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    How would a being like Discord want to be remembered after he's gone? Well, if you're curious, he did actually write a will. To the surprise of nobody, its contents are bizarre and mildly disturbing.

    Now with audio readings by CaptainBron3y and NDLMongoose.

    First Published
    17th Apr 2015
    Last Modified
    17th Apr 2015
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    Celestia makes sure to surround herself with the most competent staff

    in all of Equestria, but when they go too far in her service, she takes

    things into her own hooves.

    First Published
    11th Jul 2011
    Last Modified
    11th Jul 2011
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    It took many long years and far more defeats than he'd care to admit, but at last—at long last—victory was finally within the great Ahuizotl's reach. Absolutely nothing, not even that meddlesome Daring Do, would be able to stand in his way any longer. Yet even with his arch nemesis facing her inevitable demise and the ultimate power literally in his grasp, he can't shake the feeling that he's forgotten about something.

    One tiny, crucial detail. Something very important. As in, 'could easily ruin his plans if not attended to' important.


    Eh, maybe he just left the oven on again.

    First Published
    2nd Nov 2014
    Last Modified
    2nd Nov 2014
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    Princess Luna attempts to overthrow her sister's rule... with pillows.

    Celestia is highly amused.

    Props to the artist!

    It's even got an awesome reading on YouTube!

    First Published
    27th Jan 2014
    Last Modified
    26th Jul 2014
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    Idol Hooves holds a special place in Equestria.  He's probably the only exiled changeling to serve in the Royal Guard, or at least, that's what he expects, as exiles don't really broadcast that fact.  However, it's well known that Princess Celestia loves all of her little ponies, and her guards perhaps more so, and that makes it one of the best ways for a changeling to discreetly feed.

    But how does a changeling even get there, let alone get exiled in the first place?  For that matter, why would it ever go to Canterlot in the first place?  Set a number of years before the series proper, before Luna’s redemption, Idol details how he was exiled, the ponies he’s met, and the series of misadventures that led him to joining the Royal Guard, and should continue a good ways into the series, as something of an alternate perspective.

    Soon, he’ll have to deal with a boisterous new princess to serve and a royal wedding in the works bringing a third to power.  Will his old instincts bring this new life crashing down around him?  What precipitates Chrysalis’s ill-fated assault on Canterlot?  Is it really so wrong for a changeling to enjoy good craftsmanship to an obsessive degree?  

    New cover art provided by the fantastic Carnifex

    And a TVTropes page here.

    And an Ask Blog of questionable canonity!

    Out of Idol Curiosity

    First Published
    9th Mar 2014
    Last Modified
    27th Jun 2015
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    Mood Wings - Observations on Pegasus Body Language.

    When Twilight Sparkle finds this book, she discovers an entirely new field of research. The secrets of pegasus wings lie before her, and she insists on making her own observations on the matter.


    Field research, of course.

    First Published
    5th Aug 2012
    Last Modified
    5th Aug 2012
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    This story is a sequel to Petriculture

    It's been several months since Pinkie Pie made a stunning admission about her past that permanently changed her relationship with her friends, particularly Twilight Sparkle, but life seems to have settled back to normal (well, normal by Pinkie Pie's standards, at least). However, when an old nemesis returns and ensnares Twilight in her influence, it's up to Pinkie to make things right.

    This is the second story in The Petriculture Cycle. There is a TV Tropes Page for the entire Cycle here.

    Cover image by Page Turner; "Princess Twilight" vector by Nianara.

    First Published
    1st Jul 2012
    Last Modified
    9th Sep 2012
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    A pegasus woke in the woods. He was lost, injured, and had only the vaguest of dreams for memories; nightmares of a Canterlot engulfed in shadow and flame, of an invading swarm lead by one great and terrible dark figure. As he begins a new life, the dreams continue to taunt him. Will he ever find out who he was? And if he does, can he -- and his newfound friends -- accept what he finds?

    (Credit also goes to Mekhazzio for help with editing)

    TV Tropes page

    First Published
    18th Aug 2012
    Last Modified
    12th Dec 2013
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    It is the day of the Summer Sun Celebration, and Princess Celestia is coming to Ponyville. Twilight Sparkle is overseeing preparations yet again, and has meticulously planned every last detail to ensure that everything is perfect for her mentor's arrival. Nothing is going to go wrong.

    Except when the big day comes, Twilight has gotten four hours of sleep and Fluttershy is nowhere to be found. Pinkie Pie sets off after her with nothing but a dark coat and the voice of a chain-smoking stallion, and the Apples and the Carrots are at each other's throats while Rainbow Dash is attempting to fill in for Fluttershy.

    As her plans collapse around her and Ponyville descends into chaos, Twilight Sparkle must focus on obtaining the one thing that can set everything right: the all-powerful, awe-inspiring magic of caffeine.

    Six Star Equestria Daily Feature

    First Published
    26th Nov 2011
    Last Modified
    25th Nov 2011
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    Twilight Sparkle's imagination as a child was unbelievable, probably due to all those books. Which also make up the amazing Fort Book, Twilightopia's first stronghold against the country of Armor! With the help of Captain Smartypants and Private Cadence, General Twilight defends her fort against her brother's advancing army of one!

    A tale of Twi's childhood told from her point of view.

    Inspired by the cover picture.  

    First Published
    16th Aug 2012
    Last Modified
    16th Aug 2012