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  • M An Apple for a Diamond

    Rarity and Applejack have been meeting up in secret for a a few months now...  · Deathsia
    18,687 words · 1,013 views  ·  49  ·  13 · sex  · 

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  • Wednesday
    Public Poll: Rush the game or not?

    As it stands, I have everything I need more or less to complete the game minus a few sprite sets but I am holding off on doing so on the grounds that I want to publish a High Qaulity game.

    However, in the interest of appeasing to the players, I "can" complete the game using basic tilesets but the result would look horrible and nothing like my original vision for the game.

    HD paralax maps would continue to be made for the game and updated with such as time goes on but players who already played the game once may not want to start over from scratch just for an HQ version which is a lingering fear that they may get a bad first impression.

    So I made a poll:

    Vote here and tell me what you want, the poll will end in a month's time and then I will tally the votes and go from there.

    Please note that if the poll weighs in favor of using basic tilesets it will still take some time to finish the game but far less than it would at the current speed.

    2 comments · 16 views
  • Tuesday
    Could use a little fincial help!(If you can afford it!)

    At the moment, I could use about $50 for the upcoming cable bill coming in about 1 week. As it stands, I only have about $40 in funds to spare and that covers a mere fraction of the $129 monthly bill. with 50 more bucks, I'll be able to covert at least more than half of it which will keep me on for another month. Come january, I should stable out in regards to funds and such but for now, I'd rather not have to pay a reconnection fee.

    So if you could help me out, I'd appreciate it! My Paypal e-mail is:

    If not, I won't hold it against you, this is after all Christmas season and we all have family and friends who need stuff more than I do!

    Happy Holidays all!:twilightsmile:

    1 comments · 22 views
  • 1w, 2d
    The current costs and plans of what money my patrons give me goes to:

    To let my patrons know exactly where their money is going, I have created this Doc which includes the game's current costs and future plans plus goals.


    0 comments · 25 views
  • 1w, 2d
    IMPORTANT NEWS: Change in Policy(Related to the Bonds of Friendship RPG I am making)

    Due to the rising finical costs of making this game, it has come to my attention that only charging my patrons when I release a version update will end up with me being unable to pay my ever growing dev team.

    It is with this realization that I am forced to change my policy on when I provide a paid post. From now on, I will be making a paid post once a month in order to continue to pay the Paralax Map Artists, Sprite artists, and soon to be added cast of voice actresses.

    This will take effect as of December 15th.

    I humbly ask for your continued support and understanding as to why I am making this policy change.


                                 Krystal Burns

    (Lead Director of MLP:FIM The Bonds of Friendship)

    You can support me HERE AT MY PATRON ACCOUNT

    4 comments · 35 views
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#1 · 143w, 5d ago · · ·

HAHAHAHA!!! oh and FIRST!:rainbowlaugh:

#2 · 142w, 3d ago · 1 · ·

YOU'RE GONNA F*CK ME!!!!!:flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::moustache:

#3 · 140w, 1d ago · · ·


I thought about that, and laughed even harder. I'm getting strange looks now.

#4 · 127w, 1d ago · · ·

“It's always the quite ones.... Spike'

did you mean quiet?

theres one more place you spelled quite instead of quiet but i cant find it now.

#5 · 110w, 4d ago · 1 · ·

to the stallions who have tried and failed where spike just succeeded to them he has but one question:

:moustache: :moustache: :moustache:

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