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If you can't take the heat, don't stand in the rocket propulsion test chamber!

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    "Monado Shield!"

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    /''| |;;;;|;;;;;;;;;;;;|;;;;;;;;;;;; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; '|

    ..| |;;;;|;;;;;;;;;;;;|;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;'\,

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    Blizz, you magnificent bastards

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    Are you afraid of the dark?

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    Warlords of Draenor

    I used to be a huge World of Warcraft buff, needless to say. I had a raiding guild and I raided throughout Cataclysm and started in Vanilla. It was truly one of the greatest, if not THE greatest, MMO of all time. It had a wicked adventure all the way up to Cataclysm, and I still think it had the adventure in Cataclysm, even if they pussified everything for new players. The experience was still there, and Deathwing was still badass. (Minus Dragon Soul).

    Then Mists of Pandaria hit. I consider that expansion an abomination of WoW. I didn't consider it a real WoW game, because it was pitiful. Gear inflation, lame new land for the most part, mostly bland raids, not one fun dungeon besides maybe Stormstout Brewery, just... awful.

    So WoD is out. What do I think so far? Well my mother let me get on her character and do a few dungeons and raids. The lack of side villains is a little... disappointing, but everything from the Garrison to the Raiding is much enhanced. They're getting creative again, especially with the new "Blackrock Foundry" raid. I freaking love it.

    If you were an old time WoW player, they brought da good stuf bak mon'.

    I play a Death Knight because I'm a faggot.

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    Bought F-Zero GX

    It's really fun

    make more Miyamoto

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    Leo Nimoy ist ded


    live long and prosper, you amazing human.

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    This summer...

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    Imagine yourself in this situation

    You've needed a heart transplant for a while now, and the you can finally get one. After you're in the bed and been administered anesthesia, you hear the words, "What's up everybody, it's Crit1kal". You then black out due to the drugs

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    Starting a non-pone story on my own time.

    I vil tel joo what it be about here.

    Manaphy "Meri" Valadran, Princess of Sinnoh. She's barely sixteen years old now, and uncomfortable with her royal position. Her father, King Tentacruel, is a hidden tyrant, trying to shape Sinnoh in his own image subtlety in the shadows of his castle. Manaphy wishes she could change him back to who he was years ago, but as hard as she may try, she can't. She is psychologically abused by him daily, always being reminded she is a princess, and nothing more. She must adapt to her princess-hood, whether she likes it or not. Must marry a prince one day and not a princess, must dress nicely, must act accordingly; all commands from the king. She tries to refute, but there's no way she can overpower someone with that much authority over her. The Queen, Jellicent, is downright afraid of Tentacruel, and as such, may only care for Manaphy in her spare time. Meri lives in a never-ending cycle of royal torture.

    One night in winter, however, something special happened. The cold breeze halted and it felt like the world had silenced as Manaphy looked out of her balcony with her snuggly, warm coat. Within the thicket of trees before her, she heard a twig snap, and a sudden gasp. Curious and adventurous as she always is, she bravely hopped down to investigate the noise, and found a scared, cold Mawile nearly crying at the sight of her, begging her to let her live for trespassing. Kindly, Manaphy settled her down and gave the Mawile her royal coat so she would not freeze. The Mawile told Meri her nickname, Sylv, and as they talked, they became less afraid to speak, until, in the dead of night, Sylv felt as though she had to leave for the night, claiming she would be back the next day. The next day came, and sure enough, Sylv returned to talk more. Meri knew this was the beginning of a friendship that would last forever, and as predicted, Mawile snuck to the balcony every night she could.

    A cold night came later that month. Meri was scolded by her tyrannical father for refusing to pick a man to be her prince, for she was not interested in the male side. Furious, Tentacruel sent her to her room, locked her in, and claimed to deal with her tomorrow. When Sylv came that night, Meri was sobbing horribly. She had broken; had enough. She couldn't take it anymore, and, as such, she claimed to Sylv she was running away. At first, Sylv was devastated that her friend was leaving, but after a few moments, Meri asked her a question that changed her life.

    "Would you come with me?"

    I'll be starting tonight, so if any of you want to read my first Pokefic, just tell me in the comments and I'll link the Gdocs when I'm done with Chapter 1.

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    Fancy Meeting You Here, Monado Boy

    "Mumkhar watches Shulk's reveal trailer"

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    I've actually found something I don't like about Xenoblade

    "You're too soft." -Dickson to Shulk.

    I've found ONE thing to complain about thus far, and only one thing. Let's rewind a bit to the battle with Mumkhar. The final one at Sword Valley. Shulk stops Dunban right before he's about to kill Mumkhar and says "Don't do it! It's Mumkhar! He's a homs, no different from us."

    At first I was like "....hmmm I see your point kinda but it's a little odd". Then Dunban says "Sometimes needs must! Mumkhar must die!"

    and then Shulk says "Even if it was Fiora!?"

    That. That's what I have a problem with. That one line. Shulk thinks that he's going to kill Mumkhar out of pure hatred, and for a guy that sees the future, he's pretty blind to it all. It's not just because he hates him, it's because he's a psychopath that still wants to KILL Dunban for a sword for his own purposes. Sure, he's a homs, but he's not a caring homs, like Fiora. He's a psychopathic killer, and then that goes into a capital punishment issue. But wouldn't that have no effect if you're trying to save the world? Lives have got to go if you want to save the world sometimes, especially ones that show no signs of cooperating and are literally ONLY "The One Who Gets In Your Way" so to speak. Imagine if this guy killed your sister to torment you. Imagine that your comrade in arms wanted you dead for years to steal your special sword and take your place. Imagine that he killed so many innocent people and had no remorse. After all, we're just imagining, just like if it was Fiora, right? Oh wait, those things actually happened to Dunban. You gotta set aside what could happen for what actually happened sometimes. The fact Dunban just conforms to Shulk's ideals when he's supposed to be the righteous one is kinda lame.

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    It's fine

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    The most common Xenoblade quotes

    "Mumkhar!" -Dunban

    "Dickson!" -Dunban

    "Fiora!" -Shulk

    "Monado Buster!" -Shulk

    "Now it's Reyn time!" -Reyn

    "Man, what a buncha' jokers!" -Reyn

    "I'm really feeling it." -Shulk

    you know it's true.

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    Boo's in Smash!?

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    Xenoblade Update 5 - "We're Buying Reyn Pants"

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Oh yeah, my main player. He's fantastic in every way and there's not much to him. Without further ado: Ditto

Let me get this to you:

Gen 1: horrible

Gen 2: horrible

Gen 3: horrible

Gen 4: horrible

The majority of Gen 5: horrible

Gen 6:

I would like to nominate Ditto for one of the best Pokemon ever to exist throughout Pokemon history. With it's hidden ability, Imposter, released, it has become stunning. It is an absolute masterpiece of a Pokemon, and here's why:


Counters almost EVERY Mega Evolution

Choice Scarf lets it counter most sweepers

Imposter copies opponent's stat boosts like Dragon Dance and Quiver Dance

Transforms as soon as it comes out

Mega Evo occurs before switch outs, making copying Mega's an easy task

It's cute as hell


Locked into one move with only viable item

HP sucks so it's still rather frail when it transforms due to HP not changing

5 PP on every move via transformation

Literally, those are its only downfalls, 1 move choice and HP. Moves isn't too much of a problem because it's basically a 1 Pokemon counter and a semi sweeper, most likely not staying in for long. Otherwise, it is one of the best Pokemon of all time. It literally counters Pokemon like Cloyster, Dragonite, Salamence, and even Talonflame.


For the love of Arceus, folks! USE THIS THING! It's easy to raise, EV's other than HP are not needed, and there's no move pool needed! It's the lazy man's way of winning, and it is absolutely beautiful. Ditto is, without a doubt, my favorite Pokemon to use. I guess the only way to counter Ditto is to get something that can't kill itself easily and has good bulk and healing powers, say, Torterra or Chansey. Chansey and Blissey are Ditto's worst nightmares actually, because of no changed HP and healing on their end. Literally that's about it.

EVs: 252 Hp

Item: Choice Scarf

Ability: Imposter






^^^^ literally that's it. That's all you have to do to kick ass. Amazing.

Next week: the first request I deemed worthy out of the 10 I got! This is a bat. You may ask, what is it? Golbat? No, I did that a long time ago. Noivern? What chu talkin' about that thing's gonna be Underused at the least. Probably Overused. That leaves one thing: the NU sweeper nobody ever sees coming. That's right, it's the cute piggy bat. Next week, we cover Swoobat.

Dunsparce · 482 views · Edited 68w, 4d ago · Report
#1 · 68w, 4d ago · · ·

About time this old participant got something going for it.:pinkiesmile:

#2 · 68w, 4d ago · · ·

>>1576410 I know. I love Ditto. IT'S SO CUTE :raritydespair:

#3 · 68w, 4d ago · · ·

>>1576422   What is a choice scarf and where do I find one?

#4 · 68w, 4d ago · · ·

>>1576427 Choice Scarf limits you to one move, but makes your speed x1.5 allowing Ditto to outspeed sweepers like Mega Gengar and finish it off fast because Ditto also copies their ability, in Mega Gengar's case, Shadow Tag. You can get it for BP in the Battle Maison in Kiloude city.

#5 · 68w, 4d ago · · ·

>>1576437   You should do Magicarp at some point.  That thing's the stiznit!

#6 · 68w, 4d ago · · ·

I always felt that Pinkie Pie would fit perfectly with Ditto given its powers of imposter. :pinkiehappy:

#7 · 68w, 4d ago · · ·


The series is for Pokemon that are never used, but still preform well, like Ditto, Swoobat, and Eletabuzz. Magikarp is a pre-evo that was made to be terrible. Its only attacking moves, Tackle, Flail, and Bounce, work off it's ridiculously low physical attack stat. Even more, I think Bounce on him is illegal in gen 6, so he's also stopped cold by Ghosts, not that he was much of a threat to begin with.

Yes I know you were kidding, but I can't help myself; I love going into lecture mode.

#8 · 68w, 4d ago · · ·

Oh shiet

#9 · 68w, 4d ago · · ·

It never occurred to me just how combat-viable Ditto is.

#10 · 68w, 4d ago · · ·

>>1576569   I was serious actually.

#11 · 68w, 4d ago · · ·

Ditto is now much more than a breeding machine.

#13 · 68w, 3d ago · · ·

I salute you. Ditto and Swoobat are amazing. Swoobat with simple, calm mind, and that psychic move that gets stronger with every stat boost. Ditto you just explained. :pinkiehappy:

I really like that glitched imposter blissey. That thing was OP as hell. I hate my friend for showing me it and using it on my shuckle with it holding leftovers. Stall out the rear from that alone and I just happen to give it power trick and trick room was active already. :facehoof:

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