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  • Saturday
    A story idea for a short story final for an English class

    See if you can figure it out

    Hint: These are lyrics to a song that is part of something that the story is based on.

    Love, love is a verb

    Love is a doing word

    Fearless on my breath

    Gentle impulsion

    Shakes me, makes me lighter

    Fearless on my breath

    Teardrop on the fire

    Fearless on my breath

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  • Thursday
    New Story Idea?

    See if you get the point. Also updates coming soon.

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  • 1w, 14h
    I am listening to this for the 5th time....FML

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  • 1w, 3d
    Season 5, Episode 4: Bloom and Gloom Thoughts

    Well Season 5 has yet to disappoint me.

    So the episode starts with the CMC meeting being called to order with the news that Babs Seed has gotten her cutie mark, a pair of sheers with seed looking hoof loops. They make note that she was always messing with her mane, so mane stylist about 99% confirmed. They go into a thought process about how she really isn't a crusader anymore and stuff, which ends up sending Apple Bloom into a panic attack. #Test Anxiety

    Everything then switches over to Apple Bloom laying down for bed with her sisters lullaby causing her to drift off into sleep. Finally another one besides "Hush Now, Quiet Now." Apple Bloom wakes up the next morning to find she has gotten her cutie mark in: pest control. Well we all know that one of the worries of young fillies is not liking their cutie mark which it turns out she doesn't. She runs off into the woods where a strange voice removes her cutie mark just in time for a Twittermite infestation to start destroying the town in a way that makes Parasprites look like plush toys. She tries to fix it all but finds that she can't, and when it looks like everything is about to destroy her, she wakes up.

    Apple Bloom wakes up to find that she has once again gotten a cutie mark: potion making. She goes to tell her friends who promptly kick her out of the CMC and their friendship before she runs into the voice again and it turns the tides, leaving her the blank flank while the others have their cutie marks. She panics before once again: she wakes up.  

    This time her cutie mark is that of a dolphin which, oddly enough, makes her family disown her and send her packing as she is "No longer an Apple." This of course sends her back into her panic and once again she wakes up.

    This part got a little fuzzy because of the floating pinkie chicken, Apple Bloom's Apple Bloom cutie mark and just the pure randomness behind it all. I will just sum it up as such: Apple Bloom was causing her Inception. Luna shows up and explains to her that her own thoughts were sending her into a panic and that she wasn't the only one having nightmares about their cutie marks, as Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo are as well. So they all gather and have a dream meeting of the CMC to work everything out before they all wake up for real.

    Overall this was a great episode, and for me it easily surpassed "Castle, Sweet Castle" for the Number 2 (Number 3 if you want to get technical) spot on my list of current best episodes of this season. The lesson about how worrying to much can cause unneeded stress and can make you feel trapped in your own worst fears really rings true with someone like me that has anxiety issues. I could easily relate to Apple Bloom's feelings with not only my personal anxiety but with things like test anxiety and finals cramming stress. It has caused me a few nightmares here and there and this episode says to let it all go and take things in stride.

    The writing (by a new writer I forgot their name) was perfect for the episode's "Groundhog Day" feel, the moral/lesson was once again mature (Diversity in Harmony/Letting Others Help When You Can't/Memories Make A House A Home/Take Problems In Stride and Don't Stress The Little Things), and everything was just set up well.

    Overall 10/10

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  • 1w, 3d
    CinemaQuestria Episode Streaming me in the Rainbow Falls chatroom!

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  • 1w, 3d
    College Paper Thing - How Fantasy Villains Rank (MLP)

    For a final paper in my ENGL 343 class I have to right a topic paper thing and my topic is how MLP:FiM villains rank when placed against the list of 100 things for being a good evil overlord, which is just a list detailing 100 things that villains should do instead of what they do  end up doing. Just a simple 19 page paper. God you gotta love college.

    Here is the list:

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  • 1w, 3d
    MLP-MSP Star Diamond Sponsor Badge

    Hello All!

    As many of you know I will more thank likely be attending MLP-MSP this June in Minneapolis, MN. This year, I want to give more back to the people who helped make this convention so awesome, so depending on how everything goes I will hopefully be purchasing the Star Diamond Sponsor Badge.

    For $650

    But it includes:

    Preferred Seating


    4 Autograph Vouchers

    Name in Convention Booklet

    OC/Other Image on Badge

    Gift Bag

    MLP-MSP Exclusive Collectable

    And Brunch with Black Gryph0n, Michelle and Monique Creber, and other VIP Guests.

    Truth be told....I really want that

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  • 1w, 3d
    Guitar Hero Live - GET ME THIS GAME NAO!

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  • 1w, 4d
    Welcome Back FimFiction!

    Oh it is so good to be back!

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  • 1w, 5d
    Best of the "Rainbow Factory Song Trilogy?"

    I want to know what you guys think is the best of the "Rainbow Factory Song Trilogy."

    This includes:

    Rainbow Factory (Glaze/Wooden Toaster)

    Awoken (H8_Seed and Glaze)

    Pegasus Device (Slyphstorm)

    For me:

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  • 1w, 6d
    Songs I Would Love To See The Dazzlings/Solo Adagio Sing

    ANY SONG by Florence and the Machine

    ANY SONG by Halestorm

    My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark by Fall Out Boy

    Centuries by Fall Out Boy

    Dance Dance by Fall Out Boy

    Thanks For The Memories by Fall Out Boy

    Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden

    Do I Wanna Know by Arctic Monkeys

    Torn by Natalie Imbruglia

    Linger by The Cranberries

    Zombie by The Cranberries

    You Oughta Know by Alanis Morissette (SOLO ARIA/ARIA LEAD)

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  • 2w, 1d
    Final Fantasy: Equestria Final Boss

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  • 2w, 3d
    Season 5, Episode 3: Castle Sweet Castle Review *SPOILERS*

    Castle Sweet Castle, Celestia this was a feels filled episode.

    It starts out with the mane 6 recalling the fact that Twilight has been over helping them, as if she were avoiding something. Come to find out that she was avoiding the castle because it didn't feel like home to her, which is understandable. If you have ever moved to a new place after spending the best years of your life at your previous one, it's hard to make a new place feel like home. It's even worse when you go from something like a 3 bedroom house to a 84 room mansion. You feel small and alone, just like Twilight feels with her castle. You worry about the memories that you had at your previous house and realize that it is impossible to emulate them here.

    That's when the ponies do what they do best: Montage. They send Spike to take Twilight to the spa as a way of getting her cleaned up and to give them time to make the place feel like home. The best thing was the fact that Spike had a Rarity plushie. That was adorable and kinda creepy if you are Rarity. Now the question is: how do we make Twilight's home a home? By filling it with stuff that means everything in the world to us but doesn't mean much to her? OF COURSE!

    Of course with Rarity's flair, AJ's country comforts, Pinkie's hidden confetti cannons, Fluttershy donating some animals, and Rainbow once again being a narcissistic egomaniac, you can expect the worst. Of course they each have a problem with one another's design choice and when Spike sees it he sums it up pretty well: it looks awful. So as the ponies try to fix their fuck up, Spike has to go do what he does back: become a walking talking red herring by distracting Twilight at every possible moment. This does lead to a hilarious moment with Bulk Biceps being a massuse at the Ponyville Spa and a particular spa pony getting a really nice voice.

    The rest of the episode is pretty obvious to follow, they fix it up and realize what truly makes her house a home and they do one of the greatest things to ever happen in the show: they make a memory chandelier out of the roots of the Golden Oaks Library. There are no words to describe how amazing that was and the look on Twilight's face was enough to make anyone happy.

    Overall the episode was great. The feels were balanced with the laughs, the voices were spot on for what they needed to be to fit in with the emotions and situations better than most episodes. I even saw little hints of Testing Testing 1 2 3, Suited For Success and Castle Mane-ia in there. This may not be an in-depth review, but it is one none the less.

    Overall Rating: 9.9/10

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  • 2w, 3d
    Someone make me this as a plushie!!!

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  • 2w, 4d
    My Favorite Villains from MLP (Taking a small break from Chem homework blog)

    My Favorite MLP Villains: (R) Reformed (D) Dead

    1. Adagio Dazzle

    2. Discord (R)

    3. Tirek

    4. G1 Smooze

    5. Nightmare Moon

    6. Starlight Glimmer

    7. Chrysalis (D?)

    8. G1 Tirek (D)

    9. Sombra (D)

    10. Sunset Shimmer (R)

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  • 2w, 4d
    MLP-MSP Strikes Back!

    So who out there is going to be at MLP-MSP Strikes Back this summer? If you haven't even given it a thought I suggest you try to make it out to the event. I went to the first one last June and had the best time of my life. The people were great, the staff did a great job with the entire event and it was just fun.

    This year it looks to be even better. Right now the guests confirmed are:



    M.A. Larson

    Cathy Weseluck

    Ingird Nilson

    Tabitha St. Germain

    I am really looking forward to meeting all of them. Last year I actually sat next to Larson without knowing it during the showing of Amy Keating Rogers' "Jason Bateman Thinks I'm Dead." He is actually really cool.

    I hope to see many of you there, and I encourage you all to come out for this great new con.

    MLP-MSP (Minneapolis/St. Paul)

    June 12th-14th

    Ramada Bloomington/Airport/Mall of America

    2300 East American Boulevard

    Bloomington, MN, USA

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  • 2w, 5d
    Give Flash Sentry To Starlight Glimmer

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  • 2w, 6d
    I got mentioned on Equestria Daily

    This is just a minor mentioning for something I submitted but I did it all the same!

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Hey every pony, It's CountDerpy. Today I am taking a few moments to give respect to all those who lost their lives in the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks:

The Workers and Visitors in the North Tower

The Workers and Visitors in the South Tower

The Workers in the Pentagon

American Airlines Flight 11 Passengers and Crew

United Airlines Flight 175 Passengers and Crew

American Airlines Flight 77 Passengers and Crew

United Airlines Flight 93 Passengers, Crew and Resistance (my best friend's aunt was on this plane)

I ask that everyone take a moment to remember these fallen heroes and their tragic deaths.

To any pony out there who is a survivor, knows a survivor or been one of the unlucky ones to have someone taken from you.... you are all heroes too and we all honor you and the sacrifices you and your families made...

#2 · 136w, 6d ago · · ·

hmm... *takes a moment of silence*

#3 · 136w, 6d ago · · ·


#4 · 136w, 6d ago · · ·

I thank you for this im a soldier in the army and have been deployed once to fight the bastards that started this shit...war is hell and im the devil i will deploy again but never forget my fallen brothers and sisters.

#6 · 136w, 6d ago · · ·

Never Again by Disturbed, "For the countless souls who died, your voices will fill this night...Scream with me, never again!"  Sorry for being late.

#7 · 136w, 6d ago · · ·

>>352819 For Those About To Rock by AC/DC "For those about to rock, we salute you!"  Keep the country safe, bro.  My Uncle works with organizing the retrieval and burial of bodies.  Let us hope he never finds you.

#9 · 136w, 5d ago · · ·

Ha ha never im one of those guys thats untouchable shouldve seen the talibans faces when we raided their compounds granted i got my battle buddies brains splattered all over me we got them all. :fluttercry: war sucks so thanks fhor the support they dont pay me enough for this shit :ajbemused:

#10 · 136w, 5d ago · · ·

>>355134 you couldn't be paid enough for the shit you do....even for civilians the government thinks we're all expendable just so long as we line their pockets monthly..... the government needs serious reform...

  &   kinds of reform

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