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  • Monday
    The new Pokemon Mystery Dungeon...


    Gawdamn, Nintendo. I mean, I get that you got that everyone thought Gates to Infinity was shitty gameplay wise but good lord this game is really tough if you die at the beginning like a faggot and lose all your items... like I did.

    At least it's not Gates to Infinity though.

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  • 2w, 1d
    On Cloud getting in Smash Bros

    [12:08:11 AM] 2ManyCooks: Doctor Mario vs fucking Cloud

    [12:08:18 AM] 2ManyCooks: What an age we live in

    [12:08:27 AM] 2ManyCooks: Where that will be a matchup we have to learn

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  • 3w, 3d

    I am writing something.

    College is hard.


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  • 4w, 2d
    I finished Undertale (Pacifist)

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  • 4w, 2d

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  • 4w, 4d

    Recently I've taken note to a little Indie hit called Undertale. It's a Take Turn RPG that took people by storm as a quirky, weird, and lovable RPG that emphasizes the RPG part a lot more than other RPGs. It's about a girl that fights monsters that have weird battle themes and sprites and it is plausible that she may have hit a mushroom or two and instead of fighting it, you can befriend the monster if you truly want to.

    I then said "Wait just a minute... that sounds like Earthbound, my favorite video game!" Lo and behold, a cast member from Earthbound worked on this game (or at least approved of it from what I've researched) and the guy that made the Earthbound and Homestuck versions of Megalovania made the final boss music. Naturally, I was interested.

    It's just like Earthbound if Earthbound had the option to befriend things you fight.

    Holy shit this is literally the best thing of all time.

    You have to try this game.

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  • 6w, 16h
    This is the best thing I've ever seen

    What did I just watch

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  • 6w, 3d
    Cute, snuggly one shot coming in t-minus however long

    yey c:

    I just needed to get back into writing and a quick one shot is the way to do it.

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  • 6w, 3d
    Finished a one shot on my free time

    Scared to post it after all this time. It's TwilightShimmer, yeah I know, kill me now.

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  • 6w, 6d
    New Episode (The Show Is NOT Ending)

    Wow, that was actually a really good way to get these guys their marks. Some people are complaining that it was rushed, and to them I ask this: how can YOU fit that into a 22 minute time limit for a show (originally) planned for little girls? The target demographic doesn't really know what makes a "rushed" episode or how to critique it, and by the standards that this show hopes to meet, this episode is probably on the far better side.

    People are also saying that the show is ending because they got their marks. I'd have to disagree. This just means their role is changing. Think about it. Their role is to help others get cutie marks. Think about the characters that can be added or just simply expanded as of now. It's almost infinite. Just because something is changing does not mean it's ending. Take Pokemon for example. The game has drastically changed, but it's still incredibly popular. Sure, Gen 5 was a road bump to pass, but Gen 6 brought it up again while maintaining ultra similar mechanics to Gen 5. Change brings in new people in trade for old. There's nothing wrong with that. Everything has a hype point, but this show is continuing, I can guarantee you that. I'd like to see where the CMC go now that they have a totally different role.

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  • 8w, 1d

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  • 8w, 4d

    that feeling when you're scared as heck because the class isn't in the normal room and your car battery overheated and wont start so you cant drive to get help on what the hell is going on. And then you realize that it was field trip day but you couldn't be there because your car battery exploded.

    I love Monday.

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  • 10w, 1d
    This Sounds about Right

    [9/16/2015 4:49:21 PM] ♫>RDR7<♫: duude

    [9/16/2015 4:49:24 PM] ♫>RDR7<♫: the competitive sonic chat for smash

    [9/16/2015 4:49:26 PM] ♫>RDR7<♫: literally all they do

    [9/16/2015 4:49:28 PM] ♫>RDR7<♫: is talk about Amy's ass

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  • 10w, 3d
    300? jeez man

    I know about 30% are inactive, 5% are banned, and 3 or 4 have killed themselves, but 300?

    Damn guys, thanks.

    Also Listener is a good friend and he was my 300th follower lol.

    Go follow him too kthx

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  • 10w, 4d
    Man college is tiring

    Man I'm sorry guys I can really only put in 200-300 words a day and/or edit any. I'm tryin' but this shit is exhausting lol. I am working on it, though, so don't worry.

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  • 11w, 4d
    flanchan is a haxer/News

    [10:13:42 PM] Flanicus-Chanicus: Ya I'm gonna doxx u

    [10:13:47 PM] Dunsparce: pls no

    [10:13:49 PM] Dunsparce: forgiv sin

    [10:13:52 PM] Flanicus-Chanicus: Too l8

    [10:13:55 PM] Dunsparce: pls

    [10:13:59 PM] Flanicus-Chanicus: They're on their way

    [10:14:06 PM] Dunsparce: reported

    r4port her for hax pls she is mean

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Soon will new Wario chapter be done so that is a thing that is happening. Turtle Troubles is still being revamped and the new story is in development as well. Stuff to look forward to. Since college is a thing it may take a little bit but hey, I'm werkin' it.

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Oh yeah, my main player. He's fantastic in every way and there's not much to him. Without further ado: Ditto

Let me get this to you:

Gen 1: horrible

Gen 2: horrible

Gen 3: horrible

Gen 4: horrible

The majority of Gen 5: horrible

Gen 6:

I would like to nominate Ditto for one of the best Pokemon ever to exist throughout Pokemon history. With it's hidden ability, Imposter, released, it has become stunning. It is an absolute masterpiece of a Pokemon, and here's why:


Counters almost EVERY Mega Evolution

Choice Scarf lets it counter most sweepers

Imposter copies opponent's stat boosts like Dragon Dance and Quiver Dance

Transforms as soon as it comes out

Mega Evo occurs before switch outs, making copying Mega's an easy task

It's cute as hell


Locked into one move with only viable item

HP sucks so it's still rather frail when it transforms due to HP not changing

5 PP on every move via transformation

Literally, those are its only downfalls, 1 move choice and HP. Moves isn't too much of a problem because it's basically a 1 Pokemon counter and a semi sweeper, most likely not staying in for long. Otherwise, it is one of the best Pokemon of all time. It literally counters Pokemon like Cloyster, Dragonite, Salamence, and even Talonflame.


For the love of Arceus, folks! USE THIS THING! It's easy to raise, EV's other than HP are not needed, and there's no move pool needed! It's the lazy man's way of winning, and it is absolutely beautiful. Ditto is, without a doubt, my favorite Pokemon to use. I guess the only way to counter Ditto is to get something that can't kill itself easily and has good bulk and healing powers, say, Torterra or Chansey. Chansey and Blissey are Ditto's worst nightmares actually, because of no changed HP and healing on their end. Literally that's about it.

EVs: 252 Hp

Item: Choice Scarf

Ability: Imposter






^^^^ literally that's it. That's all you have to do to kick ass. Amazing.

Next week: the first request I deemed worthy out of the 10 I got! This is a bat. You may ask, what is it? Golbat? No, I did that a long time ago. Noivern? What chu talkin' about that thing's gonna be Underused at the least. Probably Overused. That leaves one thing: the NU sweeper nobody ever sees coming. That's right, it's the cute piggy bat. Next week, we cover Swoobat.

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#1 · 103w, 1d ago · · ·

About time this old participant got something going for it.:pinkiesmile:

#2 · 103w, 1d ago · · ·

>>1576410 I know. I love Ditto. IT'S SO CUTE :raritydespair:

#3 · 103w, 1d ago · · ·

>>1576422   What is a choice scarf and where do I find one?

#4 · 103w, 1d ago · · ·

>>1576427 Choice Scarf limits you to one move, but makes your speed x1.5 allowing Ditto to outspeed sweepers like Mega Gengar and finish it off fast because Ditto also copies their ability, in Mega Gengar's case, Shadow Tag. You can get it for BP in the Battle Maison in Kiloude city.

#5 · 103w, 1d ago · · ·

>>1576437   You should do Magicarp at some point.  That thing's the stiznit!

#6 · 103w, 1d ago · · ·

I always felt that Pinkie Pie would fit perfectly with Ditto given its powers of imposter. :pinkiehappy:

#7 · 103w, 1d ago · · ·


The series is for Pokemon that are never used, but still preform well, like Ditto, Swoobat, and Eletabuzz. Magikarp is a pre-evo that was made to be terrible. Its only attacking moves, Tackle, Flail, and Bounce, work off it's ridiculously low physical attack stat. Even more, I think Bounce on him is illegal in gen 6, so he's also stopped cold by Ghosts, not that he was much of a threat to begin with.

Yes I know you were kidding, but I can't help myself; I love going into lecture mode.

#8 · 103w, 1d ago · · ·

Oh shiet

#9 · 103w, 1d ago · · ·

It never occurred to me just how combat-viable Ditto is.

#10 · 103w, 1d ago · · ·

>>1576569   I was serious actually.

#11 · 103w, 1d ago · · ·

Ditto is now much more than a breeding machine.

#13 · 103w, 9h ago · · ·

I salute you. Ditto and Swoobat are amazing. Swoobat with simple, calm mind, and that psychic move that gets stronger with every stat boost. Ditto you just explained. :pinkiehappy:

I really like that glitched imposter blissey. That thing was OP as hell. I hate my friend for showing me it and using it on my shuckle with it holding leftovers. Stall out the rear from that alone and I just happen to give it power trick and trick room was active already. :facehoof:

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