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  • Tuesday
    Stuck at college for Thanksgiving.

    It fucking sucks

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  • Monday
    Back From Ciderfest and YouTube Reading!?

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  • Sunday

    Saw this episode at Ciderfest and damn...I left there crying.

    Amy we will miss you. You got this fandom more than anyone else ever did and this song just proves it.

    Ciderfest post with pony swag will be up as soon as i stop crying.

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  • 6d, 15h
    Ponyville Ciderfest This Weekend!

    Hey everyone, it's Count Derpy

    Well it's convention time again, and this time I am working it!

    Ponyville Ciderfest is this weekend in Milwaukee, WI. We are looking forward to a fun, crazy weekend and I want to invite all of you who can to this great convention. If anyone here is planning on going or is going I will be working around the con at various times, wandering around and just doing crazy things. I really look forward to seeing some of you there and hope I get to meet you. I really like to talk to people and would love to answer questions relating to my fics, my horrific lack of updating, my artwork, or the Five Nights At Applejack's fan game. I would be more than happy to talk while around the con and just to hang out with some really cool people. I will be leaving here Thursday morning, getting to the hotel around 3:00 local time and leaving early Sunday morning.

    I am also planning a live stream Friday night at around 10:00 pm as my little nod to Extra Life. I'm not sponsored by them or raising money unfortunately, but it will be just a fun little time. So if I do get it set up you will all get to watch me scream like a little girl as I play My Little Foundation: Containment is Magic to completion with the Gate A ending.

    As for writing for the rest of the year. With finals coming up for college and a lot of writing projects being due here in the next 1-4 weeks, I will not be updating as much as I planned to. This unfortunately means I am no longer participation in NaPoWriMo this year. Next week is Thanksgiving break and I will try to get a good bit of writing done during that time frame, but it will not be posted until I am back on November 30th/December 1st. December will have little updates with finals week and then I will do some writing over the winter break, which will not be posted until January (unless I can get to some WiFi before then...which it's really hard to find public WiFi in Frederick, South Dakota).

    For one of my projects I will be writing a short story that I will then ponify and submit to the site. Just a fair warning this is for a horror literature class and everyone I have told the synopsis to has told me that I either have issues or that I am insane, so it isn't going to be for the feint of heart.  

    All in all I look forward to seeing you guys at Ciderfest and I hope that you all have a great weekend!

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  • 2w, 1d
    A blast from the past remix

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  • 2w, 5d
    Great Boss Theme Remixes

    After playing a really cool ROM hack of Pokemon that used a rock remix of the Gold/Silver Elite Four theme I was interested in finding a few other good remixes of boss battle or just regular battle themes and found a couple of really good ones that have gone to being in my writing songs list.

    and the final one isn't a remix it's just a good theme, plus it's the lead singer of Deep Purple. How can you go wrong?

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  • 2w, 6d
    NaPoWriMo Ideas and Stories

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  • 3w, 2d
    Help Out A Friend

    I normally don't do these but eh why not. This guy/gal right here:


    they are 3 followers away from 100 and they make good stuff that is worth the time to look at. Go give them a follow and look at their stuff.

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  • 3w, 2d
    Eh might as well band wagon

    [] You have blue/green eyes

    [] You blush a lot

    [] You giggle

    [x] You're quiet

    [x] You say random things

    [] You don't have facial hair

    [x] You never would even consider wearing sock&sandals together

    [x] You smell good

    [] You're taller than 5 feet 6 inches

    Total: 4


    [] just thinking of sexual things make you blush

    [x] Your idea of a date is really romantic

    [x] You sleep with a stuffed animal

    [x] You like to cuddle

    [x] You never played the nervous game

    [x] You don't even know what the nervous game is

    [] You cry easily

    Total: 5


    [x] You like all colors

    [] You tend to wear light colors

    [x] you CAN be ignorant/ oblivious

    [x] You consider yourself shy

    [x] You like happy, upbeat music

    [] You like meaningful music

    [x] You like small animals

    [x]You like babies a lot

    [x]Small/ mini versions of things make you go nuts.

    Total: 7

    Take your total and multiply by 5.


    Ehh i'm passing on the Flutters-Derp Cuteness Scale....


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  • 3w, 3d
    FNAF World Teaser

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  • 3w, 4d
    FNAF 4 Halloween update is out!

    My body is ready!

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  • 3w, 5d

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  • 4w, 2d
    Five Nights At Applejack's - Into The Unknown 3

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  • 4w, 3d
    Hearthbreakers: THE EPISODE OF SO MUCH SHIP!

    Ok I loved this episode but there is just so many ships that come from this that...damnit I will name all I saw:

    Applejack x Pinkie

    Pinkie x Maud

    Pinkie x Limestone

    Pinkie x Marble

    Maud x Limestone

    Holder's Boulder x Boulder x Tom

    Maud x Marble

    Marble x Limestone

    Granny Smith x Igneous x Cloudy Quartz

    Big Mac x Cloudy Quartz

    Applebloom x Maud

    and the ultimate shipping from this episode that might beat out the Big Mac x Cheerilee ship and one of my new OTPs:

    Big Mac x Marble

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  • 4w, 3d
    Nostalgia - The Manliest of Internet Moments

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  • 4w, 6d
    Back To The Future Day Artwork! (By Me)

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  • 4w, 6d
    Happy October 21st 2015 (Back to the Future Day)

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Hey every pony, It's CountDerpy. Today I am taking a few moments to give respect to all those who lost their lives in the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks:

The Workers and Visitors in the North Tower

The Workers and Visitors in the South Tower

The Workers in the Pentagon

American Airlines Flight 11 Passengers and Crew

United Airlines Flight 175 Passengers and Crew

American Airlines Flight 77 Passengers and Crew

United Airlines Flight 93 Passengers, Crew and Resistance (my best friend's aunt was on this plane)

I ask that everyone take a moment to remember these fallen heroes and their tragic deaths.

To any pony out there who is a survivor, knows a survivor or been one of the unlucky ones to have someone taken from you.... you are all heroes too and we all honor you and the sacrifices you and your families made...

Report CountDerpy · 360 views ·
#2 · 167w, 2h ago · · ·

hmm... *takes a moment of silence*

#3 · 167w, 1h ago · · ·


#4 · 167w, 1h ago · · ·

I thank you for this im a soldier in the army and have been deployed once to fight the bastards that started this shit...war is hell and im the devil i will deploy again but never forget my fallen brothers and sisters.

#6 · 166w, 6d ago · · ·

Never Again by Disturbed, "For the countless souls who died, your voices will fill this night...Scream with me, never again!"  Sorry for being late.

#7 · 166w, 6d ago · · ·

>>352819 For Those About To Rock by AC/DC "For those about to rock, we salute you!"  Keep the country safe, bro.  My Uncle works with organizing the retrieval and burial of bodies.  Let us hope he never finds you.

#8 · 166w, 6d ago · · ·

>>353432 amen LD....:ajsleepy:

#9 · 166w, 6d ago · · ·

Ha ha never im one of those guys thats untouchable shouldve seen the talibans faces when we raided their compounds granted i got my battle buddies brains splattered all over me we got them all. :fluttercry: war sucks so thanks fhor the support they dont pay me enough for this shit :ajbemused:

#10 · 166w, 6d ago · · ·

>>355134 you couldn't be paid enough for the shit you do....even for civilians the government thinks we're all expendable just so long as we line their pockets monthly..... the government needs serious reform...

  &   kinds of reform

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