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  • Tuesday
    A Comprehensive List of the Copious Amounts of References in the Second Chapter of 'Victory Lap.'

    Because I kind of lost my mind while I wrote it.

    And yes, I am bored as hell in Spanish class and I need something short to write.


    -Sunset and Pinkie's conversation about Pinkie's tongue is borrowed from a Teen Titans lemon called 'Steam Room Antics.'

    -Pinkie's line "And remain seated please; Permanecer sentados, por favor." is actually the famous safety spiel from Disneyland's Matterhorn Bobsleds.

    -Every technique Dash lists in between the Slippery Whistle and the Clam Dive are references and absolutely not actual love techniques; the Muffkateer (the Three Musketeers), the Bum-Shaka-Laka (Boom Shaka Laka), the Moss Covered Three Handled Family Credenza (a wrestling technique named by former SmackDown announcer Tazz), the Moonraker (the James Bond novel and film 'Moonraker'), the Five Knuckle Shuffle (signature move of John Cena), the Dawn of the Head (Dawn of the Dead), and the Re-Animate Her (H.P. Lovecraft's Herbert West: Reanimator.)

    -Of course, there's one other person besides Pinkie known for making the noise "RAPADOO."

    -Rarity and AJ's dialogue as they stalk Dash is lifted from 'Bikini A Go Go,' a rather awful softcore adult film from the 90s.

    -The aforementioned reference to Mr. Unsmiley's works.

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  • 1w, 16h
    Story Ideas for Grabs

    These are up for grabs. Some of them I could be convinced to collab on. Feel free to comment.


    Twilight Sparkle: Re-Animator


    Deep in the pile of books Princess Twilight has received in her new castle is the journal of Hoofer West, a brilliant be supposedly deranged scientist who believed he had created a formula that could raise the dead. Intrigued, Twilight enlists Fluttershy to bring her all of her animals that expire.

    The early experiments with the serum are a success, but the re-animated animals are all mad and vicious when they rise again. Twilight seeks to try an experiment on a pony but Fluttershy refuses. Twilight summons Moon Dancer from Canterlot who is all too willing to help.

    Together, they dig up the recently deceased Granny Smith and re-animate her. Granny is a wild animal and escapes the castle lab. She murders Bon Bon before Lyra can put her down. Reasoning that Granny’s body was not fresh enough, Twilight and Moon Dancer convince Lyra to assist them and bring them Bon Bon’s corpse.

    Bon Bon is re-animated but begins to show signs of aggression. Against Moon Dancer’s wishes, Twilight lobotomizes her. As Lyra goes to the authorities, Twilight and Moon Dancer argue. When Moon Dancer threatens to steal the serum, Twilight attacks her and severs her head.

    Not wasting a moment, Twilight re-animates her. Moon Dancer is in full control and magically puppets her body into knocking Twilight out. Lyra returns with the authorities to find that Twilight is alone, the lab is destroyed, and Moon Dancer is gone. Moon Dancer remembers that Twilight told her that Fluttershy was her first assistant and goes to murder her.

    Twilight and Lyra bust in just in time to save her. Moon Dancer laughs and reveals that she is able to control the dead minds of the re-animated. Before she came to Fluttershy’s cottage, she went to the cemetery first. The floor of the cottage collapses and Twilight sacrifices herself to the attacking hordes of the undead while Lyra and Fluttershy escape. Twilight is torn apart.

    No trace of Moon Dancer or the undead are ever found, though rumors persist that someone has set up a lab in the ruins of the Castle of the Two Sisters. The story ends with Moon Dancer and a stitched together, re-animated, and fully evil Twilight continuing their research into re-animation.


    As you can see, I really went far in the development of this one. ‘Herbert West: Re-Animator’ is one of my favorite Lovecraft stories and a damn fine movie to boot. The last missing piece was Moon Dancer, but even now I doubt my ability to tell this tale to its fullest.


    Where No Mare Has Gone Before

    -Sci Fi

    Garden Mist is a simple earth pony mare who lives on the outskirts of Ponyville with her elderly father. One day, a meteorite falls into their front yard. Mist touches it and falls into a week-long coma. When she awakens, she begins to display abilities beyond her and knowledge she shouldn’t know.

    Celestia tasks the Mane 6 to determine if she’s a threat. As the days go by, Mist’s powers grow. She realizes that soon she will achieve what can only be described as god-hood.

    After Twilight discloses that she thinks she is a threat, Mist attacks and easily defeats the Mane 6. She goes to attack the Princesses but is stopped by her father suffering a heart attack. She realizes that she can’t save him sheds her mortal body to unite with his. Father and daughter ascend into a new plane of existence.

    Back in Canterlot, Celestia and Luna examine the meteorite and worry if more are coming. The story ends with a meteor shower over Equestria.


    An obvious homage to the classic episode of Star Trek, I even went as far as giving the main character the same initials as Gary Mitchell. I also love the Twilight Zone-esque ending. This would be a major character piece, so I wish someone more used to deep character convos could have at it.


    It’s Not Exactly Cheating


    Cadance and Shining Armor’s marriage has lost its spark. When pressed, Shining confesses that he misses Cadance as she appeared in high school. Cadance uses the time travel spell to bring her younger self to the future for an unforgettable night of debauchery.


    Inspired by the card of the same name from that Twilight Sparkle’s Shipping card game thing. Someone better at clop than I am please take this idea from me!


    Time After Time


    Shining Armor invites Discord for a friendly drink. While trying to get the Draconequus drunk, Shining confesses that he often wonders if he could have attracted Cadance earlier than he did. The next morning, Shining awakens as a teenage colt. Discord informs him that they’ve travelled back in time so Shining can test his theory. Instead, Shining completely screws everything up and makes Cadance hate him. Discord explains that the timeline has been altered; if they go back to the future, then everything will be changed. Shining must retell his own love story in a wholly different way. Twists, turns, and the possibility that Shining might have a future with somepony he never expected.


    Part tribute to Back to the Future, part Hot Tub Time Machine. This one I would love to HELP write, since the major conflict of the story (Shining having to choose between pursuing Cadance or trying life with another mare) is something that almost makes me literally drool.

    Plus I love the image of Shining Armor and Discord as drinking buddies.


    Carol of the Belles

    -Slice of Life

    It’s Hearth’s Warming Eve and Rarity is once again fighting with Sweetie Belle. After one comment cuts to the bone, Sweetie Belle runs into the snowy night in tears. Rarity chases after her and soon the pair and completely lost in a building blizzard. Freezing, the sisters apologize. Sweetie Belle, suddenly struck with inspiration, starts to sing. Rarity joins in and their singing calms the winds and allows them to get home. Sweetie Belle shakes off the snow… and finds her cutie mark.


    This was going to be in the ‘Hearth’s Warming Eve Carols,’ but that story got scrapped. This could be written with Rarity and Sweetie Belle as sisters or even as a part of my Continuity where they’re mother and daughter.


    The Mysterious Mare-Do-Well Rises


    A nameless mare arrives in Ponyville and assumes the mantle of the Mysterious Mare-Do-Well. She struggles to gain the trust of the Mane 6 to various degrees of success. Word of the new superhero spreads and villains begin to rise in Ponyville. When her new enemies unite, the Mysterious Mare-Do-Well will need to seek help in the least likely of places.


    My love letter to Batman: the Animated Series, this would feature a number of ponified Bat-Villains, the return of the Power Ponies, and a running mystery as to who the new Mare-Do-Well is. I would be willing to help develop this.

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  • 1w, 4d
    Well, I'm Back

    So... where to begin?

    I always find it's best to start at the beginning.

    'Twas towards the end of June that I launched the Nexus, my project so long in development. I was greeted by (for the most part) enthusiastic support from those I sent the invitations to. It's now been just shy of two months and the Nexus has settled into a stable pattern. Good.

    It was around that time I suffered a complete breakdown.

    In a worthy sequel to my stress induced seizure last year, I simply collapsed at work, a shivering shaking ball. I screamed obscenities at any who approached me and sobbed at what a failure I was. My grades were slipping, I was over-working, my wife and I were fighting once again, and 'Dear Sweetie Belle' was again torn apart (this time by the Royal Canterlot Archives.)

    'Twas only by the grace of my boss that I wasn't Baker acted.

    Or worse; fired.

    Instead, I finally bit the bullet and got a therapist. She's a lovely woman and is doing a splendid job of helping me work through my various layers of buried issues. I was also put on an anti-anxiety medicine that has numerous side effects, not the least of which are rapid weight gain, irritability, and (apparently in my case) an inability to write creatively.

    It was also around this time that my beloved laptop became infected with a rather nasty virus and my wife ended a friendship of fifteen years.

    I had a nice birthday at least.

    My therapist tells me that my medicine also messes with my  memory, so I think some apologies are in order.

    -Rubycast; my most faithful of friends. Rest assured I'm hard at work on the story you asked for my help on.

    -Grand_Moff_Pony: I'm so sorry I kept forgetting your PMs. I'm glad the story is a success and I can't wait to read it.

    As I said, the medicine makes it very difficult to write, but I'm keeping at it. My therapist suggested working on various projects to keep my brain functioning. So, here's what's open in Word right now.

    -The next chapter of 'Changelings.' (45% complete)

    -The next chapter of 'Victory Lap' (99% complete)

    -A guest chapter I'm doing for Grand_Moff_Pony's tremendous 'Red Shoe Diaries: Equestria.' (40% complete)

    -My contribution to Rubycast's new story (50% complete)

    -NEW STORY: 'Letters From War,' my long gestating NLR sequel. (25% done)

    -Ideas for Halloween One-Shot (at this point down to 'The Doctor and the Slender One' and 'Untitled Mac Gets Rabies Story.')

    So, y'see... trying to keep those juices flowing.

    I love you all, and your support keeps me fighting.

    -Jade Ring

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  • 6w, 23h
    Can it be? Truly? After all this time?

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  • 10w, 23h
    Blog #100- Step Into the Nexus

    Let me tell you all about a dream I had.

    In my dream, I stood on stage at a convention. The room was packed with various con-goers. They hung on every word I spoke...

    ...and I was not alone.

    Standing on either side of me were people I didn't recognize. People of various ages, races, genders, and nationalities. We looked at each other and knew that we had one thing in common; a deep abiding love of fanfiction.

    In that respect, we were one and the same.

    From that dream has risen the Nexus, a consortium of like-minded authors dedicated to the refining of the art of fanfiction and fighting to see fanfiction accepted as much as other fan-works are. I have already selected the first potential members and those chosen should be receiving their invitations shortly. If you have not received an invitation in a week and want to be part of this massive project, shoot me a PM. At this, the very beginning, I've chosen the first potential members based on two factors.

    1. Steady FIMfiction activity.

    2. At least 5 published stories.

    Followers and Views don't matter in the Nexus. Only the craft matters.

    Additional details are reserved for those first invited right now.

    Got any questions or suggestions? Post 'em below.

    We are one, my friends, and together we can do anything.

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This story is a sequel to Dear Sweetie Belle

Everypony has to grow up sometime. Now a teenager, Sweetie Belle ventures to the Fillydelphia Academy of Music in order to start the search for her biological father. Will she find the stallion she's searching for, or is she doomed to disappointment?

First Published
3rd Feb 2013
Last Modified
3rd Feb 2013
  • ...

The day finally comes when Pinkie Pie has to part with her beloved Gummy. Of course, that's easier said than done.

Inspired by and featuring the song 'Saying Good-Bye' by the Muppets.

A live reading of the story by munngojerrie;

First Published
15th Nov 2012
Last Modified
15th Nov 2012
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The morning after a wild wedding reception, a number of couples awaken and must face the paths life has set them on.

Originally published in February of 2012 on the Pony Fiction Archive, after over two years... it's finally finished.

First Published
11th Nov 2012
Last Modified
6th Aug 2014
  • ...

Collected here are the interviews and impressions of Jade Ring as he sought out the Bearers of the Elements of Harmony to gather their recollections of the day that Princess Luna rose to power.

Originally written in script format, I've restructured the story into a narrative that I hope still captures the essence of my original work. Additionally, new details have been added revealing the ultimate fate of certain charcters. I hope my readers will enjoy this revised look at one of my personal favorite works.

First Published
5th Nov 2012
Last Modified
5th Nov 2012
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Something evil has found Ponyville. The town's children are disappearing, each disappearance preceded by a dream of an impossibly thin stallion.

When somepony she loves is the next to vanish, one young farmer must venture into the forest to find her. Once there, she will encounter an ancient force. It is powerful. It is terrifying.

It is hungry.

Amazing cover-art by the equally amazing Swirling Line. (She's also doing a stellar comic adaptation. Stay tuned!)

Cool bit of fan art by Timey-Wimey

First Published
29th Oct 2012
Last Modified
29th Oct 2012
  • ...

This story is a sequel to Dear Sweetie Belle

Years after the events of 'Dear Sweetie Belle,' Rarity convinces herself that her not-so-little-anymore girl is stealing her beauty. What lengths will Rarity go to in order to take back what is rightfully hers?

NOW WITH A NEWLY UPDATED (and hopefully less confusing) ENDING!

Fantastic cover art by SwirlingLine. YOU ROCK!

First Published
26th Oct 2012
Last Modified
26th Oct 2012
  • ...

Applejack has put up with Rarity's barbs and insults for years. When the seamstress finally crosses the line, what lengths will the young farmer go to in order to set things right?

Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's masterpiece of terror 'the Cask of Amontillado.'

Wonderful cover art by XRainbow-ChocoboX

A stellar live reading by TheLostNarrator

First Published
24th Oct 2012
Last Modified
24th Oct 2012
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This story is a sequel to Dear Sweetie Belle

Following Rarity's example, Applejack writes her little sister a letter. While Rarity's letter revealed the truth of Sweetie Belle's origins, Applejack's letter will shed light on the greatest unanswered mystery of the Apple family; what happened to Applebloom's parents?

Beautiful cover art by AcrylicDawn. Her DeviantArt. Check it out.

First Published
19th Oct 2012
Last Modified
19th Oct 2012
  • ...

After an accident robs them of their parents, Rarity writes Sweetie Belle a letter laying bare a secret kept all the little unicorn's life.

"It's fascinating the level of depth this story takes. Just the part alone about why Rarity represents generosity is enough to bring tears to even the toughest critics. This is an amazing story in every way. Mature in some of its themes and true to life, yet not graphic or exploitive, 'Dear Sweetie Belle' is a must for My Little Pony fans who need a great, sad story to tide them over."

-Obake, Pony Fiction Archive

Beautiful cover-art by AcrylicDawn

A fantastic bit of fan-art from my dear friend Kaitlyn Warner.

A live reading by the Doom Pie Network Right Here

First Published
19th Oct 2012
Last Modified
19th Oct 2012
  • ...

There's a strange, powerful attraction between Canterlot Castle's captain of the guard and a certain princess of the night. What will happen when the two give in and lose themselves to the power of lust?

Cover art is a cool piece of fan-art by LA Crow.

First Published
17th Oct 2012
Last Modified
17th Oct 2012