The Freeport Venture
Sunset Shimmer must evade spies and face off against pirates and bounty hunters as tries to establish a new life for herself after leaving Celestia and Canterlot. · Chengar Qordath
15,927 words · 926 views  ·  214  ·  15
A Moment in the Sun
Sunset Shimmer is Princess Celestia's beloved student, and her daughter in all but name. But sometimes getting too close just makes it easier to get hurt. · Chengar Qordath
26,228 words · 2,129 views  ·  383  ·  19
Twilight Sparkle vs. The Haunted Mailbox
Twilight has dealt with a variety of foes since coming to Ponyville. But she finds herself pulling out all the stops to deal with the most dastardly (and curious) fiend yet encountered: Sugarcube Corner’s haunted mailbox. · Ponibius
15,865 words · 3,572 views  ·  487  ·  9
To Serve and Protect
Storm Kicker, Princess Twilight Sparkle's bodyguard, finds herself in a difficult situation after the princess refuses to let her help fight Tirek. How far will she go to help the princess she has sworn to protect? · Chengar Qordath
10,028 words · 1,992 views  ·  333  ·  25
The Incredibly Convoluted Relationship of Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash
In the aftermath of the changeling invasion, Pinkie dwells on life and love, with the end goal being furthering her relationship with Rainbow Dash. · JaketheGinger
20,264 words · 943 views  ·  149  ·  21 · sex
Princess Twilight's Profoundly Peripheral Protector
Princess Twilight has a hard time adjusting to having a full-time bodyguard, especially when their personalities clash and she struggles with the burdens of her new royal status. · Chengar Qordath
17,190 words · 10,596 views  ·  1,375  ·  64
The Entirely Platonic Non-Courtship of a Winning Duo
Winningverse: Sparkler and Star Kicker are just friends. Honest! But their respective families seem to think there's more to it. Even though there isn't... Right? · Shukumei
2,066 words · 1,007 views  ·  183  ·  18
The Incredibly Lonely Morning of Blossomforth
Blossomforth is lonely and conflicted when Cloud Kicker isn't there the morning after they make love for the first time. Part of the Winningverse · Chengar Qordath
16,427 words · 3,602 views  ·  451  ·  50
The Incredibly Valuable Contract of a Sellsword Changeling
A changeling Infiltrator receives a very long-term, very unique assignment from Queen Chrysalis. Part of Chengar Qordath's Winningverse. · Comma-Kazie
9,712 words · 1,536 views  ·  218  ·  13
The Incredibly Conflicted Mind of Pinkie Pie
In a whirlwind of upset, Pinkie and Rainbow Dash have an argument that turns very sour indeed. Can Pinkie figure out what to do to patch things up before it's too late? · JaketheGinger
21,129 words · 3,097 views  ·  329  ·  23
The Incredibly Trying Performance of Octavia
Octavia Philharmonica is one of the foremost classical musicians in Canterlot. Her talent, however, is not always enough on its own; occasionally, her job demands more. She must perform for a charity concert with her dubstep-loving friend Vinyl Scrat · Ponibius
22,164 words · 2,121 views  ·  309  ·  14
The Incredibly Thrilling Investigation of Storm Kicker
Storm and Star Kicker investigate the disappearance of a family friend during the Summer Sun Celebration in Canterlot. Part of the Winningverse. · Chengar Qordath
22,075 words · 2,770 views  ·  392  ·  15
The Incredibly Torn Mind of a Winning Daughter
Sparkler's faith in her mother is shaken to its core after her fight with Cloud Kicker. · Comma-Kazie
11,435 words · 3,162 views  ·  446  ·  19
The Temporal Manipulations of a Victorious Timekeeper
Time Turner's just back from a week long trip to Manehatten, and things in Ponyville have changed since he left on Hearts and Hooves day. Now everypony is falling in love, and Turner would really rather that he didn't get involved. · Rodinga
104,127 words · 2,567 views  ·  249  ·  9
The Incredibly Infuriating Co-Worker of Blossomforth
Blossomforth moves to Ponyville, and has to learn how to get along with Cloud Kicker. · Chengar Qordath
16,466 words · 4,623 views  ·  662  ·  16
The Life and Missions of a Winning Agent
Star Kicker may have put all of Equestria in danger, and now she’s been given an opportunity to set things right. · Web of Hope
9,583 words · 204 views  ·  48  ·  4
The Incredible Rockiness of a Winning Rock
A short Winningverse parody · Eakin
4,268 words · 3,131 views  ·  440  ·  16 · sex
Training Partners
A one-shot of Cloud Kicker's first wing-blade lesson with her mother. My contribution to Cloud Kicker month... hope you enjoy! · Anonymous Assassin
3,400 words · 924 views  ·  146  ·  4
The Incredibly Grumpy Life of a Weather Pony
Raindrops clocks in and out every day for her job with set-in-stone expectations. Unfortunately for her, with the worst storm in her career blowing in from the Everfree Forest, and to make matters worse: Cloud Kicker's nymphomania. · Ponibius
12,778 words · 2,354 views  ·  337  ·  8
Winning in Los Pegasus
Time Turner and Cloud Kicker get together at the Autumn Free Fall Poker Tournament in beautiful city of Los Pegasus, where cheating is part of the game. Time Turner intends to win, and Cloud Kicker intends to cross Time Turner off her To Bang list. · Rodinga
17,711 words · 2,332 views  ·  326  ·  11