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Given some of the changes knighty implemented recently, I went through making a few changes to the group:

Most of the folders now have descriptions listed when you click on them.

The AU folder now has subfolders. At the moment, these are: Daily Show Ponies, Dashverse, DeadDerpyverse, Lunaverse, Silent Ponyville, and Winningverse. Note, not all fanfics from a particular universe may be in those subfolders.

I rearranged the folders, and deleted the 'Main' folder.

I added a subfolder for Incoming named 'Aging - Please Review'. Hopefully this will highlight the ones that really need to be looked at badly.

Also, I moved most of the Contributors Recs fics that had already been added to the Staff Picks, and other ones will be moved as they are added. It's too difficult to keep track of what's already been done, otherwise.

If anyone can think of anything else I should do with the new subfolder ability, let me know.


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Good to know, thanks!

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That Aging Folder should seriously help with clearing fics out. I'm assuming the contributors will be doing the fic adding for that folder?

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No problem. For the DeadDerpyverse and Winningverse folders, I just went through and added anything that was already in Twilight's Library. As such, I'm sure there are half a dozen or so not in there, because I've fallen behind.


That one is a little up in the air, but for the moment, I drew a line in the incoming folder, and moved everything older than that line into the aging folder. I figure that'll help get them looked at, in any case.

I really would like contributors to review that folder if they have time, but that's all going to depend on them, of course. Given how little fanfic reviewing I've done lately, I can't say too much, anyways...


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Understandable. I haven't done much lately myself. Been really busy getting some fics ready for submission :derpytongue2:

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No worries, we'll be sure to stay on top of future additions.

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Thanks. I'd open the Winningverse folder up to contributors, and bypass the whole thing, but if I did that, they'd probably never get sorted into the other folders, because I'd miss them being added...


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