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  • 3w, 3d
    New story: shorts collection!

    The adventure of Doodle and Savant.

    It's going to be a collection of short stores which I use to practise both grammar and writing.

    They will all be slice-of-life and romance, that's the only thing I know for sure.

    Feel free to come with feedback!

    Hope you all enjoy.


    2 comments · 17 views
  • 4w, 6d
    Personal post: Medical Miranda

    I’m sorry to say that this blog post has nothing direct to do with future stories from me, but for me, it is even more important to post.

    My dear friend Miranda has had some health issues for the last year. In July she had a seizure and a complete blackout when she was home, luckily with her family around. This was when a cavernous malformation (cavernoma) that had bled inside the front right ventricle her brain was discovered by MRI as the cause of the seizure. Intraventricular cavernomas are dangerous and account for approximately 2% of all cases of cavernous malformations, so it was decided that Miranda has to undergo surgery to remove it.

    She lives in America, so sadly the medical costs are mounting for her and her family. So I made this in hopes that people would be able to help out, either by spreading it around, or give a little to the fund.

    It does not matter how much it is, even a single dollar is appreciated greatly.

    Miranda's Medical fund

    You can find more details around her case in the fundme link.

    As many of you might not know, Miranda is the owner of Moxie, the OC I used in my story ‘A Faded Touch of blue’.

    Over the past two years she has become one of my best friends, which is why I’m spreading this around as much as I can.

    I’m sorry to post this on a blog that should be dedicated to stories and ponies; but please help me to spread this around.

    She will be undergoing her brain surgery this Thursday.


    3 comments · 28 views
  • 6w, 3d
    Artsy thing!

    1 comments · 43 views
  • 8w, 1h
    Editor needed for a short story.

    Seeing as my editor currently is very busy with my big project, I need someone else to go grammar nazi on a very short project I've written.

    My pre-reader is currently going through it and after he is done, I will edit it once more I assume.

    That's when any of you guys might come in.

    Please respond here, or send me a PM if you're interested, and if you wonder about anything else at all in regards of the small project, please don't hesitate to ask.


    3 comments · 51 views
  • 11w, 3d
    Dragonfoxgirl: a short comic

    Summer Sun Celebration.

    So, a good friend of mine made a short comic.

    It's too adorable for me to not share with my followers!

    Please, have a look if you want to see something adorable.

    That being said, my next big story is on its way, final stages of editing.

    I'm sorry to day that it has taken much, much longer than I had anticipated due to real life stuff happening around me, and I therefore needed some time to mend myself up.

    But it's getting there, and I hope you'll like it once it does.

    If there's interest for it, there will also be a printed version of this for sale, in paperback book form; eventually.


    1 comments · 44 views
  • ...

Blood is thicker than water.

It's a phrase Caramel has heard since he was a little foal and has lived by.

His life has been turned around and put on hold due to accidents within the family.

Standing by what he has learned his whole life, he has arrived at a breaking point.

How exactly do you tell your family that you have nothing more to give them?

How can one possibly tell them that they're relying too much on one pony?

How exactly can you tell them that you can't take care of them anymore?

Thanks to Spu313 and Arbarano for helping me with grammar and Aridifolia and Enix as pre-readers.

Music made for this story:

First Published
10th May 2013
Last Modified
10th May 2013
#1 · 80w, 3d ago · · ·

Well hello there, Kim.

Comment posted by SpyketheRAWRCat deleted at 11:22pm on the 10th of May, 2013
#3 · 80w, 3d ago · 2 · ·

here, dis ish for Caramel

p.s., forget the cussing part. i hate that part, too

#4 · 80w, 3d ago · · ·

Caramel is thicker than blood.

#5 · 80w, 3d ago · 3 · ·

I  loved this story  <3

#6 · 80w, 36m ago · 1 · ·

Finally I read it. :yay:

Well to be honest the writing is less polished than it is in other stories of yours, maybe your editors weren't nit-picking enough (no offense to them), there are some grammar mistakes and sometimes the descriptions are a little longer than necessary in my opinion, but the content truly makes up for it. :pinkiesad2:

Again, I'm really really sorry for you and your family, if your mother and your brother were here with me now I think I would hug them (and I'd give a hug to you as well of course :fluttershysad:).

You definitely talked about your emotions through Caramel in a convincing way, I especially liked the parts were first he thinks the most honest answer and then says something different, pretty clever. And I think you told me this had the purpose of making you feel empty... well, you succeeded. Life is so ruthless and no one is special to its eyes, when life kicks us in the teeth sometimes the only solution is learning to bear it.

Have a good day, and thanks for another good story :heart:

#7 · 76w, 2d ago · 1 · ·

Added to Twilight's Library by contributor recommendation.

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