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Romance (Explicit)
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When Daylight Comes
One hundred years after Luna's death, she visits Twilight to make one last memory. · 0utcast9851
4,811 words · 271 views  ·  42  ·  5 · sex
Romance in the Air
Luna has feelings for Twilight, and Twilight feels the same about her. The main pairing will be Twiluna, and the other pairings will be in the story. · Maiden of the Night
10,111 words · 207 views  ·  12  ·  8
Love Thy Night
Twilight Sparkle has been called to Canterlot for some important matters, and a few awkward moments with Luna may change the fate of her world in one night. · Kayes
3,869 words · 614 views  ·  67  ·  8
Canterlot Lessons
Luna notices the mutual interest between Twilight, her lover, and Celestia, her sister. What would loving sister to do? · RandomString
4,885 words · 1,757 views  ·  247  ·  19 · sex
Twilight's Monster
Twilight Sparkle faces social ostracization when a crystal is discovered to contain the lost Princess Luna and must look past those social norms in order to learn more about this strange mare. · Fuzzyfurvert
13,358 words · 3,566 views  ·  521  ·  13
A Whole New World
Luna is excited about astronomy day. Twilight is dragged along for the ride. · The 8-Bit Flame Princess
4,891 words · 691 views  ·  82  ·  6 · sex
On the Night Mare's Night, Archdruid Twilight Sparkle prays to her goddess. For the first time, her goddess answers. Unfortunately, matters are never quite that simple when one is dealing with a being of power beyond mortal comprehension. · Pearple Prose
4,516 words · 2,365 views  ·  426  ·  12
A Question About Love
Twilight has been distant, Luna is worried that things are falling apart. Is this true? · Knight of Lycaeus
3,597 words · 556 views  ·  53  ·  7
Twilight has had trouble sleeping. Perhaps it was the change in surroundings after her old home was destroyed. Or perhaps something deeper is troubling her. As she wanders the midnight streets, a fellow traveler may grant her the solace she seeks. · Violet Blaze
4,707 words · 1,201 views  ·  152  ·  3
Two Pair
Certain alicorns have no regard for the rules of space and time. An astral sub-dimension becomes a potent weapon in what appears to be a divine prank war. Shining Armor hits the sauce. · Potential Albatross
12,239 words · 1,056 views  ·  140  ·  5
Even when there's no light at the end of the tunnel, that doesn't mean you can't keep moving. Luna finds it within herself to put one hoof in front of the other, as her immortality melts away. · Habanc
6,091 words · 1,615 views  ·  229  ·  12
The pony of her dreams
When Twilight is summoned to Canterlot at short notice she fears something is wrong. Something much better comes out of Twilight's visit than anypony could have imagined. Celestia doesn't approve but Luna can lead her own life how she wants · theMANEman
8,832 words · 815 views  ·  61  ·  14 · sex
Stars Are Forever
The code of the alicorn is that only those lucky enough to be born that way will stay immortal. Those who ascend have the same life expectancy as any other normal pony. ["Will you still love me when I'm no longer young and beautiful?"] · The Autumn Princess
7,334 words · 471 views  ·  82  ·  7 · sex
It's Rude To Interrupt
Things are getting a bit steamy in Luna's room...that is, until Discord interrupts. Repeatedly. · Starlight Shadow
1,160 words · 1,446 views  ·  152  ·  17 · sex
The Better Angel
The death of one Princess, the destruction of another.  · ArguingPizza
9,700 words · 892 views  ·  119  ·  4
My Little Twinkle
Luna shows Twilight her true colors.  · Next Gen Wonderbolt
4,294 words · 987 views  ·  84  ·  8
The Princess and the Beasts
On a calm evening Princess Luna and Trixie Lulamoon meet in front of Twilight's library. Yet this encounter isn't voluntary and neither is happy to learn about their common goal: getting a date with everypony's favorite Alicorn. · Aeteros
10,622 words · 1,764 views  ·  185  ·  10
Amorous Stars
Twilight has a question. One that has plagued her mind] since her ascension and tonight, the stars are going to give her the courage to find her answer. · Silver Scrolls
4,948 words · 1,499 views  ·  197  ·  7
The Quiet Place
Twilight fights against grand manipulations and machinations, and attempts to overcome a deep-seated darkness within. As she struggles to preserve everything she cares about, the cost of victory may be herself. · Aynine
219,135 words · 7,564 views  ·  636  ·  47
A Clash of Lightnings
Twilight is angry. Normally, a more calm approach would be useful, but when a pony... When a pony commits THAT, well, the chips are off the table. Justice must be extracted. · Habanc
3,426 words · 2,293 views  ·  287  ·  6