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It had been a fall much longer than a few feet. It had been a fall from divinity. That crucial blow had damaged so much more than just her horn. It had shattered her reality. When a kingdom beckons and a queen prepares for battle, how do you pick up the pieces?

Three weeks after the royal wedding in Canterlot, the sun hangs pale and dim in the sky above Equestria. Luna captains the royal guard while Shining Armor is on his honeymoon, and she governs Equestria while Celestia wanders the castle grounds both day and night, searching for answers only she herself can provide.

Meanwhile, veiled by lies and deceit, a shadow looms over Equestria once more, determined to sink its fangs into the most loving kingdom of all.

Many thanks to Sergiovan!

He does all the readings. Proof, pre, post, alpha, cake and exclusive reading. He also edits, leaves feedback, is a bank of ideas, is a great present for children and adults alike, and comes with his own food and incorporated microwave.

And many thanks to Leonhard too!

First Published
4th Jan 2014
Last Modified
28th Feb 2014


The Great Tragedy. The night an era ended. The night the skies stopped turning. The night the Canterlot palace, along with all of its occupants, was utterly obliterated.

Nopony knows how it was done or by whom. But they do know that one unicorn stood at the center of that calamitous explosion, and they know that Twilight Sparkle survived where two immortals had perished.

Twilight awakens in a world a shadow of its former self, abruptly thrust into the fallout of a disaster she remembers nothing of. Faced with a foe that is perhaps more familiar than she might realize, Twilight must find a way to restore her broken world and carry on the legacy of her beloved princesses.

Huge thanks to my proofreaders Some Person (chapter 1-12) and RazerWrites (chapter 12-14). The story would have been much worse off without them.

First Published
9th Dec 2012
Last Modified
18th Apr 2014

One day, Apple Bloom starts to wonder about her zebra friend's past. Why did Zecora leave her home to come all the way to Equestria's Everfree Forest? How did she become so skilled in brewing potions?

After some consideration, Zecora decides to tell the filly of her early life, and how one zebra ended up changing Zecora's life forever.

Cover image is photoshopped by me using the following art:





First Published
18th Jan 2012
Last Modified
30th Jan 2012

This story is currently being rewritten (although the revamp is currently on hiatus).

All present chapters are subject to change!

From the initial settling of the world by the mighty alicorns to the fall of the cruel tyranny of Discord and the rise of Nightmare Moon, the world of ponies has always been dictated by the actions of the immortal ones.

Discord struggles to find meaning in a world belonging to his enemies, Luna despairs over the night that is so thoroughly detested by her peers, and Celestia must choose sides in a neverending battle between chaos and harmony, light and dark, and love and duty. This is their story.

This is the complete reboot of the very first story I wrote for FIMFiction. The original can be found here.

First Published
23rd Dec 2011
Last Modified
9th Dec 2012