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Yo! I'm Nyerguds. That's knee-air-goods! I like Fallout: Equestria and Command & Conquer, and am a notorious grammar and spelling perfectionist.

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    Random Game Review: To The Moon

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    I called it, didn't I?

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    Character relationship questions meme!

    Saw this on some random dude's blog... and I thought, well, why the hell not.


    1) Choose 2-10 characters that are in a relationship.

    2) Don't change the questions.

    3) Let your characters answer.

    4) Tag 5-10 people

    5) Have fun.


    Flitter (Flitter), Misty Cloud (Fallout Equestria: The Daily Unlife)


    01. Who are you? Age / race?

    Flitter: I'm Flitter, I'm a changeling, and I'm... umm, about thirty now, I guess.

    Misty: My name is Misty Cloud. I'm a unicorn, and, well, nearing thirty.

    02. Now who's your lover? What's his/her age/race?

    Flitter: My wife, Morning Rain. She's a pegasus, and about fifty-five.

    Misty: ...I'd say something on the age difference, but Lemon Frisk is probably some two hundred twenty years old.

    Flitter: Two hundred twenty years old?! What is he, a dragon?

    Misty: He's an earth pony! ...ghoul.

    Flitter: Um, what?

    Misty: He's undead, all right? Revived by necromantic magical radiation. Sheesh. I get the same weird reactions to that all the damn time.

    03. What makes your lover so special?

    Flitter: She's a very... adventurous pony. Open-minded, you know.

    Misty: I think the questions about sex are later on, Flitter.

    Flitter: I wasn't referring to that! She's just kind of, well, always running into crazy stuff.

    Misty: Ohh. Yeah. I know what you mean. Lemon's the same. He claims he's a 'crazy ghoul', but really, he's a brilliant person.

    04. Have you ever doubted your lover?

    Flitter: Honestly, given the fact I posed as her deceased boyfriend for, um, the first twenty years of our marriage, I don't think I have the right to doubt her. Especially with how understanding she's been about all that.

    Misty: Soo... you took her dead boyfriend's place and married her?

    Flitter: It's a long story. Anyway, you're supposed to answer this, too.

    Misty: You never actually answered it.

    Flitter: Ugh. True, I guess. But... no, I don't doubt her. Despite the identity thing, we've been together for twenty-five years, you know? I trust her. Your turn, Misty.

    Misty: Right! Umm... well, doubt him as in, wondering if he'd cheat on me, then nah. He'd be hard-pressed to find someone else out there who'd get past his looks. They have noooo idea what they're missing though, hehe. But, from time to time, he gets in these moods... and I'm just wondering if he isn't tired of it all. You know. Unlife.

    05. Have you ever used pickup lines on your lover? Which ones?

    Flitter: Uh. No. I kind of... skipped that part, you know?

    Misty: Ehh... it was embarassing enough when he found out I had a thing for him.

    06. Which is the most embarrassing moment you've had with your lover?

    Misty: I think I just mentioned that. The moment you admit you kinda more-than-just-like an undead rotting abomination. That was kind of weird.

    Flitter: When Morning Rain convinced me to shapeshift into her to get to our son undetected. And then, meeting my son, looking like my wife. That was a whole barrel of embarassments.

    Misty: Yeeah, okay. you win.

    07. Do you believe in waiting until after marriage to have sex?

    Flitter: I'm a changeling. We generally don't, um, care much about that kind of stuff. And given the fact Morning Rain was pregnant when I met her, the boyfriend I replaced sure didn't care much either.

    Misty: Well, the Stable community I'm from doesn't really have any such thing as marriage, heh. We just... move in together to start a family, and that's basically it. When you live in a sealed off community with a breeding programme that's necessary for genetic stability, you get sex education and access to contraceptives pretty early in life. No one really even thought about waiting for the partner selection to have sex, as long as it was safe. I mean, it was never really seen as that much of a big deal. Some even kept fooling around with their lover while starting a family with their assigned breeding queue partner. Though, obviously, none of that really applies to me; Lemon's an outsider.

    08. Do you have any desires that you would like to try with your lover? If you do then what is it?

    Flitter: Um. That's not really something I want to discuss in public.

    Misty: Not really. We already did all that stuff! Lemon says I'm a nasty, nasty mare. Hehe.

    09. Do you know your lover's weak spot? Does he/she know yours?

    Flitter: She really melts away when I massage her wings. She says it's a general pegasi thing.

    Misty: Lemon Frisk is incredibly ticklish. Like, seriously. It's a good thing the Steel Rangers never found that out.

    10. What happens if you find your lover with another man/woman? How would you interpret that? Familiar? Friend? Cheating?

    Flitter: Honestly, she stuck with me after I revealed I was a love-consuming bug monster. I'm not too worried. And she has loads of friends.

    Misty: Kind of the same for me, in reverse... as I said, not too many ponies are into ghouls.

    11. Any fantasy with your lover? Pervy answers allowed.

    Flitter: Um. Not really. She's the adventurous one in our marriage. Suffice to say, I get the occasional transformation request.

    Misty: Hah. You said that wasn't about sex when you said that before!

    Flitter: Well, it wasn't back then!

    Misty: Suure. Anyway, uh, yeah, loads, most of which we already tried out, but Lemon would be totally embarrassed if I discussed any of that here, so let's not.

    12. Ever had fights?

    Flitter: Of course. Heck, she could barely stand my guts when we first met. Though the one she was angry at back then was the stallion I replaced, of course. Bastard kinda went on a deadly adventure while leaving her behind pregnant. But besides that... well, you can't go through twenty-five years of marriage without the occasional fight. It's only natural.

    Misty: Lemon has this blunt way of shoving uncomfortable facts in my face. He's much more open about his feelings than I am, and it has caused some fights in the past, yes. But... in a good way. He manages to force me to deal with things I'd just bottle up. Which is kind of ironic, seeing as I'm the psychologist, and he's the one who avoided social contact for about two centuries to suppress his traumatic memories. But that's just the way we are, I guess.

    13. How was the love confession?

    Flitter: Well. I think I'll take that as "the love confession after she found out about me being a changeling". That one was while fleeing from the invading changeling army in Canterlot, with her both struggling to get away from me and demanding that I tell her what I'd done with her husband. So I guess the answer would be, kind of chaotic.

    Misty: Fairly sure this was already asked. It was the "most embarrassing moment" question. Uh... we were travelling with a caravan, I woke up early, and I found him watching the sunrise. We sat down and talked a little while waiting for the rest of the caravan to wake up. The caravan leader saw us sitting together, walked up to us and called us something like, uh, "love birds" or something. Not sure. Anyway, it was just a stupid joke, but I blushed so hard it was pretty hard for Lemon not to notice. And Lemon, well... he always notices. That's pretty much his special talent. He was really unsure how he felt about that, back then. About a week later, we somewhat accidentally got married.

    Flitter: How do you get married "somewhat accidentally"?

    Misty: As I said, it's not really a big thing with us! I just moved out of my parents' place, he moved in with me, and, well, that was it, really. He didn't even realize until my friends threw us a party. That was actually kind of embarrassing too, now I think about it.

    14. How do you feel about your lover's family members? Do you know them?

    Flitter: Oh, Morning's parents are nice folks. They were understandably a bit taken aback by the whole revelation, but, I do get along with them. As for Blueprint... say whatever you want, but he's my son too. I raised him!

    Misty: Well, one of the first things I did when we met was console him with the loss of his family... so, yeah. They all died, two hundred years ago.

    Flitter: Why? what happened?

    Misty: Spoilers! Well. Not sure if things where I am are actually connected to things where you are. Just, if Equestria ever goes to war with the Zebras... don't stay in any major city. Especially not Canterlot.

    Flitter: Um. Right.

    15. Speaking of families, do you wish to start one together?

    Flitter: We kind of already got one. Even got a little half-'ling bouncing around now.

    Misty: Absolutely! There's just the tiny annoying detail that he's, um, undead, you know. That 'un'-part does not extend to his fertility, apparently. So, we've sort of decided to adopt. Lemon claims I already adopted enough strays, though.

    Flitter: Strays?

    Misty: Yeeah... an ancient sapient war robot, a giant spider... and then there's Blinker. He's a diamond dog, and sort of honorary family member. Lemon was really good friends with some of his ancestors.

    Flitter: And here I thought I had a diverse family.

    16. We're finished! What are you going to do now?

    Flitter: I better get back to work. Plenty of stuff left to do.

    Misty: I... need to go see a horse about his undercarriage. If you know what I mean.

    Not gonna tag people, but anyone who wants to do it too, have fun with it :raritywink:

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    Random Book Review: The Martian

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    Dead Tree Format Rules.

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[Inspired by Enya - I Want Tomorrow, and written for a challenge posted by Emerald Flight in The Writer's Group.]

This is the story of the stallion who loved Luna while she became Nightmare Moon, and was loved back by her throughout it all.

In the end, though, he chose to see the dawn again. He wanted a tomorrow.

[If you fave, please upvote as well! And please comment, too; I love feedback!]

First Published
13th Oct 2013
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13th Oct 2013
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I wake up, dazed. I look around me, and see robot arms gently lifting me out of a bloody cocoon. Not that I have words for this, yet. I know nothing. Nothing at all. Then, the strange helmet appears. I look on, fascinated, as it is put on my head.

As the memories flood in, I realize I made the worse mistake of my life.

I said "yes" when somepony offered me a second chance.

This story is kinda set in the Hippocratic Research Center of Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons, where Project Chimera takes place, but since I took some serious liberties with my version of the place I don't really think Project Horizons is required reading for this. Though it may help to get a better understanding of the place.

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28th Jul 2013
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28th Jul 2013
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Misty Cloud and Lemon Frisk find themselves in trouble... and it's entirely Misty's fault.

This was written for the 300 Members Special competition at the Fallout: Equestria group, and it seems I still got it, since I won third place!

Any events that happen in this are totally non-canon with the main TDU storyline. Jokes used in this silly one-shot may be recycled in the main story later! You have been warned.

First Published
4th Mar 2013
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4th Mar 2013
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A changeling who has lived at the side of an Equestrian mare for most of his life finds himself in the middle of the changeling invasion of Canterlot. He has no idea who the invading queen or hive are, and just wants to stay where he is, and more importantly, who he is.

The spell that ends the invasion doesn't discriminate, though. With his old pony form irreversibly stripped away, and the whole kingdom out to hunt his kind, he tries to keep his family together, and struggles to find his place in the world.

Please comment! Even now, I'd love to hear what people think as they read through :pinkiehappy:

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25th Apr 2012
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These are the voyages of the Canterlot ghoul Lemon Frisk. His mission: to find the Meaning of Unlife. His continuing perils: crazed raiders, feral ghouls, overzealous rangers, and a mare who won't stop poking him.

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