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  • Tuesday
    Summer Writing Schedule

    *Note: All dates are tentative and subject to change for personal, health, and business reasons.

    May 29th-June 5th: NEW STORY! "The Thirteenth Hour" (Meddling Twilight/Witness Starlight/Shameless Lovecraftian Pandering)

    June 5th-June 12th: NEW CHAPTER! "The Changelings Have a King: In the Dark" (Canterlot)

    June 12th-June 19th: FIRST CHAPTER OF NEW STORY! "The Story of Tonight: Good Girls Go to Heaven (But Bad Girls Go Everywhere)" (Mac/Twilight/Sunset/Fluttershy)

    June 19th-June 26th: NEW CHAPTER: "The Story of Tonight: Listen to Your Heart" (Rarity/Applejack)

    June 26th-July 3rd: NEW CHAPTER: "The Story of Tonight: Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore" (Rainbow Dash/Flash Sentry/Pinkie Pie)

    July 3rd- July 10th: NEW CHAPTER: "The Story of Tonight: Tomorrow There'll Be More of Us" (Epilogue)

    July 10th-July 17th: NEW CHAPTER: "The Changelings Have a King: The Battle of Ponyville" (Oh, it's coming)

    July 17th-July 24th: NEW STORY! "As We Go On" (Graduation Epilogue to the EqG series)

    More details to come on "Grogar 2: Die Grogar Die" soon as well.

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    196 Days...

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  • 7w, 5d
    April Fools Day: The Greatest Hits!

    Be thankful, my wonderful followers, that I have been working too hard on 'Changelings' to give you a proper April Fool's gag this year. Instead, I'll simply repost my trilogy of pranks for the benefit of those who didn't get to enjoy them the first time. For those of you who have been around a while, enjoy this trip down memory lane...


    2013: Blog Exclusive: 'Dear Spike'

    or "I will abuse your trust, I will shatter your hopes and dreams."

    Spike extinguished the last of the library’s candles save the one he was holding for light. He sighed and checked the clock. “Two past midnight. Guess that means Twilight’s magic conference ran long.” He set about ensuring the library was in tip-top shape for his friend’s return.

    Thoughts ran through his mind of the past few days. He thought of the big secrets that had recently come to light.

    Rarity was Sweetie Belle’s mother.

    Applebloom’s parents had been killed in an accident that wasn’t really an accident at all.

    Scootaloo actually had a big sister she could look up to; Rainbow Dash.

    Spike shook his head as he straightened an end table. “What’s next? Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara are actually sisters? Pip is Princess Luna’s love child?” He laughed as the ideas got more and more ridiculous. “What about Babs? Maybe she’s Macintosh’s daughter? Oh! Or maybe Snips and Snails are twins, and their parents are the Cakes.” His belly began to ache from the constant laughter. The most ridiculous idea of all hit him like a bolt of lightning and he fully collapsed in a heap of hilarity. “I’ve got it! Dinky Hooves is the illegitimate child of Derpy Hooves and PRINCE BLUEBLOOD!”


    Spike choked off his laughter and looked up at Owlowicious’ perch. The small owl was observing Spike with that same blank expression he always wore. His perch-mate, the diminutive Pee-Wee the phoenix copied Owlowicious as best he could.

    “Dinky Hooves? She’s a purple foal? Derpy’s daughter?”


    “Derpy. The mail-mare.”


    “Nevermind.” Spike groaned as he stood back up. As usual, the pesky owl had drained the hilarity from the situation. As he recovered his bearings and resumed his work, another thought popped into his head. “I wonder…” He looked at the pair of birds. “Do you think that maybe Twilight’s been hiding something about my past too?”

    A sudden churning in his gut warned him of an incoming message. He belched green flame and caught the materializing scroll with practiced ease. He quickly unrolled it and gave it a once over. Definitley Twilight’s hand-writing. His heart-beat quickened and his fingers shook as he began to read.


    Dear Spike,

    I know that with all the information that’s come out in the last few days, I figured you’d start asking questions about your own past. I could see that faraway look in your eye while you watched Rarity and Sweetie Belle at dinner the other day. So, with that in mind, I enchanted this scroll to send itself the instant you asked the question out loud.

    Spike, it’s so hard to tell you this…

    Oh, Celestia forgive me from keeping this from you for so long!

    Okay, the truth is…

    Should I really tell you? I mean, it’s going to change our relationship so much!

    No. I have to tell you. It’s hard to say, and you may never forgive me for it, but I just have to tell you.

    …No matter how it changes how you feel about me.

    Alright, enough stalling. Spike, the truth is…

    …there is no secret in your past. Sorry to disappoint you, but that’s the truth. Sorry if this lead you on, I just couldn’t resist having a little fun at your expense.

    If you really need to know something you might not already, I suppose there’s this; I love you, Spike. You’re the best friend a mare could ever ask for.

    Your (best) friend,

    Twilight Sparkle

    P.S. I’m out of quills. Would you pick some up for me?


    Spike reread the letter twice just to be sure he’d read it right. Then he started to giggle. Giggles became laughter. Laughter became full-on guffaws. In seconds, he was bent over on the floor again, laughing his head off.

    The two birds just looked at each other and rolled their eyes.

    The humor of ponies and dragons was lost to them.


    2014: MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT: "Dear Sweetie Belle: the 37th Edition"

    or "Jade Ring accepts that EqD was right and DSB would have been accepted if it was darker SO HERE'S YOUR DARKNESS, PRE READER 37 IS THIS REALISTIC ENOUGH FOR YOU?!"

    I've been planning this a long time, folks. I've kept it a secret for over a year, but now the truth is finally out; in 24 hours, 'Dear Sweetie Belle' will cease to exist in it's current state. I have completely rewritten the story, top to bottom, according to the critiques I received from  Equestria Daily's Prereader 37.

    I can hear you all now. "But Jade, you were furious at 37's rejection notice." I was, but a few months ago it finally sunk in that he was right. He was always right. The story is a flawed mess... or should I say WAS a flawed mess. Thanks to the suggestions I found in 37's email, the story is now 110% better.

    I know it'll be accepted on EqD this time.

    Here are a few excerpts of what you can expect from the redone story.



    Rarity’s mouth snapped shut and she averted her roommate’s eyes. “I’m just nervous, okay?”

    “What in Equestria about?” Shining Star pondered for a moment, then stomped her hoof in mock realization. “Rarity, have you never been to a party?” She asked, her voice dripping with false shock.

    “Of course I have, Star. Just… not a party like this.”

    “A party like what?”

    “You're really going to make me say it, aren't you?" Rarity looked away and tried to hide behind her mane. "I'm in... heat."

    Shining Star rolled her eyes. "Well, duh. You've been funking up the room for days now."


    My parents were furious, of course. They ranted and raved and broke furniture. Father raised the kitchen table itself as though he were going to strike me with it. Only mother, a broken weeping mess at this point, managed to stop him.

    They called me a whore said I'd brought disgrace to my family name.

    Father said there were two ways this could go.

    One, I could turn around and never come home again.

    Two, I could go see the doctor in Manehatten and have my little problem 'taken care of.'


    Awkward seconds passed in silence, until at last Sweetie Belle spoke. “So…” she looked up. “What do I call you now?”

    Rarity shook her head and started to turn away. “You can still call me Rarity, or sister, or whatever you like.” Her lip quivered and she felt the sting of tears. “I know that you must hate me right now. I understand and I…”

    "You're right. I do hate you."

    The coldness in her daughter's voice made Rarity's head whip around. "What?"

    "Everything we've been through, all the fights and bickering... how could you talk to your daughter that way? How could you lie to me for my entire life?!"

    "Sweetie Belle..."

    "What did you think was going to happen, Rarity?" The filly was advancing on her now. "Did you think this was going to be some heartwarming reunion moment like in one of those novels you love so much?"


    "SHUT UP!" Sweetie Belle was in her face now. "I HATE YOU. I HATE YOU WITH EVERY FIBER OF MY BEING! I'M GOING TO LIVE WITH APPLEJACK AND APPLEBLOOM! I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN!" She raised a hoof and smacked Rarity in the face as hard as she could.

    Rarity did nothing. She collapsed in a heap as Sweetie Belle hit her again and again and again.

    It was what she deserved, after all.


    "I talked to the girls." Applejack said as she glared at the bruised unicorn sitting by the fire. "We agree that it's pretty rotten that you never told us about this."

    She said nothing.

    "It's gonna take a while to forgive you, so until then it's probably best that you just keep your face outta Ponyville." Applejack turned to leave and shook her head. "We're just so ashamed of you."


    Dear Applebloom,

    I'm your mama. Mac's your daddy. No, we ain't siblings. Dinner's at six.




    Better, right?

    Of course, the original text will be deleted for this superior story. It's for the best.

    See you then!


    2015: The Announcement

    or "Wow, I sure am writing slowly. Let me alienate the few dedicated fans the Continuity has. For shiggles."

    So you're all expecting news, eh? Well, here it is.

    I'm retiring.

    Not from writing, mind you, but from fan fiction. My recent news that I'm soon to be published is a sign that it's time for me to stop all this wankery and nonsense and start working on more serious things.

    Don't worry, Continuity fans, I'm sure that Swirling, Yami, or Aragon can take the stories up and finish them. In any case, here's the remaining plot for the trilogy.

    Thank you all for your support over the years, but it's time for this eagle to spread his wings. CAW CAW!


    Shining Armor learns from Brother Veritas (who now has the ability to see the future) about the Changelings in Ponyville. He rushes to the town and confronts the King and Queen. After a pitched battle, Chrysalis realizes that Carapace has been playing her and turns on him. In anger, Carapace destroys the clutch of eggs. The remaining Changelings turn on their King and drain him of his life-force.

    Chrysalis is distraught but finds comfort in, of all ponies, Shining Armor. The Changelings make peace with Equestria and Chrysalis marries Shining Armor to seal the pact. Luna and Cadance are not thrilled.

    Back in Ponyville, Filthy Rich rigs a ton of explosives in hopes of covering up his work with the Changelings. Mac discovers his treachery and, in the ensuing struggle, is killed along with the business-stallion in the explosion. Cheerilee blames Fluttershy for his death and leaves Ponyville forever.

    After a mental breakdown, Crescendo comes clean about his feelings to Rarity. After discussing things with Spike, she decides to make their little family more secure. Under Equestria’s laws on polygamy (rapidly growing in popularity) the three get married.

    When Celestia’s strength does not appear to be returning, she insists that Twilight take the throne.

    'On the Wings of War'

    Shining Armor begins to act more villainous, believing that he is more suited for the throne than his sister since he is married to three kingdoms and has two heirs. Applejack reveals her godly heritage to Rainbow Dash who does not take the news well. Unable to deal, she leaves her lover and moves in with Scootaloo.

    Terrified of what her brother might do, Twilight tries to unite her friends to re-activate the Elements of Harmony. They all pitch new Bearers of Laughter to no avail. It is Scootaloo who suggests Derpy Hooves. Derpy, along with Fluttershy, are revealed to be from the same tribe as Dash and Scootaloo. The Element of Laughter activates and the power of Harmony is once again active.

    Shining Armor assembles an army and prepares to march on Canterlot. Luna, frightened by what her beloved has become, betrays him and flees with Moon Shadow. Twilight has no choice but to use the Elements, transforming Shining Armor into a Crystal statue. Derpy accidently bumps into him and shatters him. Cadance and the now once again pregnant Chrysalis retreat to the Empire.

    Fearful of any further coups, Celestia calls Applejack to Canterlot and uses the last of her magic to seal her in stone, monologuing about her time as the Phoenix Queen. To her shock, Applejack returns to life as a creature made of stone. Applejack declares herself the Terra Queen and strangles Celestia with summoned vines.

    'All the Pretty Little Horses'

    One hundred years later, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy, the CMC, Crescendo, Luna… they’re all dead.

    Weary of her crown, Twilight prepares to abdicate the throne to Moon Shadow. Cadance appears in Canterlot for the first time in a century bringing with her Morning Dew and his sister, the new Changeling queen Masque. The Terra Queen hears of the brewing conflict and also comes to the kingdom.

    Much to Twilight’s chagrin, a war begins to brew. The potential rulers learn of the Apple of Chaos and each demand it.

    A full on war erupts, signified by a titanic storm over all Equestria. The storm is alive and has a name; Sombra.

    Twilight is visited by Nevermore and Doctor Whooves. They explain that Twilight must send somepony back in time to the event that started everything. As Equestria crumbles, Twilight seeks Masque and implores her to use her Changeling abilities. Masque, hating the war around her, agrees. She accompanies the time travelers through the time stream and takes the form of the pony who kick-started Equestria’s end; Rarity.

    Masque is suddenly in Rarity’s place, just after giving Sweetie Belle that fateful letter. Sweetie Belle looks up from the letter, tears in her eyes.

    “Is it true?” She asks.

    To save all Equestria, to end the blood-shed, to undo the madness that has consumed all of Equestria… Masque does the only thing she can.

    She grins widely.

    “April Fools!”

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  • 9w, 5d
    Reshuffling the Story Deck

    So to distract myself from the conundrum that is the... less than enthusiastic response of 'Dinky,' I've decided to take a look at the stack of stories and ideas that are either currently in progress or in development and decide which ones to focus on and in which order to do so.

    1. 'The Changelings Have a King' - Status: In Progress

    2. 'Letters from War' - Status: In Progress

    3. 'The Tell-Tale Horn' - Status: Late Stage Development/Rough Draft

    4. 'For Ages and Ages More: the Wages of Life and Death' - Status: Late Stage Development

    5. 'For Ages and Ages More: Tales of the Immortals' - Status: Early Stage Development

    6: 'For Ages and Ages More: Until the Last Trumpet Sounds' - Status: Early Stage Development

    7: 'The Story of Tonight' - Status: In Development

    8: 'You'll Be Back' - Status: Late Stage Development/Rough Draft

    9: 'The Wicker Mare' - Status: Late Stage Development

    10: 'Nopony Does It Better' - Status: Late Stage Development

    11: 'The Nightmare Before Hearth's Warming' - Status: Early Stage Development

    So let's break these down.

    1. Priority numero uno. The problem is that the story is more than halfway finished and the next few parts are incredibly emotionally draining. In essence, I'm having to force myself to write towards the scene that will define everything I've written up to this point. It's... not a fun task.

    2. This is actually paused while I actually lay out the entire timeline of the war, the various battles and what have you. I want the whole thing to have a very Ken Burns vibe by the time I'm done with it.

    3. The plot of this is set in stone. The issue is whether or not to tell it in first or third person. If someone could make that decision for me, that would be great.

    4. Also ready to go, but it's essentially one giant dialogue scene. Never done one of those before and it kinda makes me nervous.

    5. Straight to the point; this will not happen unless it's a collaboration. I'm currently evaluating the writers that I will invite to take part in this.

    6. Gonna have to be in a bad mood to do this, but all my bad vibes are currently aimed squarely in other directions. This gets moved to the bottom of the pile.

    7. The raunchy high school comedy I was talking about that will complete my 'Equestria Girls' Trilogy. I'm currently banging out how the three sections will work together. The order to write this one in will depend entirely if I decide to publish all three chapters at once or separately.

    8. The sole survivor of what what was supposed to be a series of fics inspired by songs from 'Hamilton.' I really think this will be a wonderful comedic piece. It will also be quite short, less than 2000 words. Honestly, expect it next.

    9. My unwritten horror masterpiece. The full treatment is written, it's just a matter of finding the right time to begin...

    10. Same with this one. The way this story is to be written is that half of each chapter will be happening in the "real" world (written by me) and the other half will be in the "written" world (written by someone else but supervised by me). I need the right co-writer, otherwise this will be for nothing.

    11. This was only supposed to be a joke, I swear. After my little scene at the end of the year (pitting Grogar against the Slender One) I decided to entertain Number One Slendy Fan Swirling with a treatment of how the story would actually go. The problem is... it's actually kind of good. Don't be surprised if this pops up during the holidays.

    I think that's everything. Your thoughts? Anything you'd like to see before anything else? Interested in helping out anywhere?

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  • 10w, 2d
    'Dear Dinky Hooves' Notes

    -Right off the bat we have a shout-out to 'First Week of Winter' by Relaxing Dragon. 'The Hoof's End Horror' by Sugar Cane is a novel in one of my all time favorite works of fanfiction.

    -Nevermore's daring escape was of course originally mentioned way back in 'Phases of the Moon.'

    -Speaking of Nevermore, I can't put into words how much of a thrill it was to finally see him fully fleshed out. When all is said and done, I really want Luna's former student to be remembered as one of the most developed characters in the Continuity.

    -The first time we see the gathered Guild is echoed by the last time we see them to show how relationships and ponies have grown in their roles. Dream Weaver, Tick, and Tock are all off in their own little group. Colgate, the youngest member, is notably beside Turner, signifying how much she looks up to him (and has a wee bit of a crush as well.) The Tall Pony, the undisputed leader of the Guild, is off on his own.

    -The Tall Pony is an obvious ponification of the Tall Man, the antagonist of the 'Phantasm' film series and portrayed by the recently deceased Angus Scrimm. This actually ties back to one of my favorite fanons; that the Tall Man is actually a renegade Time Lord from Gallifrey.

    -The Time Advancement/Reversal Distribution Isotopic Singularity' Spell. Shame we can't boil that down to an acronym.

    -I wanted to include Amethyst Star somewhere since she's often grouped in with Doc, Derpy, and Dinky. I ultimately decided to make her Derpy's adopted/step sister. Remember that Derpy, like Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Scootaloo, was found abandoned outside the Cloudsdale Home for Wayward Pegasi as an infant.

    -I gave so many clues to the identity of Feather Duster's foal that to give any more would outright spoil her identity. She is a canon character and she will be returning later in the Continuity.

    -The Chronologicon; a living book that knows everything. I'm sure that won't come back into play down the road.

    -Yes, Nevermore nurses a grudge against "royal doofus" Shining Armor and has a historical attraction to alicorns. Remind me, do we have any major characters without romantic entanglements yet?

    -Let's talk about the Harbinger.

    Per the Chronologicon, the Harbinger is "borne of two worlds that should never have crossed, formed by the briefest of unions or the deepest of loves." That actually gives you a healthy list of suspects. Off hand, I can think of Dinky Hooves, Sweetie Belle, and all three Apple siblings that could meet that description once you go past the literal.

    -Seriously, I'm super pleased with I was able to squeeze the entirety of Colgate's crush on Turner into pure subtext.

    -Behold the War of the Sons of Armor. Behold the end of all things. Behold... the Twilight of the Gods.

    -And so our mysterious over-arching antagonist makes his first proper appearance. I wonder who he might be...

    -The scene where Turner tells Derpy about his "death" broke my heart. Almost literally. Haha. It's funny because I could have died.

    -Colgate's age advancement was a late development that I'm quite happy with.

    -And we have the death of Magnum and Pearl, not an accident at all but a necessary murder. I expect to see that updated on the Tropes page, Yami.

    -Turner's lullaby is actually the first verse of 'Dear Theodosia' from my current obsession 'Hamilton: An American Musical.' The lyrics were just too perfect not to use.

    -And here's our last scene with the Guild. Notice the shifts and changes. Dream Weaver, Tick, and Tock are gone. Colgate is a grown mare and has assumed leadership of the Guild. She's also in direct opposition to Turner both because of his inherent betrayal of Guild principles and her shattered teenage crush. Nevermore has assumed Turner's role as the seasoned and easy-going veteran with a new recruit of his own; Pipsqueak. The Tall Pony has withdrawn entirely, clearly not well since his encounter with the shadow-thing. Turner himself has become disillusioned with the Guild and is still with it for Equestria's sake.

    -The Tall Pony's new "cutie mark" should be terrifyingly familiar to some of you (Swirling). It seems that another threat has begun to emerge from inside the Guild itself.

    -Dinky's future lies with the Guild, it would seem.

    -This was a tremendous labor of love for me and it's simply astonishing that I was actually able to finish what is now my longest one-shot. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. Per doctor's orders, I'm to take it easy for a while. Once I'm back to full operational standard, it's back to the grindstone.

    And by grindstone, I mean 'Changelings.'

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This story is a sequel to Phases of the Moon

No sin can remain buried forever.

Shining Armor believes that his troubles are over; his beloved Cadance is soon to give birth to their first foal and his affair with Princess Luna has cooled off considerably as her own pregnancy enters it's last stages.

Princess Luna is at the end of her rope; Shining Armor still has no idea that he is the father of the foal growing inside her and his clumsy gallantry is making her genuinely fall in love with him.

One elated, the other tormented, the pair of sinners will soon be faced with one of the unquestioned absolutes of the universe...

...what's done in the dark will be brought to the light.

Cover Art by the tremendous Swirling Line.

First Published
26th Aug 2013
Last Modified
22nd Jan 2014
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This story is a sequel to Dear Applebloom

Granny Smith passes away and leaves Applejack a strange box in her will. Inside the box is a journal that's been passed down through the Apple Family for generations. The journal contains all the great secrets of the Apples... including a secret transgression that has been kept hidden for close to a century.

It is a secret that will shake Equestria to the very core... and set the eldest Apple daughter on her way to a greater destiny than she could ever imagine.

Amazing Cover-Art by Kaitlyn Warner!

First Published
8th Jul 2013
Last Modified
8th Jul 2013
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This story is a sequel to Morning Glory

The sequel to 'Morning Glory- About Last Night...'

Applejack and Rainbow Dash go on their first date. Was their drunken fling a one night thing, or is there something deeper between them?

Inspired by the song "Can You Read My Mind" by Maureen McGovern from 'Superman.'

Cover-art is (hopefully) a temporary place-holder.

First Published
17th Jun 2013
Last Modified
17th Jun 2013
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This story is a sequel to Lost in the Night

"I've always had only one. I've mourned them each in turn... as I will one day mourn you, my brave Captain."

Princess Luna's words have driven Shining Armor mad ever since she first uttered them when their affair began. Who were these past lovers? How did they come to be consorts to the Princess of the Night?

Shining Armor's quest for the answers leads him deep into the bowels Canterlot Castle and into the mysterious Archives of Truth. There, guided by a mysterious librarian called Brother Veritas, Shining Armor will uncover much more than he was ever expecting; hidden histories and origins, ancient conspiracies, and secrets that could very well change Equestria forever.

Special Thanks to DrTechno for the cover art.

First Published
18th May 2013
Last Modified
18th May 2013
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This story is a sequel to Morning Glory

While many miles from his home in Ponyville, the only respite Caramel has are his memories and fantasies of a certain pink earth pony.

Will a certain princess of the night be able to lend a helping hoof in reuniting the long-distance lovers?

A follow-up to 'Morning Glory: Just Desserts' inspired by how well received the Pinkie/Caramel pairing was.

First Published
26th Mar 2013
Last Modified
26th Mar 2013
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This story is a sequel to Dear Applebloom

Inspired by Rarity and Applejack's letters, Rainbow Dash writes her biggest fan a letter of her own that will shed light not only on Scootaloo's origins, but Rainbow Dash's as well.

Special thanks to AcrylicDawn for the cover art.

First Published
12th Mar 2013
Last Modified
12th Mar 2013
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This story is a sequel to Dear Sweetie Belle

Everypony has to grow up sometime. Now a teenager, Sweetie Belle ventures to the Fillydelphia Academy of Music in order to start the search for her biological father. Will she find the stallion she's searching for, or is she doomed to disappointment?

First Published
3rd Feb 2013
Last Modified
3rd Feb 2013
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The day finally comes when Pinkie Pie has to part with her beloved Gummy. Of course, that's easier said than done.

Inspired by and featuring the song 'Saying Good-Bye' by the Muppets.

A live reading of the story by munngojerrie;

First Published
15th Nov 2012
Last Modified
15th Nov 2012
  • ...

The morning after a wild wedding reception, a number of couples awaken and must face the paths life has set them on.

Originally published in February of 2012 on the Pony Fiction Archive, after over two years... it's finally finished.

First Published
11th Nov 2012
Last Modified
6th Aug 2014
  • ...

Collected here are the interviews and impressions of Jade Ring as he sought out the Bearers of the Elements of Harmony to gather their recollections of the day that Princess Luna rose to power.

Originally written in script format, I've restructured the story into a narrative that I hope still captures the essence of my original work. Additionally, new details have been added revealing the ultimate fate of certain charcters. I hope my readers will enjoy this revised look at one of my personal favorite works.

First Published
5th Nov 2012
Last Modified
5th Nov 2012