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  • 90w, 4d
    I broke my promise...But it's too late!

    I promised a chapter a few weeks ago, and I broke it, I know, but hear me out!

    Essay after essay, I simply don't have the time.

    From now on I won't update at a specific time, so just wait patiently!

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  • 92w, 5d
    Update: Father

    Chapter Nine is going to be a little longer then usual, which means it's going to take much longer for me to write. Sorry, i'm not your coal buck write 9k words a day kind of guy.

    As for other news, I recently found Super Mario: Sunshine and Pikmin for my cube. I'm going to relive the memories.

    ~Original Name

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  • 93w, 5d
    Father: Chapter out tonight

    Sorry about the wait!

    You know the drill, 'grades before favs', as I always say.

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  • 95w, 3d
    Adding, 'gore'

    Since I've decided to make this story all about adventure, the side tag, 'dark' would be useless without the mini-category 'gore'. To any readers who don't want this change, I'm sorry, but honestly, it's not like I have much of a choice. I don't even write that much regardless anyways, so don't expect some cupcakes themed battle to occur.

    Just needed to let you all know,

    Father bless thee,


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  • 95w, 6d
    ...No way..

    It's been 10 months since the canterlot wedding.

    I don't believe it. What in the living FU-

    So how's thy night, thy followers?

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This is what I did last night.

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