CGotG IRC meetings are returning after Summer Hiatus, starting 8/26/15 at 5-8 PM EST!!!

Welcome to chessgame of the gods! The world of Equestria has been chosen by a plethora of gods as their playground, using humans twisted into other species as pieces in their game.

Whether you came here by chance, or were interested by tales such as The Ballad of Echo the Diamond Dog or Griffin the Griffin, we hope you'll enjoy your stay. If you have a doubt don't hesitate to use our help thread and ask away.

If you have a story and you want it to be included in the group, send it to , StandardIssue   or Weeeman. You can also send us a PM if you want to ask anything directly without using the forum.

If you can't wait and wish to contact a Mod or ask questions not so important to a doubt, wish to chat for fun, or even do silly RP [we have a side room for those with adult interest], please visit our IRC! Click the link, make a nick name and press enter! We hold meetings in this other IRC, so if the main one is empty try this.


If you are interested, we are now accepting new banners and logos! Have one that we like and we can put it up for a month. We will cycle through the original one and the new ones!

Lately, things have taken quite the spill into inactivity. We're currently making a gigantic overhaul that'll put us right back in our prime. If you're interested in helping this, ask how in the forum.


We are in the process of making a canon Beta to revive things! So what does that mean? That means we need you!

We need writers to join in on our mass collab. So you must be wondering on how to get in to write, right? Well, you see, we need writers, but not that bad. We are looking specifically for a writer of specific talents. If you think you have what it takes to join our misfit group of writers, just shoot StandardIssue a PM! Shee will answer all of your questions of the group, the collab and everything. hurry up though, we have limited spots, and you may not make it!

We have our own Wiki Page with lots of information on the stories and the setting to help yourself get acquainted with it. Be warned, many of the stories take place in a different setting!

Featured story of the month:

Falling Feathers

I'm Griffin. After getting tossed into Equestria for kicks by some otherworldly force, I went on a bloody rampage to incite revolution against diamond dog slavers, bloodthirsty dragons, and more recently, the other psychotic humans that got thrown into this blender with me. I'll admit, not exactly the best idea. It got me torn limb from limb and left me with even more psychological problems than when I started. Addiction to a magically toxic substance, for one. So, now I'm staying in Canterlot castle, because Princess Celestia wants to keep a close eye on me while I go through treatment.

And I'm Gilda. You know, the really angry griffin who yelled at Fluttershy? Yeah. Grif started this revolution, and took me along for the ride. Now that he's out of the picture, I've got an entire war all to my self, and we've had to do some pretty despicable things to survive, even after we swore we wouldn't. Oh. And I'm pregnant. That's always fun. he doesn't even know yet either.

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What picture? I see no picture, and frankly it is hard to imagine there ever was a picture, in plain sight or otherwise.

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What with the stupid-faced guy picture? :rainbowhuh:

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It's because he's not part of the collab universe, his story was the basis for a big portion of the lore but he decided he preferred to be non-canon so he could write without having to worry about fitting in other stories' canon.

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Anybody else notice that The Ballad of Echo The Diamond Dog is in the Non-Canon section? Even though it's one of the TWO main fics that STARTED this?

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>>396747 Things are slow, due to the school year and the availability of everyone to get together at a good time.

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>>396741 XD I should have expected that type of reply.

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Wasn't this being rebooted with a new canon? If it still is, anyone know how it's going?

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Joined because-

OF ME!!!

... yeah... anyway, I just had an interesting idea... a chakat without the empathetic withdrawal problem.

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Octavia has already been set up as a prissy naive bitch. This makes things more difficult for me. All I need to do is make a story so popular it can retcon the othersPerhaps my story is not fit for this universe.

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Tis a sad day indeed for chess game of the gods nearly no stories updating few even their... tis so sad from a once beatiful and wondrous universe. It truly breaks my heart to see what little remains. Tears will be shed deaths will be had and depression will run rampant. For when chess game of the gods comes back maybe even I yes me; might make a story for my writers block is legendary. I have the ideas but no motivation. Let us all wish Canon Beta revives it.           This is my fucking masterpiece guys!

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as all the writers (excluding like 6 of them i think) commited sepoku, the fans, the voice of the people of the chess game of the gods group, grew hungry for chapters......that even the normal updaters feared there reading wrath! the frenzy has been growing and many fear the uproar of power that the fans will bring, or if the fans will jump into a crate and ship themselves to the next big group, leaving there stories UN watered and fertilized! this is Fuher Lunason, giving you month by month news by chariot, signing off!

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Needs 324 more...

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