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Tasha's Pony Tales · 2:25am

Those of you who read my October 2013 Rule 34 update may recall me mentioning world famous porn star Tasha Reign.

She was working on an adult film inspired by My Little Pony which would also serve as publicity for her line of "Pony Plugs."

Tasha’s Pony Tales finds Tasha and three of her friends transported, after drinking a mysterious potion, to the enchanted world of Magic Pony Cloud Land, where they are anointed "anal plug pony princesses." Empowered, they set out to conquer the men of the realm.

Transported by drinking a magic potion, huh? I can't help but wonder if they saw the premiere for Season Four at any point during the filming.

The trailer for Tasha's Pony Tales is available on YouTube.

I cringed a couple times during the trailer. Remember what Matt Damon said?

"My theory on action movies is that they're like porn movies. A porn movie has got really bad writing, really bad acting and really thinly drawn characters."

In spite of Tasha Reign's best efforts, this trailer was really difficult to watch. The acting, especially from the men, was just awful.

The Huffington Puffington Post recently released an article talking about Tasha's Pony Tales and the connection to the brony fandom was front and center.

Quoting from the article:

"Rising porn star Tasha Reign teamed up with sex toy manufacturer Crystal Delights to help bronies take their cosplay to the next level. Just put one on -- and you don't need adhesive, if you know what we mean -- and you'll look like you have your own neon-colored pony tail...

...Sexy? We say neigh. Still, "My Little Pony" has a following that fills convention centers, where bronies celebrate their love of Mrs. Cupcake, Twilight Sparkle, Princess Luna, and other four-legged friends.

I think it's funny that a side character like Mrs. Cake was included with Twilight Sparkle and Princess Luna. To read the article, you'd think that a majority of bronies want to walk around conventions while wearing anal Pony Plugs. I shouldn't be surprised. I gave up on the notion of our fandom being fairly represented in the media a long time ago.

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Um...I don't know what to think about this. :twilightoops:

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Looked at ten seconds and noped the fuck out of it.

~Skeeter The Lurker

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All i can say is DA FAQ:twilightoops:

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I did not need to know about this, nor did I want to...

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Oh sweet merciful god, why?

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-Crystal Delights

-Now has idea for a Crystal Empire-centered fic involving dealing with the fact that crystal pony's have a thousand years of heat to work off

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Ah, the S4 premire... still dissapoint not a single person took an interesting or unique use of that bottle. Only just bent it to have the most generic one. Same with those tentacles, but eh, what to expect of people who's average shits bricks of amazement if it anything additional or extra out of the regular schedule xD Anyhow, can't say I've heard of them before, least not recall them... but in either case, considering the last attempt at a mlp porn was a horribly bad written train-wreck to what I heard, and the little I saw of it, I can't say this one seems to be doing much better... why do people so blindly follow and obey the norm and stereotypes? Because it "should" be done? Or that it's "always been done"?

Like you pointed out recently: The movies that scores the best cash completed the Bechtel test. And heck, of the few I've seen, the few well spoken about pornos I've heard mentioned are ones that actually put a little effort into not sucking (script wise ofc xD) and only having cardboard. Heck, one was even mentioned in Swedish news xP

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Hmm, what if those butt plugs with tails weren't butt plugs, but torture pears with tails?

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Hmmmm....... Why did this remind me of reading bad alicorn "OC" fanfiction........

I wonder.............

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Yeah, I've know about this for a good long while....

Here's a few links that might interest you


An interview with her

Also, youtube's been wonky for me lately, so I'm not sure if it's the same trailer, but I saw this one about a few weeks ago


I remembered the effects, music, acting, premise and everything about it was horrible...

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They couldn't get Mrs. Cake's name right. Clearly they are not true bronies.

Got through about twenty seconds of the trailer. It looks like they are just trying to cash in on the fanbase. Acting was painful to watch, if it can be called acting. overall production values look better than the alternative production - My little Porny - but at least that one is being specifically marketed to bronies.

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Meanwhile, Twilight, Celestia, Luna, and Cadence wake up to find they're porn stars in a world where everyone is wearing cheap human ears.

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I'm both sick and delighted.

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Both sickened and delighted you mean?

Oh, never mind. I can see the deranged giddiness on your avatar's twiface says otherwise.

It's oh so very giddy...

So... is the Pinkie butt plug a cotton candy holder (cotton candy not included)?

Do they come in butt bead form?

Can you use them to make butt smoothies (shake it 'round, mix it up like a helicopter)?

The male actors in this movie are all centarded.

Eyy... this movie is trying to push a toy line, just like the actual show. Peachy keen.

Imma gnaw on this Lego brick or something. I might regrow some brain cells. Certainly more than I would have watching this trailer for the third time.

What? I was really curious.

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>>1726507 Technically that is her name in Baby Cakes.

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But I will probably watch it anyway because it has that train wreck appeal of not wanting to look but can't look away.

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I suspect Mrs. Cake was chosen and miswritten in order to select the most twee names possible. "Yes, these sick fucks are making anal plugs based on a show with a character named Mrs. Cupcake! And there people who will probably buy them!" :facehoof:

I suppose it could be worse. Somehow. Maybe if cable news got wind of it.

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Eyy... this movie is trying to push a toy line, just like the actual show. Peachy keen.

I think that's the best comment so far!:rainbowlaugh:

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