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    Princess Celestia is the world's best economist, and Twilight Sparkle is her best student. Then Twilight is  sent to Ponyville for the summer monetary festival. While she's there, the world keeps nearly ending.

    With the science of economics (and a little magic of friendship), she can save the day. Probably. The day, as it were, mostly seems to save itself.

    First Published
    15th Jan 2016
    Last Modified
    6th Feb 2016
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    This story is a sequel to The First Hearts and Hooves Day: A Legend of Spike Story

    Part six of "the Legend of Spike Series."

    A year has passed since Spike defeated the changelings once and for all, but a new threat looms on the horizon. The wrath of the King of Dragons, the Dragonlord, has been roused and he plans to burn Equestria off of the face of the world. Severely outmatched, Spike and the Mane Six must find a way to stop the Dragonlord and save all of Equestria before it is too late.

    And while their parents deal with the army of dragons, the children of the Mane Six must ban together to face a mysterious opponent of their own...

    MLP: FiM is owned by Hasbro

    Dragon Quest is owned by Square Enix

    First Published
    12th Aug 2015
    Last Modified
    6th Feb 2016
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    This story is a sequel to Six Broken Hearts

    In Canterlot, a week after the humans come, a boy appears! The human boy was trusted to Luna for a good four years, but was then sent to live with Twilight at the age of twelve. Maybe he was sent to her for more than one reason...

    First Published
    29th Jan 2016
    Last Modified
    6th Feb 2016
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    This story follows one of the last Saiyans named Syera as she escapes Exploding Planet Vegeta from the evil Tyrant Frieza (who was defeated by Goku but anyway). Only and Infant at the time; Her objective was to survive and carry out the existence of the great Warrior Race, however, the Planet she was sent to was very different from others, the planet known as Equestria where she'd make friends, but it will also come with the price of making enemies as well. (This will maybe follow a majority of the episodes of MLP: Friendship is Magic and maybe the EG movies from the OC's perspective but that depends if I really wanna write them all)

    First Published
    30th Jan 2016
    Last Modified
    6th Feb 2016
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    Worlds begin to collide when Applejack discovers a strange creature from another world and quickly makes him apart of the Apple Family, naming him Johnny Appleseed. But as Johnny grows up he quickly notices the differences between him and his adopted family and seeks to learn about his true parents, where he came from and who he really is.

    This is a collab story that I have written alongside lyra_lover777. Also the events of Equestria Girls never happened in this universe.

    Covert Art done by Eveyann

    First Published
    6th Nov 2014
    Last Modified
    6th Feb 2016
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    In a galaxy far far away there was once a remote world called Equus, though small in the whole scheme of things this world had many stories to tell...

    For this world was home to two former Jedi named Celestia and Luna, and would also give rise to hero's of the light, and villains of the dark side of the force.

    This is their story, the story of a small world and how they contributed in the Star Wars that raged above them... threatening to destroy what they held most dear.

    A different, special story to the one's I normally do, celebrating episode 7's release :D

    First Published
    13th Dec 2015
    Last Modified
    6th Feb 2016
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    Twilight Sparkle, the hoof-picked protégé of Princess Celestia herself, has come a long way in her studies. She is no longer the shut-in she once was. With help from her friends, she achieved something eluded even the great wizard Starswirl the Bearded. She is now an alicorn as well as Equestria's newest princess. It is a time of celebration for all of Equestria, especially for her close friends.

    However, somepony seems to have thrown a wrench into mix. He has secretly aged Spike through the use of a rare herb. Unable to identify him, the Mane 6 instead focus on the task of reversing the herb's effects. But it has proven to be much more difficult than simply blasting Spike with some age reversing magic. Now, the ponies find themselves at the top of a mountain, far into the Frozen North. They find Tall Tale, a professor from Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns who is currently studying the frost dragons that dwell in the mountains.

    Unfortunately, the same pony who had aged Spike has now taken the Elements of Harmony, but this only seems to be a single step in a deeper, more sinister plan...

    Special thanks to RQK and Man on the Moon for editing the story so far as well as an ex-editor for the story, Sourichan.

    Another thanks to Avatar of Madness for the covert art.

    As a secondary note, this story was thought up and written pre-Seasons 4 and 5. It takes a different route than the canon from the end of Season 3 forward. An AU tag may or may not be added, as may other tags as they become relevant. Just as well, the short and long summaries will be updated as the story progresses.

    First Published
    4th Apr 2015
    Last Modified
    6th Feb 2016
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    Inspired by the Pony Demand Mod for Victoria 2.

    In a world where a nation of sentient, logical horses hold sway in the Nineteenth Century,  the stage of world politics is...different.

    On the West Coast of North America, in a land known as "California" to the humans, Equestria lies. It is a peaceful land, untouched by the ideals of liberalism, war, etc. That peaceful ignorance, however, will not last for long...

    NOTE: Ignore the official map of Equestria. Instead, use these:

    NA in 1836: clicky

    Equestria: clicky

    Griffonia: clicky

    Rated Teen for occasional language, and epic battles between modernized ponies and humans.

    First Published
    26th Dec 2014
    Last Modified
    6th Feb 2016
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    One night, a filly and her sister are surviving by their wits. They go to sleep and suddenly awaken in a whole different world. Actually, Celestia finds herself in a new situation where the Pony Tribes get along with each other. They all seem to think she is a princess. Plus everypony is extremely over protective of her well being. The beginnings of an awkward situation Celestia may not have mind as much.

    Except her baby sister, Luna, is missing!

    Edited by Gambit Prawn, who was very helpful in ironing out the rough spots in the story.

    Art work done by me.

    First Published
    29th Jun 2015
    Last Modified
    6th Feb 2016
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    My name is Twilight Sparkle, and this is how I became a wraith.

    The backstory of Twaith from the Twaithverse.

    Thank you to Foals Errand for prereading.

    The art is by Everlasting Derp.

    First Published
    7th Jan 2016
    Last Modified
    6th Feb 2016