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I wrote some stories for you. I hope you enjoy them.

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  • Friday
    The origin of one of my most important stories

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  • 6d, 11h
    Hora Hora~

    All these encounters may just leave me scarred

    And when I'm rock hard, I fucking rock hard

    Like Alice, we're down the rabbit hole my friend

    I don't give a damn, not an iota

    Motherfucker, I'm the straightest shota

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  • 1w, 4d
    Shining Armor incest porn on the featured box for mother's day

    you fuckers really don't have any standards at all, do you

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  • 2w, 2d
    wait, what?

    What do Riven, Homura Akemi, Noel Vermilion, and Cerebella have in common?

    How have I never known about this?

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  • 2w, 4d
    so I said I had an idea for the writeoff and I got schedule-fucked for it, right?

    Half the reason I went with this idea is because I thought I was so fucking clever for using the prompt "great expectations" to mean "Rainbow Dash deals with a pregnancy scare"

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  • 2w, 6d
    Just another day at Canterlot High

    The air was burning with the smell of brimstone and magic, and the echoing silence was punctuated by the thumping tumble of the last pieces of rubble rolling to a stop on either side of where the front door of the gym used to be.

    I blinked hard, squeezing the dust from my eyes and the haze from my memories.

    Less than an hour ago, my name had been Blue. The students and faculty all knew me by that name, an abbreviation for a longer name that did matter. “Blue” had been thin and gawky and somewhere around sixteen years of age, which was just right for a high schooler. Blue had been a quiet boy, friendly enough, but with an odd way of disappearing into the background when asked about his personal life. In a way, of course, I was, or had been, a boy named Blue. I had certainly attended this school. I had made friends, of a sort. Most importantly, the students had known a boy named Blue, and that meant he had been real.

    Blue took just one more long, slow breath. I opened my eyes.

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  • 3w, 3d
    why I love it when Best Pony is the worst pony

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  • 3w, 4d
    no cloudchaser 0/10 worst episode ever

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  • 4w, 1d
    W H A T

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  • 5w, 6d
    I deserve an extension on the writeoff for how badly I got schedule-fucked.

    Ugh. And I dedicated myself to it, I really did.

    The kicker is that this thing sucks!

    I'll still work on it, and hopefully I'll be able to love it and make it work. I'm trying to look at the silver lining: even if this thing never sees the light of day, I outlined it, and I wrote a quite nice opening scene for it, and if I can do that means I did the writing thing that I wanted to, and now I can keep on doing it. I'll share that opening scene shortly. I really do like it.

    Ever forward.

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  • 6w, 2d
    Why do you people like vague non-prompts so much?

    Wow, you guys suck.

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  • 6w, 2d
    I should do something to get ready for the write-off prompt in 12 hours, but what?

    I haven't done anything like this in, what, a year?

    Maybe I'll write some really terrible and gay free-association poetry.

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  • 6w, 3d
    lest we forget the dual nature of fiction as both communication and entertainment

    The Iceberg Theory, by Gerald Locklin

    all the food critics hate iceberg lettuce.

    you'd think romaine was descended from

    opheus's laurel wreath,

    you'd think raw spinach had all the nutritional

    benefits attributed to it by popeye,

    not to mention aesthetic subtleties worthy of

    verlaine and debussy.

    they'll even salivate over chopped red cabbage

    just to disparage poor old mr. iceberg lettuce.

    I guess the problem is

    it's just too common for them.

    it doesn't matter that it tastes good,

    has a satisfying crunchy texture,

    holds  its freshness,

    and has crevices for the dressing,

    whereas the darker, leafier varieties

    are often bitter, gritty, and flat.

    it just isn't different enough, and

    it's too goddamn american.

    of course a critic has to criticize:

    a critic has to have something to say.

    perhaps that's why literary critics

    purport to find interesting

    so much contemporary poetry

    that just bores the shit out of me.

    at any rate, I really enjoy a salad

    with plenty of chunky iceberg lettuce,

    the more the merrier,

    drenched in an italian or roquefort dressing.

    and the poems I enjoy are those I don't have

    to pretend that I'm enjoying.

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  • 6w, 6d
    I've kind of been hiding from certain parts of the internet because of the shame of how I stopped writing

    I think the time frame now makes it so that I'm not really a "fanfic writer" any more, so much as "someone who used to write."

    I want to write something and love it. But also I want to love ponies again--now that the show's back, I want to come back too. I made some good friends here, and maybe I even wrote one or two things that were worth reading.

    (I still might write a Frozen thing first.)

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  • 14w, 22h
    I'm looking for someone who would be willing to join me in brutally flaying our neurons with recreational chemicals and then watching this movie once the toxins begin to take hold

    "On the other hand, the film, by dint of its simple competence—being largely well acted, not too long, and sombrely photographed, by Seamus McGarvey—has to be better than the novel. It could hardly be worse. No new reader, however charitable, could open “Fifty Shades of Grey,” browse a few paragraphs, and reasonably conclude that the author was writing in her first language, or even her fourth."

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  • 15w, 16h

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  • 15w, 2d
    about that writing thing that I'm not doing

    One major reason I haven't put anything out (aside from the obvious falling into ennui and game addiction) is that the script for Skyborne makes less and less sense the more I look at it. The motivations and internal logic are unraveling now. I have a bunch of words, but not a stopping point, and an expansive but far from instructive map forward.

    and I realized, what if I, like, you know... asked for help?

    Please consider this a request for--not editing so much as an "editor" to discuss the story with, and how it could be changed so that it can flow through its revelations and themes more naturally. I'm ready to compromise and renovate, but for that I may need some one on one with an outside point of view.

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  • 20w, 2d
    I learned last night that I may have a family legacy of town drunkards

    Masu = those square sake cups

    Naga = long time

    Masunaga = constantly drunk

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  • 21w, 6d
    what do we want?

    a banner.

    when do we want it?

    nobody ever didn't want it

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This is fucking fascinating and I don't really know what to think about her argument, which means it is the best kind of argument.

I'm trying to give myself a little extra time to digest this. It's too easy to read her article and quietly nod along when of course the issues she's talking about are more nuanced than she makes them look with her point-blank assertion that being a pornstar is empowering because it's fun.

TacticalRainboom · 320 views · Report
#1 · 64w, 6d ago · · ·

Try reading this: Filk Crit Hulk: We Need To Change How We Talk About Rape

You'll find it more palatable because you'll choke on it and be upset, but it's saying very much the same things. It just looks only at the parts that the Duke Pornstar article insists on not ONLY looking at. It's two sides of the same coin, in a very obvious way.

Another way to look at it is, the Hulk article shows the poisonousness of the culture, and the Duke article shows someone who at least clams to have happily stepped outside that poison. Heck, the only good sexual experiences I've had have been with women much like that. So long as the patriarchy doesn't hunt down and punish this woman for her 'sins', I buy it completely. I could cry that I don't get to be in her personal life, but that's another story. That's the sort of person I'd like to know (in all sorts of ways! :raritywink: )

It makes it damned awkward for me when I have to function not only as a male, but as one who is primarily stuck in rape culture and deemed grossly unfit because I fail at doing my share of rape. All I can do is sit there rejecting that whole scene and seeing signal flares shot over the wall, from women who cry out, I'm free and can make my own choices and own myself! These choices so rarely involve a reclusive serial novelist and inventor, for obvious practical reasons, but I can't honorably decide that the world owes me a mate just as I am, so I'm stuck cheerleading from behind enemy lines, collateral damage.

Emergency rations would be nice. Air-drops. I'll have Dashie begin some in March, as that is within my power to do for my compatriots. :rainbowwild:

Author Interviewer
#2 · 64w, 6d ago · · ·

The only thing she's maybe wrong about is the whole "I wouldn't want to work for someone who discriminates against sex workers" thing. I mean, it's a good viewpoint to have, but jobs don't grow on trees at the moment, so neither is it very prudent. c.c But if you're having any concerns about her general argument, Tac, it mirrors a lot of what I've been reading about feminism topics in general. She's entirely on the money, and it's nice to see her calling out anti-porn feminists as well.

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