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The humans have travelled to Equestria to share their knowledge with the ponies. However, what the human scholars bring with them quickly turns out to be a bit much for the simple-minded locals.

First Published
30th May 2013
Last Modified
2nd Oct 2013

This is brilliant, just brilliant. Great job! :pinkiehappy:


Buck that all, Math + Science + Pony + Angry human Teacher? GIVE ME MOAR! :flutterrage:

This concept is so far awesome! Keep going, you earned a moustache :moustache: , a like, a fav' and a follower.

Ok kind of finding it hard to believe that the Equestriani have no grasp of higher mathematics... in the current post Luna's Return era, so I'm going off the assumption that Equestria hasn't had their equivalent of the Enlightenment yet so the higher mathematics hasn't been invented yet, plus we all know Twilight would be there in the front row taking notes. This is certainly an interesting approach to HiE, no war, no fighting (between ponies and humans), no xenophobia, and certainly no bronies. Gnoll I look forward to seeing this story happen.  

I'm already laughing at this. It's so good, that I can't even remember what math is. :rainbowlaugh:

"Because it covers all the math there is?"

>>2653976 Yeah, that's about the reaction I was aiming at :D

Stories with an angry human are flat-out awesome :rainbowlaugh:

Good concept here!

They need to get Twilight in there. She had the kinetic energy equations derived in a relativistic setting on her chalkboard during "It's About Time". You need at the very least basic calculus to figure those out...

Or they could settle for a lesser 'science'. They are clearly not worthy for the master science of physics and should go study something simple. Like chemistry. I mean seriously? Just study the interactions of a few electrons and call it an entire branch of science? Gimme a break :pinkiesick:

Oh my god, this is gonna be amazing!

>>2654069 I read that comic in Harry Partridge's voice.

This is just plain awesome. I loved how Celestia got terrified and chased out of the room by a simple human with a bad temper.

You owe me a new pair of sides. Now please write more.

"They should've sent a highschool teacher."

Wait. Ponies have airships. How could they have built airships without a knowledge of chemistry, physics, and calculus?

I call shenanigans.

>>2654249 My friend showed me that so many times, I can recite it word for word.

Gnollreader, I was going to yell at you about getting back to your other stories, but this is pure genious!

Is it sad I understand most of Henningtson's lecture?


Doesn't take calculus to figure out that hot air goes up. Especially when one subsection of your species can fly and presumably deals with thermal drafts a lot. Not a big leap of logic to go from that to an airship.

I admit that was certainly humorous and in character. Had me smiling.:pinkiehappy:

But then again...something doesn't quite add up.:derpyderp1: We've seen that Equestria does have math. (The Chrystal Empire.) And their knowledge seems to be, at least, in the 1900's, in some areas. So, unless the professor is talking about a type of math we've only just invented, I'd be hard pressed to take this lying down.

But hey, this is a comedy. It made me laugh and all's well.:pinkiesmile:

I remember my first glimpse of Calculus and the higher maths... *takes out pipe*


True, they have math. But you have to factor magic into the "equation" (I put emphasis onto that word because of the nature of the story :trollestia:) and the slightly lessened necessity of natural philosophy and mathematics to explain nature (at least in the same way we have.). However, it's pointless to discuss this, as the show has yet to provide us with sufficient canon that explicitly mentions these advanced mathematics and the fact that this story's world is up to the interpretation of the author. However, that doesn't mean I don't enjoy speculating about Equestria's achievements in the aforementioned fields ^_^. Besides... perhaps the crazy professor introduced Lie algebra as well. Considering he was talking about spheres at some point (and Lie algebra does deal with geometric groups if I remember my very lacking knowledge on it.) it could be possible that he completely blew the so-called "scholars" out of the water xD. (keep in my my earlier statement of not having much knowledge on Lie algebra).


Merely a basic knowledge of aerodynamics, several engineering fields, a decent insight on the characteristics of gases and a tablespoon of common sense....

...which isn't that bad. Mostly trial and error.


Exactly, trail and error. A dolphin can swim and play with bubbles. He doesn't need to know fluid dynamics for turbulent streams along his body for that.

The way I imagine airships where figured out was a few pegasi noticing that warm air goes up, telling this to the unicorns and dirt ponies who tried to exploit this with some cloth. After a while they figured out a closed shape holds in the air better and through trail and error they figure out how big the balloon needs to be to lift a basket.

There we go, from observation to airship without calculus or Archimedes. The ponies would have no idea how it works, just that it works.


This is pure gold!


Another note:

People didn't say, "let's add X and Y together to do task Z." Rather, people noticed that "X + Y did something that would make task Z a lot easier, and then put it on paper." Of course, there are deviations to this, but let's humor the previous thought for the heck of it.

Granted, that's changing nowadays, but a lot of engineering fields still use trial and error (called theoretical vs. real-world results, essentially) when designing the newest breakthrough.

Side note: Archimedes... ugh, I can never use his principle correctly. I know that the water/liquid an object displaces can calculate its weight and its apparently weight, but I never fully got it down.

From this chapter alone, I can already tell that this is going to be magnificent!:rainbowlaugh:

This is greatest thing I've read here since My Little Megas XLR!

Gnoll, did I tell you already, that you are my favorite writer in here? :rainbowlaugh::rainbowkiss::heart:

It's not everyday that you see a human scaring the bejeezus out of the mighty Princess Celestia. So, what if I told you I was expecting Henningston to do exactly that? :rainbowlaugh:

Also, reading this story to this sound is recommended:

ITT : People getting too strung up on 'canon' to just enjoy a hilarious, and well written, story.


It wasn't about lie algebra. It was about coordinate systems. The typical coordinate system you think of is the x/y/z one called Cartesian coordinates, each dimension stands for up and down, left and right, and above and below. But you see, a lot of physics problem is insanely difficult if you do it on this coordinate system. So instead, you change the equations so that it matches with other coordinate systems. By choosing the right coordinate system, you can make many problems easier. One of them is called the spherical coordinate. It is composed of r/phi/theta. R stands for how far away you are from the center. Phi is the angle from center to left. And theta is the angle from top to down.

>>2654271 Magic, they enchanted the balloons to make it fly. Unknowingly making the air within the balloons lighter than air, but since they don't know what oxygen is they don't understand how the spell makes it fly. But it flies non-the less so they just go with it.

i can imagine the ponies are pretty dumb compared to humans since they have magic, so they explain alot of subjects such as physics and other subjects concerning the universe and such as just... it's magic, or it's celestia and luna that does those things.

so i think his reaction was justified

Does people really take this series "canon" seriously? I mean, even Courage the cowardly dog has a more consistent canon than this... in which Eustace dies multiple times btw. I actually prefer when author takes the liberty to take some parts of the show and make something more consistent instead of trying to work with that mess that some people call "canon".

Anyway...moar pls.

>>2653968 sweet jeebus, what a glorious mustache!

>>2654294 silly GordonFreebrony, didn't you know GnollReader is already writing on like... 5 stories?

This is funny.:pinkiehappy:

Uttely hillarious!

That was an amazing chapter.

Additionally, am I the only one who thinks Skyrim is a huge flop in RPG mechanics and feel?

love it, for some reason this level of frustration being directed at pastel colored horses seems hilarious, although sadly this story has suddenly made me realize I have the intellect of a horse :raritydespair:

Additionally, am I the only one who thinks Skyrim is a huge flop in RPG mechanics and feel?

I know for a fact your not(ive forums where plenty of people bash skyrim), but personally I don't agree with that statement.


I thought it was up to six. I'm missing both Scar and the Purveyor. What is happening to them?:raritydespair:

>>2657691 i bet he's working on them, but The Reader has over 80 chapters, so i think he's running out of ideas for that one


At the same time, each chapter is only between 1 and 3 thousand words long. LOL. I don't mind if he gets to an ending and stops it, but he left us with a cliffhanger.

>>2657762 naw, i'm sure he's still working on it. i'm sure he'd tell us if he cancelled it, and it says incomplete


IK, IK. He really should end some of his stories though. He has quite a few he's working on. I think.

>>2657781>>2657777 I am working on all my stories, and as long as it doesn't say complete on the story, there's still more to come.

>>2657843 eeyup:eeyup: and may i ask, how are you doing on The Reader?

>>2657889 I will finish the reader within the next chapters, so I'll have time to work on the other stories and prepare the sequel.

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