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Something for all you deviants writing foal porn out there, in case you need ideas.

The idea often comes up in CMC clop of the Crusaders going off to get their cutie mark in sex. But that's silly! Any responsible adult could tell them that, well, adult ponies of all kinds have sex all the time! It'd be practically impossible to get your cutie mark in sex, unless you were into some weird fetish or some ... thing ... oh no.

Voila, Cutie Mark Crusader Fetish Explorers! A series of barely connected one-shots of the CMC trying out every fetish they can think of (and a few they had to sneak books out of Twilight's library to learn about) - sometimes on each other, sometimes on Spike, sometimes on unsuspecting ponies! Age-inappropriate hilarity for all!

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>>755474 You are a genus!:raritystarry: If I'm not following you I will start now just because of this idea.:moustache:

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:trixieshiftright:.........i like it someone get on that now :scootangel:

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>>755474 Sounds good! ...As long as we can leave out Spike :rainbowlaugh:

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Make it.

Do it!




wait wut?

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Time to pull out  Molestia on these fillies!:trollestia:

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Fuck. I think I could do Sweetie Belle's adventure into it. Maybe even have Rarity help :raritystarry:

As for Spike; I like him, albeit only a bit (because he has a crush on my Rarity:raritywink:), but I think the CMC needs a colt to help with that. Sorry Spike, you're just... Not a pony.

I. Must. Follow. You...

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Damn skippy! I can't thumbs up your comment enough! :pinkiehappy:

Damn coding...:twilightangry2:

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>>755490 I can't upvote your comment enough!

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>>755515 >>755550 Also disagree here! Of course, I hate every male pony, especially Blueblood and Braeburn, so I'm biased. Best targets? The unsuspecting mares.

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I've never looked at (or wanted to look at) any foal porn before, but if that was written well, I would be obligated to read it. It's almost the funniest idea for a clopfic I've ever heard.

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I'm using Blueblood as comic relief in my story. He will be humiliated to no end!!

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YES! SO! MUCH! YES!!!!! As long as the fetishes don't get too awful (i.e. scat, watersports, etc.)

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>>755700 I killed him. In the best way ever.

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>>755474 Rumble, Pipsqueak, Spike, Dinky, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon... We all know we want to see some BDSM with the last two~~

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I wanted to do a foalcon story about DT and SS.

Or maybe a barely-legal story.

Another idea to work on!

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How about squirting? To me, that shit's kinky as hell.

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>>755827 I second the notion of squirting. It's hotter than all hell imo.

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It will be used in my story, I can guarantee that.

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(Point is: Fuck You! Now I have competition)

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As bitchy and stuck-up as they are, I like Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara.

Something tells me they would be amazing in the sack. *cough* For colts, of course.

What can I say. High-class ponies get me going.

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I should note that were I to attempt this story (and it's kinda unlikely, I have a hard time focusing enough to write properly what with all the drugs I have to take), I would be focusing on making it a dirty comedy, not a clopfic. The CMC trying and failing at kinky sex amuses me far more than them succeeding (except when they're doing bad things to poor Spike, because that's funny in and of itself).

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Dirty comedy? I think I can handle that. I'm using satire in my current story, so it might not be too bad. Send me a PM with your ideas, and maybe I'll give it a shot.

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>>755827 i'm cool with that, and baby/diaper fetish (obviously not like cake twins, but you know what I mean)

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Indeed I do.:scootangel:

Of course, the clop in my story is going to be sensual, with tons of emotions.

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>>756043 You are one of few people that are accepting of Diaper fetish. I salute you!

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