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    The story of two sisters from the time of Nightmare Moon's first takeover. They get involved in her takeover and end up a thousand years in the future. When Nightmare Moon once again attempts to take over they also appear. Now they have to figure out their new lives in a new time. They have a secret, one that will impact this time as well. This is their search for both a home and their people.

    First Published
    7th Aug 2016
    Last Modified
    25th Oct 2016
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    Edited by: ransom username & The Fallen Arc

    Follow Major Alex Nicks a lone wolf of the ever so potent Ghost (Ghost recon series) as he lives his life in Equestria. Where he will fight for what he knows is right even sticking to his morale code in the midst of chaos of disharmony. ( End War heavily reference)

    First Published
    14th Jun 2015
    Last Modified
    25th Oct 2016
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    After a pro wrestling show comes to Ponyville, Pinkie becomes inspired by the fast-paced and jaw-dropping excitement of wrestling. So she and her friends sign up and start training to become wrestlers. But after seeing what truly goes on both in and out of the ring, they may have made a hasty decision.

    Author's Note: This is my first fanfic so if isn't all that great or doesn't catch your attention, you must understand that I'm still learning. Also there won't be any pony OCs in this story. All of the pony characters who aren't official characters on the show will pretty much be some ponies that came from my brain that aren't actual OCs. *Warning*: This story is rated teen for swearing and some innuendos. But now that's all out of the way, I hope you guys enjoy my first story!

    First Published
    27th Sep 2016
    Last Modified
    25th Oct 2016
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      Crossover with the game Mother Russia Bleeds.


      Take place between the Equestria Girls movies, but start before the first one.

      The battle was over. Mother Russia was saved and the revolution was a success. Unfortunatly, Natasha had what looked to be a overdose and awakes in a new city, thanks to Nekro. After knowing the existence Nekro in this world, she and her new allies must stop the drug from spreeding. She won't allow Canterlot City to bleed like Mother Russia did.

      Something I did because i love the game :pinkiesmile: (also, I have two more ideas of crossover with this game, so, if you like this I hope you like the others as well... but, if you didn't like this... well, poop)

    First Published
    19th Sep 2016
    Last Modified
    25th Oct 2016
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    This story is a sequel to Blood Red Shadows

    Entry #87; March 19, 2018;

    My training is finally complete, and I'm being sent to Remnant within the month. I only hope the others realize the threat looming under their noses...

      2 years after the events of 'Blood Red Shadows', the ex-Unity members try to carry on with their old lives, only to find trouble well on it's way.

      With the Vytal Festival finally back in full swing, the survivors of the Blood Red Night, including the Elements of Harmony, are expected to make appearances as guest challengers in the Tournament.

      Little does anyone realize the sheer calamity an old enemy has in store for them..

    Prologue: Chapter 1

    Vytal Festival Arc: Chapters 2-11

    Fall Knights Arc: Chapters 12-22

    Nexus Divisa Arc: Chapters 23-34

    Coven Arc: Chapters 35-???

    Corvus Arc: Chapters ???-???

    Osiris Arc: Chapters ???-???

    Epilogues: Chapters ???-???

    Rated Teen for profanity and violence, among other things.

    IMPORTANT: For those who don't know, this is the continuation of a Vanossgaming/MLP/RWBY crossover. Prior knowledge is advised.


    MLP is owned by Hasbro

    RWBY is owned by Rooster Teeth

    Vanossgaming and friends own... Themselves..?

    Grand Theft Auto 5 is owned by Rockstar Games

    Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is owned by Activision and Treyarch

    The SCP Foundation own themselves

    Fairy Tail is owned by A-1 Pictures, FUNimation, and Hiro Mashima

    Last, but certainly not least,

    Credit to Longsean22 and SuperKamek for use of their characters, Oreonna and Auburn!


    First Published
    15th Jun 2016
    Last Modified
    25th Oct 2016
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    This story is a sequel to Cabin Fervor

    When the Ponyville History Museum puts a strange and mysterious artifact on display, Sunset Shimmer starts acting strangely. And so, it looks like Twilight's the only one who can stop her ... or will she help her instead?

    More in my Equestria-Girls continuity! (But again, not intricately tied to the other stories, so it works as a standalone). Set vaguely before the Camp Everfree movie, but after Friendship Games.

    First Published
    25th Oct 2016
    Last Modified
    25th Oct 2016
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    The Monster of the Year contest is coming up, and Scootaloo has an entry sure to give Ponyvillians the scare of their lives: a murderous spirit from Zebra folklore.

    Beyond known reality, something awakes, called by the speaking of its name. It draws closer, closer, to the little town at the forest's edge. When night falls, its reign of terror shall begin.

    *  *  *

    Cover art by totallynotabrony. (Source.)

    Edited by GaryOak and Garret Sylvar.

    Creature design by Necros66.

    First Published
    24th Oct 2016
    Last Modified
    25th Oct 2016
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    This story is a sequel to A New Dragon in Ponyville

    Didn't read the first story? Catch the summary over here.

    Everfree Village, the first place in Equestria where dragons and ponies live together in peace. Fluttershy never thought she’d live in a community full of dragons, let alone get married to one. Married life carries its own set of amusing, awkward, and sometimes frustrating challenges, but Fluttershy doesn’t mind. It’s the little surprises and joys that make each day worth living.

    Talon Wind has never heard of Everfree Village, or Equestria, or even ponies. She’s a wyvern, one of only six thousand still alive after the Endless War, well, ended. Refugees from their homeland, they’ve entered into an alliance with a species of dragons called drakes. The drakes are having a hard time of life as well. Some other species went and built a city on the land where they get their food. So now the continued survival of the Dragon Alliance depends on them getting that land back. What was the city called again? Oh right, the Crystal Empire.

    Sex tag for discussions about the topic and some innuendo.

    Featured 10/10/16!

    Expect updates about three times a week, more if I can manage it.

    Special thanks:

    rcmgamer218, for his help with the story and permission to use his character, Yol Toor.

    -Singleton-, for help with the story.

    km, for help with the story.

    DrWingbeats, for the cover art.

    Kudamon, for help with the story.

    First Published
    10th Oct 2016
    Last Modified
    25th Oct 2016
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    Rising star Diamond Tiara. Everyone loves her and envies her. Diamond loves her life. She loves the runway. She loves the dresses. She love her fans. She only hates one thing in her life. Unfortunately it controls everything.

    First Published
    25th Oct 2016
    Last Modified
    25th Oct 2016
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    This story is a sequel to Alien: Twilight MIA

    Twilight has been through so much, the loss of friends, the loss of a great protector, and almost loosing her self to a creator of death. Twilight is more than deserving of a break, more deserving of a life with no more stress and no more death. However, her well deserved things are too far away for her to reach when she wakes up in the arms of  the Weyland Yutani Corparation.

    Twilight Sparkle will be undergoing some extreme changes, she will have to once again survive. Infected with a Xenomorph Queen will witness the true power of the creatures, will see all the breeds the parasitic species has to offer. Good things will come to an end , Weyland will fall, the truth will come out and Twilight will have.....

    Her Final Chapter

    (Please Read The First Two Stories First Before Jumping Into This One! The First Stories are in the Following Order

    Alien: Twilight Signing Out

    Alien: Twilight MIA

    and then you should read this one)

    First Published
    17th May 2016
    Last Modified
    25th Oct 2016