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Pony Creator v3 · 5:16am

So, as the title suggests, General Zoi's Pony Creator has released its v3 update. Cool new features. Easier posing, more accessories. Cool little things like that. Man, it's TURNING FACES.

Literally, I mean. There's an option so you can rotate your OC's head to make it more like the show. Pretty cool.

I don't like the Pony Creator personally because he never put in the hair that my OC uses. If it had that, I'd be on it, TURNING FACES. That's actually pretty cool, now that I think about it.


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i never made an oc on the v2. the v3 is a lot cooler, but there was a reason i learnt to draw ponies dammit! even if i cant draw a pony that is not a OC(bar luna) for my life.

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At least you can draw. I have no artistic talent whatsoever. Well, in the case of ponies, that is. I've been told that I'm good at scenery and backgrounds and stuff, but if it's organic then I'm out.

#3 · 54w, 16h ago · · ·

>>1327223 Same boat as you, can't draw for scrap. I was derpin around last night and found she added scarfs! YES. (very important for one of my OCs, so now when I ask for cover art It'll actually have a scarf on her to show))

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Pretty cool, man, pretty cool.

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