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  • 33w, 4d
    Twenty Episodes in Twenty Seconds


    Daring Don't

    Not much to say. Nice little action schtick and fangirling by Rainbow.

    Flight to the Finish

    I like all the CMC episodes, and this one is no different. I've always related to the bullying aspect, but I really liked Scootaloo's insecurity at being insulted. It felt realistic to me. I can't say I was ever that emotionally crippled by bullies, but my experiences have left me feeling insecure and generally inferior even to this day.

    Power Ponies

    It's a Spike episode. Other than the villain and the fanfiction-esque theme, nothing I thought was noteworthy.


    Fluttershy is going to kill somepony.

    Other than that, let the Batman crossovers begin!

    Rarity Takes Manehatten

    I don't remember how the song went, but I remember liking it. A cute little romp that teaches kids that the fashion business is not for the soft.

    Pinkie Apple Pie

    May give a new dimension to Pinkiemac shipping, and finally gives us a valid excuse to start Applepie shipping.

    Rainbow Falls

    They need to do more with Rainbow's inner turmoil, because they have something really good going here. Although the fact that Roid Rage can fly is kinda spitting in Scootaloo's face.

    Three's a Crowd

    Loved it. Discord's mere existance raised the bar. It's nice to see he still has a dark side, but I really loved how Candence counter-trolled him by enjoying their escapade.

    Pinkie Pride

    F#ck yeah! Pinkie is funny. Weird Al is funny. Putting them together is another story entirely. I need to watch that again sometime.

    Simple Ways

    Rarity wearing jeans and a straw hat is hilarious. A bit silly at first, but once Rarity loses it and AJ starts trolling her, it gets funny fast.

    Filli Vanilli

    I love everything about this episode. I love the music, I love the jokes, I love the Pinkie, and I love feeling connected to these characters. You wouldn't know it today, but I once had horrible, crippling stage fright, and even today I'm still not over it. But most importantly, they kept Fluttershy in character by her not jumping on the chance to sing again and taking baby steps.

    Twilight Time

    Honestly, I don't know what to make of this episode. I don't feel like the CMC really changed at the end or learned anything substancial. In my opinion, it's the Crusader's low point, but not a terribly low low point.

    It Ain't Easy Bein' Breezies

    Nice to finally know what these bastards look like. I guess that's what happens to Scandanavians when they die. I liked the ending, though I fear some Rule 34 stemmed off of what Rainbow said.

    Somepony to Watch Over Me

    Should we attribute AJ's worriedness to sisterly love or a fear based on the death of her parents when they were home alone?

    Maud Pie

    I guess Blinkie and Inkie Pie were busy on the rock farm. The episode itself wasn't much, but I like the morals at the end: you can't force friendship to happen, and sometimes you have to do things you're not crazy about for someone that you are.

    For Whom the Sweetie Bell Tolls

    Not sure if there's any connection to the Metallica song, but I have always wanted to see ponies in G Major and Rarity go Lesson Zero.

    Leap of Faith

    Finally, a good Flim Flam Brothers episode, probably because we saw less of them.

    Testing Testing 1, 2, 3

    I'm not top of my class or anything, but I keep pretty polished grades. Many of my friends, however, do not. I can relate to at least knowing people who aren't Twilight level studiers. And once again, they have good things with Rainbow's inner turmoil.

    Trade Ya!

    This was boring. Other than possible shipping fuel, it didn't give us anything.

    Inspiration Manifestation

    It's official. My Little Pony has scared the living sh!t out of me.

    So concludes my catch-up on season four. I have to wonder how long this show will actually go on for. Season five is official, will there be a season six or seven? Maybe another movie? Tune in every Saturday for the rest of your life to find out!

    Vivat nox.

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  • 54w, 4d
    What Can I Say About "Castle-Mania"?

    I quite liked it. Nice way to tide the fans over while Hasbro works on the rest of season four's plot. I can appreciate the writers not trying to force us into the quest for the six keys, mainly because that's not why I watch the show. The action/adventure stuff is fun, but the show's primary goal (morals on friendship) are best expressed through everyday activities. Exploring a haunted castle is hardly ordinary for most people, but it's pretty normal compared to many of the events the Mane Six have gone through. It was a cute story, it had funny moments (AJ and RD wearing bees), and Twilight had a geek-out moment. Though, I don't think anyone was surprised when Pinkie was revealed to be the organist.

    Season four is off to a rock-solid start, and Castle-Mania gets four and a half clarinets out of five for an amusingly spooky story, Pinkie being Pinkie, and bees.

    Funny story: before I saw the episode, I saw a comic relating to a scene in it. Given that NSFW posts are no longer allowed, I feel it's best I not describe the comic publicly.

    Vivat nox.


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    Pokemon X and Y

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I Can't Do It, Jon! · 11:30pm

I have to apologize for two things, both from my last blog post.

I promised that upon my return, chapter two of In The Shadows of The Gods would be up. First of all, the chapter's not even finished yet, and second of all, my return to the States was almost two weeks ago.

My ambition, writer's block, and poor work ethic have made a liar of me.

But I can't help it. I'm stuck on a very specific part of the chapter that I slapped in the middle to draw it out and I'm unsure of how to transition it to the part I have written. But my fanfiction career in general has been stressful lately. I'm trying to get a foothold on ITSoTG, I have a Vengeanceverse story that I have no idea what to do with, a story on FanFiction that I've all but abandoned (and am hoping to rewrite), a forum on FanFiction that I'm desperately trying to keep up with as a distraction from writing, a stupid number of stories that have been on my Read Later list for far too long, and unread Favorites that I'm not now motivated to read. I really don't want to stop reading and writing fanfiction, but I'm finding it too stressful and slow to really enjoy.

I need a break. I need to prioritize my fanfiction things. I need help. If anyone can offer some advice or even sympathy, please do! Hell, I'll take a beta reader, if anyone's willing. Consider this a cry for help.

Vivat nox.


ClarinetOverlord · 85 views · Report
#1 · 72w, 4d ago · · ·

I finally return to FimFic and this is what I find. Well if you need help, I'm here to help. Oh! Don't worry about chapter 2 of ES. I can go over my ideas for LV, with you and we can shape that piece up. :twilightsmile:

#2 · 72w, 2d ago · · ·


:pinkiesmile: Just the person I wanted to see.

We definitely need to go over plans for Vengeanceverse, and I could use a little help onn getting ideas for ITSoTG.

I miss the days when I could write whole chapters in a day. Of course, I was much younger then.

:facehoof:...I say that like I'm in my fifties or something.

#4 · 72w, 1d ago · · ·

>>1249524 Wait if you're in your fifties... then.... I'm almost sixty! :raritycry:

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