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  • 38w, 3d
    A Timeline of MPLT's Equestria

    This is the general, personal canon timeline surrounding the stories of Magical Pony Lyrical Twilight, covering the past of Equestria. All years are given in BD (Before Discord) or AD (After Discord), given that Discord's reign over Equestria is one of, if not the defining moment that divides Equestria from being ruled by ponies to being ruled by the god-like Princesses. A general description of each era will be included.

    BD 1000(?)-600  - The Pre-Classical Era

    Though many documents have been lost to history, those that remain describe the early Pre-Classical Era as a harsh time, as the Three Tribes of pony-kind were greatly at odds with each other. Around the mid-point, however, the Time of Ice occurred, as the Windigos assaulted the old pony lands and froze them under a blanket of ever-lasting winter. This lead to the expeditions commonly depicted in Hearth's Warming Eve pageants, as well as the kindling of the Fire of Friendship and the subsequent banishment of the Windigos. Those that remained of the Three Tribes founded Equestria, carving out a country out of the bountiful, but untamed land they had discovered.

    BD 599-1 - The Classical Era

    The time before Discord's arrival saw the flowering of early pony society, as the three tribes were merged into a single conglomerate culture due to both proximity, intermarriage between the tribes and reaction to the events of the Time of Ice. The resulting mish-mash of Unicorn courtly culture, Pegasus military tradition, and Earth Pony agrarian aristocracy lead to a curious society that was simultaneously feudal but oddly egalitarian. Given that there was a great deal of land up for grabs, many would-be nobles could easily acquire large estates, provided one had enough followers to hold it.

    The major ruling organization of this time was the Equestrian Triune Council, a deliberative styled after the Pegasi Senate and the Earth Pony’s Field Congress, though only open to property holders as per Unicorn tradition. The Triune Council was where debates of policy were held and grievances could be aired in an open forum. Many prominent philosophers such as the pegasus brothers Socratic Question and Platonic Ideal became famous in this era. Meanwhile, brave adventurers and knights errant wandered the land and sky, establishing contact with numerous other civilizations such as the Gryphon Clans, the Minotaur Primarchy, the Zebrican Tribes, the Caliphates of Saddle Arabia and the (now long defunct) Diamond Dog Empire.

    Sadly, the later portions of the Classical Era were marked by increasing social stratification and infighting, as smaller nobles were integrated into larger dynasties by either force or marriage, the numerous bloodlines forming the basis for the Noble Houses of Equestria. By the arrival of Discord, thirty noble houses dominated the Triune Council, equally representing all three breeds of pony-kind.

    ??? - The Discordian Era

    Records of this time make it difficult to determine how long Discord’s reign actually lasted. What few intact records remain speak of the draconequus’ sudden appearance in central Equestria and subsequent domination of all those who dared oppose him. Those  who did not manage to flee the country or take refuge were left to Discord’s mad whims. The Era came to an end, however, by the equally sudden and miraculous appearance of Celestia and Luna, and the subsequent sealing away of Discord.

    AD 1-242/253 - Post-Discordian Era / The Early First Diarchic Period

    This time, formerly referred to as the Post-Discordian Era, was a time of strife and change. With the appearance of Celestia and Luna, pony society found itself beneath the hooves of a pair of powerful, but benevolent leaders. However, with enemies closing in on all sides and the population still wracked by Discord’s malfeasance, Equestria was forced to trust in the two alicorns. Thankfully, the two sisters quickly set about fixing the many problems besieging the land, eventually becoming recognized by the remaining Noble Houses and granted stewardship of the land. In addition, contact was made with the ponies of the Crystal Empire, whose patronage and alliance with Equestria helped to stabilize the healing country’s northern borders.

    Politically, however, the Noble Houses retained much of their power in day-to-day affairs. The nobles of the time often exploited their connection to and relations with the Princesses in order to expand and maintain their personal control over their domains. Pony society became increasingly stratified, forming a roughly pyramidal shape, with the Princesses at the top, followed by the nobles, and then the common pony-folk below. Contrary to common belief, not all of the commoners were Earth Ponies; unicorns born to laborer families and pegasi of lower status were also commonly exploited by the nobility of all breeds.

    The era’s boundaries with the following era are often debated by scholars. Some believe that the era came to a close after the signing of the Concordian Covenant and the establishment of the Common Laws. Others believe that the founding of the new capital at Canterlot marks the end of this era. The distinction is largely academic.

    AD 254-354 - The Concordian Era / The Late First Diarchic Period

    The relatively brief Concordian Era is viewed by romantics as a golden era in Equestrian history. With the many threats to Equestria banished, the lingering effects of Discord’s reign gone and much of Equestria’s territory tamed and managed, stability had finally reasserted itself. However, while the Concordian Era was a time of peace and safety, it was also a time of corruption and decadence, particularly amongst the ruling classes. With social classes becoming progressively more rigid, social mobility became something of an impossibility for the lower classes. Meanwhile, the nobility indulged in revelry and idleness, their lavish estates often the sites of many parties and fetes.

    Many traditions, particularly those surrounding modern holidays such as Nightmare Night and the Summer Sun Celebration can trace their roots back to this time, whether they be folk traditions of the peasantry or the more opulent festivals of the wealthy. However, it was also this era that saw the disappearance of the Crystal Empire, and the rise (and subsequent banishment) of Nightmare Moon. Though whether it was this event, or the later pronouncement by Princess Celestia to the public (commonly titled as ‘I, The Rising Sun,’ by historians) that lead to the end of the Concordian Era, pony-kind would soon find itself thrown into discord once more.

    AD 355-440 - The Interregnum

    The period known as the Interregnum was a time of strife not seen in Equestria for generations. Having been ousted from their positions of power, the Noble Houses of Equestria turned on Princess Celestia, attempting to regain their original statuses by force. Some attempted assassination, while others sought aid from forces outside of Equestria. No matter the source, Equestria found itself in a state of civil war.

    Unfortunately for the traitors, Princess Celestia was quite intent on keeping the country and the common ponies in one piece by any means necessary. By the end of the period, only a small hoof-full of ponies with noble blood remained; those who had turned traitor were either publicly executed or exiled in perpetuity, while Celestia beat back invasions and assaults with the raw power of the sun and a newly reformed Royal Guard. The scars of this period still remain in some places, and Celestia’s wrath fell quite harshly on some lands.

    By the end, however, Celestia stood supreme and unquestioned over a unified Equestria.

    AD 441-500 - The Early Solar Monarchy / The Solar Tyranny

    The transition from the Interregnum to the monarchy was difficult. Initially, Princess Celestia stood as the sole governing authority of Equestria. As absolute monarch, Celestia’s word was law, and with the fires of the civil war still fresh in the populace’s minds none dared oppose her or her forceful reforms. Many of the practices commonly exhibited by the common pony towards Celestia have their origin in this time period as a way of not offending the Sun Princess; an act that could have very well invited destruction upon a foolish pony at the time.

    Modern ponies unfamiliar with the history of their ruler would find Celestia’s practices of this time to be quite discomforting. Dictatorial control was the order of the day. Many historical documents were either heavily censored or archived away from the public eye. The punishment of criminals was often harsh and public, and often at Celestia’s own hoof. The Concordian Covenant was completely forgotten, and the Common Law was held at Celestia’s mercy. Over time, however, Celestia began to move away from these practices and towards the more merciful ruler we now know.

    AD 501-1000 - The Middle Solar Monarchy

    This era is what many ponies think of when one mentions Celestia’s reign. After the initial state of tyranny, Celestia began establishing many of the offices of the Royal Bureaucracy, many of which still exist today. Royal investitures into education allowed for the rapid spread of universal literacy and the establishment of schools and universities, including Celestia’s own School For Gifted Unicorns. Meanwhile, the re-development of the mercantile class laid the groundwork for the modern Equestrian middle class. Many national holidays and days of service, such as the Winter Wrap-Up and the Running of the Leaves were instituted in order to inspire a sense of civic duty and camaraderie between fellow ponies, with Celestia often leading by public example.

    AD 1001 - 1354 - The Late Solar Monarchy

    The most recent era (outside of the current era) still remains in living memory. With the development of new technology and advancements in magical research, many common chores and tasks became much easier to handle for the modern pony, particularly with the development of magically powered machinery. In addition, this time saw the founding of several settlements, such as Dodge City, Appleloosa, and (most notably) Ponyville.

    During this time, Celestia partially withdrew from the public eye, investing more power into her bureaucracy and serving (for a time) as a political leader only when necessary, focusing more on a long line of personal protégés culled from her School for Gifted Unicorns. Scholars now reason that this change in behavior was due to the approaching time of Nightmare Moon’s return from exile, a piece of knowledge that only Celestia was truly privy to. The waning years of the era saw the appearance of numerous unique events: the first recorded Sonic Rainboom, the appearance of a giant dragon in Canterlot Castle, and most importantly the return of Nightmare Moon and her subsequent defeat and redemption at the hooves of Twilight Sparkle and her friends.

    AD 1355 - Current Time (AD 1367) - The Second Diarchic Period

    The current era of Equestrian history has seen more than its fair share of world-shaking events. The sudden reappearance of the infamous Spirit of Chaos and Disharmony, Discord, was one such event, only rivaled in scope by his re-sealing and eventual rehabilitation at the hooves of the Elements of Harmony. The sudden reappearance of the long-lost Crystal Empire was the second, heralded by the appearance of the terrifying monster Sombra, who was defeated by the now Crystal Princess Mi Amore Cadenza.

    However, the third event is the one that many historians feel will mark the age; the arrival of and alliance with the extra-dimensional beings known as humans. The arrival of these strange creatures has already lead to massive changes throughout Equestria, not only economically and technologically, but culturally and socially as well. Some older ponies are worried about how this new species, lead by the Time-Space Administration Bureau, will change and influence their once-peaceful country. Others, however, are excited by these new opportunities and the possibility of leaving their own world for strange new lands. Whether for good or ill, Equestria will no longer be the same.

    2 comments · 315 views
  • 47w, 3d
    What's Canon in MPLT? (Updated)

    There's been some discussion and curiosity as to what episodes from FiM are canon in Magical Pony Lyrical Twilight. But fret not. Herein lies my 'word of god' from the series bible I have for this fic. Since this is an AU, some episodes will be considered non-canon for the purposes of this work. For now, here's the basic list.

    Magical Pony Lyrical Twilight: The first 'season' of the fic takes place between the events of The Best Night Ever and Return of Harmony. As such, the Jewel Seed Incident occurs before Discord's escape.

    Magical Pony Lyrical Twilight A's: The second 'season' occurs during Season 2, but before the events of A Canterlot Wedding. By the time the Wolkenritter attack, Discord is sealed away as a statue. Until A Canterlot Wedding, the episodes proceed as normal.

    After A's, the following changes are in effect.

    A Canterlot Wedding -Heavily Changed. There is no Changeling attack on Canterlot. The wedding goes off without a hitch.

    The Crystal Empire - Mostly unchanged, though Yuuno and Princess Luna are involved in the events in the Empire.

    Too Many Pinkie Pies - Mostly unchanged.

    One Bad Apple - No Change.

    Magic Duel - Non-Canon. The Alicorn Amulet is still at large, however.

    Sleepless in Ponyville - No Change

    Wonderbolt Academy - No Change

    Apple Family Reunion - No Change

    Spike at Your Service - Non-Canon. No real relation to MPLT, I just greatly dislike the episode.

    Games Ponies Play/Just For Sidekicks - No Change

    Keep Calm and Flutter On - No Change. Discord will likely show up later in StrikerS.

    Magical Mystery Cure - Non-Canon. This is primarily because of how alicorns work in the MPLT-verse. There will be no Twilacorn. The only reason Twilight is called 'The Alicorn Ace' in StrikerS is because her flight spell gives her magic wings, thus making her look like one of the alicorn princesses.

    Equestria Girls - Heavily Changed. Twilight may have experimented with being human, but not in high school. Sunset Shimmer is still around. She just didn't jump through a magic mirror into the human world...

    Princess Twilight Sparkle - Heavily Changed, though the Elements were still given up. They also receive the Mysterious Box of Harmony (tm).

    Castle Mane-ia - Mostly Unchanged.

    Daring Don't - Non-Canon. I'd prefer Daring Do to remain a fictional character.

    Flight to the Finish - No Change

    Power Ponies - No Change

    Bats! - No Change

    Rarity Takes Manehattan - No Change

    Pinkie Apple Pie - No Change

    Rainbow Falls - No Change.

    Three's a Crowd - No Change

    Pinkie Pride - No Change

    Simple Ways - No Change

    Filli Vanilli - No Change

    Twilight Time - Still Canon, but no Twilacorn.

    It Ain't Easy Being Breezies - Still Canon, but... ugh...

    Somepony to Watch Over Me - No Change

    Maud Pie - No Change

    Trade Ya - Still Canon, but no Twilacorn

    For Whom the Sweetie Belle Tolls - No Change

    Leap of Faith - No Change

    Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3 - No Change

    Inspiration Manifestation - No Change

    Equestria Games - No Change

    Twilight's Kingdom - Pretty much non-canon. No Twilacorn as previously mentioned, and I'm not sure what to do with the Box of Harmony quite yet. However, Tirek's magic-eating does fit in with the Book of Darkness. As an aside, I'm pretty sure the Wolkenritter would try to kill Tirek almost immediately if they found him.

    16 comments · 661 views
  • 124w, 5d
    Chapter 5!

    Politics! Drama! Foreshadowing a-plenty!

    Finally, the owner of the Book of Darkness is revealed!

    All this and more in Chapter 5 of Magical Pony Lyrical Twilight A's; Shall We Take To The Stage?

    0 comments · 187 views
  • 134w, 2d
    Chapter 3 Updated

    Yaaaay New Chapter of A's! Yaaay!

    1 comments · 127 views
  • 137w, 5d
    Where's Chapter 3?

    I bet everypony is wondering where the next chapter of Magical Pony Lyrical Twilight A's is. Mea culpa. I haven't exacty been very creative recently. I'm also prepping for a presentation on the fandom that I'll be giving in two weeks. I haven't been in a writing mood, to say the least.

    I'll try to have MPLT A's up sometime soon, but I'm not sure when.

    3 comments · 104 views
  • ...

It was such a small wish...

It's been nearly a year since the Jewel Seeds fell to Equestria and changed the lives of Twilight and her friends. The Time-Space Administratrion Bureau is officially opening talks with Equestria, and Twilight's new human friends are returning.

The joyous occasion is interrupted, however, by the appearance of a new threat; a set of mysterious mages armed with powerful Devices and daunting magical prowess. Who are these mysterious people that call themselves the Wolkenritter? Who do they serve?

Twilight and her friends, both old and new, are once more forced into conflict. This time, however, Equestria's future may very well hang in the balance.


This is a sequel to Magical Pony Lyrical Twilight. Please read that story before beginning this one. You can find the story here.

Magical Pony Lyrical Twilight by PurpleProse is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

First Published
29th Feb 2012
Last Modified
21st Nov 2013

It's finally here! :pinkiehappy:

Great chapter!

I honestly wonder if Vita is going to make it out of this one- Her odds are -significantly- worse than the last time she tried this... Or at least, the last time "a" Vita tried this. Multilinear timeline mechanics don't exactly make for easy word choices. :P

So happy to see this started up-- Waiting for more already!

Chapter 1 is going to undergo a bit of a rewrite for the battle scene. Hold tight everypony.

This chapter has more fight in it (well awsome fight) then last chapter of the previous story xD

Keep them coming this was an awsome start :)

I am making a wild mass guess here, but could the mistress be :trixieshiftleft: ?

Or will there be some OC getting the BoD?

A canon pony, but not necessarily one that has gotten any significant screen time?

Hmm...who do we know that know that's likable, kind, and you'd feel like you want to protect, who may also secretly be ill behind the scenes? Hayate was an endearing character who gave the Wolkenritter familial feelings because she lovingly cared for all of them as if they were her sisters (and brother). They also felt protective of her because of her medical condition and confinement to a wheelchair. As I remember it they were trying to power up the book so they could cure her illness, but it's been a while since I've seen the second season so I may not be recalling properly.

The situation with Hayate created a life-or-death desire in the Wolkenritter to help her that made them, like Presea with Alicia, willing to sacrifice anyone else to protect her. If Hayate hadn't been dying the Wolkenritter would have been content to just live out their days with her and not seek pages. We'd need a similar desperate need in the MPLT Wolkenritter in order to make this believable.

Ah crap, now I've just brought up the unfortunate thought that Hayate is going to sadly die of her illness due to how you've changed events. We need an omake to correct this! :pinkiehappy: Maybe a few omakes about how life on Earth has progressed without Nanoha becoming a mage would be a nice pause between regular chapters.

Btw my brain is coming up with Derpy (Ditzy Doo). Another much more unorthodox idea is Moondancer, that pony whose birthday party is mentioned in S1E1 but promptly dropped because Twilight cut and ran.

Edit: Okay, now I have done the research and remember what was actually happening. the book was killing Hayate and the Wolkenritter were trying to fill its pages to make it stop draining her. I don't think she was in danger before she got the book.

Chapter One's fight scene has been edited.

I really wish I had more to add other than great action and well-written. :( :fluttercry: But it is!

You take far too much after our mistress, Vita. Calling it now, Trixie is the mistress of the book.

Ugh, reading about Twi's linker core being captured wasn't pleasant, but since I didn't like it when it happened to Nanoha it isn't a surprise that I didn't like it when it happened to Twilight. I was kinda hoping it wouldn't happen like that in this different setting, but it was probably necessary for the story.

Loved seeing the princess get well and truly angry at the end.

I'm really enjoying this story so far. Can't wait for the next chapter.

Will Chrono be getting the cartridge system as well in this version?

It better not be Trixie, I cant see her inspiring the kind of loyalty Hayate did.

Great chapter!  Wow, Twilight on the verge of Cutie Mark Failure syndrome.  It seems a lot more dramatic than when Nanoha's linker core got drained in Nanoha A's, and it seemed like Nanoha just rested for a while and then it was no big deal.

But, uh “Ponyville General won’t be open until dawn. Same with the Royal Hospital at Canterlot," -->  Hospitals don't normally close down for the night, what with injured people not being able to wait.


Cutie Mark Failure syndrome as caused by mental/psychological disconnect is scary enough; I hate to think of what would happen in the event of full cutie mark negation. :twilightoops:

Also, I can think of a Hand Wave (warning, TvTropes link!) for Celestia's hospital explanation: she was able to tell that Twilight's Linker Core was severely drained, and the relevant specialists for that type of malady are not the type you find on night duty at a hospital... assuming they're even common enough to be found in residency at all.


Edit made.


True enough, but Brief does have a point. Shouldn't it be a hoof-wave, though? :twilightsmile:

Dear Lord, the Wolkenritter are SCREWED. Celestia is going to be absolutely furious when she sees how much damage they did. I'm seeing that summon solar flare spell in their future.

And Luna, your sister uses magic to create nuclear blasts for her trump card*. You can't possibly have more sinister magic than that.

*A star is a constant fusion explosion. Celestia drops bits of that on people.


"And Luna, your sister uses magic to create nuclear blasts for her trump card*. You can't possibly have more sinister magic than that."

challengeaccepted.jpg :coolphoto:

So later on will the final battle take place on Earth or Equestria?


On Luna's Trump:

Three words, Kinetic Kill Vehicle.  Yes I know how the TSAB feels about Mass Weapons.

Okay, spacebatttles was down, so I was :pinkiesad2:, then I checked here and found an updated MPLT-A and I was all :raritystarry:.

Then I discovered you had Cutie Marks run through a linker core, or at least when someone drains a pony who's special talent is magic there are serious complications and they are ramped up to eleven.  Anypony facing them knowing or suspecting this effect isn't going to hold back, given this is Equestrian style Nightmare Rocket Fuel.

Leaving the Diarchs aside, we have Fate, who Twilight pulled out of a pit of despair learning Ancient Equestrian War Magic.  (The Lightning Sword of Night?)  Their big brother, Captain of the Royal Guard, Shining Armor, he of the massive Shield Haxx.  And any of the Royal Guard that knew her either from being Celestia's apprentice, or as the boss's little sister.

And we thought Chrono would be the most loose cannon in this scenario.  "How did I get to be the reasonable one here?"

This is so much win. I was pretty bummed out tonight and lo and behold you updated, now my whole day is good. Also I'm so glad that you didn't decide  to put the cartage system  in fate's and twilight's devices. Now I'm coming up with all kinds of crazy things that the princess could do to make them stronger, the possibilities are endless. Oh and I want to beat whoever got that book out, beat them within an inch of their life for what they did to twilight. :twilightangry2:

Now I have a monumental problem... I have to wait for the next chapter.:facehoof:

So is Fate, er, "stuck" as a pony?  I mean, certainly she doesn't seem to mind much and one could say that with all the bad memories associated with her human body she might well prefer to be in the form of her new-found family.  But could she be changed back into a human if it seemed like a good idea for some reason?


Yes, Fate can change back to a human if she wants to.

A pony's cutie mark is both a facet of their soul and personality, and seemingly deeply entrenched in their magical essence. To have it drained, well it's not exactly surprising that Twilight's talent extended like that as well. Must be something of a shock, to be little more than a pale, or as you say, partially erased shadow of yourself. I expect any pony, even non-unicorns could probably be drained in a similar fashion. Both AJ and Rainbow have significant potency as well, and would probably experience a similar issue. Unlike humans, all ponies are magical.

She better get better though! I don't know how much talking about 'friendship' she's going to feel up to after this.

Love the connection of the Tome with Luna, and I already see how this could play out differently than Canon. Though, if the tome was created by her, wouldn't the 'knights' be ponies? Unless they were a feature added later somehow, which seems to be the case.

Well,  I just got back from reading Elementals of Harmony, and yeah, Luna's thematics do leave her with more sinister magic. Channel the truth of the heat death of the Universe anyone? Nuclear weapons are kind of tame compared to that. Although, the whole turn peoples shadows into lethal binds she was using on the drones was pretty scary in its own way.

Sorry to double post, but I just had an scary thought. If anything like the fight with Reinforce from the final episodes happens, Celestia and Luna will actually need to use their trump cards to win. Unless the elements can destroy the darkness of the book of darkness and end the fight that way, and if Gears of Destiny is canon here that thing is at least as dangerous as Discord, there is gonna be a hell of a blast-out. And with almost everyone and everything and Equestria being magical, barriers will not stop Reinforce's city buster spells from killing civilians. The diarchs will not let happen. Problem is, Reinforce, judging from A's, is powerful enough to stand up any magical attack that isn't in the same league as their big guns.

Oh, when Luna and Celestia catch up with these Knights, horse apples gonna go down!

Great writing of Celestia, there. Pitch-perfect IMHO. I hope she can 'truly' cut loose and score some major victories/carnage. Also, poor Twilight. *Hugs*:fluttershysad:

Arrr! The alerts on this site are useless!

Good chapter.

Interesting backstory additions for Luna.

Also I feel that at some point a TSAB mechanic will see RH and or Bardiche, learn who upgraded them and make an Iron Man reference.

Hayate was being drained and dying because of the book. The Wolkenritter gang assumed that, if the book were filled, Hayate would be back to full health again, and all five of them could live a happy life together, thus why they went through any and all odds to do it. Also, if this Vita is like canon Vita, she's not mad Twilight hit her, she's mad Twilight ruined her hat. You do NOT touch Vita's hat.

I'm loving this, so much.

My money's on Scootaloo being [SPOILER]. No known parents, and she's unable to fly, despite it seeming like she should have a real knack for it. . . The curious question, regardless of who it turns out to be, is. . . How long has [SPOILER] known of Equestria's existence, and how?

Before I actually sit down to read (at last), I'd like to reserve this space, and also point out:

You REALLY should be putting full line breaks between your paragraphs.


OK, well, the spacing and tabbing makes it very hard to read, as always, but the quality is... still very solid. This one felt a little sloppier than Chapter 2 or 3 did, although it was still above and beyond the call of duty.

For the plot... I honestly can't tell if you're going with the obvious Master for the book or not. Like, it seems that it would be a waste, but at the same time, it's a very clean way to handle it. The ever-increasing reluctance of the Wolkenritter is a good sign, in my eyes, although it makes me wonder where things will go when the inevitable meeting takes place...

Regardless, it's awesome to have you back, and I'm gladly looking forward to the next update.

I do love updates for this story :twilightsmile:

Any idea how long until the next chapter?

Join the dark side Fate we serve cookies! :facehoof:


Do recall what happened when Fate first came to Ponyville? :pinkiegasp:

So Fate Testarossa-Sparkle, Sword of the Princesses (or Luna)

Twilight Sparkle, Staff of Celestia

Maybe Shining Armor gets a device to upgrade, to add the Shield to the Sparkle siblings and Equestria?

So this is before the royal wedding good to know. Make me wonder if Cadance or the changeling's will play a part in this series later on same goes for Discord.


Come on! Luna is training Fate in the ways of darkness, a Star Wars reference had to be said.


Check out Fate's first appearance in the previous fic, which was in Sugarcube Corner.  Cookies have already been employed. :pinkiehappy:


Let me rephrase my previous statement then "Join the dark side Fate, we have cupcakes (And no not those cupcales.)"


Let me rephrase my previous statement then "Join the dark side Fate, we have cupcakes (And no not those cupcales.)"


Nah, I say it would be Trixie.

Yep, the master is Trixie. Still kinda wierd that they seem more familiar with their human bodies than pony. Though, hey... they have pony bodies! Wonder how it's going to resolve, differently than it did in the series... Luna takes on Trixie too after the book is destroyed?

No way it isn't Trixie,  given Fancypants' theater and the conversation he had there.

I say go for it Rarity, even if he isn't a prince Shining Armor is a much better catch than Blueblood ever was. You never know, maybe he isn't in a relationship with Cadence yet.

Just love the Luna/Tome of the Night Sky backstory we are getting.

Trixie and Octavia are the only two ponies I can think of that would need a stage.  

Anyways, I look forward to seeing if Reinforce can be saved (though I guess she probably won't have that name).  If I remember A's correctly (and it's been a while), the only reason she couldn't be saved in the anime is because the original administrator wasn't present.


I didn't think of that, but she might be saveable this time. The problem was that even though the defense program had been destroyed, the remainder of the Book was still badly corrupted, and would have generated a new defense program. Repairing the damage wasn't possible, since the original data had been erased. But if the Meister who wrote the Tome in the first place is there...

Another great chapter. Sadly, I believe it's Trixie, too. :applecry: poor pony, all she wanted to do was put on a show for Ponyville...

Great Fate/Luna, too. Love the flashbacks. So badass. :rainbowdetermined2:

Excellent as always.

Ooh, this is going to be good. Much better than what currently passes for Nanoha canon. (I swear, if FORCE isn't shut down and retconned into oblivion...)


I know, right? I'm not particularly enamored with FORCE myself... :facehoof:

now i wouldnt be surprised if a ponified card captors was made...

Great chapter will Chrono and Yuuno find out about Nightmare Moon?

To be hones I expected Scootaloo or Sweetie Belle to have the book. Trixie was a surprise.

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