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  • M Equestrylvania: Cradle of Ruin

    After Dracula's forces kidnap Princess Cadance, it's up to Rainbow Dash to rescue her from the ruins of Canterlot. Can she rescue her in time, or will she be too late?  · Brony_Fife
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This story is a sequel to Equestrylvania


The name alone can curdle blood and hush a crying infant. When his castle takes the place of Canterlot's royal palace, a shroud of despair falls across all Equestria. Ponies are fearful. The land is rotting. Once-peaceful animals have gone rabid.

These are the tales of those ponies brave enough to withstand Dracula's darkness.

First Published
16th Jul 2013
Last Modified
31st May 2014

Awesome. :rainbowdetermined2:

I'd love to see Charlotte and Twilight meet; a match made in heaven, those two.

Whoa, looks like there's been a major timeskip. Love all the Castlevania characters, you've captured them pretty well. However, the bit where Soma confronts Aeon feels a little awkward, you used Soma way too many times, and it kind of kills the pacing. Off to a good start, and I'm eager for more! Keep up the good work!


There wasn't a timeskip; time works a bit differently here. Where exactly is here?

...Well, that answer will come up later.

And the reason I use Soma more is... well, come on, it's obvious he's my favorite. :twilightblush: But how did the scene between himself and Aeon kill the pacing? :rainbowhuh: I kinda thought it added some more to the plot--such as explaining why these "future" Castlevania characters  exist when the timeline was supposed to have collapsed. (And before anyone asks, we'll get an explanation for that later.)


Ah sorry, I should have made my intent a bit clearer. You used Soma's name far too many times, when a simple he would have sufficed for example

Soma draws near, slowly, unsurely. Is it truly his place to question the motives of a time-traveler? All the things Aeon has seen and experienced, tasted and felt—all these things must certainly make him a better man than Soma.
. That whole section is filled with Soma. It's fine that you use the actual character, I don't think anyone minds, it's the overuse of his name when other pronouns would suffice. I hope my intent is a bit more clear, I'm awful at putting my thoughts down.

Pretty much brought along the entire (pre dlc) cast of harmony of despair. I really like how this is flowing so far and or course i look forward to your future chapters my friend


Interestingly, I was playing HoD when I thought over what I could do for the midquel... but yeah, I guess it had SOME kind of an impact! :rainbowwild:

All of my yes. I see that sex tag though...please no. :fluttershyouch:


And ironically i was playing HoD when i stumbled upon your update XD


It's rather mild sexual content; no more than a catty statement here or a casual mention of sex there. Nothing cloppy, I promise. I really only tapped that Sex tag just to be on the safe side.

Feel like much fanservice :pinkiehappy:. Well, I didn't expected you to add that many characters, hope you can handle them pretty well

I hate to be the one to point this out but hows dose Julius even manage to exist?:rainbowderp: I mean if Richter lost wife then he would have no offspring...unless he married a different women years later but from how you depicted his depression in MLC it seems kinda hard for him just get married to another just like that(unless of course in his sorrow he turned to sins of the flesh as a way to find happiness:trixieshiftright: but that would really muck up the Belmont bloodline:twilightoops:)

But other then that I like the fact that some of the castlvania heroes survived the loss of there world.  And for sounds of things have been kicking the collective asses of Dracula's armies.:rainbowdetermined2: I help but I wonder what the other worlds that been lost were however. Other Knomai game perhaps?

Also i get the feeling that Aeon didn't tell Soma the whole truth as to why he take others with him. I'm gussing the castle may have something to do with it. Acting as a gate to keep it enemies a bay but that is just my theory.

btw this came out at a good time for me. I been having a crappy 7 days due to a sudden growth on my right neck. Been to 2 doctors, the ER, a surgeon and going back to said surgeon tomorrow to look into getting this removed before my trip to bronycon at the end of the month. So see this little update was a much need stress relief for me. So thanks for that:pinkiehappy:


Well lets see if i remember correctly, julius exists because he was the chosen belmont once the curse on the belmont bloodline was broken hence why the 400 years following richters timeline consisted of shanoa, jonathan, charlotte and other vampire hunters (i dont exactly remember their names) fought dracula and his forces in their respective timelines. I hope that helps and also i wish u luck in getting that growth checked out thoroughly but im sure everything will turn out fine


Thanks i hope things work out as well.

As for the Julius thing. The first story states  that Richter was over come by grief when he was force to kill his love. That combined with Shaft's mind control for 3 years broke Richter and he feel into a deep depression for rest of his life. And Anon stated there non left to oppose Dracula in his world. That alone Impales that the Belmot clan died with Richter. Thus Julius' very existence is called to question as with no ancestors there can be no Julius.  


To begin, wishing you the best of luck with your doctor's appointment. Glad I could make your week a bit better.

As for the theories, the thing is, just because Richter fell into a deep depression for the rest of his life doesn't mean he never had sex again. Like you suggested, yes, he turned to the lust of the flesh in an attempt at filling the huge void in his life.

Did you ever wonder why Wygol Village from Order of Ecclesia was populated with Belmont descendants? While some of them might have come from Richter's other relatives, I like to think at least a small number of them are Richter's kids/grandkids.

The bloodline continued after Richter, but the Vampire Killer locked them out because the bloodline was tainted by Dracula's evil. That and, well, Richter's life was simply never the same after he lost Annette...

EDIT: Oh! Before I forget, yes, many of the other worlds Dracula's destroyed were other Konami franchises. What this means is, we might be seeing other Konami villains show up occasionally...


The belmonts werent the only ones that fought dracula. There was the belnades clan, the order of ecclessia, others that "inherited" the vampirekiller and the belmonts didnt completely die off some took refuge until the curse wore off and eventually julius came to the picture. At least thats how i remember it lol

Hm, I wonder, could Soma (Yay Soma!) absorb Aeon's powers? Food for thought.

Also, I wonder why in neither of his games did Death talk to Soma. Maybe in number 1 he still didn't know Soma was the new Dracula, but that doesn't explain why in number 2. Any ideas?


That kinda gets into a theory I have had about the Morris clan bloodline. I mean it would seem odd that a random family would be the temporary welders of the vampire killer even with the whole give up "x" number of years to unlock its true power they would still need to be to use it in the first place. So my theory for that is that the Morris clan dose have Belmont blood in them but it a small amount. Just far enough away from Richter's blood to not be affected the curse of Dracula but not close enough to use the vampire killer's true power with out a price.

Also since other Konami might show up dose that mean this well popping up right the heck out of nowhere at some point.

If don't get it's from a series called Mystical Ninja in the west only saw 3 titles state but has a huge library of dating all the back to the famicom days in the east. It also was a series the needed way more love then what it got.

p.s. thank for the words of encouragement im hoping. to convince the surgeon to just go a head and remove this growth as the antibiotics they put me on for the last 7 days ago don't all. Wish me luck.


Actually. since death can see souls(I think) he knew Soma was Dracula the whole but he also knew that trying to convince Soma to become the dark would be a fruitless venture. As Soma in Aos was only considered with mina's safety and would reject his past life right there. then latter in Dos Soma had already rejected title and wouldn't turn willingly so once again talking would worthless. But there was japan book that came out it takes place a year after Dos and near the beginning Death show infront of Soma and Mina. in the middle of Tokyo and just straight asks Soma if he become his master once more. Soma replies that he is happy being who he is and thus will never be lord Dracula ever again. Death then obeys Soma out respect for his former and friend. at lest that's as far as I know anyway.


Simple. Since Dracula died for good, Death doesn't see the point in his own existence anymore. He just wants to die... but because he's a demon, he can't. He doesn't communicate with Soma, because what would the point of that be? Soma Cruz might have inherited his master's powers, but that's about the extent of it. He's a totally different person now.

He's Dracula... but he doesn't need Death. It's actually kind of sad.



Mystical Ninja! Shit yeah! :pinkiehappy: I remember those games. I still have Goemon's Great Adventure on my N64, and my younger brothers actually imported the SNES Mystical Ninjas.  So yeah, my siblings and I are big fans of the series.

I'm not sure how to work in other Konami characters, but if they DO appear, I can only promise slight cameos. Maybe a nod to Silent Hill here or a cute reference to DDR there. I can't promise much, if only because this is an MLP/Castlevania crossover. I can't get too crazy.


Huh, didn't know about that, thanks for the info. Something similar could also happen in this story, but who knows.:scootangel: (no, not convincing enough)

  (That'll work)

>>2888092 VOLGIN, VOLGIIIIIIIIIINNNN, AND A FREAKING METAL GEAR :pinkiecrazy: . Why him instead of other MG villain? Because he's the only one I consider outright amoral and evil

>>2888387 I remember those, I wasn't aware of the humor of the franchise at the time, and I found Kitty and Dancing pretty intimidating villains...... until they showed up from the second dungeon onwards :rainbowlaugh:, but hell, they're pretty funny.

PD: it soundtrack RLZ BTW


I could kiss both of you right now but I ant that kinda guy. Do know how hard it is to find someone who played or let alone even heard of this series. My first time I played mystical ninja starring goemon what when I rented it at my local video store and I feel in love with it. it was just so different in it's very japanese settings and jokes witch is way it probability didn't catch on as the japan invasion was still in it's infancy and a lot of humor went right the head of most players. Also Geomon's grate adventure is one of my favorite games.  I have made at lest 15 playthroughs of that game (broken double jump ftw).


I always viewed Dracula and Death's relationship as both master and servant and as friends into a sort of way. I mean it was a master/servant thing death would be free to do as pleases every time Dracula dies. Yet  every time Death chooses to being about Dracula's rebirth. Over the century's Death has grown attached to Dracula to point. even if someone control the castle I.e. POR,AOS,DOS. He continue to fight for Dracula hopes of bringing him back to throne. Death displays a kind of loyalty to Dracula that only the closest of friends would have(just imagine Death the element of loyalty lol).

Unfortunately Death also seem dependent on Dracula so much so that with out him Death becomes lost and is unable to do anything other try to bring Dracula back.

Thats why Soma is such a big deal for him. Death can see Soma's soul and knows that Soma truly is Dracula reborn. But at the same time Soma is his own man and after Soma discovers just who he is. He speaks to Alucard as both Soma and Dracula almost implying that he did wish to be reawakened or reborn. If Alucrad knew that those we're his father's wishes, then Death knew this as well. this leaves Death in very hard place. Dose obey masters  last command or dose he try to bring the only being he would consider a friend. And if he dose revive Dracula how would go about doing it? Death wouldn't kill Mina as that would the equivalent of killing Lisa and would be the ultimate betrayal of both master and servant and of friends. In the end Death decides to engage Soma in combat. Pitting Soma's will agents his. If death's will is stronger Dracula will return to him if not then he must accept that Dracula is gone.( something that is all but impossible for him to do)  That might be why Death did not speak to Soma during either fight. If he did then any resolve he built up to fight is former friend would has dissolved in an instant.

as for the other Knomai villain what would could do is thow them in Dracula's army as beings who have joined during the pervious wars. You don't have to name any names or put them in the main story  but you have soldiers of fortune from the mgs universe who have joined in pursuit of wealth and battle beyond there world. or have the clay doll army from goemon act as mooks for a lesser devision of the army. Heck you could even some the villains from LoS *gasp * basically being conscripted into Dracula's army after they were both humbled and defeated by the minions of the true dark lord(not being very subtle)

p.s. just any up date for every one I went to the doctor this morning and at 10am central time I will going into surgery and having this growth removed. thanks for all your kind words and wish me luck tomorrow.

>>2890411 too bad I didn't got the other 64 mystical ninja that was launched in murica though :ajsleepy:


EDIT: Oh! Before I forget, yes, many of the other worlds Dracula's destroyed were other Konami franchises. What this means is, we might be seeing other Konami villains show up occasionally...


Does that mean Pyramid head might show up or be referenced?

Also I just realized, who else knows about Soma being Dracula besides Aeon, Julius, and Alucard? Shouldn't that have caused some problems with the others if they knew?


Pyramid Head? ...Maybe. I dunno.

As for Soma, I'll try getting to that later.

Not really story related but thought i'd let everyone how I'm doing post surgery. They removed what is now known to have been a cyst and i'  what this is so much easier.

Everypony meet Nintendogeek.


It was and hour and half in surgery but man when I woke up I felt like a train wreck. Still felling kinda dizzy:derpyderp1: from the drugs and all that jazz but it's nice not have a tennis sticking out of my neck any more.:pinkiehappy:

Also thank you everyone who wished well yesterday. This was actually my fist going  so you guys helped make a nerve wracking experience a little less frighting.  Thanks guys.:twilightsheepish:


Aw, you're welcome to it, dude. Glad you came out of it OK.


Thanks. I think one of harder parts was the whole no food or water after midnight tell post surgery  since the operation wasn't till 1 in the afternoon i to go 13 hours with out food or water.:raritydespair: But after wards they gave me a can of 7-up and some jello(witch after so long felt like the best i ate in months:pinkiehappy:) and a toasted PB and J sandwich. Then I got home got a big mug of water and had a couple crone dogs. Now the only part that sucks is that i cant go back to work for a week until the stitches are removed. And I don't enough sick to cover it so i have to deep in my personal pay and i"m still only going to get 1/3 my usual paycheck:ajbemused:. I do have short term disability pay coming but that be for a lest a month only for half of what I missed.:ajsleepy


Also State fair starts tomorrow witch means tourist lots and lot of tourist(who don't know how drive or pack worth a damn:flutterrage:)\

But hey what can ya do. That's life we just got to role with it.:eeyup:

Just reread the chapter and noticed a few things i wold like to make a comment on and ask a question or 2 about.

First the comments.

1. Really liking the idea of Alucard and Julius as teachers if there would be anyone who has the most knowlage about the legions(both the army and the demon) of Dracula it would be them.

2. Shanoa seems kinda...upbeat actually...oh and she actually is showing emotion. Witch most likely means she is post OoE Shanoa. I'm guessing this applies all the CV heroes that their in there post game states.

3. Aeon's whole dieing thing. I cant help feel the he is actually causing it himself. On a subcontus level that is. Janine's death seems to be "the straw that broke camilles back" so to speak. After evrything thing that Aeon has gone through from first sctatting the dark lords remains to losing world after world and finale losing Janine it seems Aeom has quite simply lost the will to live.(that just be my over analyzing things)

now a question or 2.

1. Probably gonna seem like an idiot for asking but who is Janine exactly?

2. Canterlot Castle it self, just how much of it is in this Dimension? Like is it just the building itself or are the grounds surrounding it there as well?(like the gardens, supporting buildings, and part of the mountain it's built into)


1. Probably gonna seem like an idiot for asking but who is Janine exactly?

2. Canterlot Castle it self, just how much of it is in this Dimension? Like is it just the building itself or are the grounds surrounding it there as well?(like the gardens, supporting buildings, and part of the mountain it's built into)

1. We'll get to Janine. Much like Shatterstorm, I'm throwing in her backstory one bit at a time. On the note of Janine and who she was to Aeon, all I can say is that the Aeon in Judgment is "after MLC" Aeon.

2. Anything that stood in a spot where the Castle was going to occupy got put in this pocket dimension. That includes its courtyard, hedge maze, etc.

I call this pocket dimension "Displacement Basement." Basically, when something gets shoved out of its dimension, it ends up in a dimension that exists under all realities--like a basement. Strangely, Janine's found a number of car keys and wallets floating around there. She used to collect them.

“The same could be said of all sales ethics,” the salespony shrugs.

Is it bad that I recognize that annoying reference.

*groan* Head meet table. *thunk*

“Sorry, Spike,” says the salespony. “But I don’t give credit. Come back when you’re a little richer.”

:rainbowlaugh: Well wasn't expecting that reference to show up.

“The same could be said of all sales ethics,”

:moustache:: Your words are as empty as your discounts. Pony kind ill need a salespony such as you.


So just how many billions of mispaired socks did she find in there? :rainbowwild:

Shatterstorm oughta meet the alicorn Prince of Tartarus if he needs reprieve from his problem with mares.


I'm afraid I don't get it...


A really awful self insert OC.

Think I would have chosen Pinkie Pie at the end if I were you. I just prefer comedy myself and "fleshing out" Shatterstorm just seems to be an excuse for more angst.


Angst is kind of the order of the day, though. I throw in comedy occasionally to give my audience a break from the bleak, and Pinkie's great for that, but at the same time... we got

A heartwarming moment with AJ and Apple Bloom

A heartwarming moment with Shatters and Spitfire

Some comedy with Shatterstorm's doomed time in the Academy

Some more silliness with Lyra and Bon Bon

Annnnd Space Brain. What else can be said of him?

In comparison, we have

A horrifying sequence of AJ's memories

Some drama with AJ struggling with her past deeds

Plot shows up when Space Brain asks about somepony who can only be Dee

A subplot is kicked off with some angst between Shatterstorm and Spike thanks to Rarity's unintentional flirting.

This chapter's honestly more lighthearted than many of the previous chapters. So in the end, Pinkie wasn't all that necessary.  

>>2927579 you must know the author very well to write that :pinkiegasp:

I really am starting to get annoyed with Shatterstorms constant angst, but at the same time i feel kinda bad about feeling like that because he really isnt a badly written character at all. But for completely subjective reasons i just cant stand him.

On another note SHANOA YAY!

I forget, was the state of the Crystal Empire ever addressed during the first 'book'?


Nope. Which is why it's getting addressed now.

so Roseluck warns about mirrors and no one well believe her. At lest until demons with swords start slashing everypony who walk a window:twilightoops:.  or that big red thing from dos.(name escapes me right now) Also cant wait to see the fate of the empire:pinkiecrazy:.

>>3126096Paranoia, his name took a while to remember because I thought you were refering to a minor enemy, until I remember that no minor mirror enemy exist in DOS, only the boss Paranoia.



you saying that made me realize something the crystal empire is made almost entirely of CRYSTAL A.K.A reflective surface Dracula's army literally could hit from anywhere over there. Me thinks the empire be boned.

Mirrors. Aaagh! I know those demons! What are their names?! *throws head into the internet*

>>3158583 hmmm, I was expecting Paranoia to tell the truth

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