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  • Monday
    Small Update

    -I... I'm actually taking my time on this clopfic. I thought it was finished, but I was wrong. So it's either gonna be really great, or it's gonna be the worst thing I've ever written.

    -'Changelings' still has two chapters coming before the month ends.

    -Believe I've solved a major plot point for 'On the Wings of War.' So, that's good news.

    -Progress has been slowed due to a minor hand injury. Slightly burned myself tending to a fire. Hence the shortness of this blog.

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  • 1w, 4d
    One Year Ago...

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  • 1w, 5d
    Christmas Fic Contest WINNER! Also Updates.

    -And the winning title is... 'Branches of the Hearth's Warming Tree,' as suggested by sparkypchu. Congrats, the story will now be dedicated to ya. Thanks to everyone for their suggestions.

    -I've shifted the fics framing device. Santa Hooves visits a bickering Time Turner and Colgate and tells them the stories in hopes of getting them to see the real reason for the season. Due to the time travelling nature of the three characters, that frees me to tell the stories in any order.

    -Expect the next two chapters of 'Changelings' up next, followed by 'Greatest Gift' and this story.

    -Each title of 'Hearth's Warming Tree' will of course be inspired by a classic Christmas song;

    We Three Ponies (Prologue)

    Blue Hearth's Warming (Rarity/Sweetie Belle)

    It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year (Rainbow Dash/Apples)

    My Grown Up Hearth's Warming Wish (Scootaloo)

    I'll Be Home for Hearth's Warming (Shining Armor)

    No Place Like Home for the Holidays (Caramel/Pie Family)

    O Holy Night (Epilogue)

    -How's everyone doing?

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  • 2w, 5d
    'Lunar Slender' Notes

    -To avoid being unfair to the other 'Return to Slender' contest winners, I had to kill off Leo Heartship and Swirling Line rather quickly. Sorry guys.

    -Each of the 'Slender' stories is ruled by a different type of horror. The original is Atmospheric Horror, the sequel is Lovecraftian Horror, and this one is Body Horror. Hence Chrysalis' rather messy demise.

    -Discord's taking was originally much different in the original plan. He was going to go toe to toe with the Slender One, unleashing all sorts of chaos upon him. As it went on and the Slender One remained unaffected, Discord would become more and more unhinged until doing the most unpredictable thing he could think of; giving up. I thought the published version was much creepier.

    -Some of you might know that King Sombra will be showing up in the Continuity down the line. I can assure you that no matter the story, he is always a colossal dill-weed.

    -I made a promise that Alicorn Slendy would show up in this story. There he is.

    -the Hell inside of the Slender One is purposely vague.

    -It's always difficult assigning an origin to something like Slendy. I believe my current favorite is TribeTwelve's theory that it was brought to this world as part of a Nazi experiment gone wrong. My theory, that it is the darkness that existed before the Big Bang, came to me in (I promise this is true) a dream.

    -When the chips are down, Luna is willing to sacrifice a whole 'nother world just to save Equestria. There's something noble about that.

    -The image of the Slender One literally spitting out Celestia is easily the most frightening image I've ever conjured in my own head. If someone actually drew it, I would probably scream. (Hint hint, wink wink, nudge nudge)

    -Show of hands; how many of you would have killed me if this had all been a dream?

    -Ha ha, 'Lost in the NIght' reference.

    -Small cameos from the cast of 'Return to Slender.' I hope you're happy, RushingAutumnLeaves. Icy wound up with Mac in the end.

    -And here's Applejack, the first to oppose the Slender One, to close the trilogy's circle.

    -The last line of 'Mortals' mirrors the final line of Marble Hornets.

    -You all knew that I had to reference the Slender Cameo in 'Pinkie Apple Pie.'

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  • 4w, 4d
    Christmas Fic Update... and Kinda Sorta Contest!

    Yes, once again my gift to you all will be a pair of Christmas/Hearth's Warming themed stories. The first is the oft-delayed 'the Greatest Gift,' a story I will reveal no plot details about.

    The other... well, there's the issue.

    I have the story worked out, thanks to Rubycast. She suggested that since 'Let it Snow' was so entrenched in romantic love, that this year I should focus on familial love.

    This sequel to 'Let it Snow' will of course take place in the continuity, but not in one single night. I'll jump about the timeline in order to tell the best stories possible. Here's what I've got so far...

    -Rarity and Sweetie Belle's first Hearth's Warming as mother and daughter... and their first without Rarity's parents.

    -Rainbow Dash spending her first Hearth's Warming with the Apple Family. It also happens to be little Scarlet's first Hearth's Warming... and Granny Smith's last.

    -On the first Hearth's Warming since Applebloom and Sweetie Belle got their cutie marks, Scootaloo tells her parents exactly what she wants for Hearth's Warming.

    -Shining Armor hatches a scheme to attend both Morning Dew and Moon Shadow's first Hearth's Warming that requires Twilight's help.

    -Caramel comes with Pinkie Pie to visit her family on the rock farm for Hearth's Warming. How will they react when they find out that the pair have already gotten married?

    For a framing device, I'm thinking Bon Bon and Lyra's wedding. The chapters will be character recollections.


    So I throw it to you all. The best title wins and has the fic dedicated to them!

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Something evil has found Ponyville. The town's children are disappearing, each disappearance preceded by a dream of an impossibly thin stallion.

When somepony she loves is the next to vanish, one young farmer must venture into the forest to find her. Once there, she will encounter an ancient force. It is powerful. It is terrifying.

It is hungry.

Amazing cover-art by the equally amazing Swirling Line. (She's also doing a stellar comic adaptation. Stay tuned!)

Cool bit of fan art by Timey-Wimey

First Published
29th Oct 2012
Last Modified
29th Oct 2012
  • ...

This story is a sequel to Dear Sweetie Belle

Years after the events of 'Dear Sweetie Belle,' Rarity convinces herself that her not-so-little-anymore girl is stealing her beauty. What lengths will Rarity go to in order to take back what is rightfully hers?

NOW WITH A NEWLY UPDATED (and hopefully less confusing) ENDING!

Fantastic cover art by SwirlingLine. YOU ROCK!

First Published
26th Oct 2012
Last Modified
26th Oct 2012
  • ...

Applejack has put up with Rarity's barbs and insults for years. When the seamstress finally crosses the line, what lengths will the young farmer go to in order to set things right?

Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's masterpiece of terror 'the Cask of Amontillado.'

A live reading of the story by the Living Library Players;

First Published
24th Oct 2012
Last Modified
24th Oct 2012
  • ...

This story is a sequel to Dear Sweetie Belle

Following Rarity's example, Applejack writes her little sister a letter. While Rarity's letter revealed the truth of Sweetie Belle's origins, Applejack's letter will shed light on the greatest unanswered mystery of the Apple family; what happened to Applebloom's parents?

Beautiful cover art by AcrylicDawn. Her DeviantArt. Check it out.

First Published
19th Oct 2012
Last Modified
19th Oct 2012
  • ...

After an accident robs them of their parents, Rarity writes Sweetie Belle a letter laying bare a secret kept all the little unicorn's life.

"It's fascinating the level of depth this story takes. Just the part alone about why Rarity represents generosity is enough to bring tears to even the toughest critics. This is an amazing story in every way. Mature in some of its themes and true to life, yet not graphic or exploitive, 'Dear Sweetie Belle' is a must for My Little Pony fans who need a great, sad story to tide them over."

-Obake, Pony Fiction Archive

Don't forget to check out the sequel; 'Paternally Yours'

Beautiful cover-art by AcrylicDawn

A fantastic bit of fan-art from my dear friend Kaitlyn Warner.

A live reading by multifanficaday;

First Published
19th Oct 2012
Last Modified
19th Oct 2012
  • ...

There's a strange, powerful attraction between Canterlot Castle's captain of the guard and a certain princess of the night. What will happen when the two give in and lose themselves to the power of lust?

Cover art is a cool piece of fan-art by LA Crow.

First Published
17th Oct 2012
Last Modified
17th Oct 2012