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    [Warning: Comments may contain spoilers]

    Imagine a simple guy like me, who after some heart breaking times decides to live alone in his wooden cottage by the lake, only to get his life flip upside-down by the group of seven talking fillies and one mare. What's worse, it doesn’t seem like my life is gonna get back to normal anytime soon, unless I get rid of them help them get back to where they came from.

    Author's notes:

    My fanfic is divided into two separate stories. The human world part, although written in a first person style, will also provide a perspective change adds. The Equestria’s part, where Cadence and Shining Armor need to take care of their kingdom, will have a third person perspective.

    I also need to warn you that my story is a slow paced one. I don’t like to rush things, so if you believe you are patient enough, then perhaps my story might be just what you need :)

    Edit: The pony to human transformation starts in chapter 8.

    This story takes place after season 3. You can PM me about any mistakes. Feel free to leave a comment, and rate the story if you like it. Thanks in advance.

    Editting by Angrywritingskills, BucketHelm, some advice by Ocalhoun. I appreciate your help guys.

    Fan-art used by JoieArts permition, thank you so much :)

    First Published
    3rd Jul 2014
    Last Modified
    5th Jul 2015
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    Servants. What does the word mean? It means those who obey the wishes and desires of those they call 'master'. But to us, that word means so much more now.

    We number only seven. But there are no greater Servants in history. None greater than us. That much, I can assure you. We wield power that no man can hope to equal. But it is not the power of any man that bested us one thousand years ago. It was the power of Harmony. Sealed away, we have watched as time ticked on, only to find ourselves wakened by Chaos. Now, we roam free. We await the commands of new Masters. And the chance to cross blades with even greater foes.

    But, we shall not be taken lightly. We shall serve only those who wield the strength of kings, those who are willing to change the world.

    I ask this of you now: Are you strong enough to be our Masters?

    First Published
    16th Feb 2015
    Last Modified
    5th Jul 2015
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    What would you do if, by some miracle, you knew exactly how your life was going to play out? All of the choices you made, the mistakes, the missed opportunities, the things you should have done, the things you should have said, and so much more. What if you had the chance to re-live the most important years of your life?

    For Twilight, a young unicorn preparing to journey to the tiny village of Ponyville, that's exactly the opportunity she's about to be given.

    First Published
    13th Apr 2015
    Last Modified
    5th Jul 2015
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    Hey, my name is James and everything was going great for me. I had a nice job, great house, loving family and the bestest friends you could have, but it all changed when I went to comic-con dressed as the legendary purple dragon himself, Spyro.  

    There I was checking out the different booths when a man called 'The Merchant' came literally out of no where and tried to sell me a power crystal from the Spyro games. I hesitated at first, but  the price was reasonable so I bought it, but right when I grabbed the crystal I started to feel dizzy and that's when everything went black.

    Now here I am stuck on a strange world, not knowing if I am ever going to find a way back home. Did I mention that there are also technicolor ponies that may or may not try to kill me?

    OMG!! Featured 6/21/15

    Featurd 6/22/15

    [Displaced Story]

    All the characters and pictures belong to their respective owners please support the official release.

    First Published
    21st Jun 2015
    Last Modified
    5th Jul 2015
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    A human goes to sleep and wakes up in a pony's body and he's falling from the sky and his adventure in a land full of color ponies Will only begin. But first he must over come a great challenge...talking to strangers.

    As soon as he lands.

    Cover is mine

    First Published
    28th Mar 2015
    Last Modified
    5th Jul 2015
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    Musical Parodies of the most famous incidents in Equestria or just everyday life in Ponyville...Disney style!

    A direct sequel to My Little Disney: Music is Magic. Inspired by the madpony who drew this.

    Got an idea? Just leave a comment listing the Disney Song, and I'll see what I can come up with! Note: Please don't ask me to do "Hellfire" though. The deviantart link above will show why.

    Update: Thirty out. Just...SEVENTY more!? Oh Sweet Celestia...please. Guize. Help me by submitting suggestions...

    I'm ALSO taking guest submissions! Just PM me with a title, what it's a parody of, and lyrics. I may edit it here and there for the purposes of grammer, but come at me brony, if you dare!

    First Published
    2nd Apr 2015
    Last Modified
    5th Jul 2015
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    Adagio wakes up, no longer in her teenage form, but as a child. The thing she feared most has finally happened, her magic has finally faded. Now she is young, and her mind is no longer developed, leaving her siren sisters to watch over her.

    Or just Aria...

    Seen this picture around and an idea instantly sprang into my head. I don't know what I have planned for this, but whatever it is, it's going to be for my pleasure.

    First Published
    6th May 2015
    Last Modified
    5th Jul 2015
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    I am a hitpony. Or was. Things like that don't tend to last long. I'll tell you about those days though, because right now, things aren't too good. But, enough about that, let's get back to the good old days, if you can call them that.

    First Published
    21st Jun 2014
    Last Modified
    5th Jul 2015
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    As the elements were unleashed, the Nightmare knew it was over. But it would not let it's fun end. No, it would not be left  behind. It would find another world to bring to ruin. As for the poor sap that was left in It's place? He was going to get blasted, what did it matter what he ended up getting from It?

    Cover Image by NetherWalker

    Edit: I swear, half of you are uncultured heathens. The thing in the image with the Nightmare's hair is a substitute doll

    First Published
    26th Apr 2015
    Last Modified
    5th Jul 2015
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    Isaac is a nice person to nice people that is how he is, however he isn't to pleased with him and his companions having to watch over the entirety of the main six and to be more specific twilight sparkle. Why did the princess decide to send twilight and friends into hiding, why does Isaac agree to it in the first place, Who is making dinner tonight because Isaac is a horrible cook. Find out next time on Fimfiction.

    First Published
    4th Jul 2015
    Last Modified
    5th Jul 2015