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  • Friday
    I have to go to my first work meeting today

    I don't work for the place till like 2.5 more years.

    Yet they insist I come.


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  • Wednesday
    Ganon's not in Zelda Wii U

    "we are experimenting with a new villain!"

    Oh yeah, Miyamoto? Well I'm experimenting with your mom you dickhead.

    People like Ganon, you dimwit.


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  • Tuesday
    PK Thunder? More like, PK Trash

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  • Monday
    to all people who fake mental health problems (including depression)

    you're a bitch

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  • 1w, 15h
    New Apple Bloom Episode

    Ey, not bad.

    Pretty good lesson on not to be afraid of who you are

    but more importantly:




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  • 1w, 2d
    The D Club

    Don't think I've laughed this hard in a loooong while

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  • 1w, 3d
    Mewtwo Smash Patch is Here!

    With this patch comes some nerfs and buffs. Here are some of the characters nerfed:


    Diddy Kong

    Captain Falcon



    Here are the major character BUFFS:

    Donkey Kong





    If you play any of these characters, you may notice some differences.

    Have fun with Mewtwo!

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  • 1w, 4d
    I actually watched S5E1


    In honesty, it ain't bad at all.

    Just creepy.

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  • 1w, 4d
    for those who get it

    I was going to make this connection with the Xenoblade characters to WoW classes:

    Every class has three specializations to chose from. I made Xenoblade connections.

    Shulk: Retribution Spec Paladin with Sulfuras

    Reyn: Protection Spec Warrior

    Fiora: Combat Spec Rogue/Frost Spec Death Knight

    Sharla: Discipline Spec Priest

    Dunban: Windwalker Spec Monk

    Riki: Arms Spec Warrior (2h weapon)

    Melia: Arcane Spec Mage

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  • 1w, 6d
    this is my oc, sparkle sparkle

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  • 2w, 6d
    Magical Girl Transformation!! Garrosh Hellscream!!

    What the FUCK did I just watch

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  • 3w, 3d







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  • 3w, 3d

    So Blizzard made an April Fools patch notes for the patch. Nothing is actually changed but here are some of the best things the patch said:

    To curb confusion over whether to call them Undead or Forsaken, Sylvanas's faction is now simply referred to as Walkers.

    Stormwind Park

        [editor's note: Remember to do something with this.]


    Gift of the Naaru now actually gives other players a gift. However, as beings of pure light, they probably got you a rainbow, or something?         You should make them a list.


    Gnomes can now equip and wear goggles regardless of class or profession requirements. However, the goggles do nothing.


    Every Man for Himself has been redesigned. It now grants Humans a third trinket slot.


    Orcs now receive a state-funded rebate for being more "green."


    Corrected an error where Walkers were able to gain benefits from eating and drinking.


    All Worgen characters must now wear a collar and carry around little blue baggies.

    Class Changes

    Death Knights

        Mastery: Blood Shield has been renamed to Mastery: Health Shield, because ew.

        Breath of Sindragosa is now minty-fresh.

        Bone Shield: now with 50% more calcium!

        The Death Knight unique skin colors have been made darker in response to player requests for darker Knights.

        Dark Simulacrum is now 37% easier to pronounce.

        Mind Freeze now renders the target unconscious and causes them to slowly turn to ice, unless you erase their memory of the incident and spend the rest of your life in seclusion.

        Outbreak no longer applies Blood Plague and Frost Fever. Instead, it applies a new, airborne version of a virus first encountered 30 years ago. Enemy players will have to work together to develop a new serum to cure the virus before the military bombs the whole city.


        Balance has been redesigned. The damage you deal is now variable, based on the current number of threads on the forums demanding nerfs or buffs.

        Remove Corruption can no longer be cast on the members of your guild's loot council.

        Cyclone is now dispellable, but only by other Druids.

        Druids in Tree of Life form will now bear fruit.

        The Moonkin model has been updated, but it's too adorable to kill, so we aren't going to implement it. It's pretty great, though.

        Gift of the Wild has returned. It now causes the casting Druid to leave a freshly-killed bird or rodent on the doorstep of the target player's Town Hall.

        New form: Meatsquatch. Transforms the caster into a creature that's half hamburger, half Yeti. Abilities include Devour Meat and Sabotage Cooking. MEATSQUATCH!


        Seem fine.


        Alter Time will now automatically update for Daylight Savings.

        Overpowered has been nerfed for obvious reasons.

        Blink's tooltip has been updated to: "Teleports the caster directly into the nearest rock, shrub, or fence." Functionality unchanged.

        Due to drought, Conjured Water is now being rationed.

        Invisibility can now only be used when no one is looking, including the Mage.

        Mage Armor has an even newer, more unique icon.

        To better illustrate the difference in effectiveness, Fireball has been renamed "Ball of Fire" and Pyroblast has been renamed "Great Ball of Fire." Goodness gracious!

        Despite their many heroic deeds over the years, player Mages are still nowhere near as cool as Jaina or Khadgar.

            Seriously, did you see what Khadgar did with the dam in Tanaan Jungle?

            All of the elements were like FWOOOM and then he threw them at it like KAPOW and all the water went WOOOOSH.

            It was awesome.


        Crackling Jade Lightning still exists.

        Serenity now causes the caster to don a brown coat and get really sad about Wash.

        Storm, Earth, and Fire has had its powers magnified, and can now be used on a total of 5 targets. Because of this change, it's been renamed to "Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, and Heart."

        Monks can now activate a brief montage cutscene that shows their character farming materials for flasks and food, reading up on boss encounters, and practicing their rotations, instead of having to actually do any of those things.

        Monks now automatically Roll everywhere instead of running while out of combat.

        Energizing Brew has been renamed to Red Ox. The effects remain the same, but it gives the Monk wings when activated.

        Abilities without the words "Chi" or "Zen" in their name have been fixed to correctly have one or both. Enjoy Spinning Zen Crane Chi Kick.


        Empowered Seals no longer causes the user to belt out "Kiss From a Rose" at the top of their lungs.

        After several years of deliberations, the Templar has finally reached a Verdict.

        Inquisition is back. Isn't that surprising? No one expects Inquisition!

        Blinding Light now causes affected players to rev up like a deuce, whatever that means.

        Execution Sentence has been commuted and replaced with Life Imprisonment.

        In an effort to provide a friendlier image, the Order of the Silver Hand has designated several Raids, Dungeons, and Battlegrounds as "Judgment-Free Zones." While in one of these zones, all Paladins will have their Judgment spells disabled.


        Leap of Faith can no longer be used on players channeling Hearthstone.

        Leap of Faith can no longer be used when the Priest is standing next to a cliff.

        Leap of Faith can no longer be used on players on or near elevators.

        Priests are now 80% less annoying.

        Spirit Shell now melts in your mouth, not in your hand.

        Spectral Guise no longer summons a bunch of creepy ghost dudes to follow you around. We misread it, sorry.

        Angelic Feathers can now be used to tickle sleeping party members.

        Instead of granting vision of the surrounding area, Mind Vision now allows the Priest to look into their target's deepest thoughts. Not recommended for use on King Varian. Dude's got issues.


        After earning enough Combo Points, the Rogue's next finisher will include fries and a drink.

        Distract can now be used on people who write patch no... ooh, shiny!

        Due to Ravenholdt's increased need for secrecy, all further Rogue updates will be presented using invisible ink.

        [blank dot]

        [blank dot]

        [blank dot]

        [blank dot]

        [blank dot]


        Grounding Totem now causes party members to reflect on their life choices and consider that maybe quitting their job to write that novel wasn’t the best idea.

        Capacitor Totem is what makes time travel possible.

        Lightning Bolt can now only be cast while moving. Stopping or standing still will interrupt the cast.

        Using the /kiss emote on Hexed targets will now cause the effect to end immediately, and you're just going to have to live with that.

        New ability: Water Shock. Used by chefs to keep noodles from overcooking.

        Ascendance will now properly make the Shaman gradually ascend in the air during its duration.

        Tremor Totem now has a chance to summon a giant worm and/or Kevin Bacon.

        Bloodlust has been renamed Heroism.

        Heroism has been renamed Bloodlust.

        Unleash Life, uh... finds a way.


        Cataclysm has finally upgraded to Warlords of Draenor.

        Due to the events in the Warlords of Draenor opening cinematic, Mannoroth's Fury is significantly less furious.

        Warlocks can now find and complete an epic, 47-step quest to earn Chromatic Fire. Finally, you can experience the true essence of the Warlock class: rainbows!

        Chaos Bolt can no longer be targeted. Chaos Bolt does what it wants. You're not Chaos Bolt's dad!

        Dark Soul has been completely redesigned and made way more difficult to use, but we're not going to tell you how. You're going to have to figure out Dark Soul for yourself.

        In addition to no longer generating Burning Embers, Rain of Fire no longer deals damage.

        The Destruction passive Backdraft continues to remind you of that weird Kurt Russell movie about firefighters.


        Hamstring has been removed and replaced with a new ability called Ham Sandwich. Sorry about that, one of our designers got hungry.

        Spell Reflection. R, E, F, L, E, C, T, I, O, N. Reflection.

        Warriors who use Whirlwind immediately after Bladestorm will get really dizzy.

        Gladiator Stance has been made 55% more entertaining.

        Due to increased concerns from their coworkers, all Warriors are now required to take Anger Management.

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  • 3w, 6d
    "Monado Shield!"

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  • 3w, 6d


    ……………………_,,,--,…………………………………………………………………___,,,---~~''¯¯ . . . . . . ,/'

    ……………..,~'¯ ; ; ; ; ;'\,-,……………………………………………………….,~'' . . . . . . . . . . _,-~~'¯

    ………,,~'¯; ; ; ; ;,'¯¯¯'' '¯~'\,|,………………………………………………..,-~' . . . . . . . ._,--~'''¯¯

    …… '¯¯; ; ; ; ; ;_. ,/' . . .¯'o~- '|…………………………………………_,-~-~'¯ . , . . . . ¯¯\, . . '\,

    ……¯¯,~*_ . /' . '\| . . . . . . . .'\…………………………………_,~*'¯,/',/' . . . . .¯¯¯'~--,,,\,,,, .'\,

    ………..¯¯-, .'\, . . . . . . ,--~,' '|…………………………_,-~*'¯ ; ;;;;; | .| . . . . . . . . . . . : . .|¯'*| .|

    …………….."\,'¯''|, . . .,/' ¯¯'/'/…………………..,-~'¯¯; ; ;;;;;;;;;;;; '| .'| . . . . . . . . . .__,,--~'~''|

    ……………….| . . '\, . . '\,; ; ;|/'.__,~~-,,/'¯¯'~'¯; ; ;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; '|,'\, -,,,---~'''¯\\''~''''¯¯,--~/''

    ………………/'__ '''`~-,,,-~'''¯¯ ; ; ; ; ; /' ; ;;;;; ; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;'\, .'~,,-~''~---~''''~---~~'''¯

    …………….,/'¯'\, . .¯¯,~';;;;;;; ; ;/' ; ; ; ; ; ;;;;;/ ; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;'~,--~''¯¯';,/'

    …………..,/',--,~',,~'' ;/';;;;;;;;;/';; ; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;'~,,/'/'

    ……….,,~'| /' /' . ,~'~-,;;;;;;;;;;;;|;; ;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ; ;,__,,,,,,-----~~'''¯

    ……,~'' ,/'/'/ : | .,/';;;,~';;;;;;;;;;;;'\,;;;;;; ; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;_,-~''¯¯

    ….,/' ;,/;;;|' : :|,/';;-~' ¯¯¯ ;;;;;;;;;;''\, ; ; ;;;;;;; ;_,,,---~~'''¯¯

    …,|;;;;'|;;;| :,/';;,~' |;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ; '\;;;;; ; ;;,/'

    …|';;;;;'|;;| /',~';;;;|';;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;''~-~''¯/

    ..,|;|;;;;;\;||/';;;;;;;|';;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;/'

    ,/'|;'|;;;;;;,|';;;;;;;;|';;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ; ;,/'

    .;;;|;|;;;;,|';;;;;;;;;;|';;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ; ; ; ;,/'

    .;;;|;|;;;;|;;;;;;;;;;;|;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ; ; ; ; ; ; ,/'

    .;;|';|;;;;|';;;;;;;;;;;|;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ; ; ; ; ; ;|'

    .;;| |;;;;'|;;;;;;;;;;;'|;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ; ; ; ; ; |'

    .;;| |;;;;|;;;;;;;;;;;;|;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ; ; ; ; ; ; |

    .; | |;;;;|;;;;;;;;;;;;|;;;;;;;;;;;; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; |

    /''| |;;;;|;;;;;;;;;;;;|;;;;;;;;;;;; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; '|

    ..| |;;;;|;;;;;;;;;;;;|;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;'\,

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  • 4w, 5d
    Blizz, you magnificent bastards

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  • 6w, 1d
    Are you afraid of the dark?

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  • 7w, 1d
    Warlords of Draenor

    I used to be a huge World of Warcraft buff, needless to say. I had a raiding guild and I raided throughout Cataclysm and started in Vanilla. It was truly one of the greatest, if not THE greatest, MMO of all time. It had a wicked adventure all the way up to Cataclysm, and I still think it had the adventure in Cataclysm, even if they pussified everything for new players. The experience was still there, and Deathwing was still badass. (Minus Dragon Soul).

    Then Mists of Pandaria hit. I consider that expansion an abomination of WoW. I didn't consider it a real WoW game, because it was pitiful. Gear inflation, lame new land for the most part, mostly bland raids, not one fun dungeon besides maybe Stormstout Brewery, just... awful.

    So WoD is out. What do I think so far? Well my mother let me get on her character and do a few dungeons and raids. The lack of side villains is a little... disappointing, but everything from the Garrison to the Raiding is much enhanced. They're getting creative again, especially with the new "Blackrock Foundry" raid. I freaking love it.

    If you were an old time WoW player, they brought da good stuf bak mon'.

    I play a Death Knight because I'm a faggot.

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  • 7w, 6d

    Bought F-Zero GX

    It's really fun

    make more Miyamoto

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  • 8w, 1d

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Oh yeah, my main player. He's fantastic in every way and there's not much to him. Without further ado: Ditto

Let me get this to you:

Gen 1: horrible

Gen 2: horrible

Gen 3: horrible

Gen 4: horrible

The majority of Gen 5: horrible

Gen 6:

I would like to nominate Ditto for one of the best Pokemon ever to exist throughout Pokemon history. With it's hidden ability, Imposter, released, it has become stunning. It is an absolute masterpiece of a Pokemon, and here's why:


Counters almost EVERY Mega Evolution

Choice Scarf lets it counter most sweepers

Imposter copies opponent's stat boosts like Dragon Dance and Quiver Dance

Transforms as soon as it comes out

Mega Evo occurs before switch outs, making copying Mega's an easy task

It's cute as hell


Locked into one move with only viable item

HP sucks so it's still rather frail when it transforms due to HP not changing

5 PP on every move via transformation

Literally, those are its only downfalls, 1 move choice and HP. Moves isn't too much of a problem because it's basically a 1 Pokemon counter and a semi sweeper, most likely not staying in for long. Otherwise, it is one of the best Pokemon of all time. It literally counters Pokemon like Cloyster, Dragonite, Salamence, and even Talonflame.


For the love of Arceus, folks! USE THIS THING! It's easy to raise, EV's other than HP are not needed, and there's no move pool needed! It's the lazy man's way of winning, and it is absolutely beautiful. Ditto is, without a doubt, my favorite Pokemon to use. I guess the only way to counter Ditto is to get something that can't kill itself easily and has good bulk and healing powers, say, Torterra or Chansey. Chansey and Blissey are Ditto's worst nightmares actually, because of no changed HP and healing on their end. Literally that's about it.

EVs: 252 Hp

Item: Choice Scarf

Ability: Imposter






^^^^ literally that's it. That's all you have to do to kick ass. Amazing.

Next week: the first request I deemed worthy out of the 10 I got! This is a bat. You may ask, what is it? Golbat? No, I did that a long time ago. Noivern? What chu talkin' about that thing's gonna be Underused at the least. Probably Overused. That leaves one thing: the NU sweeper nobody ever sees coming. That's right, it's the cute piggy bat. Next week, we cover Swoobat.

Dunsparce · 489 views · Edited 72w, 2d ago · Report
#1 · 72w, 2d ago · · ·

About time this old participant got something going for it.:pinkiesmile:

#2 · 72w, 2d ago · · ·

>>1576410 I know. I love Ditto. IT'S SO CUTE :raritydespair:

#3 · 72w, 2d ago · · ·

>>1576422   What is a choice scarf and where do I find one?

#4 · 72w, 2d ago · · ·

>>1576427 Choice Scarf limits you to one move, but makes your speed x1.5 allowing Ditto to outspeed sweepers like Mega Gengar and finish it off fast because Ditto also copies their ability, in Mega Gengar's case, Shadow Tag. You can get it for BP in the Battle Maison in Kiloude city.

#5 · 72w, 2d ago · · ·

>>1576437   You should do Magicarp at some point.  That thing's the stiznit!

#6 · 72w, 2d ago · · ·

I always felt that Pinkie Pie would fit perfectly with Ditto given its powers of imposter. :pinkiehappy:

#7 · 72w, 2d ago · · ·


The series is for Pokemon that are never used, but still preform well, like Ditto, Swoobat, and Eletabuzz. Magikarp is a pre-evo that was made to be terrible. Its only attacking moves, Tackle, Flail, and Bounce, work off it's ridiculously low physical attack stat. Even more, I think Bounce on him is illegal in gen 6, so he's also stopped cold by Ghosts, not that he was much of a threat to begin with.

Yes I know you were kidding, but I can't help myself; I love going into lecture mode.

#8 · 72w, 2d ago · · ·

Oh shiet

#9 · 72w, 2d ago · · ·

It never occurred to me just how combat-viable Ditto is.

#10 · 72w, 2d ago · · ·

>>1576569   I was serious actually.

#11 · 72w, 2d ago · · ·

Ditto is now much more than a breeding machine.

#13 · 72w, 1d ago · · ·

I salute you. Ditto and Swoobat are amazing. Swoobat with simple, calm mind, and that psychic move that gets stronger with every stat boost. Ditto you just explained. :pinkiehappy:

I really like that glitched imposter blissey. That thing was OP as hell. I hate my friend for showing me it and using it on my shuckle with it holding leftovers. Stall out the rear from that alone and I just happen to give it power trick and trick room was active already. :facehoof:

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