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Jade Ring

I'm just a humble writer wth some stories to tell.

Nothing more, nothing less.

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  • Wednesday
    And on the 28th Day... There Were 600

    I love you each more and more as time goes on.

    I'm sorry to say that I don't have anything special ready for this illustrious occasion. What would you like? Another FAQ/AMA? A video? Me to continue my streak and keep banging out chapters of 'Changelings?'

    Just tell me, and it's yours.

    In the mean-time, you keep reading and I'll keep writing.

    ...Oh, and also there's a sequel to 'Heat of the Moment' coming.

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  • 2w, 6d
    My Favorite Live Readings

    Chalk this up to me sharing things with you all that make me giddier than walking through the plaza in front of Spaceship Earth.

    'Dear Sweetie Belle' by Doom Pie Network

    -Look at that old cover art. This one's special to me because it was first... and it's also quite good.

    'Slender' by Indubitably Ponified

    -This one only recently came to my attention. The use of ambient music is done quite well and I LOVE the bit at the end.

    'For Ages and Ages to Come' by Goomba Brony

    -Stellar work, with one voice giving sound to many. Very impressed with this one.

    'The Cask of Appletillado' by TheLostNarrator

    -Is it possible for a reading to take a story you'd brushed off as a learning experience and make you fall in love with it all over again? 'Cause that's what this did.

    Know any that I missed? PLEASE POINT THEM OUT TO ME!

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  • 3w, 2d
    What's In a Name?

    The choice of someone's username is one thing all of us have in common. All of us looked within ourselves at some point and chose the name by which hundreds (sometimes thousands) of people all over the world would know us by.

    My question is thus; where did yours come from?


    In high school, my circle of friends lived and died by the adventures of five teen heroes on Cartoon Network. Teen Titans was our everything. We wrote fanfics, analyzed episodes... even referred to each other by our favorite character names.

    My girlfriend at the time was awarded the nickname Terra. For several reasons (chief among them being my love of super-villainy and my strange affection for the forbidden romance between Slade and Terra) I campaigned for Slade to become my new moniker.

    My friend Megan changed everything forever when she said, "Thomas, you're not cool enough to be Slade. You're barely cool enough to be a Sladeling."

    'Sladeling' was what our circle affectionately called Slade's robotic henchman. My "terra-forming temptress' (real pet name for my girlfriend) loved it and it was decided. Since then, I've worn the Sladeling name on everything from message boards to my Youtube channel (including my series 'Sladeling in Iraq' which was filmed... in Iraq).

    Long after the Titans fandom faded into the ether and the Brony fandom began to grow, I decided to start writing fanfiction again. I knew the Sladeling name had served it's purpose, so I knew I needed a new name. At the same time, I wasn't completely comfortable leaving my old name behind.

    Slade= Jade

    Ling= Ring

    Sounds exotic, ambiguous, and not too distant from my old name. And here I am.

    What's your story?

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  • 4w, 2d
    2014: The End of Year Review

    To send the year out right, I thought it would be fun to take a look back at my output this year and compare how I felt about it then to how I feel about it now. I'll also point out a few of my favorite new fics from the past year. Feel free to chime in in the comments.

    NOTE: I'm not including the in-progress stories in this.

    'Just a Glimpse/Suddenly, Spikey'

    -There is no better feeling in the world as a writer than having something pop into your head so fully formed that you have to stop what you're doing and get it down on paper. I was settling into bed and doing one last scan of Facebook when a screen-grab from "Three's A Crowd" caught my eye. You all know which one. And amongst all the FlashLight hatred, there was one comment to seemed to shine out at me.

    "How sweet. He came all that way for just a glimpse of her."

    Suddenly I was wide awake. I jumped out of bed (earning a half-asleep complaint from the missus) and rushed to my desk. When the story was finished, I realized it was a bit small to be published on it's own.

    And there was 'Suddenly, Spikey,' that old contest prize.

    I still like 'Suddenly, Spikey' more than 'Just a Glimpse,' but only by a small margin. They both stick out to me now as reminders of that "writer's rush" that all authors seek.

    'What's Done in the Dark'

    -What was the phrase you used recently, Yami? Emotional whiplash?

    As an author, I feel it's important to know where your strengths lie. My strength is dialogue, and I believe that comes from years of Drama classes and film appreciation. For all of its abundance of melodrama, this is probably why the Shining/Luna/Cadance plot line is my absolute favorite to write. The coldness and menace of Cadance's monologue about the heart, the absolute authority of Celestia as she accepts the Crystal Empire's secession, the escalating rage and sudden cut off of the argument between Shining and Twilight (something I wrote from arguments with my own siblings)... I loved writing them all.

    As I said last year, I was in no way transforming Celestia into a villain. I was transforming Cadance. The affair trilogy of stories is as much about Cadance's fall because of her husband's actions as it is about Shining and Luna's sin becoming something beautiful.

    I leave this with a small snippet from the conclusion of 'The Changelings Have a King.' It is here, in Luna and Cadance's first meeting since the affair was revealed, that I have summed up in one line of dialogue exactly how far Cadance has fallen.

    "Yes. The Great Desert that stretches farther than anypony has every traveled. The Bad Lands, from which all of our troubles have come. And believe me when I tell you this Luna; if every single grain of sand in that endless wasteland had the word HATE engraved on it, it still would not equal even a fraction of the hatred I feel for you in my heart."

    'Morning Glory'

    -'Twilight Cubed' went through a number of revisions, the most major of which was the addition of Flash Sentry. Originally, as was hinted in 'Sweet Dreams,' it was just going to be Cheerilee and Trixie sharing Twilight's bed. Inserting Flash (Ha) into the mix I thought would be funny and would also ruffle a few feathers (double Ha.) Bonus; it also led to the strange pairing of Trixie and Flash, something that continues in the Continuity (but not super focused on.)

    'The Walk of Shame' became necessary because of Cheerilee's increased importance in 'Changelings.' I realized that Cheerilee was really a tremendous character with a ton of fanon tragedy in her past. I would've been a fool to ignore that.

    I thought 'Secret Rendevous' turned out rather well, though obviously some folks were a little put off by the difference in my and the Princess Rarity's writing styles. She also managed to slip in a little bit of information that I had never considered, something the will be a major part of 'On the Wings of War.'

    'It Gets Better With Age' was just a joy to write, allowing me to recall fond memories of the past while savoring the promise of my wife and I's future.

    I believe I said it already, but the whole idea for the plot of 'Sweet Music' comes from the Offspring's "Self Esteem." Particularly the last verse.

    There are parts of the Epilogue I really love (all things Sweetie Belle, Applebloom's confusion over AJ/Dash) and stuff I'm not super happy with (the last bit of dialogue, Thunderlane's abrupt departure.)

    Who would've thunk that I'd become so fond of Granny Smith's young bacon-haired paramour  that I would keep that plot thread going?

    'The King of Lies'

    -This is absolutely one of my favorite pieces Swirling has ever done for me. Like, I want this on a 27x40 poster to hang on the wall of my new office.

    As originally envisioned, this was originally a lot longer. In the end, I felt that the story almost worked better with the shorter reading time. Gives the nightmares a nice, fleeting feeling. If I had to pick a favorite nightmare, it would probably be Fluttershy's. I enjoy the shifting tones and the slightly downbeat note of triumph at the end.

    I've become quite fond of Belial. Wonder if he's gonna show up down the road...

    'Sweetie and Dimmy'

    -Good heavens, how long was THIS in production?

    Originally Dimmy was a singer like Crescendo and Arpeggio, but I thought it would add another layer to his character if he didn't share the same special ability as the rest of his immediate family.

    It occurred to me after this was written that I turned Sweetie Belle into quite the little heartbreaker. Featherweight, Twist, Button Mash...

    The best part of this for me was absolutely the final scene between Spike, Rarity, and Crescendo. I love how Crescendo has grown as a character these past couple years. I've only recently realized that all the traits Crescendo exhibits (intelligence, love of dead languages, unquestioning love for his children, etc.) are all traits I wish my own unknown biological father would have.

    'Bon Temps'

    -It always sucks when something you consider one of your best works gets lost in the shuffle.

    This was written for one of my college fiction classes and I uploaded it here after my teacher finished grading it. While originally written as fanfiction in New Orleans during DerpyCon South, I made slight changes to the wording and phrasing to remove all of the equine terminology and stuff like that. Now humanized, the story got top marks.

    It's one of my four stories up for publishing in the local literature magazine. Stay tuned.

    'Lunar Slender'

    -Hooray for more crushing defeat!

    This is my least favorite of the Slender Trilogy, mostly because due to time constraints and schooling it didn't measure up to my lofty expectations. There's stuff I like (the origin, the final scare) and stuff I don't (the ending didn't have as much impact as I'd imagined.)

    Still, those of you who read it seemed to like it, and that's all that matters to me.

    'Heat of the Moment'

    -Okay, what the hell happened here?

    Me: This make-out stuff is pretty good. The sex itself is teh suck though. Oh well.


    Me: Really? Okay. Here's the sex. I bet it sucks. I'll add Fluttershy and Rarity getting Spike'd at the end so folks know it's a joke.


    (The Princess Rarity leads the charge demanding a fivesome)

    According to you guys, I can write a damn decent clopfic. You are only encouraging me. I hope you know what you're doing.

    'For Ages and Ages to Come'

    -What began as a ponified tribute to my favorite Christmas special became so much more.

    The fact that this baby got picked up the way it did made me so happy. So, instead of sharing my feelings (obviously positive) allow me to shed light on the forthcoming sequel.

    'For Ages and Ages More: The Wages of Life and Death:' One week after the Gathering of the Immortals, Twilight Sparkle and Princess Celestia meet to hash out some... issues the young princess has with this new arrangement. The pair are interrupted by a pony who also is a bit upset; Shade, the Caretaker of the Dead. She reveals that the Immortals have set off a chain of events that could alter the very fabric of reality itself. That is, unless Twilight and her friends accomplish the impossible. In the end, one of the universe's great questions will be answered; does the magic of friendship really last forever?


    And now, my favorite stories of the year.

    'My Little Civil Activist: Equality is Magic' by MeesterBob : I'm a sucker for a good political story.

    'Parenting is Easy, I Swear' by Aragon : A brilliant exercise in absurdist comedy with some laugh out loud dialogue from all characters involved. Also one of the most heartwarming lines in recent memory. "Twilight likes bears."

    'War Games Ponies Play' by Minds Eye : Hands down the best comedy of the year. Possibly one of my favorite CMC stories ever, and that includes episodes of the actual series.

    'Cheerilee's Thousand' by xjuggernaughtx : The story that convinced me to give Cheerilee a bigger part in the continuity going forward.

    'A Hell of a Time' by Aragon : I was charmed by the concept, but floored with laughter at Luna's characterization. "Toilet paper."

    'Her Majesty's Secret Service' by CarcinoGeneticist : Like 'Romance Reports' before it, this story transcends simple clop and becomes a straight up romantic masterwork.


    And so we bid farewell to 2014. Anything to add? Drop it in the comments. If not, then I'll see you all next year.

    (There's a brilliant flash of light. A sleek silver Delorean skids to a stop next to the bewildered author. The gull doors open and Swirling Line grabs Jade by his shoulders.)

    Swirling: JADE! We've got to go back!

    Jade: Back? Back where?

    Swirling: Back to the future! There's a real mess coming up in 2015!

    Jade: What? No there's not. I've finally got my school under control, the wife and I are trying for a baby...

    Swirling: No no no, that's all fine. It's your fics, Jade. Something's gotta be done about your fics!

    (Jade shrugs his shoulders and opens the passenger door. A black tentacle extends toward him bearing a can of cola.)

    Slendy: Thirsty?


    Swirling: Just get in.

    (The pair squeeze into the car, close the doors, and reverse done the street.)

    Jade: Hey Swirl; you better back up some more. You don't have enough road to make it to 88.

    Swirling: Roads?

    (She flips on Jade's aviators. Jade realizes his glasses have been missing this whole time.)

    Swirling: Where we're going, we don't need... roads.

    (The Delorean takes to the sky and blasts off. A flash of light, two scorching trails of fire... and it is gone.)


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  • 5w, 1h
    Last Update of 2014

    I hope you all had a very joyous holiday.

    If the scenes in 'Hearth's Warming' feel rushed a little, it's because they are rushed second drafts. The original files were on a thumb drive I carry in-progress stories on so I can work on them anywhere I go. The drive somehow became lost.

    Also on that drive were the next two chapters of 'Changelings.' That's why those haven't been posted yet.

    I've come to realization that as fun as the Halloween and Christmas stories are, they end up taking me away from the bigger stories already in progress. So, the following changes are going into effect immediately.

    1. 'Branches of the Hearth's Warming Tree' is officially on hiatus.

    2. The 'Slender' Trilogy is complete. If there is a Halloween story next year, it will be a simple one-shot. Probably for the best.

    3. All of my creative output is now entirely focused on two stories; 'The Changelings Have a King' and 'For Ages and Ages More: The Wages of Life and Death.' By working on two big stories instead of a bunch of smaller ones, I should be able to output more.

    4. I am no longer shunning the idea of writing clop. Evidently I've more of a knack for it than I realized and it's actually a wonderful way to de-stress the writing parts of my mind.

    That about covers it. I've one final surprise for you all on the last day of the year, so stay tuned!

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The morning after a wild wedding reception, a number of couples awaken and must face the paths life has set them on.

Originally published in February of 2012 on the Pony Fiction Archive, after over two years... it's finally finished.

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Collected here are the interviews and impressions of Jade Ring as he sought out the Bearers of the Elements of Harmony to gather their recollections of the day that Princess Luna rose to power.

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It is hungry.

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Applejack has put up with Rarity's barbs and insults for years. When the seamstress finally crosses the line, what lengths will the young farmer go to in order to set things right?

Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's masterpiece of terror 'the Cask of Amontillado.'

Wonderful cover art by XRainbow-ChocoboX

A stellar live reading by TheLostNarrator

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This story is a sequel to Dear Sweetie Belle

Following Rarity's example, Applejack writes her little sister a letter. While Rarity's letter revealed the truth of Sweetie Belle's origins, Applejack's letter will shed light on the greatest unanswered mystery of the Apple family; what happened to Applebloom's parents?

Beautiful cover art by AcrylicDawn. Her DeviantArt. Check it out.

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19th Oct 2012
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19th Oct 2012
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After an accident robs them of their parents, Rarity writes Sweetie Belle a letter laying bare a secret kept all the little unicorn's life.

"It's fascinating the level of depth this story takes. Just the part alone about why Rarity represents generosity is enough to bring tears to even the toughest critics. This is an amazing story in every way. Mature in some of its themes and true to life, yet not graphic or exploitive, 'Dear Sweetie Belle' is a must for My Little Pony fans who need a great, sad story to tide them over."

-Obake, Pony Fiction Archive

Beautiful cover-art by AcrylicDawn

A fantastic bit of fan-art from my dear friend Kaitlyn Warner.

A live reading by the Doom Pie Network Right Here

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