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  • Noble Wolves and Shy Butterflies
    Upon a fateful encounter in the Everfree Forest, Flttershy meets a new friend; one that will change her life more than she would everhope for.

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  • A Bleeding Heart, Painful Past
    When a war is fought, make sure you know what the cause is.
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  • Burning Souls
    What happens when you get a brony a pegasister, Pokemon, and My Little Pony all in one story?
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  • Tower of Pimps!!
    What is this new object that has landed in Equestria? And why does it look so swag?
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  • The Element of Willpower
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  • Light Crash's Last Flight
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So three days ago I decided to treat myself by getting a 3DS, Pokemon White 2, and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. I've been playing more pokemon than MH3. And I haven't played a new pokemon game since Gen lll. Pokémon Emerald was the first one of the pokemon series I played. I never got into the games before that, mainly because I didn't have a Gameboy. And after a while, and by that I mean a couple of years, I got kind of board. But hearing X and Y coming out and all the cool new features it's adding, I jut had to get caught up.

Some features I'm happy to see is the new Eeveelution, Sylveon. I like the add of fairy type. Yes, that's right, I like it! And before people start arguing that it shouldn't be around or whatever the reason people get butt-hurt about it is, you have to remember, nothing stays the same in a fandom. Eventually, something has to change, and at first you won't like it when you hear about it, but after a while you begin enjoying it, and eventually you accept it. Plus, I mean,  look at this, it's great.

Never get tired of looking at that picture. I'm even excited for Gardevoir becoming a fairy too. She's my favorite psychic type and no dubitably in

the top five.

Another feature I'm excited for is MOTHER-FUCKING-GOGOAT!

Fuck you bikes, I have a new form of transportation now!

And let's not forget Mew-two's new form!

No long time pokemon fan such as myself can't not be excited for this. I matched the first movie at least a hundred times as a kid. It only makes me sad that we threw it away along with our VHS.

But possibly the one thing I'm most excited for is being able to sit on a bench.

... So beautiful.

So, now I'm playing White 2, and it's been so long that I've forgotten the magic and wonder of what being a pokemon trainer is like. I'm having so much fun on this adventure. I've currently beaten the first three gym leaders, I have my main party team, caught a few pokemon, and working my way up. I didn't even name my rival DOUCHE.

I've named my main party after the seven deadly sins. It consists of a Lv. 20 Onix (WRATH), Lv. 24 Dewot (PRIDE), Lv. 22 Psyduck (ENVY), Lv. 20 Roggenrola (SLOTH), Lv. 22 Lucario (GREED), and Lv. 23 Arcanine (GLUTTANY). My LUST (LUSTS actually, I have two) is currently in the box, two Lv. 18 Eevees, both a different gender. Now I don't have to get a Ditto to get more Eevees for all Eeveeltions. What else sitting in my box is another Riolu. I ran into four of them within half an hour, no joke. I looked it up and apparently finding one is less of a chance than finding Pikachu in Viridian forest. It's a 5%, what's more, the one in my box is female. You have a 25% chance that the Riolu you find is female. So we're talking about a 1.25% chance of finding a female Riolu, and I actually found it. I'm proud of myself.

So, that's what I've been up to. If you have any comments, you know where to put them. Adios.

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#1 · 66w, 3d ago · · ·

Gluttony* lol

sounds like fun, I put over two hundred hours into my first pokemon game.

#2 · 66w, 3d ago · · ·

>>1162175What's tragic in my first is that I had a Mew-two, Lugia, Ho-oh, Latias and Latios, all thee starters, and a few level 100, and I deleted that saved file. I did like, everything in the game and there was latterly nothing for me left to do so I decided to start fresh.

#3 · 66w, 3d ago · · ·

Here's what I had to say about fairy types. FUCK THEM! When I first heard Gardevoir was being changed to a fairy type, I raged. The ONLY psychic type (barring Espeon) that I ever allow on my team is gardevoir. Ever since I overpowered my gardevoir in Emerald version, I've loved Gardevoirs. I did eventually calm down, because it was announced she would be half fairy half psychic... still though.

And I hate you for finding a Riolu (did you have to stay and find it, or did you find it randomly?). I went through Floccessy Ranch, and went to town. When I saw trainers had Riolus, I googled where they spawned, and saw Floccessy Ranch. I spent two fucking hours searching for one. Granted I found two in a row (one of which was female) and caught both, but it was a very annoying two hours. Named em Pride and Wrath.:twilightsheepish:

And I too am looking forward to X and Y. More likely going to get X so I can get the dragon/phoenix looking legendary instead of that... weird... deer?

Also, MH3U is fun as fucking hell. Repetitive, but fun.

#4 · 66w, 3d ago · · ·

You forgot one thing.

Diagonal movement.

#5 · 66w, 3d ago · · ·

>>1162295 You mean Y right? Pokemon X has the deer legendary, Y has the dragon.

#6 · 66w, 3d ago · · ·

>>1162547That doesn't sound right.:unsuresweetie: Just like with White/Black. Black had Reshiram while White had Zekrom.

#8 · 66w, 3d ago · · ·

>>1162577 They did that in Black and White because they were doing Yin and Yang. In the white side there is a black dot, White with Zekrom, and on the black side there is a white dot, Black with Reshiram.

#9 · 66w, 2d ago · · ·

Hey good for you, did you will put some of those pokemons in your story of burning souls? By the way, when are you going to continue it?

#10 · 66w, 2d ago · · ·

>>1162966When I finish Element of Willpower. Hopefully a week or two but no promises.

#11 · 64w, 4d ago · · ·

Hmmm I really should start to play pokemon again shouldn't I...I stopped before playing the 5th generation after seeing the starters...My beloved fire-type was turned into a pig! I kinda just lost interest from there onwards...Nah I have to stat playing them again! I've been playing since crystal so why stop?

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