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Yep, me a new guy that joined this fimfiction site in September and I watched almost all of the Friendship is magic episodes since it first aired about like 4 or 5 years ago I think.  I'll be creating a few stories chapters and could use some help for them.

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I feel really ashamed that I've only realised now that the humans on the group's banner are Megan, Danny and Molly from G1...

Comment posted by The Invisible Man deleted at 4:52am on the 14th of September, 2015
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>>402684 I figured I would ask, because I have an OC of my own. The second reason, is because a Friend of mine gave me something MLP related recently and it gave me an Idea for a HIE story about Me. With events leading up to, and after my arrival.

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Hello everyone! :twilightsmile: just joined this group and thought i'd introduce myself!

I'm relatively new to the pony fandom but up to date with current events, i'd love to write a few fics in this group and others at some point! I've read some of the fics in this group in the past and figured it would be a fun one to join

Keep up the awesome work guys and hopefully i'll write alongside you soon:pinkiehappy:

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I don't see any particular reason why it has to feature an OC human. There are plenty of HiE crossovers where the human is from a game or movie or book. There are also a lot of Anon in Equestria stories (which is a subset of HiE where the author simply doesn't give any details about the human, making them a blank slate, basically), first person perspective stories, and author-insert fics. The only fast, hard rules for HiE in my opinion is that 1) there is a human (or ex-human, if they turned into a pony or something) character, and 2) they go to Equestria at some point, and spend at least a significant amount of time there.

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Question. When we do a HIE story, does it Have to be an Original Human Character or can the story be from the Writer's perspective?

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i look at the darkness withe a creepy ayes , n't because i am strong , and not because i am n't fried from the darkness. it is  just that i ... i laugh wean i remember , how  i was  fried so much, so much that i can't sleep at night, and i Always cray,and run,and hide under my blanket. it was a funny time. but now i am the scary one , now in my front stands my heroes ... my spacial heroes...  how shows  me the light in said the darkness   .( it is just a small something i been working on ) (the name : i am not special, but i believe  you are )  tell me what you think about it

Comment posted by Kreiter deleted at 8:26pm on the 8th of September, 2015
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I'm a little stuck on making a story. I have made the first chapter but I honestly can't find the publish button, I tried to find it last night but I couldn't find so if someone could help me a little I would really appreciate it.

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The "Framed" story is published!

#1,116 · 6w, 5d ago · · ·

>>401833 I can help if you wish.

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Hi guys! I'm trying to write a a story, but I am bad in writing Can any one help me?

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>>401629 Found it. Highly doubtful, that my character will be a Gary Stu. He'll mainly keep to himself, after he's settled. Except for the occasional event involving a member of the Mane Six, or one of the More recognized background characters. (Bon Bon, Derpy, Joe, etc.)

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>>401627 Look it up, most people would know what I mean when I say "Gary Stu" especially since most HiE main protagonists are "Gary Stus".

#1,112 · 8w, 15h ago · · ·

>>401626 Trust me, he will not be rude. And... "I don't understand that reference." We're the exact words I said when you said Gary Stu...

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>>401395 Of course you need a prologue! You need to give your character a back story so they know who he is, you need to explain how he ended up in Equestria and could you please not make him some Gary Stu asshole?

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How well received would a Prologue be for a story? I ask because My OC is Human, but not exactly from Earth. I feel I need to explain Who he is, partly, and What he is capable of.

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Thanks Thardoc! You're AWESOME! *BROHOOF!*

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