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    Shawn Spencer, fake psychic detective, goes where no man has gone before.
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  • 62w, 12h
    Upcoming project

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    It sure took me long enough... but it's happening.


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    Special Announcement...

    Hello everyone!

    I'll make this quick and simple, because I don't have a ton of time right this moment:

    I am very pleased to announce the official, exact, guaranteed release date/time of the next chapter of Magic, and Mayhem, and... Murder? Oh my... as:

    Tomorrow, Sept. 27 at 12 PM EST!

    That's right, you heard it here first, folks! Although, I'd be extremely surprised if you'd heard it anywhere else first... and more than a little terrified.

    Now, for a caveat: This will actually be the first half of what was originally intended to be a single chapter. However, when said chapter started to run somewhat... loooooooong... I decided to split it in two. So, this is what you're getting.

    Chapter 17.1: Foil to the Sun.

    And hey, I just gave you the title! Look at me just handing out spoilers left and right. Here's another one... be sure to read the author's note at the end of the chapter for a special surprise. Love you all, and I hope you enjoy the first half of the climactic finale to my little crossover project.

    This is your friendly neighborhood Invictus, signing off.

    P.S. This is an excellent opportunity for those of you that might have forgotten certain events due to the... time delay... to go back and catch up.

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  • 117w, 5d
    Progress Report + Teaser...

    Just to let you guys know. I'm not dead. Still working on the chapter, which is shaping up to be (by far) the longest one yet. Which, I suppose, makes sense, since it is going to be fairly climactic, as most of you have already guessed.

    I've decided at this point that I'm not going to burden myself with deadlines for this one. It's important to the narrative, so I want to really take my time and do it right. Also, life's been a bit hectic recently. Speaking of, I have a 12 hour long drive to Maine in store for me later today. By early tomorrow morning, I will either be feasting on lobster and moose with friends and family, or dead. Hopefully the former, as the internet connection in hell is probably pretty terrible. I've heard all they've got down there is DSL.

    Wish me luck.

    On a lighter note, I actually really don't want to leave you guys high and dry, so I think I'll leave you with a fluffy little teaser from early on in the upcoming chapter.


    Suddenly, everypony was talking. Some yelling at Shawn, others yelling at the ones yelling at Shawn. Others, mostly Pinkie, simply yelling about some creature called a 'bat-man'... whatever that was. Twilight glanced around, becoming increasingly agitated at the growing chaos.

    Her princess had just popped out of some sort of magical artifact, and was now fighting against the same eldritch abomination that had nearly upended their entire civilization a few short years ago. If somepony didn't do something, the situation would only continue to deteriorate. She drew in a breath...

    "All of you SHUT UP!"

    ... and nearly choked on it as captain Aegis's deafening shout left everyone's ears ringing and plastered to their skulls. The guardspony waited for a few moments in the ensuing silence, seeming to almost savor it, before continuing.

    "Shawn, what was princess Celestia doing in your pants?"

    Twilight, along with everyone else there, looked to Shawn expectantly. His shoulders were shaking, he was bent over his stomach, and it looked like he was choking. Had he gotten something stuck in his throat? Concerned, Twilight stepped forward.

    "Shawn... are you alright?" She noticed tears leaking from the corners of his eyes as she set a comforting hoof on his shoulder.

    Of all the reactions she expected, debilitatingly explosive laughter was not one of them.


    Oh, and before I forget: Thanks to everyone who's commented on this story. I assure you, I carefully read every last one that gets posted to this story (even if I don't always respond), no matter how short it is. Honestly, your comments and support are what have kept me writing so far... and what will keep me writing even after this story comes to its inevitable conclusion.

    So, seriously, thanks (again)! I'll see you all again when I post the next chapter of the reason you all care about anything I have to say. Perhaps even before then, if my alter ego does something stupid enough to raise the ire of the Pink Party Pirate of Ponyville.

    This you friendly neighborhood Invictus, sighing off.

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Love and Family come in all shapes and sizes.

Sometimes, they're nothing like what you ever expected.

This is the story of how a little white rabbit found his.

First Published
6th Mar 2012
Last Modified
18th Feb 2012
#1 · 141w, 5d ago · · ·

Ho hum... I'm not happy with the tags I used to label this story. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them.

#2 · 141w, 3d ago · · ·

Loved this! Point of view kinda confused me when I read over everything. I think this is a very unique story. Little, if not none, grammatical errors are present (kinda had to rush through this). Everything flows at a level where it's not confusing. Good job! Also, I think the tags are fine. :P

#3 · 125w, 3d ago · · ·

'grats on making it to EQD! Here!

#4 · 125w, 3d ago · · ·

There was audible D'Awwww-ing.

#5 · 125w, 3d ago · · ·

>>295241 Yo! Stop your grinnin' and drop your linen! You just got featured on Equestria Daily!

#6 · 125w, 2d ago · · ·

This was really a wonderful story, thank you :twilightsmile:

#7 · 125w, 2d ago · · ·


Thanks for the kind words, fellas! It means a lot to me that people can enjoy it.

#8 · 112w, 18h ago · · ·

D'awwww. I love this story.

#9 · 96w, 5d ago · · ·

I know I'm months late to the party, but...

You gave me teh happy sads... Whai you make meh feel sappy?! ; ;

#10 · 95w, 3d ago · · ·

Great story

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