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  • T To Love a Goddess

    A Solar Stallion confesses his feelings to the princess he protects.
    5,557 words · 16,968 views  ·  1,858  ·  32
  • T Random Acts of Generosity

    How low can you go in life before you can't go any further?
    14,925 words · 7,424 views  ·  1,173  ·  20
  • T Noblesse Oblige

    The changelings numbers are dwindling and many did not return home. Faced with extinction, their queen has only one option available to her.
    5,157 words · 4,902 views  ·  666  ·  11
  • E To Love a Mortal

    Celestia's side of the 'To Love a Goddess' story. The second part of the "To Love" trilogy.
    5,905 words · 13,729 views  ·  1,149  ·  23
  • T It Didn't Have To End This Way

    Celestia roams the remains of her sun-blasted planet.
    1,720 words · 3,024 views  ·  427  ·  13
  • E Curiosity

    After stopping King Sombra, Twilight investigates dark magic. Princess Celestia isn't happy when she hears this.
    4,234 words · 3,359 views  ·  451  ·  16
  • T To Live Another Life

    Why is this little box so limited? It can't even begin to hold the plot of this story, or any story
    44,648 words · 5,443 views  ·  629  ·  28
  • E The One That Would Never Come

    Lyra sets out to fulfill a lifelong dream, leaving a distressed marefriend to miss her as Hearth's Warming rolls around.
    3,552 words · 1,077 views  ·  93  ·  5

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  • 6w, 6d
    A site update?

    9 comments · 115 views
  • 10w, 1d
    Are you who you were a year ago?

    Pretty straightforward question. Are you the same person you were 365 days ago?

    I saw that in some commercial in the TV section of WalMart, and it really got me thinking.

    Am I who I was this time last year? I'd like to think I'm a little bit more mature and all the things that go with that. Overall though, I don't think I've changed much as a person. My personality kinda cemented itself early in my life.

    What about you guys? Think back a year, even two, and ask yourself how you've changed:trixieshiftright:

    36 comments · 166 views
  • 11w, 23h
    Brony's back b*tches!

    It's been a while since I last had *any* activity on the site, a month give or take a day, and a lot has happened since then.

    First off, a massive, colossal THANK YOU to all the lovely people who helped me in my time of need. Seriously, I broke down in tears from the turnout in my donation box after only 24 hours. You guys are... beyond-words-awesome:pinkiesad2:

    It all helped out so much and I really cant say thanks enough.

    If you donated, send me a PM so I can write your name down.

    Secondly, the most major reason I was inactive was due to my beloved (only) computer being damaged beyond the point of operation.

    What happened?

    tl;dr Somebody who will never again touch my laptop got mad and punched it, right in the hard drive, and it was instant BSOD without any hope of booting up ever again.

    But now it's all fixed and I'm back with some repressed yearnings to write:yay:

    But first I got a lot of catching up, and making my computer feel normal:raritydespair:

    And 2k+ blogs in my feed:rainbowderp:

    Man I missed this place:pinkiesad2:

    13 comments · 168 views
  • 15w, 3d
    I need some help.

    My fellow Fimfictioners, I come to you in pretty severe financial trouble and I'd be on my knees before you if that were possible.

    Times are hard, and I'm about a thread away from losing my house, and that's a terrifying prospect since I've lived here almost my entire life.

    I come to you all today a very desperate man, who can't help but feel deeply embarrassed. I don't have anywhere else to turn, so, here I am.

    I'll try to keep this short and to the point...

    Anything you guys can send me I would appreciate more than you know while I try and get things settled and back in order.

    >>>Click here<<<

    I am doing my best for a job in the area, applying everywhere I can, while trying to get back into college just so you don't think I'm being lazy and asking for handouts. Things are just hard now you know? And I don't really have anywhere to turn or any extra money saved up. I'm doing what I can to keep things going, but sometimes there just isn't enough.

    If you donate, I'll be damn sure to do something to repay you if you let me know. I don't know what, but I'll think of something.

    9 comments · 234 views

My newest story is done, and submitted.

However, I think the mods are taking the day off.

It's been 9 bloody hours and it's still awaiting approval.

So...just be patient! (Unlike me...)

Seriously, I've been refreshing the page like a madman


Brony2893 · 132 views · Report

SO MUCH CLAP-PONI :pinkiecrazy:


You ain't seen nothing yet...



Weird, only like 1/4 of them are there.


My god.... It's full of ponies.

>>364376 Looks like you hit the comment size limit :pinkiecrazy:


By the way, new story is posting in exactly 25 minutes:pinkiehappy:


i think i saw you saying somewhere that you get those from

but how exactly are you getting them into the posts? surely you can't be pasting in the picture path of every single one of them, one by one?


I saved the 11 unique clapping pony images as one long string.

I manually pasted every one into a random, blank blog.

Then I saved the text in a notepad document for use later.

Every time I paste the really long image code from the document I get 11 ponies:pinkiehappy:

That makes sense, right?


lol, that totally makes sense

>>364752 [img]//[/img]

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