I loved the line about the baseball bat and Gummy's burning hatred of Blueblood. The only thing I can think to criticize is some small grammar and spelling issues but even they really didn't do much to lower my enjoyment of the fic.

Anything with a sturdy balloon ladder wins my vote.:pinkiehappy:

For the record, I really like this story, and hope everyone else does as well.


It's also alluded to in one of the Hearts & Hooves day stories that made it to canon; InsertAuthorHere's, specifically.

Such a new author in the middle of the feature box already?:trixieshiftright:

You're gonna go far kid:moustache:

Keep it up:raritywink:

A Sweet Taste of Cake inspired back story for the Cakes? I approve!

Very well done! Any chance of Lunaverse canonical status for this story?


I saw that too- and was quite pleased as well!

Needs to be canon so badly.

Excellent story, I enjoyed it quite a bit.:pinkiehappy:

I really enjoyed this story and how you portrayed both Blueblood and Pinkie Pie.  I also like how Blueblood thought, makes lines he said in "At the Grand Galloping Gala" in a new light, such as "I am not certain I deserved that." when Luna talked to the night court the first time.

Ah, "Love and Tolerance" must be on loan from the Postmaster.  That bat seems to be the only police force the little town needs. :pinkiehappy:  

Great story!:pinkiehappy:

This story is littered with grammar errors and run-on sentences. There are periods in odd places and a fair number missing capitol letters. I don't think I've come across using single apostrophes instead of italics to designate thoughts in years and it was occasionally hard to make out on the first read through. Normally, the shear number of issues with the writing would have been a deal-breaker for me and I'd have quit after the first misplaces comma... but...

I wouldn't change a single thing in this story if you put a gun to my head.

Everything works. Every mistake, every odd turn of phrase, everything, just works. Whether intentional or not, the crazy and disjointedness of the writing actually accurately captured Blueblood's mental state perfectly, in a way I didn't even think was possible. This isn't about the soft kind of love that grows over time, nor the sudden attraction you feel at first glance, or the meeting of two who are destined for each other. This is the kind of love that hits you out of nowhere like a bat to the side of your head; the kind that sweeps you up into a whirlwind of confusion and doesn't let your feet touch the ground until you are miles out to sea. And this is the only kind of love I could ever see Pinkie involved in.:pinkiehappy:

You have taken a genre I normally have little interest in and wrenched my soul. You took a pairing that has no basis in anything and not only made me believe it, but turned me into diehard fan. And, and I swear to god this is true, when I finally stopped reading and realized that over an hour had passed, I looked around and suddenly realized there was cake in front of me. I have no memory of where this cake came from. I don't even think there was any cake in my house.

Your story is so sweet it actually, literally, spawned cake for me.

Liked, up-voted, favorited, and desperately wishing there was more!:heart:

:rainbowlaugh: This was incredible. That addition of squeeing Raindrops and Trixie finding Blueblood only makes this even better.

Seriously, this Blueblood x Pinkie ship is the craziest and yet most fun couple the Lunaverse ever produced! :pinkiehappy:


This, so hard. I doubt i could put it better without using 2 or 3 more paragraphs

Sweet, compelling, and engrossing, half because of its errors and half in spite of them.

I'll be shocked if this isn't cannon in the Lunaverse, it has my vote.

>>2737407 I adored it! It could use a run of editting but on the whole was amazing. I vote for canonicity and keeping Blueblood and Pinkie a couple in the Lunaverse.

FOREVER!! :pinkiehappy:


I think the case with that is, they generally don't.

However, Blueblood has just had a very nasty shock and there a case of something quacking and waddling like a duck. Generally ponies don't think of her as a god and she doesn't think of herself as a god but she's the closest to a supreme being anyone can think of so when you're under stress and shouting at someone how are you going to describe her to get your point across?


Its one of my favourite stories, so gentle and yet deep.

Carrot standing up to his future father in law despite being terrified, his righteous anger when the old man asks if he's going to leave when it looks like Cupcake can't have children. "Is it because I'm round?" is one of the most heartbreaking lines I've ever read.

The Decendent is a great author and I feel somewhat under valued although The Father of My Children seems to have broken into the big time, and for good reason.


My personal cannon is that the love and tolerance bats are on sell in Ponyville, probably one of Filthy's biggest sellers 'For all of your threatening needs'

Thank you all for your kind comments, at this rate I'm going to need a slave to ride behind me and remind me that I'm mortal.


It was one of the hearts and hooves stories that gave Raindrops her hidden romantic streak. She basically changes from 'I don't really care about love' to 'No, your perfect love must live for ever' when it looks like the spark might have gone out of the Bon-bon / Lyra relationship.

I'd say she's quite out of character here. I probably should have stretched out the conversation more giving a more gradual change from distrusting Blueblood to 'this is the most perfect love ever!' but hind sight is 20/20. If I had to defend it I'd play the sexist card and say she was either leading up to or just come out of her time of the year and was a bit more hormonal than normal.


Originally I had the entire Pretty Woman scene word for word but I was persuaded by my wonderful proof readers to trim it down and make the manager a little less silly. Personally I liked the image of Blueblood lazing in a chair with a drink at Pinkie put on a fashion show in front of him, that how all clothes shopping should be done.


Really? :pinkiegasp: I was in the feature box? :pinkiehappy: and I missed it! :pinkiesick: That what I get for sleeping I guess.  :pinkiesad2:


I would really like to say I planned all the errors to make it better, but I won't because I don't like lying.

I was keeping Pinkie's grammar a mess of run on sentences because that's how she talks and tried to make it so that all her rants could be skipped without missing anything important so your brain could just fill in, Pinkie jabbers away about some here.

All the rest are just my own errors, punctuation doesn't come to easily to  me so if they somehow improve the story its just a happy coincidence.


I'm not sure about forever, on a realistic front I could see them breaking up quite quickly. But I prefer not to live in reality which is why a Mr Blueblood-Pie and his very pregnant wife will be cameoing in one of the future chapters of my Dr Who / Lunaverse story set a few years in the 'future'.


Thank you all for your kind comments, at this rate I'm going to need a slave to ride behind me and remind me that I'm mortal.

To be historically correct, I believe the lowest-ranking slave in all the land must be standing at your side as you ride through the parade in your chariot, whispering in your ear, "Caeser, thou art mortal." :scootangel:

I don't have one of those, but I do have a wife to tell me to take out the trash and clean up the dog poo, which is much the same thing....


Well got to get rid of that pesky hubris somehow.

Now I just have to figure out who the lowest-ranking slave in the land is, Baldric's never around when you need him.

I really enjoyed this too. PinkiexBlueblood is best couple!

I hope it does become canon. It fits well with the After The Night revisions I'm doing, and if we're not going to have Blueblood as Evil Noble anymore, I think he works best as Pinkie's Stallion. Mostly because that gives him reason to show up in Ponyville at random times.

Trixie: Ah, a perfect vacation day! nopony around to bother me--

Pinkie: Trixie! Bluey's in town, but the motel is being remodeled and Gummy's on a date with a female alligator in my room. I told him he could sleep over in your Residency. Hope that's okay!


Or even better, they both need a bed for the night.

Trixie spends all night lying awake fearing there going to do 'something', but they just spend all night asleep resulting in both of them being well rested the next day but Trixie being a wreck.

I wonder if we could have something similar to the way Fluttershy thinks Trixie is persecuting her with Trixie thinking that everything Blueblood does, no matter how small, must be designed to get at her somehow.

"A punnet of strawberries, my good man"

"What are you going to do with those? You know I'm allergic to them, you're going to slip them into my food aren't you? Well I just won't eat or drink anything for the next week. You won't get me!"

And perhaps another running joke where Blueblood never remembers Raindrops's name or even that she exists. He met her at the Gala but has forgotten her in my story.

"Ah yes, the famous elements of Harmony, Trixie, Cherilee, Ditzy, Carrot Top, Lyra and the yellow one."



"My name is Raindrops, not the yellow one"

"Of course Draindrips, how could I forget"

"RAINDROPS!" she has to be held down by Cherilee and Carrot top to stop her gutting Blueblood

I guess we need a name for the couple, Pinkieblood sounds rather to 'cupcake' like. Bluepie maybe? Princepie?

That was really, really good :pinkiehappy:


I read entirely because of this comment.  Worth it, too. /)


Blood Pie, of course.  Which I'm almost completely certain is a real thing, but I'm apparently too lazy too google right now.

PinkiexBlueblood is awesome.

And as said, this showed it in a very sweet light, without ruining the craziness that makes it so awesome.

Adding to the requests to canonise.


I'm not sure Equestrian society would even have the concept of a god, actually; with Luna and Celestia (and even Discord) physically present, there wouldn't be a reason to develope that archetype.

Other than that, I like it :D


I did wonder about that. I wonder if the proto ponies in the pre unification period before they met the Princesses / Discord had some concept of a divine being. However, you've got to wonder who was running the sun and moon back then, unless they were on automatic.


The Kingdom of Unicornia raised and lowered the sun pre-Celestia.  For maintaining this responsibility, they received tribute from the other nations.


So who taught them to do that? and what happened before the kingdom was formed?


I actually wrote a story about that.  My headcanon is that the Sun isn't technically necessary for life, but was invented by unicorns to avert famine.  It's very helpful, but life predated it, and (some) life would survive after.  Nightmare Moon wouldn't be the only pony singing that it's the end of the world as we knew it (and she feels fine).

Obviously, this is nothing like how the sun works in the real world, but heliocentrism isn't plausible in a world where the sun and the moon can literally move at the whims of the world's inhabitants.

Astounding story and definitely has canon potential. I am of the opinion that the grammar and spelling errors should be cleaned up for the narration, though.

this is good. If I cry, I blame you. Yes, you. The one reading this. Only you. Don't think I'm blaming anyone else.


I don't know if this is cannon or not, but it should be.

A wonderful story.  Wish it could be Lunavers cannon.  Sad it ended, but it did end beautifuly.  :pinkiehappy:

All shipping, to one degree or another, is crack shipping. This was one that I'd neither heard nor seen done before, and I was pleasantly surprised. It was a sweet, endearing little story and I rather enjoyed it. Pinkie's combination of unnatural tenacity, generally niceness and mind boggling Pinkie-ness can often be overplayed or misused in a fic, but you struck a nice balance here using it in ways that supported the story rather than detracted from it or that appeared tangential. There were little errors, as other reviewers have described, but the story stood quite well as-is. Good job!

Aww, Raindrops, your inner romantic is showing. It's nice to see how romantic the weather can be when a pegasus is setting it up that way for you.

Mr and Mrs Cake as protective parents is sweet. They do care a lot about Pinkie, and she honestly isn't always the best judge of character.

This is so adorable! It's also very believable. It's a good reminder that there are very, very few truly bad ponies in Equestria, but plenty of ponies who have let their emotions or ambitions lead them astray. Blueblood wants to be a better pony, but he doesn't believe that he can be. Fortunately, Pinkie Pie believes the best of practically anypony, and is very good at not holding grudges, making her exactly the pony Blueblood needs right now. Beautiful.

That cupcake probably had a Dash of RainBow in it.

The Pink Room was orange, but the Pretty Pink Party-Planning Party-Pony Pinkie Pie painted place pink.  After painting it pink, Pinkamena Diane Pie went into an hypoglycemic catatonic state until the Cakes forced some sugar into her.  Then, she started the mural.

D'aaaaw, Pinkie and Bluie, probably making some silly shade of

This was adorable, and more than a little touching. :twilightsmile:

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