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  • Princess Sparkle's First Wingboner
    After becoming an alicorn princess, Twilight receives a new pair of wings. Her new body wasn't ready for her first wingboner.

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  • Lyra and Bon Bon's Forty Day Cruise
    Living in ancient Sodom, Lyra disguises Bon Bon as a unicorn so they can sneak aboard Noah's Ark.
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  • Carrot Cake's Compromising Courtship
    Carrot Cake meets his wife for the first time. Includes PG-13 levels of sex humor.
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  • Adventures of a Teenage Foalsitter [clop free]
    Filly Cadance becomes infatuated with Twilight's father. Her obsession threatens her very sanity.
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Here's my latest story. Soarin' the Butt.

This story began with the title and evolved from there. On the surface, this clopfic may appear to have many similarities with another one of my stories, Daddy's Boy.

Both take place in alternate universes. (Daddy's Boy had human characters, while Soarin' the Butt has anthro characters.) Both feature a submissive teenage male who is emasculated and forced to dress like a girl.

There are other similarities to Daddy's Boy, but there are also many differences.

Daddy's Boy is told from the victim's perspective. Soarin' the Butt is written in the third person.

Daddy's Boy was striving to be much darker in tone. Soarin' the Butt has more alliterations and is more jovial.

Daddy's Boy takes place during the course of nearly a decade. Soarin' the Butt's story takes place within the span of a year.

Daddy's Boy has one sexual predator involving gay incest between father and son. Soarin' the Butt has two sexual predators involving chicks with dicks.

I don't want anyone to think I'm repeating myself. If anything, this just shows a recurring theme in my writing of males who are emasculated and forced to dress as girls.

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Soarin' the Butt has more alliterations and is more jovial.
Twow just drove his head through a wall without knowing why.

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Can say the description disappointing me somewhat. But eh, least  you had fun doing them hopefully.

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unf, twink Soarin'.

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:rainbowlaugh: I'm not going to read this :


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Where's the source for that pic. The one above. I know you have it, and I know it's NSFW

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Alliteration, ah? I always attempt to add an abundance of alliteration to any title. Anyway, all of us should follow this story. Always.

(I lost effort around "title")

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Should I just...make plans to riff this now?

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Clop first. Riff later. :pinkiecrazy:

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>>1314417 Adding it to the riff queue.

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Confession: I saw this blog within minutes of you posting it, and I only just got the pun in the title. :derpytongue2::facehoof:

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Well, I just glanced at this blog post again after reading it for the first time several, several hours ago.

Just got the "in the butt" joke.

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Hey, so did I!

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