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  • Sunday
    Analyzing the Literary Potential of the Alternate Futures seen in the Season 5 Finale

    My word, that is a wordy title isn't it?

    So of course the SPECTACULAR Season 5 Finale focused almost entirely on a concept I absolutely adore; alternate futures. In that spirit, I decided to analyze the three major alternate futures we saw and the potential they have in future works of fanfiction.

    Alternate Future #1: The War Against King Sombra

    Favorite future? Favorite future.

    Firstly, the idea of the normally peace-loving ponies being forced to do their part in a struggle against an evil empire is a concept not foreign to us writers. In the brief glimpses we saw of the Mane 6 doing their part for the Cause, I got strong flashbacks to one of my favorite fics ever; "Equestria: Total War." That story's strongest elements are watching the Mane 6's varied reactions to their different roles in the proverbial war machine.

    Now that we have a canon alternate timeline where Equestria is mired in an endless war, the potential for further stories is limitless.

    Other observations:

    -King Sombra was not defeated by Twilight and her friends, but by Spike and Princess Cadance. Therefore this timeline pans out. No Spike, no stopping King Sombra.

    -No sign of Granny Smith save her picture on the cans of apple sauce being sent to the front. An early casualty of the war?

    -The only name Applejack remembers is Rarity. That's interesting since a major element of the first season was that not all of the Mane 5 were friends before Twilight showed up. Is it possible that in this timeline Applejack and Rarity became friends much earlier than in the normal timeline. Perhaps... more than friends? (The Princess Rarity already jumped on that boat.)

    -Applejack also says that Rarity has been in Manehatten for years, meaning that not only did the Empire return much earlier than in the normal timeline but also that it has been far longer than a single year since the show started. It must have been at least three.

    -Sombra's mind control helmets reminded me a great deal of Darkseid's weapons of mind manipulation back during DC Comic's Final Crisis event.

    -How boss do the Wonderbolt's combat suits look?

    -That little guitar riff when Dash is revealed? Badass.

    -Let's dive right into Dash here, because HOLY HELL! Prosthetic wing, torn ear, and scars are all obvious signs of severe battle damage. Dash has clearly seen some stuff since the war began. The close cropped mane and tail are also small details that war writers often forget to include.

    -The Sisters Pie have a huge moment! It's important to note a couple things here. One, Pinkie's mane and tail are still flat. This not only indicates she never learned to really smile but also draws a parallel with her older sister. And two, Pinkie and Maud are in the same unit. They clearly are doing their best to protect each other.

    -Two things at the train station; the filly going to war (ground troops must be running low if Celestia has called for foal soldiers) and the propaganda poster on the wall (just a nice touch.)

    All in all, the potential for stories in this timeline is limitless. I may have to dip my toe in...

    Alternate Future #2: The Changeling Occupation

    When you can't trust your friends and neighbors, where can you go? Where can you hide?

    The idea of ponies building a resistance to a Changeling occupation is a juicy idea, particularly if they're forced to dabble in older and different sorts of magic to survive. While not as epic in scope as the Sombra timeline, this leads to a fairly spectacular riff on the 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers' concept, particularly the 1970s remake. I see stories in this timeline being more horror related.

    Other Observations:

    -Damn Fluttershy. "The only good bug is a dead bug."

    -Zecora as the leader is all kinds of genius (and goes back to that whole different kinds of magic thing.)

    -Zecora says the Changelings took over "not long ago." That means that (presumably) Chrysalis successfully married Shining Armor and used her new position in the palace to build a coup and secure her power base. Remember; the wedding was years ago canonically.

    -Chrysalis was not defeated by the Mane 6. It was Shining Armor and Cadance. Of course, if Twilight wasn't suspicious of the false Cadance, then the wedding would have gone off without a hitch.

    -Evil Applejack is best Applejack.

    More potential for a very different sort of story. I love it.

    Alternate Future #3: The New Lunar Republic.

    Heh. Heh heh. Ha. Ha. Haha. Hahahahaha. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


    Other observations;

    -Lunar Rarity makes me feel things. Must be the bun.

    -It makes sense that Nightmare Moon would prefer to live in a restored Castle of the Two Sisters. I wonder what became of Canterlot?

    -I may have exploded from joy at Shadowbolt Rainbow Dash, who (minus the batwings) is exactly how I pictured her in my NLR stories.

    -She also appears to be the only non-Thestral guard. Interesting.

    -Celestia in the moon, getting a taste of her own medicine, is a concept I'm mad I didn't think of first.

    -And again; Nightmare Moon explicitly states that Celestia has been there for years. It has for sure been several years since the show began, story-wise.

    -Nightmare Moon just casually wasting Timberwolves was one of my favorite bits of the episode.

    So there you have it. Thoughts? Your own ideas?

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  • 1w, 1d
    A Bit of a Teaser...

    As I said at the start of November, this would be catch-up month. True to my word, a few of those projects are nearing completion and you should be seeing them in the next couple weeks.

    But I've been... distracted... by something new. A story idea that came to me in a dream, one whose details I've spent the last few days banging out.

    So here's a tease. I hope you're ready. This Christmas could get a little... messy.

    The winter’s wind is blowing hard.

    The air is thick and white.

    All good foals should hide their heads

    Because he comes tonight.

    Hooks and chains and ringing bells

    Are among his favorite toys.

    Screams and cries and filly’s tears

    Are things that he enjoys.

    He comes tonight not to give,

    He comes tonight to take

    So you’d better be good, my little one

    If only for goodness sake.

    Tonight the stars will hide their eyes,

    The good shall make no sound.

    For tonight is Hearth’s Warming Eve,

    And Grogar is coming to town.

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  • 2w, 20h
    Failed Fics #5: "Solarians and Lunarians"

    Welcome to the first new Failed Fics in over a year! For the uninitiated, Failed Fics is where I detail those stories that simply died on the vine. Here we'll discuss why a story died and if parts of it can be salvaged for something greater.

    Today's feature is somewhat unique and calls for a different kind of introduction.

    In the summer of 2013, I was a member of a number of MLP groups on Facebook. One group was smaller than the rest, built from those outcast from one of the bigger, major groups. One day, one of our number stumbled on a relatively young group and we descended upon it, fully prepared to wreak chaos (y'know, for fun.)

    Instead, we were welcomed and befriended by nearly everyone there.

    For funsies, one of our number decided to dramatize the history of our little band of misfits. After only a few paragraphs, he got bored and passed it off to me. Something took hold of me and I started writing like a damn madman. After an hour or so, I said I had to stop so I could expand this thing into a full fanfic.


    (Our story begins as six special people escape from a tyrannical dictator with the help of their numbers youngest member. Her name is Izzy, and she has the incredible ability to traverse dimensions. Izzy falls ill during the escape and is carried by the five others for several days. At last, the sun rises and they find themselves in an endless desert. They are suddenly confronted by a futuristic knight on horseback. The knight arrests the refugees and reveals herself as Captain Spitfire of the Solar Empire. Only then do the refugees realize that Izzy's power has brought them an alternate version of the world called Equestria.)

    (The following text is all from the original Facebook posts.)

    The next few days passed slowly... especially considering the days never ended. From what we could gather, the Solar Empire was ruled by a mad empress called Celestia. Many years ago, she and her sister had had a spell cast upon them by a wicked djinn some called Discord. Now they each sought nothing but either the day or the night. The people of the Empire lived inside mostly, hiding from the ever-present heat of the sun above. Their interior lives had resulted in an increase in technology, particularly the use of solar panels. From information we got from another prisoner, the so called Lunar Republic was the opposite. The people there lived in the ice and snowy darkness all year round. They froze to death and hunted ferociously for sustenance. They had reverted to the old ways, the ways of magic and sacrifice.

    We were kept in Captain Spitfire's dungeons. Each day we were tortured and interrogated. They were convinced we were spies. Our only allies it seemed were the youngest daughter of a local wealthy farming clan named Apple Bloom and the prisoner who shared our cell, an achingly beautiful spellcaster who called herself Rarity. She was forced to wear a silver chain about her wrist that nullified her magic. It was the only thing that kept her from escaping. Apple Bloom took pity on us and used her family's influence to bring us fresh fruits and grains. In exchange, all she asked for were stories.

    Then the sunlight began to fade.

    Before any of the Solar Guards could react, the dungeon's walls were shattered inward by grotesque dog/human hybrids with hands built for digging. They pounced on the guards are cut them down with terrible ferocity. One of them knelt before Rarity and snapped the silver chain with a single bite.

    Her beautiful face contorted suddenly into a mask of rage as she held out a single hand and lifted Spitfire into the air with naught but pure magic.

    Our words begging her to stop were cut off by the crack of Spitfire's neck, the sound thunderous in the close-walled dungeon. The captain's lifeless body fell to the ground with a sickening thud.

    We watched as Rarity fixed her hair and pet one of the dog creatures on the head with genuine affection. She looked at us and offered us a wizened smile. She knelt deeply as a statuesque woman exited the tunnel, her flowing robes untouched by grit or grime.

    As one, Rarity and her dogs cried out. "LUNA NOBIS PROVIDET!"

    When we breached the tunnel's far end, we were struck dumb by the sight around us; the sky was in a constant state of twilight, torn between the powers of light and dark. In the skies above a pitched battle was being waged. The Solar Imperials flew about on jet-powered wing contraptions while the Lunarians were riding...

    "Dragons." I whispered reverently.

    One of the smaller dragons, his scales a royal purple, incinerated a Solarian with a single burst of green flame then landed by our position. He took Rarity into his arms and held her tightly. The spellcaster returned his embrace then looked into his eyes. "Where is she?"

    The dragon shrugged, noticed the one called Luna, and bowed. She bid him rise and he turned to us. A growl echoed in his throat.

    "No need, Spike." Luna commanded, her voice deeper and more powerful than her lithe frame would suggest. "The woman is hurt. Get her to Redheart at once."

    Spike bowed again and hoisted Izzy on his shoulder as though she weighed nothing. We protested but he was already in flight.

    "Your majesty!"

    Luna turned to find another spellcaster in their midst, this one with two toned hair or white and blue. "What is it Minuette?"

    The spellcaster waved her hand and a hogtied blonde in a smart business suit landed at the witch queen's feet. "Cut me loose!" She demanded in a deep drawl.

    Rarity could barely contain her smirk. "My my my. Applejack, is that you?"

    Before the scene could play out any further, the tiny form of Apple Bloom burst from the shadows and covered her older sister's body. "Don't hurt her, Rarity! Please!"

    AJ spat into the dirt. "Don't you beg them filthy Lunarians for nothin."

    Minuette gazed at the young girl hungrily. "A child, majesty. Her blood could have the power we need to stifle the sun once and for all."

    Rarity did a double take. "No. This child is different. She..." Rarity looked shamefully to Luna. "She knows where my sister is."

    Luna looked at Rarity as though she'd gone mad. "Thine sister was kidnapped three seasons ago. Surely these savages would have her killed by now."

    AJ looked up in indignation. "One of yer witches is talkin bout sacrificin my sister and yer callin us savages?!"

    We all looked up to see a huge steel box being airlifted in from the far side of the city. It fell the last few feet and hit the ground with a tremendous crash. The box was easily three stories high. Whatever was inside had to be just as huge.

    AJ started to laugh. "You always mocked our science, but now you get to see just what our science can do."

    The box began to open.

    "We didn't kill that little girl... but we did cut her open a little. Took out that gland in her brain that lets you lot use magic."

    Rarity raised her hand to kill. "You monster!"

    "The monster's in there. Well, the first monster. Ya see, we created two. Two creatures combining the DNA of Solarians and the magic of Lunarians. The second one is perfect. It's protecting the empress now."

    "And the first?"

    "Dangerous. Unhinged. Violent. Unstoppable."

    The box's door slid open at last revealing a curvy and quite nude young woman with frizzy pink hair.

    "The best part is, she developed two personalities. When she's dealing with us Solarians, she's happy and chipper. We call her Pinkie."

    The woman opened her eyes, saw Luna, and changed before our eyes. Her mouth split into a skeleton's grin and her frizzy hair melted into a perfectly straight curtain.

    "But when it comes to Lunarians, she's a mite different. We call that one Pinkamina. She's the one who killed yer sister. You'd better..."

    Rarity's magic popped Applejack's head like a gore-filled balloon as the creature rushed us with unbelievable speed.


    The "perfect" creation of the Solarian scientists is of course Twilight Sparkle.

    So what happened? Well, I'm not sure where this story would have gone after the big battle. I love where I placed the characters, but I felt my hands were tied when it came to including the "normal" characters.

    Ultimately, the story the lives on as the novel I am currently working on. The concepts of the technology driven Solarians and magic wielding Lunarians lives on, but the characters are obviously no longer humanized ponies.

    Which is not to say that a few tributes to the original idea can't be found.

    -One of the chief antagonists is the business savvy and ruthless head of the Solarian's research and technology division. Her down home accent lowers her enemies guards and she is rarely seen without her Stetson.

    -Another antagonist is the shrewd and hyper intelligent aid to the Solarian's ruling family.

    -One of the Witch Queen's most trusted spellcasters is as beautiful as she is ruthless. Her specialty is breeding monstrous beast/human hybrids and, unable to be satisfied by any man or woman, has found a lover in a winged, fire breathing monster.

    And so on.

    So this isn't so much a Failed Fic as a Fic that Evolved to Something More. And one day, when "the Glass Tower" is published, you can look at your friends and tell them that you read it here first.


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  • 3w, 5d
    November Updates

    The Season of the Witch is over and we're still a month from the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

    With that in mind, I declare November to be "Catch Up Month." All my writing this month will be dedicated to updating and in some cases finishing works that have been gathering dust.

    These include;

    -The next chapter of 'the Changelings Have a King.'

    -The conclusion to 'Victory Lap.'

    -My still untitled collab with Rubycast.

    -My guest chapter for Grand_Moff's 'Red Shoe Diaries: Equestria.'

    So, quick question to those of you who snagged story ideas a while back; how are those going?

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  • 5w, 5d
    The Future... is NOW

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