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  • 10w, 4d
    What is Next?

    An excellent question, truly. I did promise that I'd give an answer to said question, and here it is. I've got all my papers in order and such, and I'm ready to give a response.

    - Next I will post the Author's Notes chapter for Reversal of Fortune. That's tomorrow, so keep an eye out.

    - Then, following the 100% completion of RoF, I have a number of projects to work on.

    - I'm editing/prereading for a few stories right now so work is being done there.

    - If you haven't already noticed, I've been collaborating with Darklordcomp a lot now, and we have more coming down the pipeline; it's both of the memey variety and the more serious variety.

    - At the same time I'm working with him on those fics, I'll be working on my own stuff, which I'm guessing is what you care more about.

    So, tangentially related thing, before I tell you what I'm writing next. I'm motivating JakeTheBrony to finish up Wandering Prey, which, if you recall, is a side story to Ungrounded, and takes place within the same universe. As he moves along with that, I'll be working on my own stuff.

    What's that stuff you ask? Well I'll tell you!

    1. A secret project that you'll see completed by Spring at the latest.

    2. A rewrite of Fact, Not Fiction, which, if you recall, was a small story that I began a while back concerning A.K. Yearling and a very interesting journal she found.

    3. An Adventure. If you're familiar with The Substitute Demon, or I am Going to Save, and/or Destroy Equestria!, then you might be pleased to know that I'm planning on trying my hand at something similar, starring a Changeling in the lead role.

    4. Maybe a clopfic. I thought of one like a year ago, and maybe I'll actually write it, who knows?

    5. There's a slight chance of Destiny crossover.

    6. There's also a slight chance of Dark Souls II crossover.

    And that's everything I can think of right now. Everything that I'm considering and everything that I have planned. Depending on how fast I move on these other projects, stuff further down that list might get more attention. I don't really know right now, honestly. But you can count on that secret project being top priority for now, and Fact, Not Fiction can be filed under "Definitely Going to Happen." The Adventure story is in preplanning right now, and all I really have for it at this moment is that it's starring a Changeling, and will be modeled after the two stories I linked (go read them, they're excellent). 4-6 can be thought as just speculative at this point, though. I have about 500 words written for the first chapter (or only chapter, for 4) for each one of them, but there's no guarantee that I'll complete them or publish them. They're more like silly fallback stuff that I can write without being too concerned with themes or motifs, like I was with Reversal of Fortune.

    Alright, that's about everything for now. In about nine hours or so, I'll post the Author's Notes for RoF, and that story will finally be complete!

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  • 11w, 2d
    [Reversal of Fortune] Final Words

    Well that's it, I guess. No more waiting for me to upload a new chapter that takes unreasonably long.

    Wait, there's still the Author's Notes.

    Well that won't take long. Give it a day or two. I need to organize it a little more so it's not just a giant jumbled mess of words.

    Anyway, what a long trip that was! Two years, to the very day! We even got to witness the next game in the series come out while I was still working on this! Man, how the time flew.

    Anyway, I'd like to thank you all for reading, and even putting up with the long waits between chapters. This story wasn't very long, but there was a lot going on, so it was kinda taxing to write for it. That's one excuse, at least. The other one is that I have a pretty busy life, and writing is still just a hobby, so finding time to work on it wasn't always possible. But thanks for continuing to support me as I wrote it all out.

    The A/N will be out soon, and those will be my true final statements on this story, along with explanations as to why I did certain things while writing it, and why I didn't do other things while writing it.

    Also down the pipeline is the amazing "What Now?" blog post that'll surely happen in a week or so. I may not have time, but I always have plans.

    Thanks for sticking with me and I hope you enjoyed Reversal of Fortune.

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  • 12w, 4d
    Almost Done

    It's 2:50AM and I just finished the final chapter for Reversal of Fortune. I'm a little tired.

    All I have to do now is finish up the epilogue, and the story's done. Should be out within a week!

    And don't forget about the bonus Author's Notes chapter that'll release once I clean it up a little bit so it's actually readable for anyone that wants to see it.

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  • 16w, 1d
    [Reversal of Fortune] Chapter 7 Update

    It's 1:11AM but that's cool because I finished the chapter yeah! It's double the original planned wordcount, which is why I should never estimate wordcounts, and it's like a whole month late, which is why I shouldn't estimate release dates, but it's done! Expect to see it tomorrow afternoon!

    Besides, double the time for double the wordcount is worth, right?



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  • 17w, 1d
    [Reversal of Fortune] Friendly Reminder!

    Friendly reminder that if any time you want to check my progress on the next few chapters, I'm constantly updating a little box on my user page with the word count after finishing working on them. It's just off to the right, underneath a little image denoting me a Magician from this little personality test I did way back when.

    In other news, I'm working on all three of the final chapters at the same time now, because it's really hard for me to focus on them one at a time at this point, and the possibility that I release all 3 simultaneously is growing larger by the day. That's not a promise, I'm just saying.

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  • 18w, 9m
    [Reversal of Fortune] Welp...

    I mean, it's 3AM.

    But I've got my groove on right now.

    So I guess now would be as good of a time as ever to get back to work on the next chapter.

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  • 21w, 3h
    [Reversal of Fortune] Update on Updates







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  • 25w, 3d
    [Reversal of Fortune] Progress Report

    Okay, so I might miss that "few days" soft deadline I gave myself and you guys, but it's for a good reason, I promise. I went into my notes and reviewed things, and I found that I really needed to restructure and replan the final few chapters, considering the way things kinda happened in the previous chapters. Along with that, I made a few small edits to other chapters to make the message I'm trying to get across more clear.

    Most notably in those edits is some slight rephrasing in Chapter 5, where Celestia and Luna are discussing how Ryan has Nightmare-like creature inside him. The message I was trying to send was that they figure that he's dangerous, and might explode if given the wrong stimulus, which is what I meant by Luna calling him "volatile," but it wasn't progressed to the point where they had to do something drastic about it, i.e. friendship blast him. Their plans were on track to get him out of Equestria with the tools to face his demons with as much certainty as possible that he wouldn't blow up on their home turf.

    So for those of you who remember that chapter, or wish to reread it, that's the explanation of what's going on there. For the rest of you, I'm still working out Chapter 6, and it's gonna be a little more time. I have to decided if I want to cut and replace this one scene at the end of it, or keep both of them in and raise the chapter count from "yeah, that's pretty decent" to "that's a lot of horse-words." Feedback on that would be appreciated, but keep in mind that if it gets cut, I might not have a place to put it back into the story.


    I'm a total liar, I just bust through it and wrote the rest of the chapter. The scene was cut, as the word count without it is 7,700 and I think I can put it in chapter 7 to raise its word count a little more. So now I just need to reread it a few times over the next two or three days, check with a prereader or two, and then it'll be up.

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  • 26w, 2d
    [Reversal of Fortune] OH MY GOD I MADE A MISTAKE

    Changelog: Chapter 3: Put a Spell on You

    >wow i'm an idiot

    >Golden Oaks Library changed to Friendship Castle

    >Twilight Sparkle is not a unicorn anymore

    >Friendship Castle has books too

    >Ryan's not that egotistical

    >Twilight can't break the 4th wall, that's Pinkie's job

    >Ponies get offended when Ryan says he wants to gtfo fast

    >Celestia is a bit more proper with her speech

    >Discord messes with Ryan's Pip-Boy's software indirectly

    >Ryan is more hostile to Discord

    >Ryan's new Forecast affects him a little differently

    Yeah, mostly minor edits, just cleaning up dialogue mostly, except for that large, glaring issue of the Golden Oaks Library still being a thing. But it's fixed now. Carry on.

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  • 26w, 4d
    [Reversal of Fortune] Summer Progress Update

    Hey guys, it's been a bit of a time since you've heard from me regarding the story, but I just made a very large breakthrough after many hours of writing/reconsidering the story. Check the tl;dr addition at the bottom of the post if you don't want to read the details.

    If you do, let's get down to business.

    The length of the story has been shortened by one chapter, to eliminate filler conversations and keep the story on point, along with giving more focus to the significant events in the plot. Plus, I found ways to push events from other chapters into ones where they would make more sense, and give a better sense of continuity.

    The end result of this, as I said, is that the story will be shorter now. Chapter 6, which is currently about 85% done, will be finished within the next few days, so expect that soon, and it will amount to somewhere over 6,000 words, I think. I'm currently at 5,400 words, and I've just finished writing the main event of the chapter. God, that took forever. I'll need to review it a few times before I'm fully done with it though, just to be safe. I hope you don't decree it to be bullshit, by any standard of the word, because it wasn't an easy thing for me to write out.

    Chapter 7 will be a lot shorter in comparison to the other chapters in the story, as will Chapter 8. Both, I estimate, will be somewhere between 2,000 and 3,000 words, Chapter 8 being the shorter of the two. So, due to the fact that they are shorter, you should expect them sooner, since I feel like I'm just gonna snowball straight through them after posting Chapter 6.

    After 7 and 8 there's just the epilogue to complete, which will be short. Probably very short. I'm not gonna limit myself with a wordcount estimation though. I can tell you, however, that the story would not be complete without it, so I'll release it with Chapter 8.


    Chapter 6: very soon

    Chapter 7: 2,000-3,000 words long

    Chapter 8: slightly shorter than 7 (probably)

    Chapter 7 and 8 will come quickly after 6

    Epilogue will be short, and come as a package deal with Chapter 8

    And that's everything. I'll be releasing one chapter sometime after the epilogue, but that'll just be Author's Notes, and completely optional. I just figure some of you might want to see some of the things that were cut from the story, and to see that original plan that I had for this, before I screwed up and pushed it off the path I had set. Plus it might give you some insight into Ryan and Christopher and the inspiration I had while making them, or maybe answer some questions that you had about the story itself.

    See you at the updates!

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  • 28w, 4d
    Announcement That Y'all Better Read [Fact, Not Fiction]

    Alright, so, for all, like, 30 of you that fav'ed Fact, Not Fiction, I'd like you to be aware that in about 24 hours' time I'll be pulling the story off the site for a complete rewrite.

    I was so super excited while planning and writing the story that I didn't stop to consider some things that will greatly impact the late-game, and the consequences of that are so large that I feel like I can't continue the story as it is. So my solution is to redo the entire thing.

    All one chapter of it.


    So if you wish to see the story in its rewritten full glory, whenever that will be, please just follow me as a user so you'll be notified whenever I release it.

    Thank you for your understanding.

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  • 35w, 5d
    Catching Up on Things [Reversal of Fortune]

    Okay, first order of business:

    *horns blaring*

    *children screaming*

    *nuclear bomb explodes in computer*

    Alright, with that out of the way, to business. Reversal of Fortune is still in existence and it's still being worked on by me. It's taking some time still, though, and that's on me. See, I totally screwed up the way this story was supposed to go, and deviated really, really badly from my original plans, so I'm kinda fumbling in the dark now. So that's a lot of time wasted trying to replan this story.

    And for Chapter 6, specifically, (which I still haven't named) I've hit a bad patch and now I'm rewriting a very large portion of it, most of it being a conversation Ryan has with Twilight. It was about three quarters of the way through that I realized that I wrote her OOC, and, try as I did, there was no way to amend her comments to put her back in character.

    And, as such, the new standing wordcount, with their conversation removed, is at 2,724.

    Which is a very small number for the new chapter to be at given how long it's been since I updated, but hey, life and such. I'll try my best to keep it all up, especially with the new fuel that Fallout 4 teaser has given me.


    As of 1:23AM the same night, I've rewrote the conversation and moved slightly past it, bringing the new wordcount to just over 2,900.

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  • 39w, 5d
    [Reversal of Fortune] Update on the Next Update

    Hey guys, just your friendly reminder that I'm, in fact, not dead, and I'm still working on the next chapter of Fortune. I've been working hard on it when I can, but I just moved through a period of about 2 months where I had extremely limited free time, and it even cut into my sleep, which I've now just started catching back up on.  I'm approaching the halfway mark for the chapter, at around 4,000 words, so expect it to drop within the month.

    You may now continue to scroll.

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  • 50w, 6d
    [Reversal of Fortune] Let's Do This!

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  • 50w, 6d
    Fic Promotion!

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  • 52w, 6d
    [Ungrounded] I'm Done

    I'm pulling the plug. Putting the final nail in the coffin. I'm done wasting my time on a story that only a fraction of a fraction of it's readers care about. I'm putting my efforts elsewhere, where it might be more appreciated. Maybe someday I'll come back and finish what I've started, but for now I have bigger things.

    And, y'know, I thought this chapter's reception would be pretty big, considering it being the first story-related chapter I've posted in months, but no. Hardly anything.

    I've known this moment has been coming for some time now, but I didn't want to accept it. If any of you remember far back when I posted a blog about the "glass ceiling" for Ungrounded, when it would finally stop garnering attention: I hit it. It's over. There's virtually no new incoming audience, and the present one doesn't care anymore.

    I just had such high hopes for this story though. There were still two more arcs left to go through, where I would get to explore Manehattan a little, and even Earth in the final arc. I'm a little letdown.

    That's about it from me about Ungrounded. But I have to ask, is there anything specific that I did wrong? Why did so many of you just start ignoring it?

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  • 56w, 3d
    [Ungrounded] Status Update

    Hey guys! Happy 2015! Sorry I haven't shown my face around here for a while now!

    I'll just get right down to business.

    I've been busy.

    You've been busy.

    We've all been busy.

    But during that business, I've been putting words into the next chapter of Ungrounded, a little at a time.

    And now I can safely announce that the next chapter is basically done! Word count is 4,304, and it's got some pretty good character development for Lucien and Ironwing, I'd say.

    I'm gonna take a few more days to reread it another 20 or so times and pass it to a few friends to check that I'm not insane, but after that it's going up.

    Oh, and I think that once it does go up, I can remove that On Hiatus tag, now that I've gotten some more time to make horsewords.

    That's all this time!

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Pony Creator v3 · 5:16am

So, as the title suggests, General Zoi's Pony Creator has released its v3 update. Cool new features. Easier posing, more accessories. Cool little things like that. Man, it's TURNING FACES.

Literally, I mean. There's an option so you can rotate your OC's head to make it more like the show. Pretty cool.

I don't like the Pony Creator personally because he never put in the hair that my OC uses. If it had that, I'd be on it, TURNING FACES. That's actually pretty cool, now that I think about it.


Report Sandcroft · 517 views ·
#1 · 127w, 4d ago · · ·

i never made an oc on the v2. the v3 is a lot cooler, but there was a reason i learnt to draw ponies dammit! even if i cant draw a pony that is not a OC(bar luna) for my life.

#2 · 127w, 4d ago · 1 · ·


At least you can draw. I have no artistic talent whatsoever. Well, in the case of ponies, that is. I've been told that I'm good at scenery and backgrounds and stuff, but if it's organic then I'm out.

#3 · 127w, 3d ago · · ·

>>1327223 Same boat as you, can't draw for scrap. I was derpin around last night and found she added scarfs! YES. (very important for one of my OCs, so now when I ask for cover art It'll actually have a scarf on her to show))

#4 · 127w, 3d ago · · ·


Pretty cool, man, pretty cool.

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