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    I do Not Remember Who  I was before.  Even with Lord Tzeentch's  wisdom, I do not remember my past. But I do remember the Ponies. And they will pay with their lives for what they have done to me. They think they know magic. I will show them what Ahriman  the Exiled can do.

    Fucking Ponies. They better pray that I don't break out of this prison. Because when I do, I will deliver Lord Khorne's  Wrath upon them, and they shall learn to fear the name Kharn The Betrayer!

    These Ponies know nothing on how the universe works, so I, Zhufor The Impaler, will show them how the universe truly works! With blood and destruction!  


    Now that these three, once normal humans, now Horrifically  mutated super soldiers, have fallen to the once peaceful land of Equestria, which is steep in war, they set about to end the war in their own way: choose one side and eliminate the other. Let's see what will happen, shall we?

    Note: All comments from the previous version of this story have been removed as a way to start fresh

    Starts out in the time of the Civil war between Luna and Celestia, then heads to around season 5. I do not own any of the characters, unless they are a OC I make. Warhammer 40k is owned by Games workshop, and MLP is owned by Hasbro.

    I own nothing but the story.

    Please leave Constructive criticism and show me where I made a error. I will be sure to correct it.

    Also, if you didn't get it already, this is a displaced  story

    Extra bit of intro thing:

    The Chaos Space Marines, in a time not of their own, and with enemies who once were allies, are free in the current Era of Harmony. Will they're  foul corruption once more   drown the world in Chaos, or will harmony prevail and free these corrupt souls?

    First Published
    8th Jul 2015
    Last Modified
    31st Aug 2015
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    Sunset has been using her book to communicate with princess Twilight. Sunset really likes Twilight, and is pretty sure that Twilight likes her too. So when she's invited to spend hearths warming, Equestrias equivalent of Christmas, with Twilight in Equestria, how can she say no?

    First Published
    9th Jul 2015
    Last Modified
    31st Aug 2015
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    This story is a sequel to 10 Days, 3 Adventures - Part 1 - "In Dreams They Came"

    During a 10-day period, the mane 6 split up into 3 duos and go on separate adventures.

    This one is Raritys and Pinkie Pies adventure.

    Part 1 - https://www.fimfiction.net/story/270865/10-days-3-adventures---part-1---in-dreams-they-came

    (Twilight and Applejack)

    Part 2 - (You are here)

    (Rarity and Pinkie Pie)

    Part 3 - (Not yet available)

    (Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy)

    First Published
    29th Jul 2015
    Last Modified
    31st Aug 2015
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    The barriers between our worlds have always kept them separate. But because of a message missed by all but one, this barrier was broken. Now two friends find themselves in the land of Equestria. It is a land that is similar, yet different from the one we all know.

    Now stuck in a new world with no hope of returning home, they must adapt to their new bodies. Neither of the two friends know that their presence has set off a series of events that they have never experienced before in any sense of the word.


    Featured 8/31/2014 (No Mature Filter): Huh. Would you look at that...

    First Published
    31st Aug 2014
    Last Modified
    31st Aug 2015
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    A legendary magical discovery leads the protagonist Twilight Sparkle through a chain of events that not only explain Celestia and Luna's history, but a history about herself that even she could not have imagined.

    First Published
    11th Jul 2015
    Last Modified
    31st Aug 2015
    • ...

    Everyone would like to be a millionaire, but was is it like when you end up in an alternate universe after an accident occurs? For Matt, just that has happened. Just how will he manage life in this new world known as Equestria? Lucky for him, a sweet, young mare named Apple Bloom found him and things start to look up. Or do they?


    Rated teen for themes and language.

    First Published
    13th Jan 2015
    Last Modified
    31st Aug 2015
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    This story is a sequel to Cream the Rabbit comes to Ponyville

    Solar Dusk escapes into a new world with the help of a new accomplice, and sends Equestria into panic.

    Now, Fluttershy and the rest of her friends must travel into this new world and reunite with an old friend and more to find Solar Dusk and bring him down before its too late.

    Unfortunately, Solar and his new partner are one step ahead of the heroes, and chaos will soon ensue.

    NOTE: (every sonic hero will not be in this story)

    Princess Celestia and Princess Luna are also in this story.

    Cover art made by: Fuzon-S

    First Published
    14th Aug 2013
    Last Modified
    31st Aug 2015
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    In the land of Equestria, the six crystals of earth, fire, water, wind, light and darkness keep the world in harmony. It is said that long ago, six legendary heroes gave their bodies up to become the crystals and repel evil for all eternity. It is unknown if this is true or some children's tale, but the crystals were formed one way or another, and actually do keep pure darkness from emerging into the land. Furthermore, six guardians watch over the crystals and protect them, allowing none to interfere with nature and its seemingly unlimited power.

    Even still, an entity known as King Sombra enters the world somehow and threatens to annihilate it. All hope seems impossible to fathom. However, a beacon of light shines upon a certain lavender library woman. It is now up to her and an unlikely group of heroes to save the crystals, defeat the darkness, and save the world.

    Does the premise sound familiar? Yes, indeed, this is a story about the classic Final Fantasy games merging with the MLP Universe. Notice how I said classic, right? That means there is going to be a lot of simple story choices. Oh, don't get me wrong; there are still going to be shocking moments and revelations like those newer FF games and even some of the classics. Just don't expect something as grand as Metal Gear Solid 4. Also, the "classic" games I speak of are I-VI. No offense to VII, but its too gritty for this kind of story.

    Art is owned by skecchiart.

    First Published
    30th Aug 2015
    Last Modified
    31st Aug 2015
    • ...

    Twilight Sparkle gets a surprising gift from a pen pal in Saddle Arabia. A very old and rare book, the Neighcronomicon. When Twilight begins speaking in tongues and casting spells she has no memory of learning, it becomes all too clear that something is terribly wrong. With the help of her friends, Twilight must track down a solution for her growing instability. . . before the whispers from beyond the stars become promises.

    A scoop of the Cthulhu Mythos mixed in with My Little Pony, and garnished with a dash of my fever dreams. Serve (the Elder Gods) and enjoy!

    Cover by Anita Olsen, who I reaaally should have asked first (my bad!)(Now 100% more artist approved, as of 1/20/15.)

    First Published
    18th Dec 2014
    Last Modified
    31st Aug 2015
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    Adventure, Mayhem, Magic of unknown origins, oh and Talking Ponies. All being unrelated events have brought three friends together into the wildest holiday that anyone could imagine. What started as a small Halloween talk, as well as showcasing their own costumes to one another. However, due to actions outside of their control, or even any desires, they land in a new land during a turbulent time. They soon find themselves dealing with a threat, Mistaken identities based on their costumes of a Nobleman, A Soldier, and a Monster Hunter. It also does not help their minds that they are roped into helping prepare for a wedding between the Captain of the Guard and one Princess Mi Amore Cadenza. All they know is, That they will be taking an Extended Holiday from any reality they know about.

    We now have our own TVTropes Page: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/FanFic/AnExtendedHoliday A big thank you to wille179

    A/N: Now I would like you all to know first of all, this is a collaborative work between myself and some friends. So if you enjoyed this, why not stop by and say hello to the other two writers of this story. I have included their links at the bottom here.

    Team Extended Holiday

    American Brony

    Teal Speckles


    Vital Spark AKA OmniKitsune - Editor for the story.

    Big thanks to Shawn820 for the great cover art. Yes the story now has cover art.

    WARNING: There are spoilers in the Comments, Read the Comments at your own risk, and by all means add to the discussions.

    First Published
    15th Apr 2014
    Last Modified
    31st Aug 2015