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I think SNES9X exists for Mac.

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>>414250 Sorry for the late response. Luna still learns that fire move as she levels up, just as a little later level. 18, I believe.

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Hey all. I'm actually playing this game as I type this. And I must say stellar work! However, I do have a question. How does Luna learn more Alicorn techs? I am currently at level 16 with her, and she should have learn the equivalent of the Rising Phoenix Blitz from FF6, or the fire spirits move from Pony Fantasy 6. I was wondering if you just pushed the level she learns stuff at back, or what. If I could get some advice that would be awesome. Thanks, and awesome game!

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Aww. It's fine... :pinkiesad2:

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>>413239 I'm not sure, sorry.

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Is it possible to play this game on an iMac? If so, what SNES emulators do you recommend?

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>>412954 Great! Thank you. :pinkiehappy:

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>>412929 You need to download a Super NES emulator. ZSNES and SNES9x are two of several.

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I was wondering, how do you launch the game? (if it is in fact playable) I downloaded the file and extracted what was in it.

Is the launcher "Filly Fantasy VI Version 1.0.smc"? Because if it is, I don't have the necessary software to do so, so could you tell me what software I require. If that isn't the launcher, then how do I play the game? Is there something more I need to download?

And if I have completely misunderstood what this is and it's actually a mod type thing for the actual Final Fantasy game. Then where can I get the Final Fantasy game? :)

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>>410844 Thanks, I'll look into it.

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Pummel Costs MP?

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>>410842 Upload the screenshots to a site like imagebin or Photobucket and link me.

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Ending Sequence- The problem wasn't the sequence itself.  The problem was it needing controller input to advance the text.  I don't know how text-editing works for Final Fantasy VI, but I know from another game that I've played around in a text editor with that you had to type in a "stop" command at the end of every line, and I guessed that you just sort of got used to that and did it accidentally in the text of the ending sequence.

Lore- Okay, I figured out the problem.  It was looking at your espers or magic first and then going to lore.  I have three screenshots I could show.  One is "Lorers", which is going to "Lore" after cancelling out of the Espers Menu (Lore + (Espers-Espe) = Lorers).  The second is "Lore30", which is going to "Lore" after cancelling out of the Magic menu and having had the cursor on a spell that costs 30 MP (Lore + (MP 30 - MP ) = Lore30.  And the last one is going to the Alicorn menu after cancelling out of the magic menu, showing "MP 8" still for the Pummel command (implying that Pummel costs MP, which, of course, it doesn't).

But I don't know how to share screenshots.  I tried before with the Albrook thing.

Weapon stats- It's not the stats that I found iffy for Rainbow's weapon.  It's how it works, with the chance of casting Gust instead of dealing physical damage.  It's like the frustration of getting the auto-kill with the Chainsaw that you never want... on what is supposed to be an ultimate weapon...

Portrait- ...Ouch... Yeah, I'm not about to put any effort into trying to beat him, thank you very much.

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>>410820 The ending sequence was unchanged, but I'll have a look at that. Same with Lore. Can you provide a screenshot?

Check on the Rune Bit, and I'll look into the animation error and the weapon stats.

The Wraths, I wanted to avoid using human or humanoid villains.

The Lores were changed because a lot of them weren't very useful, like Roulette, Exploder, Pep Up, etc. I wanted to give the Lores more offensive variety.

The portrait letter was removed to be another event, and because other NPCs give the same hint to the Phoenix Cave. Now that the Warring Triad is dead, go inspect the portrait again.

Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the feedback. :twilightsmile:

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WoR (WoD/WoC?) impressions-

Okay, first things first.  Things that need to be fixed.

1. Rune Bit appears twice in the armory of Fillydelphia.

2. So... during the boss fights against Platinum and Rest/Sleep/Jesus (the guy in the third tier of the final battle; I hope you know who I mean), when they use that nifty looking attack that I think has a totally new animation, it bugs out the appearance of any following Cosmic Wind that I used.  And I guess it would also affect Cyclone and any other ones with a similar animation.

3. I have no idea what caused it, but the word "Lore" when looking at the lore list in the menu is messed up.  I have noticed it saying both, like, "Lorer" and "Lore 8".

4. So that ending "Escape From Discord's Tower" sequence... I put my controller down, and there were parts where the text stayed too long and I needed to input a button press, and this, of course, resulted in the ending getting out-of-sync with the music.

I think that's all I noticed.

Other stuff-

I think you could safely consider buffing Rainbow's ultimate weapon by either making it cast Cyclone instead of Gust or having it do physical damage before the cast of Gust.  (I think the latter would be better.)  As it is, it basically has a strong chance of doing absolutely pitiful damage, and it'd be fine if it worked more like the Helios Staff where it does its basic attack damage and then casts the spell.  But if it casts Gust, then it just... yeah... casts Gust.

I watched the Fluttershy dreams back in the WoB, so I don't remember them too well, but I was wondering if the release of Flutter Brutter would have affected them, since she now has a canon father and all.

The Wraths... I was actually sincerely surprised that Katrina (That is her name, right?  The catgirl in G1 MLP who was the villain in a little special that was later condensed into a couple episodes or something like that?) wasn't one of them.  I mean, when I think of G1 villains, I think of Tirek, Smooze, Katrina, and Grogar.

I don't know if you meant it to be this way or not, but equipping Rarity with her Scale Saber results in everything using MP.  Attack, Lore, and Magic all use MP.  Granted, you could just pass the turn, but it still seemed a little odd to me.  Not like it's a problem; just felt odd.  And now that I think about it, the same applies for Celestia and her Helios Staff (though I didn't notice that as much because I'd generally use magic with her anyway).

Regarding my earlier complaint about having Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle in your party, but not Applebloom.  Yeah, it still annoys me, but I did like the way you handled making Applebloom who she was.  You made the random girl from Maranda actually feel important.  I still think Starlight would work as a Relm, though I don't know who I'd want to use for Gau.  (I am now thinking Lightning Dust.  Recklessness was her thing and all.  That fits with Gau...  And Spitfire really would be the best Daryl.)

Again, I realize that my distaste for having an incomplete CMC in the party is just my own opinion.

And while we're on the topic of my WoB impressions post, you never did say why you changed the Lores list.  (Why are the Lores different?  I don't get it...)

Oh, also, checking King Sombra's portrait twice didn't give the hint about the Phoenix Cave.  Actually, the game doesn't even allow for a second check.  I don't know why you'd take that out if you meant to, especially since the NPC in the Coliseum still talks about it.

And... Comic Book... Ooooh, that annoyed me.  Yes, the Moogle Charm is cheap, I admit it.  But it still freaked me out when I realized that I'd have to do the Fanatic's Tower legit.  :raritydespair:

...Eh, it wasn't that bad.  Yeah, keep the comic book in.  It's fine.

I think that was everything.  I hope.

That was fun.  It took forever, but it was fun.  I liked your hack.  Keep it up.  :twilightsmile:

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>>410759 Yes, Twilight is here. As the wings, yes, that's her Trance form. :twilightsmile:

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I can't wait to play this!

i recently discovered Pony Fantasy VI and been playing it for weeks! It's so inspirational and fun, adventerous, everything!

Actually I haven't played Final Fantasy series at all(I didn't even exist at that time) or any kind of old style rpgs but Pony Fantasy VI was so astonishing that I just couldn't stop playing.

I hope I would be able to play filly fantasy some day!

And I wish there will be Twilight in filly fantasy, like pony fantasy. Will there be twilight(even better with wings :D)?

Anyway, thanks for developing!

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>>410510 The Snow Dance is in the WoB because the Elemental dance that took the place of Snowman Jazz is now the strongest Dance, the Holy one, and is only available in the WoR.

The cursor glitch is more of an emulator problem, it happens off and on with some enemy sprites overlapping each other inproperly, overlaying the bottom menu or not, etc.

Thanks for the feedback, glad you're enjoying it and hope you continue to do so.

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WoB (WoH?) impressions-

I like what I've seen so far.

There were a couple changes that absolutely mystified (like, why?) me.  Namely the changes to the Dances (I got a snow party in the WoB... for some reason...) and changes to the Lores (I always considered Strago to be the one character no one liked or ever used, so I don't think you changed the lores due to them being too good for the upped difficulty... though I may be wrong... but if Strago isn't, like, totally amazing despite my ignorance, then I can't make sense of why the lores are different...).

My favorite line was when Rarity (I think it was Rarity) called into question who exactly Flash is crushing on.  :rainbowlaugh:

There was a very distracting visual glitch in the third Gilda fight (and I think less so in the second Gilda fight) where the hand cursor (... now I'm kind of wondering if it should be a hoof...) was flickery and at some times totally disappeared.  But since this fight is unavoidable, I'm sure you already know about that.

Speaking of Gilda, I like how you combined three minor bosses into one recurring boss.  That was nice.

There are two choices that you made with the game as a whole that aren't in line with my personal taste.  I don't personally like the difficulty increase (I have enough memories of frustrating times in vanilla VI, and the difficulty increase just scares me into wanting to grind more (I was at over 30 hours by the time I finished WoB, and I don't think my WoB time was ever that high)).  Also, I find it really weird that Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle are playable, but not Applebloom.  I think I would have preferred probably Starlight in place of Sweetie Belle and ...Spitfire, maybe?... in place of Scootaloo.  Because it feels just plain weird to only have 2/3rds of the CMC.  But I of course realize that these are just my personal preference.

I think that's everything I wanted to say.  Thank you for your work on this.  You're doing great.

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