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As of my post there are 10,005 members in HiE

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Can someone recommend a good human in Equestria story?

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I need some fanart so can anybody provide me with some. That would be awsome

Comment posted by Praseodym deleted at 1:40am on the 31st of March, 2016
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>>407832 I see. I thought that the mods deleted it, because you were criticising it. I guess I am spending too much time on YouTube recently...

PS: Fan rabidness is CANCER

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I made the thread man. I'll admit. I read Clop, BUT. I skip that shit. I have some stories that has clips everywhere, but. I skip it like I said.

I deleted it because I had fuckboys shoving each other's arses together about how they love it and, I quote on this, 'CLOP IS LUV CLAP IS LIFE'

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>>407539 That would be me my good sir. I deleted it because there was some fuckboys who said CLOP IS LUV CLOP IS LIFE.

See, shit like this. You try to make a point and what! I'm suddenly getting messages left right and MOTHERFUCKIN centre!

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Is it possible a sub category could be made for genders? I mean, I like reading about all the guys in Equestria... :moustache:

But I am even more interested in the fairer sex... :raritywink:

Woman are full of potential in terms of story! :rainbowkiss:

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Someone recently made a thread about clop in which he stated his distaste towards it but now it's gone. Why?

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Sooo....anyone know any good stories?

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Heyo people! I would love it if you guys checked out my stories down below.

Another World Like Ours

A Dark In the Light

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Hello there everyone, I was just wondering if any of you might like to read my story called A Forgotten Past Coming Back Into Equestria.  Please um leave a like or comment cause I know that it's not a lot of good writing, but there's going to be some shocks and twist in it. :twilightblush:

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Can someone please help me write a fanfic.  I started on one, but it didn't get approved, and I have some really good ideas. I just need someone to edit my work. Can someone please help?!

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nice to meet all of you. i made a story called new home world, it about the human race have to leave the Earth to fend a new world. there ten ship with different number of people. the ship in the story is called hope, and i don't have idea for more name for the other nine and i would like some name idea from you all. oh and the ship was made by a rice person to save his kids and fiends, also as many people he can.

so help if you can :fluttercry:

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Hey guys! I'm new to this website and I just published the first chapter of my new story. If any of you have time, would you mind checking it out? I'd really appreciate it! I would also follow you back if you follow me :)! Thanks!

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maybe some one can do a crossover with Get Ed series heh jetix was good back in the day ahh memory's


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Do refresh my memory, what defines a displaced fic?:rainbowhuh:

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huh.... fair enough.

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