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  • 2w, 5d
    Smells A Lot Like National Pony Writing Month

    Can you smell that? Leftover Halloween candy rotting in the windows. And it's still another two weeks until it's replaced by Christmas cookies. You know what that means: it must be November.

    But November isn't just that meaningless unwanted time between everyone's favorite holidays; it's also National Novel, and more importantly, National Pony Writing Month. If you want to participate, you still have a chance. It's just the third after all. There's groups and chats and encouragement posts all about it. And who knows: by the end of it, there may even be Christmas cookies.

    I myself plan on entering with this little story. It's one about Lyra and holistic detective agencies I had thought up and started more than a year ago, but which, due to some unfortunate circumstance, I kinda dismissed and hid in the deepest parts of my do-no-open folders. But now, I'm rewriting the entire thing from scratch. At an expected rate of 1677 words a day.


    Wish me luck; I know I'm gonna need it.

    2 comments · 16 views
  • 11w, 11h
    Requesting Assistance

    1 comments · 23 views
  • 28w, 13h
    Princess Twilight Sparkle

    Dear community,

       I'm not one to write blog posts. Most of the time, I don't feel that any of my thoughts are really diverse, elaborate, or simply interesting enough for the rest of the world to care.  But on this one, I at least feel strongly enough about something that I need to share it with a few people who might understand what I'm talking about.  This something is the princesshood of Twilight Sparkle and her role in the past season and the season finale.

       This past season 4 could be called The Season Of Princess Twilight Sparkle. After she was transformed in the previous season's finale, we got the chance to see the consequences of that transformation, see if and how it affects her in everyday life. But I feel calling this season that, isn't very accurate. Throughout this season we only had three episodes with her as the main focus: the season opener, "Princess Twilight Sparkle", the episode "Three's A Crowd", and the season finale, "Twilight's Kingdom".

       Sure, this wasn't the only episodes in which she played a pivotal role within the plot, but it still were only these three epsiodes in which she was the or one of the main characters, and this entails some consequences. One important feature of the main character in an episode is this: they fail. Most of the time they do something stupid or selfish, which in turn comes back to haunt them with a lesson learned in the end. But throughout the season, I daresay, Twilight Sparkle never failed.

       There were little things that went wrong. In "Princess Twilight Sparkle" she temporarily leaves her friends. But she doesn't do so voluntarily; it's their idea to which she reluctantly obliges and she immediately regrets her decision. "In Bats!" she joined everypony else in their attempt to rid themselves of the fruit bats and is ultimately the one who turns Fluttershy into a bat. But the one who learns her lesson in the end, because she feels responsible for it all is Applejack, not Twilight. In "Equestria Games" she lights the torch for Spike with some unwanted consequences. But it is arguable if her decision not to light the flame for him would have been even worse, and in the end, Spike has to learn the important lesson, not her. All these examples pale in comparison to the previous seasons.

       In the previous season we have seen a selfish Twilight, who in "Lesson Zero" didn't care what happened to the rest of Ponyville as long as she got her friendship lesson. In "Feeling Pinkie Keen" we got a stubborn Twilight, who refused to believe in something she couldn't explain. In "Sweet And Elite" we got a dorky Twilight, who trashes a garden party with the most adorkable dance ever. All of these little things made her more relatable, more approachable, all around more sympathetic. I liked her because of it, not in spite of it. (I'll admit, we did get an adorkable eating scene in "Twilight Time".)

      She didn't only not fail throughout this season. Many times she was also the only one with a level head and an answer to the problem at hand. When all her friends are freaked out in "Castle Mane-ia", she is the one who isn't afraid. In "Rainbow Falls", she is the one to lecture Rainbow Dash into making a decision. Granted, these kind of scenes appeared throughout the previous seasons, but they didn't appear as frequently. This season, everything and everypony keeps reminding her that she's a princess, but she always remains level-headed and shows her humbleness by replying that she isn't better than anypony else. This brings me to the season finale.

    (Warning: spoiler ensuing)

       The season finale was sort of a final step in the transformation of Twilight Sparkle, quite literally. But there was one pivitol difference in her getting her key from all the others.

       All the others had to learn a lesson regarding the virtue behind the Element of Harmony they uphold. Their lessons were very different, but in the end all of them made a severe mistake they had to fix themselves, learning their lesson and what it means to be generous, loyal, uplifting, kind, and honest in the process.

       With Twilight Sparkle it was different. She didn't make a mistake and she didn't learn a lesson. The conflict she had to face didn't come up until she had to make her decision and then shhe knew instantly that her friends were more important to her than pretty much all the magic in Equestria combined. She didn't need to evolve into somepony able to do so, she already was that pony. She already was a Mary Sue.

       That word is disgusting and I feel disgusted by myself for using it on Twilight Sparkle, but it's what describes my feelings most accurately. She has become a little-miss-perfect, who always knows the right thing to do and say, and never ever falls into the trap of doing something stupid or selffish. She has become completely bland and unrelatable.

    (Spoiler end)

       I don't really know what I want with this. Maybe for someone to tell me I'm not crazy and that there's some truth in what I'm saying. Maybe for someone to tell me that I am crazy and that there's a fantastic season 5 coming up next year to look forward to because it's every bit as good as before. But I feel like Twilight Sparkle lost a part of herself, and by extension the series has lost a part of itself, a part of its charm, a part of its magic that always kept me coming back for more, no matter the sillyness of the idea of watching candy-colored equines.

       Before the season started, Tara Strong said in an interview:

    Strong: Well the good news is, Twilight is going to stay Twilight. She is overwhelmed and surprised and grateful for this new phase in her life but it’s not going to change how she is or how she interacts with her friends, she’s staying in Ponyville.

    I believe that notion was impossible to uphold from the start. When your best friend comes back from vacation and tells you: "By the way, I'm now the Prince of Norway." you don't go: "Cool! Wanna go bowling on Saturday?" It's an improtant change that will bring with it other important changes. It's something they had to deal with in the show and which they ultimately dealt with in all those moments Twilight's princesshood became undeniable. The change by itself isn't bad, it's an opportunity for the show when its taken into a new direction, but it has to be done conciously and in the right way.

       In the end I feel like there was a lack of trust at some point. Maybe it was a lack of trust on how we, the viewers, would take this change if it was stated publically. Maybe it was a lack of trust of the writers in their own ability to make the change really work. I don't know. But a lack of trust is always a hurtful thing. After all, what is trust other than the one thing we bestow upon all those we hold dear and call friends.

    Signing off,


    0 comments · 92 views
  • 56w, 6d
    A Digital Attic

    To whom it may concern (Warning: little relevancy ahead):

    As I decided to get a fresh start on my story Necromancy Coffee Break (a more comedic rewrite is finished and can be found here for anyone interested), I decided to get a fresh start overall. For this, I have taken all my stories I am unwilling to fully endorse to a digital attic by unsubmitting them. Probably not the best solution, taking up needless memory, but that can still be addressed later.

    Anyone who had these stories in his read later or favorite list should still be able to access them. For everybody else, I am willing to hand out the keys (i.e. links) to anybody with the tolerance and the strong gut to match to rummage through this attic of mine.

    That is all.

    Keep on bucking,


    0 comments · 85 views
  • ...

Spike has had it. It's not his fault the library is a shambles. In fact, he tried his very best to save it.

And now he's supposed to take the blame? Not this time! Until Twilight starts to fully appreciate his worth, Spike goes on strike!

He will not falter! He will not give in! He will stand his ground!

...if at the end of it all there is still some ground left to stand on.

First Published
28th Apr 2013
Last Modified
4th Jul 2013
#1 · 81w, 6d ago · 26 · 2 · 1st Act ·


Edit: Congrats on the feature!

#2 · 81w, 6d ago · · · 1st Act ·

I'm interested in seeing how this turns out.

#3 · 81w, 6d ago · 2 · 2 · 1st Act ·

Its not as bad as I thought but a lot like

Aegis Sheild's

Stallions on Strike

Only fucosed on primarily spike not all of the equastria stallions.

This is a good read please do continue


Humming Notebook

#4 · 81w, 6d ago · 14 · · 1st Act ·

Damn! I must know what comes next. I MUST! I MUST!! I MUST!!!

#5 · 81w, 6d ago · 2 · · 1st Act ·


#6 · 81w, 6d ago · 5 · · 1st Act ·

Down with mare and her rules, man!

#7 · 81w, 6d ago · 28 · · 1st Act ·

Yes, Spike! Don't put up with all the abuse! Rebel against the tyranny of Twilight and her friends!

#8 · 81w, 6d ago · 17 · 1 · 1st Act ·

On a scale, no pun intended, of 1 to 10 how pissed off is Spike?

#9 · 81w, 6d ago · 2 · · 1st Act ·


Comment posted by Scootaloser deleted at 9:25pm on the 28th of April, 2013
#11 · 81w, 6d ago · 1 · · 1st Act ·

Wow, nice job on this! I must know what happens next.. I must!

#12 · 81w, 6d ago · 4 · · 1st Act ·


To be honest, I only read the first chapter of "Stallions on Strike", but I got the feeling it was mostly about gender inequalities. I hope I therefore end up with a much different story, but maybe I should have read the entire thing before writing this...


That would be telling...

Although, he was oviously aggrevated enough to walk out on him.


Because of my infinite selfconsciousness about my idioms, I actually googled the phrase and found support for both( and flipped an internal coin on which one to pick.

#13 · 81w, 6d ago · 2 · · 1st Act ·

By looking at the cover image, I can tell this is gonna be similar to "Squid on Strike" (Spongebob Squarepants) so I'll give this a good read!

#14 · 81w, 6d ago · · · 1st Act ·

I'll track.  This seems good.

~Skeeter The Lurker

#15 · 81w, 6d ago · · · 1st Act ·


I'll just casually erase that comment now... Sorry to have troubled you...:facehoof:

#16 · 81w, 6d ago · 8 · · 1st Act ·

That. Was. Amazing.

Can't wait until the next update! (I don't ever want to bump into an obnoxious sofa clerk like that in my life...)

#17 · 81w, 6d ago · · · 1st Act ·


I'm afraid that was just a shameful attempt to trick people into giving my story a chance, for which an apology is in order.

:ajsleepy:I am very sorry to have deceived you and others like you into reading this story under false pretenses.:ajsleepy:

I use all means to attract readers to give my fic a chance at the feature box. This of course is no justification, merely an explanation.


No trouble at all. In fact, I initially thought the idiom was lying in shambles, but for that I found no support at all (presumably because it doesn't exist).

#18 · 81w, 6d ago · · · 1st Act ·

>>2496872 Well, it worked. That's why it got featured, because people were giving it a chance, and they enjoyed it!

#19 · 81w, 6d ago · 2 · · 1st Act ·

Really enjoyed this story hope you update soon, also I wouldn't worry about stallions on strike because you were right on the money with gender inequality as the central theme in that story. This has a lot of places to go that would make it very original but more importantly I can't wait to see how the others react and more importantly how will Twilight handle the responsibility of the Library when she is always adventuring with her friends? Numerous questions going on in my head about this and were it will go, definitely adding to my favorites. Also very good pacing going quickly enough to keep it interesting but without revealing too much to early.

#20 · 81w, 6d ago · 1 · · 1st Act ·

I laughed like crazy, cant wait for more!

#21 · 81w, 6d ago · 4 · · 1st Act ·

Didn't Twilight give him a receipt for the quill order? You know, one that would say she ONLY ordered 50 quills?

#22 · 81w, 6d ago · 2 · · 1st Act ·

Maaan, I thought this was gonna be like Squid on Strike. :pinkiesad2:

#23 · 81w, 6d ago · 2 · · 1st Act ·

If this isn't a Spongebob Parody I will be SORELY disappointed.

#24 · 81w, 6d ago · · · 1st Act ·


I feel Equestrian society might be much more built on trust than ours (after all, what would friendship be without trust). So Twilight simply trusted Davenport to not mix up the order or fiendishly lure Spike into buying another sofa.


Please refer to my shameful apology at >>2496872.

#25 · 81w, 6d ago · 3 · · 1st Act ·


Where ever this story goes... I hope it ends happily for Spike (not having to slave away none stop)

#26 · 81w, 6d ago · 3 · · 1st Act ·

Well at least Twilight isn't being a total jerk. I'm sure given time Spike will calm down but before this story has to end Twilight had better realize what happend and that what happened isn't Spike's fault. :eeyup:

#27 · 81w, 6d ago · 1 · · 1st Act ·

And so it begins! MOAR! :flutterrage:

#28 · 81w, 6d ago · 1 · · 1st Act ·

This is a story I have been waiting eagerly for.

#29 · 81w, 6d ago · 10 · 11 · 1st Act ·

:moustache: That's right! I'm on strike.

:twilightsmile: Is that right? Well then, I suppose I better call in your replacement.

:moustache: Who's my replacement?

:twilightsmile: Oh hold on, he's here. Welcome!

"Thank you, I am C3PO, and I am at your service."

:moustache: I guarantee you he won't be as useful as me. I can organize a library faster than anyone. And I speak dragon!

:twilightsmile: Can you organize a library?

"A library? Why one of my previous jobs was to maintain the records and files of a Senator and her world's information."

:twilightsmile: Can you speak dragon?

"Of course I can ma'am! It's like a second language to me! I-"

:twilightsmile: Alright you're hired.

:moustache: But- but-

:twilightsmile: Here, I got you the employment section of the paper. Call me if you need me as a reference!

#30 · 81w, 6d ago · 8 · · 1st Act ·

Finally, a story where he says 'ENOUGH!' I must see where this goes...

#31 · 81w, 6d ago · · · 1st Act ·

>>2497163 Eh what the hay, I'm gonna fave this. Maybe you read my stories, maybe this little thing goes away... :trollestia: If you want to.

#32 · 81w, 6d ago · · · 1st Act ·

Not a single dislike... YOU sir are my hero!

#33 · 81w, 6d ago · 5 · · 1st Act ·

I love stories that have spike either...

A) on strike

B) realize he is taken for granted

C) shows twilight how much work he REALLY does

D) idk I just like making points :pinkiehappy:

#34 · 81w, 6d ago · · 13 · 1st Act ·


#35 · 81w, 6d ago · · · 1st Act ·

hmm... perfect example of a fic with loads of potential, but no certain indication of where the story will go from here.

Probationary fave for now.

#36 · 81w, 6d ago · · · 1st Act ·

This is gonna be good.:pinkiehappy::derpytongue2::moustache:

#37 · 81w, 6d ago · · · 1st Act ·

No dislikes? I'm impressed. Let's just hope not even someone actually dislikes it.

#38 · 81w, 6d ago · 11 · · 1st Act ·


INTERNET. WHAT DA BUCK.:applejackconfused:

#39 · 81w, 6d ago · · · 1st Act ·

It's good, really good. The disasters that happened to Spike maybe could have been alittle more "extreme" but it is great

#40 · 81w, 6d ago · · · 1st Act ·

>>2497836 I wanna say the same about your comment. When I try to thumb it up more, it seems to think that means I changed my mind and don't like it anymore.

#41 · 81w, 6d ago · · · 1st Act ·

There are no dislikes because this is what everyone wants to happen in the actual show! You tell her Spike! :rainbowlaugh:

#42 · 81w, 6d ago · 3 · 2 · 1st Act ·


Comment posted by Aegis Shield deleted at 12:55am on the 30th of April, 2013
#45 · 81w, 6d ago · · · 1st Act ·


Not the same thing. Spike is less of a butt in this story. :duck:

#46 · 81w, 6d ago · · · 1st Act ·

I'm intrigued... If there was any more I would be reading it, which means more than it sounds like considering I got <4h sleep last night and it's 0310 where I am.

#47 · 81w, 6d ago · 1 · · 1st Act ·


Title is similar.

Story itself... not so much.

#48 · 81w, 6d ago · 2 · · 1st Act ·

nice job, now this is a story I can get behind. Stallions on strike just got too big for me, but this, an individual case pertaining to Spike is something I really want to see. Hope to see more of this soon, keep goin and stay golden^^

#49 · 81w, 6d ago · · · 1st Act ·

I'm pretty sure Aegis is joking, for anyone who is actually taking offense in the comments section.

#50 · 81w, 6d ago · 3 · 1 · 1st Act ·

>>2498165 Ha! You weren't even the first to do the whole "Spike goes on Strike" deal. Also plugging your story in someone's elses....Yeah.

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