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I took some time to write an alternative to the extended MLP:FiM theme song using the Lunaverse characters.

Please let me know what you all think!

My Little Pony, My Little Pony,

What is friendship all about?

My Little Pony, My Little Pony

Friendship is magic!

(My little pony)

Friendship never meant that much to me.

(My little pony)

But you're all here and now I can see.

When I was young, friends were just means to an end

Anything more was just too much effort to expend

But My Little Ponies, you opened up my eyes

And now the truth is coming clear as moonlit winter skies

And it's such a wonderful surprise!

(My little pony)

Friendship never meant that much to me.

(My little pony)

But you're all here and now I can see.

When trouble Raindrops into town, your true spirit always brings me 'round

Kindness is quite easy too, it's something anyone can Ditzy Doo

For loyalty you always play your part, you pluck the Lyra strings of my heart

On the Carrot Top of the world, as generous as can be

And the way you all teach laughter, makes me wanna Cheerilee!

(My little pony)

Friendship never meant that much to me.

(My little pony)

But you're all here and now I can see.

Our friendship's magic and it's growing all the time.

A new adventure waits for us each day is yours and mine.

We'll make it special every time!

We'll make it special every time!

(My little pony)

What a wonderful wonder friendship brings

(My little pony)

Did you know that we're becoming true

(Friends!) Friends, we're becoming true

(Friends!) Friends, we're becoming true

(Friends!) Friends, we're becoming true

(Friends!) Friends!

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Okay, I applaud this. :heart: A wonderful Lunaverse rendition!

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.....I think I need to go to the hospital due to heart overload..........

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Yay! Though I'm not actually a fan of the full version of the MLP theme. The fact that someone cares enough to modify it like this, though? Awesome. :rainbowdetermined2:

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>>312415 :pinkiegasp:

All of my yes!  I never dared to dream that anyone could pull off that puntastic middle part, but you did it, you really, really did it. :raritystarry:

Well a couple parts (end of Ditzy's line, start of Carrot's) feel just a little rushed and awkward to fit the beat, but still this is amazing. :twilightsmile:

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Well, for the "I used to wonder what friendship could be." and "Until you all shared its magic with me. " lines, I think you should change them to the ones used in OUR 'short' opening; "Friendship never meant that much to me" and "But you're all here and now I can see". Check here.

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Ditzy Doo and Carrot Top did indeed give me the most trouble for that very reason. Partly because it's not just the puns, but the rhymes as well.

I'm certainly open to ideas to better this if anyone has them.


Revised. Thanks, I'd neglected that part!

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Not entirely, it seems.

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Oh, right. There's three repetitions, not two. :derpytongue2:


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:pinkiegasp: This is inpunsibly awesome! Puntastic!

:rainbowdetermined2: You rock!!

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....anyone here got a good singing voice?:pinkiehappy:

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Let's not get too far ahead of our selves.  We haven't even got the short version voiced yet.  For that matter is their even an instrumental only version of the long cut to use as a background base?

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Hey, I'll sing it myself if I have too (note: You do not want me to sing this. ever.)

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Oh god the puns! :derpyderp1:

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This is brilliant, but very punful.

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As is what it's based on. Had to do the original justice, you know.

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>>314673 OUCH.

I agree with RDD about not being a fan of the extended version of the mane theme, but provided the lunaverse version isn't as obnoxious, this could become something truly wonderful.

And either way, the work you've done here is great. :pinkiesmile:

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In all honesty, I think the short version used in the actual episode openings is more obnoxious. The tune and the lyrics never feel like they flow right to me, as if huge clumps are being skipped over for the sake of speeding it up.

In short, it doesn't feel like a song at all, just random parts of a song that someone slapped together and prayed no one would notice.

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It's opening decay.

Most shows on TV no longer have an actual opening beyond a flash of a title card and a 5 second sting, unless it's an hour long drama. Due to commercials, there's no TIME.

And that's also the reason the credits are white text on black because they inevitably get crushed to a quarter to a half of the screen.

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What are you saying?!:pinkiegasp:

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I'm saying that I like the long version of the mane theme song better than the short one.

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Well, I prefer the short over the long. There should really be a video of this and mine made.

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I agree. However:

As far as animation goes, I have neither the skill nor the patience.

As far as singing goes, my voice is neither female nor pleasant to listen to.

So lyrics are all I can offer I'm afraid.

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Yeah. Still can't believe my AMV in script form worked wonders.

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I might try something similar to that... or not. Depends on whether or not inspiration hits.

I can hear the lyrics in my head as if they were being sung by the same person who did the mane theme, but I have no idea what clips would be used.

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Well, you could check my thread on ideas.

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>>316727 I'll admit I actually usually skip the opening when watching an episode. :applejackunsure: I find both equally obnoxios, but the extended version's puns dock it a few more points.

>>316729 Eh, but this one is still a few minutes long as opposed to the five-second snippets they were using for a while.

>>319427 I want Adobe Flash SO MUCH. And for people more talented than myself (maybe the folks at Double Rainboom?) to make puppets for the Lunaverse people.

Then I'd be happy to animate. (I suck at making the actual things to animate, but the animation itself I haven't done too bad on in other programs.)

>>319446 I kinda imagined it as being similar to the M!Verse main theme, with a few vital differences.

1: Twilight's balloon would obviously be out. Maybe taking the train down from Canterlot?

2: The M!theme seemed to be at midday, since there were minimal shadows and everything was well-lit, but the Lunaverse's midday superstition would make things awkward. I actually imagined it being at sunset or something. (Plus, it'd be a fun excuse to mess about with lighting and stuff.)

3: Raindrops just dives from the cloud without the fancy twirl.

4: Less annoying supporting music.

5: And of course the differences in characters/lines/setting/poses during the whole middle bit.

This is just for the shortened version though; idunno about the long one.

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>>319446 >>319451

I'm sorta working on an video for the short intro, though calling it an animation would be little generous.  It's really just going to be slide show using vector compilations similar to the pics I use as cover art for my stories.  So far though I haven't gotten any further than gathering the resources to put it together, saving the hard work for after I finish GOtL, which I need to get back to right about now.

If anyone beats me to it I won't be upset though, especially if they do a better job than my feeble talents can accomplish.

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I skip them too.

Here's my take on the opening here.



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One thing about the long version of the mane theme is that most of the clips are scenes from the actual show. So, you might try using the Lunaverse fics for inspiration on what scenes to make.

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I said short intro, the one that is made up of animation not seen in the show.

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Flash (and the other Adobe things) are getting a little cheaper, if you're willing to commit to a $USD 50 monthly fee for at least a year. You'd get access to the whole creative suite and their cloud storage.

So, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Acrobat, etc. for... $USD 600 a year?


Looking forward to the animatic then! :D

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>>319544 You mean you have to subscribe? It's not a pay-once deal? :twilightangry2:

And if I can't foist the actual puppet-maing deal onto someone more skilled, there'd be little point anyway, as MLP is the main reason I want Flash.

>>319543 This shall be interesting!

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Whoops! Misread the post!

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>>319544 >>319551

I hope so, no promises though.  I've never really done anything quite like this before.

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>>319532 Ah, yeah, I saw that before. Better than my copy-paste with edits.

Oh, and I see the logo as being done up in shades of indigo rather than pink, but that's a minor thing. :moustache:

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Well, Adobe wants you to fork out mad bucks every year *anyway* due to version changes.:raritydespair:

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>>319565 :rainbowhuh: You're kidding me.

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I agree. What did your copy-paste with edits look like?

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>>319582 It was >>319526 here. I didn't really make it as a thing; I called it that because it was envisioned as a lot closer to the M!theme than yours. (yours is better)

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Well, this comment in this thread was where the basic construction came from.

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Huh, an extended version? Wonder how good it is?

*after reading*

Oh sweet Luna mounting a gryphon! All my teeth ache! I thought only Dinky could do that to me! Buck me to the Sun WHY!?

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Can I use this? Don't a musical theater story and want to use this for the opening chapter :pinkiehappy:

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