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When Lumie told me on my page.

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So, how long did it take you to realize that your post template contains "fimficrion"? :derpytongue2:

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And here we see one of Fimficrion's many trendy groups: Human in Equestria, one of the largest groups in all of Fimfiction. It is dedicated to stories and discussions about humans...in Equestria.

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Hey uh.... Stupid thing to ask on this site but I need help... Badly, you see... I don't... Know... How... To... Put... A pic in the comments :facehoof: I'm a complete dumbass and... I'm begging for help right now... And yes I'm serious... I just don't know how... And you all seem smarter then me... So... Could you help a Space Marine out? Please?

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>>386097  not  to  be  mean  but  you can do  better then  that  with  out always lesbian  

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i dont  mine  the clop on mlp  its funny  but  the fillyfooler  fanfic   are annoying  :P because  i dont  like skipping  everyone  fanfic because  of it. but  i really  do enjoy  the shemale  on male fanfic  its funny

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Is it ok if the story starts out with a human but he is turned into a pony, but still has the memory's and everything of being human, or does he have to be human throughout the entire story?

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I have this idea for a combination human turned mare in equestrian crossed with Scootaloo tragic origins tale.  It would start with some random human turning up in a bad part of  Equestria as a mare. The mare runs into some thugs who decide to "have their fun" and leave her for dead. She gets found and rescued, nursed back to health, and is determined to be phisically and psychologically unsound to survive on her own, so is admitted to a psychiatric hospital for treatment.

Turns out she's pregnant from the gang of thugs. Due to her circumstances and mental state she isn't allowed any time with her orange and purple filly (which she hates at the time due to obvious reasons) and the filly is sent to an orphanage.

Flash forward a few years and the mare is released to start her life over. She moves to Ponyville where she is destined to meet the daughter she never knew.

She also still has issues with being extremely stallion shy and ptsd from her experience.

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I also just joined brand new member of fimfiction I love reading humans reacting to equestria also if anyone hasn't read a ghost and a roach they should, also its one of my favourites and I wish there was more like that, also if you could send me some non clopfic hie thanks :pinkiehappy:

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I just joined this group and I'm really happy I did, BTW i'm making my own story and I was wondering if somebody or some pony could proofread it for me?

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This will probably be one of my top favorite groups:raritywink:. I love imagining myself in Equestria interacting with the ponies and have some cool ideas for fics already:ajsmug:! Wish me luck:scootangel:!

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I have been having this idea for a fic but I require help with it or a writer interested. It will be a ship fic of equestrian girls trixie and twilight.

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Will my fic be accepted in the Human Turned Pony if the main character was formerly a human, but has no memory of his sapient roots?

Here's what I'm talking about.

Thanks, and have a good day. :twilightsmile:

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>>385831 Ok sounds cool :twilightsmile:

Could I get a PM message so we can talk further?

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>>385823 if you are up for it i have an opening i need a new perspective here

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>>385800 Oh sounds interesting

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>>385799 its not quiet the one I'm writing:twilightblush:, its more of how to survive estrus without getting raped by a pony. my oc has passed each of those tips by the way he is currently going through his 3rd month being stuck in equestria permanently! I just need some ideas what my oc should do to avoid being raped and theres a possibility that might add a failure chapter (if he fails to survive then gets raped) for each pony ive included in the story

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>>385785 Here are a few ideas

1) don't go in Fluttershy's shed

2) don't call Celestia "sunbutt" in front of her

3) never give Twilight a "F" even in jest :twilightangry2:

4)wear a helmet around Rainbow Dash

5) don't ask how Pinkie Pie makes her cupcakes :pinkiecrazy:

6) don't wear tacky clothes in Rarity's presence :raritycry:

Serious suggestions

Learn an occupation; some suggestions a mussuse, or a handyman are popular

Make fiends with the natives

Avoid the Everfree if possible

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