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This thread is for posting pictures or links to pictures, comics, or videos involving Applejack and Rainbow Dash shipping, and commenting on them. Feel free to add your favorites for others to enjoy!


This thread is for work safe pics. There's another thread for sexy ones. If you're not sure, post it there or ask the admins.

The mods asked that no pics bigger the 600x600 be posted in comments, and I think that's a good rule here too. If the picture is larger, just post a link.

If at all possible, try to include the artist or link to the artist's webpage. Artists like attention as much as fanfic authors.

Post stuff!


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Some classics:

(Anyone know the original artist for this one? You see it everywhere, but never credited.)



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Don't know the source




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The pic that started my Appledash love :heart: :ajsmug::rainbowwild:


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Caught this one on EqD today. I love AJ's expression.

Full Sized Source.

And here's a thumbnail for the one Tchernobog is talking about (the source link is in his comment above.)

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Let's see if I can figure out how to post videos. . . another "As seen on EqD," this PMV is like a mini-fic in it's own right.

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i dont know where to find this any bigger, Sorry :twilightblush:

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Fixed P: Artist's link is in the NSFW thread if your curious.

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How has this one not been uploaded yet?!

No idea who the artist is... I found it in google images awhile back. D:

Another one I found in le images

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Some new ones that popped up in my inbox today:

"Here comes the cavalry." by Whatsapokemon

"Whatever" by Vabla

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Applejack you so silly!

Now to keep my posts relevant...

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Applejack Lying By Johnjoseco

I Really like this one :ajsmug:

Give That Back By Mn27

i dont know if we humanized herebut if we do i'll just leave This for everypony. i normally dont but i found this pic to be cute.

i dont know where to find it.... again :twilightblush:

>>331168 Thank You! :rainbowkiss: ive been looking for a larger version forever now.:twilightsmile:

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Sir, you may need to find different sizes of those images, they are faaaar to large. 600x600 max please.

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>>335444 just for you :raritywink:

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Yay! A marshmallow just for me!

Does this count as Appledash?! XD!!

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More stuff I found Via Google Images XP

Ray Hiros

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Friends don't let friends fly drunk

Since I dunno how to resize :p

That works I guess :P

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Spent a few minutes and made you:

An AppleDash guide to resizing!

Final Product is "appledash" by beato-riiche

And ITT: Backwards Cutie Marks.

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>>346531 Dat "Hearts and Hooves" picture...


"Daring Jack" by FlavinBagel

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Oh hey, look! Cover art!

And also my first time free-handing a vector. I think I did pretty well. And the story is 37th in the queue right now. Might be up tomorrow? You can probably guess what it's about by now.

"A Solemn Summer Night - Vector w/ Background" by KrazyTheFox

"A Solemn Summer Night - Vector" by KrazyTheFox

"Pony Research" by Heimdal00

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"Dash x AppleJack Skittles" by Grudgeholder and Ster-Zetanee

"[CE] Appledash 01" by TheDarkestDayDream

"Off Her Chest" by v-invidia

"[CE] Appledash date" by TheDarkestDayDream

The source for the following images is this blog, which is very NSFW. The images were originally found on ponibooru, but I'm hosting them elsewhere as ponibooru is being taken down in a few weeks.

Alright, so this isn't exactly AppleDash, but I've themed my phone with these two ponies:

Animated .png version! You'll need firefox to see it animated and a decent internet connection. Due to the low initial quality, it's a good 7.5MB. :(

Boot Animation:

Boot Splash:

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I don't know how anyone else feels about humanized, but I follow this humanized ask AppleDash tumblr, and this may be one of my favorite getting together scenerios in all AppleDash.

Part 1

Part 2

(The rest of the blog has some NSFW humanized stuff, so check it out at your own risk.)

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I'm actually kind of surprised we missed posting the non-humanized Ask AppleDash tumblr. How in the hay did we manage that? Also, the latest question was asked by our very own Tchernobog.

As for humanized ponies, I'm not a fan, but that one was amusing.

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Best Appledash gif ever? Yes.

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Picture is AppleDash by Cartoonlion.

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Source: Also draws the Fillyqueenchrysalis tumblr

Got it from a stream the artist was doing, they were asking for requests. Bam! I got Appledash :D

Free Applejack Rides!

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Source Thanks KrazyTheFox for finding that



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Here's the source for your first one. Just spent a little while browsing that tumblr and it's pretty cute.

As a side note, I'm very impressed with this topic right now. We have a stunning collection of AppleDash art that grows every couple of days! :ajsmug:

"Well This Is Awkward" by SoulSpade

"Applejack and Rainbow Dash" by SuperChargedBronie

"Up for another run, Sugarcube?" by TheDarkestDayDream

[Unknown Source]

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