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  • 36w, 2d
    Story reccomendation


    This is a fantastic story about Pinkie Pie and a spirit pony. It takes place after the End.

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  • 37w, 18h
    Goodbye, fanfictions

    I started writing fanfiction as a stepping stone into original fiction. So one day I typed up the first chapter of a story that had been in my head for a while and when I finished, I realised that my skills have improved enough that I don't need fanfiction anymore( much of this improvement was writing fanfiction I never posted). I'm no longer motivated to write them. I'd be willing to give them away and otherwise I'll cancel the stories. Very sorry.

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  • 68w, 22h
    Shattered Headcanons

    I always thought Shoeshine was Pinkie's sister. I was gonna write a whole fic about it. Damn.

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  • 74w, 2d
    The story will now undergo some major renovations

    I just though of something so now there will be changes. Like a ton of them.

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  • 74w, 4d
    Cool thing I noticed in the Manehatten episode

    You know how usually when there is a big group of friends, they split off into their own hroups at the end of the day? In the Manehatten episode, when they were watching Hinnie of the Hills, that was shown. On the one side there was Rainbow, Applejack and Pinkie and on the other there was Twilight, Rarity and Fluttershy. Which trio is your favorite?

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  • 76w, 2d
    My thoughts on the new episode

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  • 80w, 18h
    Guys look what I did to the ending

    I fixed it up a bit. Any better?

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  • 84w, 1d
    Thing I was thinking that could be a thing


    Once every three years,

    For ten minutes,

    Equestria Girls Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy have wings. For ten minutes, they can soar as high as they like as an aftereffect of the magic going through the portal. Yep, I might even make a story of this when I'm a better writer.

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  • 86w, 2d
    I think of the strangest things

    If these animals don't listen

    I'll chop 'em into bits

    They run around out of control

    I'll kill these little shits

    It's up to me to not destroy them

    Or Flutters will be mad at me

    It's got to be my destiny

    And it's what my cutie mark is telling me

    And then I thought, why not have a whole blood and guts retelling? Because that's terrible, of course. But then I thought, people post weirder stuff all the time! I mean it's not that sick, sick clop that I never ever ever ever ever read. So I continued.

    I try to keep their chortles

    But I feel like a disgrace

    It would be so much easier

    To put chloroform on their face

    I'd drag them to my basement

    I'll eat their hearts, they'll see

    But entertainment is my destiny

    And it's what my cutie mark is telling me

    I don't care much for pickin' fruit

    Or plowing fields and busted chutes

    Why can't all ponies die

    Except Apple Bloom, she's such a hoot

    I've got so many chores for her

    Like destroying all I see

    But why can't it be my destiny

    It's not what my cutie mark is telling me

    Lookie here at what I made

    I think that it's a dress

    But those clients are all take, take, take

    I'm under some distress

    Could y'all give me a gun 'ere

    and help me fix this mess?

    I hate all high society

    but it's what my cutie mark is tellin' me

    I'm in love with hurting ponies

    but the others have concerns

    For I just gave them frostbite

    over top of their sunburns

    I have to keep on trying

    for everyone can see

    I haven't inflicted enough pain- oh it's not my turn to sing?

    It's got to be

    It's got to be

    My destiny

    They'll die, you see

    And it's what my cutie mark

    It's what my cutie mark

    Yes it's what my cutie mark is telling me.

    That was more fun than expected. And not as bad as I thought.

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  • 94w, 1d
    What a Wonderful World!

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  • 96w, 1d
    Looking for another story (Uber-important!!!)

    In this one, Pinkie Pie never experiences the sonic rainboom. What happened to RD? She was captured by diamond dogs as a filly and renamed Dashclad. Pinkie takes medicine for her mental illnesses but eventually snaps after leaving home anyway. She is working for someone who asks for a blowjob and then she kills him. Then she continues forward.

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  • 102w, 4d

    I had the weirdest dream.

         Me and my family were on vacation to a dungeon, but there were monsters at every turn. I had a bow with poison arrows and my brother had a pair of knives. We kept fight these things off until one of them ate my bow and arrows and of course, I needed a new weapon. There was some sort of double-headed spear, like a trident but with only two prongs. My brother found it in the janitor's closet. He also thought a monster was in there, so we lay in wait.

         It was a little boy that met the end of my amazingly sharp weapon. When I tried to pull out, I only dug it deeper. Soon he was dead and I went into the janitor's closet to cry. I stayed for a few hundred years.

         When I came out of the closet, there was no dungeon. It was a nice kitchen with a vase with concentrated shadows and a few flowers in there. I heard someone in there, practicing magic. They recognized me as a criminal but let me stay in the closet and gave me meager rations. The student disliked the teacher and asked me to help her escape. Also, the student looked like Snow White from Mirror, Mirror. However, the head of government found out. (Celestia and Luna, of course.) Celestia decided I needed to be brought back to the castle, but the trip was very long. I had three days. I told the student my plight and she said she had proof of my innocence. I asked her where but she only whined softly. Celestia was already here and nuzzling my arm! It was the  my dog woke me up.

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  • 105w, 2d
    Looking for a story

    It's a clopfic, but I'm intrigued by the storyline. A guy finds his girlfriend painted blue and with sexy RD stuff on and the have 6,000+ word sex. But the descriptions are poetically amazing. The thing is, is that really his girlfriend or Rainbow from another dimension? Some parts include:

    - Cuddling a plushie of Rainbow Dash

    - Confusion of seeing a person there in blue

    - Some pole dancing involved

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  • 108w, 22h
    Second profile

    I was thinking about Elder Scrolls the other day and how they ACTUALLY have books of fiction and 'non-fiction'. And so, I will make a second profile doing that but still working on my current stories, of course. The profile will exist in about twenty minutes and be dormant until Monday. I plan to call it:


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  • 108w, 1d

    Remember those early episodes eith Nightmare Moon? Remember when Twilight was reading the elements of harmony book and the little ding sounds would go off for each character? This is what I thought each character would represent if it weren't for the dings.

    Applejack- Generosity

    Applejack offered all of that food to Twilight.

    Fluttershy- Kindness

    "Sometimes we all need to be shown a little kindness"

    Pinkie Pie- Laughter

    I seriously doubt she would've ever stopped laughing if those rapids weren't so rowdy.

    Rarity- Honesty

    She WILL tell you if your mane is a complete mess.

    Rainbow Dash- Loyalty

    "I would never leave my friends hangin'"

    Twilight Sparkle- Magic

    She kinda has to be magic. The entire setup revolves around that.

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  • 111w, 2d
    Sofia the First

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  • 113w, 18h
    Vampire & Werewolf- a really, really short story. Series. Thing. Episode One.

         It was sunset when the vampire came out of her coffin. A certain telepathic werewolf was already waiting for her by the mountain...

         "Making a mountain out of a molehill again, Vignette?"

         "Whatever, Melody Claw. This is MY story." The annoying pony wolf hybrid I could barely stand was in the way of my short-story making skills. Of course, we were the only true immortals around, and all of the existing life on Equis gone, but SHE had to keep me company? I once made music myself, until my wubs also crumbled away and joined the ash below our hooves, but if I ever pick my heart back up, I'll even howl along with Octa- Melody Claw.

         "YOU BETTER NOT THINK OF MY NAME, VIGNETTE. You know what will happen If we hear our own names. We crumble too."

         I remember. But would it be so bad to die? Sometimes immortality feels like a curse...


         A white vampiric unicorn heard the howl of a soon-to-transform-wolf as she joined her on the moun...

    Zzzz... Zzzz...

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I am writing a story about Sweetie Belle and need a co-writer. I have a guy who is helping me out but another person would be greatly appreciated. If you are interested, say so in the comments and I'll PM details. This is basically how it works:

First dude provides scenes

I change it to how I see fit

Next person, who I am looking for, changes it some more to be better. If it REALLY sucks, the whole scene can be vetoed and the process begins again

Finally, it is added to the gdoc.

YES, this is based off of the government process for a bill to become a law. I happen to pay attention in civics.

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I'm interested. :pinkiehappy:

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