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  • Sunday
    Visiden Whines It: Every Little Thing She Does

    In this episode we learn the difference between a charm spell and a dominate spell. Thanks MLP, I could use the brushing up with my Enchantment School magic. Maybe you can discuss figments and glamers for the next one? Or how about a summon and a calling?

    I'm beginning to sort of like Starlight Glimmer. She seems to have this natural tendency to steamroll freewill to get her results; an interesting flaw that I thought Twilight had before it got scrubbed. We see this with her interaction with Big Mac, and now this. I wish it came more from her desire to do things her way as opposed to the overwhelming need to impress teacher, which was more Twilight's thing, but I'm happy to take what I can get.

    This episode adds more to my growing suspicion that Starlight is turning into Twilight, and Twilight is turning into Princess Celestia. It's uncannily similar to Lesson Zero with a small cast change.

    This just pushes Celestia to further irrelevance, doesn't it? At least Transformers gave Optimus the dignity of being shot full of holes before attempting to replace him with Rodimus Prime. Come on Hasbro, or DHX, or whoever's managing the storyline. How about we just kill Celestia? We can have a fancy two-parter, then do what The Death of Superman did and sell some special black armbands with a red sun cutie mark on them. Or go crazy like some Japanese did when they held an actual funeral for Raoh.

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  • 1w, 2d
    Visiden Whines It: Viva Las Pegasus

    Applejack and Saint Fluttershy combo? Because clearly the last time these two played off each other was such a wonderful episode, wasn't it? Fuck off, Saint Fluttershy.

    I like the fact that Applejack holds grudges, and she holds them hard. Even to the point that she's glad that Flim and Flam are falling apart and she shows no inclination towards helping them. It rounds her out as a character, especially in comparison to Saint Fluttershy.

    I like the pony DDR going on in the background.

    The villain is pretending to be friendly and popular while setting everypony against each other? Sounds like Sunset Shimmer in the first EG. So FiM is starting to rip itself off.

    Of course, Saint Fluttershy's talk to animals ability is the key to getting to the heart of the issue, while Applejack talking to the ponies themselves yielded jack shit.

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  • 2w, 1d
    Visiden Tries It: Wires Chapter 4

    Right, Chapter 4. We're over 10,000 words in so somepony please stab somepony. I'm all for a good set up in a war fic, but this runway is getting to the point that in media res might have been a better choice of opening.

    “There. Through the breach.” Shining pointed at a segment where the wire had been cut and pulled apart, fading hoofprints visible in the snow. “Looks like this was Celestite Four’s way through.”

    Saw that in a hailstorm did you? These magic hoofprints that stay in the snow despite powerful winds and fresh hail. You can do that in D&D if you're a ranger with maxed out survival and the Epic Track feat. Then again, rangers at that level can fling pebbles at their favored enemies and have a chance to insta-kill them.

    “Alright. Be a gentlecolt then, Setter. We’ve got a lady here with us,” Shining said matter-of-factly. It took a few moments before the rest of his followers started snickering, even if nervously and briefly so.

    Looks like he told a bad joke and his troops only laughed because they were afraid of him.

    These ruminants are pretty liberal with their swearing.

    from the surrounding capric crowd wave her hoof in the air.

    You take it easy with that thesaurus, Dark Avenger, or I might start to think you're a showoff. Nobody likes a showoff.

    Shining noticed them taking up defensive stances, hooves tightening around their halberds and reaching for their sidearms.

    Sidearm could well mean a dagger, but people are going to look at that word and think pistol. Why they would start reaching for those when they still have their halberds and they're in an open space and in formation makes no sense. Halberds are not the sort of things you dual-wield.

    They all wore nothing beyond official insignias and ceremonial helmets

    Wearing ceremonial helmets in a situation that isn't a ceremony. True professionals here.

    I like the tense negotiations with all the yelling and the language barrier. Shining Armor's constant policing of his interpreter's interpretations is annoying and pathetic though. You're fucking soldiers, you fuck-face, if you're trained to take fucking swords to the fucking face, you can take mean words. Stop giving your interpreter extra tasks.

    The medic repeated the orders, but even before he was done, tensions sparked again among the relatively calm goats.

    Show don't tell.

    Shining glanced at the goat thugs’ weapons, their bulky wooden stocks charred by the shock spells. The barrels ranged widely, some of them shorter and larger, sometimes doubled, others were long and thin with more elaborate sights and large magazines.

    I have no fucking clue what the weapon is supposed to be. The description is so vague. Some kind of gun? The ponies are boned then, because they're coming up against guns with halberds.

    The escaping goats yelped as the shimmering troops caught up to them. The ones bringing up the rear tried to buck at the ponies or turn around and headbutt them, but for all their flash and bulky looks, they were incredibly poor fighters compared to trained soldiers. A blow to the head, a few bursts of magic, or just a simple tackle was enough to bring them down.

    It would be better if we saw at least one exchange of blows between a pony and a goat to show how poor the goats are at CQC instead of just being told.

    Those that managed to get further fumbled with their guns and fired wildly into the fray, the recoil making the bulky weapons jerk around in their grip. Several of them lost their balance and got knocked on their flanks, giving their pursuers time to catch up.

    So they are using guns. I'm going to assume it's one of those crap early guns like an arqebus. If it's something like modern guns or even decent muskets, these ponies would be in for a hellish time. Unless they're naturally bullet proof. The crystal ponies, maybe.

    The bill thrashed non-stop as he was dragged back and lifted up.

    The passive voice is getting to me as badly as the constant LUS.

    series of loud bangs came from his right, and he hissed as something grazed the plating on his side, setting off a sharp pain.

    Apparently, Shining Armor has his armor plating.

    The blow was inches from Shining's face by the time he could react, using one foreleg to block while he rammed into the thug to prevent a second strike.

    The blow was inches from Shining's face when he blocked it with a foreleg. Before a second strike could come, he rammed into the thug.

    Yeah, call me a showoff. Some of the action sentences need some tightening.

    Good to get some action at last.

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  • 3w, 3d
    Visiden Whines It: Buckball Season

    Buckball? More like Fuckball, amirite?

    There, you just read half the comments on this episode.

    This was a rather dull one for me. I suppose coming off a strong episode doesn't help, but damn did I want to keep skipping ahead. Normally, I'd say nice things first then the bad things, but the bad stuff just pops out.

    So we have Applejack in the opening harvesting the HARDEST APPLES IN EXISTENCE explain Buckball to Rainbow Dash. Apparently, it's another one of those surprise Apple traditions that happens to be a really popular sport and that Ponyville has a tradition of being unbeaten. Which is why most of Ponyville don't know about it even though playing it requires members of the three pony types. Almost as if Applejack pulled it out of her ass.

    Don't get me wrong though, I like the concept of this unique pony sport. Reminds me a bit of Blitzball, but it is something to build the world. It's just shown in a dull episode. Here's something that leaves a bad taste in my mouth.


    Applejack: I've worked with this land all my life. I know what's good for the trees and I know how this ecosystem balances itself out in regards to all the local fauna involved. I should know what I'm doing.

    Fluttershy: I'm Saint Fluttershy of Assisi, so fuck you, you do what I say.

    Buckball Season

    Applejack: I'm Ponyville's best athlete, I've been playing this sport for a long time and it's closely related to the thing I do for a living.

    Pinkie Pie: Prodigy, bitch! Fuck you!

    And the moral apparently is that you shouldn't pressure people or it will throw them off. Exactly, there shouldn't be any pressure when it comes to competitive sports. Applejack should have told them about the giant trophy they'll get for participation.

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  • 4w, 3d
    Visiden Whines It: Dungeons and Discord

    Oh those stupid boys and their stupid nerd shit. The girls go out and do important things while they sit on their asses pretending to do important things amiright? I suppose the next episode is about their trip to Yakyakistan which will be twice as exciting.

    Nah, I'm not really bothered by the seeming stereotype. I'm glad we have a vaguely male episode. I wish they got more dudes in there like Shining Armor or Soarin or Thunderlane. I've played D&D and DMing for only one player isn't that fun.

    I like seeing Discord getting pissed. The game is an excercise on applying rules which he probably doesn't like and it's clear that he has some serious vanity issues. He can't stand being laughed at, ironic as he discorded Pinkie Pie by making others laugh at her. As for the opposite Discord, look out, Jyggalag has broken free!

    I've noticed that Big Mac spent a good portion of the episode sitting on Rainbow Dash's chair. Oh, that must have made some people happy. If there's indirect kissing, would this be indirect ass-rubbing? Then again, Spike spent the episode sitting on Fluttershy's chair.

    I like in the end that the girls wanted in. Except for Twilight. I mean, what is she, some kind of a nerd?

    More a Discord episode than a Spike episode, but I'm enjoying these decent episodes where he gets more screen time.

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