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Swedish guy with too much imagination. Draws comics as a hobby and writes as a diversion.

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  • 9w, 4d
    A fanfic podcast.

    What have I been up to recently? Well, this to start with, a podcast anthology of short fiction narrated by various talented VAs. You can find more information about it here.

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  • 26w, 6d
    Jade Singer reviews: Glory by Rune Soldier Dan

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  • 27w, 1d
    The Fimfiction Anthem (a filk song)

    Lovingly dedicated to the mods who work tirelessly to make authors feel unwelcome and condescended to:

    Welcome to fimfiction, a preeminent fanfic site

    Where freedom of expression rules with all its might

    You can write everything you like, except for this...

    Or that... or that... and that won't do at all

    I told you you can't write PonyFall!

    Yeah, we have lots of funny rules but please don't fear,

    Just sing this song and you know what's welcome here:

    Safe & bland, safe & bland, all we want is safe and bland

    We don't like what we can't understand, just give us safe and bland

    (and lots of clop!)

    So never read outside of your comfort zone:

    Mindless porn of an old cartoon

    And if you you're scared don't hesitate

    To press thumbs down on things you hate

    Safe & bland, safe & bland, all you want is safe and bland

    you don't like what you can't understand,  saying: ”just give me safe and bland!”

    (and lots of clop!)

    Now there's nothing wrong with guilty pleasure

    Most of us just read for lesuire

    But when the mods treat us like we're dumb and fat

    We need to say ”no we're better than that!”

    Safe & bland, safe & bland, all they want is safe and bland

    they don't like what they can't understand, but I won't give them safe and bland

    (but maybe some clop, y'know, if I'm in the mood to write it, who knows?)

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  • 48w, 14h
    What Owlor has been up to...

    So, I haven't been active here a lot. Mostly this has been cus I'm running an ask blog called "From the desk of Mayor Mare" over here. I haven't given up on fanfiction entierly, but rather than writing them, I review them on another blog over here. Since that one is very fimfiction-centric, I've been thinking of simply reposting my reviews in the blog here, what do you think about that?

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  • 90w, 3d
    Dysphoria playlist part 1.

    Doing a little spring cleaning in our Google Docs. Since all of us writing on Dypshoria are big fans of music, it's beginning to overflow with links to songs. This is just the first half of it  Some of these songs are from the planning stages and do no reflect the tone we ultimately ended up going for, others aren't supposed to represent the story as a whole, but only a character or a moment in it. It's a mixed bag, basically, covering a variety of genres and approaches. I can't promise you'll like all of these, but hopefully you'll find some of them interesting at least.

    1. Holy Mountains - System of a Down

    2. True North - Bad Religion

    3. Killing Time - She Wants Revenge

    4. The Curse of Millhaven - Nick Cave

    5. Paper Planes - M.I.A

    6. Shell Shock - Noisia

    7. Battle without Honor or Humanity - Kill Bill soundtrack

    8. The Future - Leonard Cohen

    9. The Becoming - NIN

    10. Ocean Club - Yello

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  • 92w, 1d
    The Cutie Dark Crusaders

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  • 92w, 5d
    A fanon calender, pony months

    Me and Lucefudu needed to mention dates in a story we're writing, and since the names of month have so much real world baggage, we created this as an alternative calender. The names are not set in stones and is mostly just suggestions. The main difficulty we had in compiling this was that he's from the southern hemisphere, and I'm from the northern, so we kept mixing up which month is is associated with which season. I'll TRY to explain our reasoning behind some of these...

    First Ember (November)

    Second Ember (December)

    Last Ember (January)

    This began a simply finding a pun on "ember", but we liked the metaphor of a fireplace slowly burning out, so we used it for the winter months.

    Purple Daze (February)

    Violets and amethysts are associated with february, it's a very violet month. It also happens to be the month where a certain owl is born...

    Water Bearer (March)

    This one was mainly Luces suggestion, since march is a very wet month in Brazil. (Their rainstorms do not fuck around)

    Daisy days (April)

    Daisies are associated with april, and it makes for a good pararell to "dog days"

    First Blossom (May

    We really liked the numbered month thing apparently...

    Soaring Sun (June)

    The summer solstice, and natually, Celestias own month.

    Dog Days (July)

    Dog days are a name used by romans and farmers for the hottest period of a year, generaly around july-august.

    Discordia (August)

    Since several months are named after empires, I thought it'd be funny if Discord named a day after himself  while he ruled, and noone really bothered to change it back.

    Last Blossom (september)

    Wake me up, when september ends...

    Melodious Moon (October)

    Of course Luna gets all hallows eve! Besides, the winter solstice is already taken.

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  • 95w, 1d
    Wearing Midnight is pining for the fjords

    My main file for the fanfic "Wearing Midnight", including the complete draft and the net chapter got corrupted, all I get is a strong of "#######" for seven pages. With some digging, I managed to find an earlier version of the draft, but it's missing the final chapter. Moreover, having to retype an entire chapter of a fanfic just kills motivation. In the end I think it's better for my sanity to simply put it on hiatus until I feel like tackling it again.

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  • 95w, 4d
    OC design, something of a guide

    Since I was discussing this recently, I figured I'd compile my thoughts about it.

    1. Silhouette.

    One of the main paradoxes of any sort of fan-design is how people will sit down and design a character to look as unique as they can, yet the result is very rarely memorable. I think a big part of the reason for this is that they forget about the Silhouette.

    The reason for this, I think, is that people plan their characters out like images, not like characters. They try to fill all the negative space, so the characters end up looking really cool (well, "cool") in a generic solo shot, but as soon as they have to actually interact with other characters or with the world, they end up looking like a big colourful rectangle more than anything else. A bunch of fan-characters together ends up looking like a bunch of guys cosplaying as a quilt.

    2. Colour.

    Leaving aside the "Sparkledog" school of design, (something you often see among furries, where they'll dump a bunch of neon colours on their fursona to make him stand out, with the result that the character looks like any number of generic technicolour furries....), this is another area where I think the problem is that people think of the characters as images, rather than elements to be included in an images.

    So, even if they don't go overboard with it, they end up putting a bit more colour than the character actually need. The result being, again, a character that looks good on its own, but stick out like a sore thumb next to the canon characters.

    When it comes to ponies, I'd say that the rule of thumb is one colour for the coat, max three, prefferably one, for the mane, unless there's a really good reason to break the formula. (Rainbow Dash for example, since the colours of the rainbow is usually seen as one "unit". In practice, RDs mane has only one colour, and that colour is "all of them")

    I'm becoming a little more tolerant of coat markings, I was actually regretting for the longest time to give my character his "snout stain", but I've softened on this a big. Spots and markings aren't unheard of, just not common. I'd say they are okay, but only if they got a character-related reason to be there (and "it looks cool" is not a character-related reason.)

    With Owly, the intention was to make him look a bit bird-like, hence why he's "owly. Most of the time, it doesn't really work, and it looks more like he has a scruffy blonde five-o-clock shadow... which is what I often have IRL being blonde and generally lazy, so it still works.

    I can't really help you with things like what colour clashes with what. I've never got the hang of it, and my opinion on some seems to differ from the norm. And anyway, the thing about designing characters is that their colours CAN clash, if there's a reason for it. Clashing colours will make the character look a bit mismatched and deranged, so it should be used with caution.

    The only thing you really need to know, however, is complimentary colour. It's the colour with the same saturation, but the completely opposite hue. Basically, it's what the colour would look like on a negative (people still know what photographic film is, right?)

    Complementary colours make each other stand out really well, something that' useful to keep in mind for design. However, pure complimentary colours stand out TOO well, on a character, the effect becomes eerie.

    Taking advantage of this is a good way to recreate the feeling of reading about a Mary Sue characters "vivid azure eyes" in a visual medium. In other words, you should prolly avoid it unless it is abislutely necessery for character-related reasons.

    Actually, the side effect of this fact is kinda amusing to me. Y'see, purple eyes are a rather popular MAry Sue characteristic, but with ponies it's actually a fairly common colour. I think partially because very few ponies are green, but many are some variation of red or blue, meaning that purple will blend pretty well with mot coat-colours without sticking out too much.

    Colours are often divided into "hot" and "cool" colours, with hot colours including red and yellow and cool colours including blue and green. For a balanced character, I'd say that using either the combination hot-hot-cool (two hot colours, one cool) or cool-cool-hot in their colour scheme is a good idea, with the odd colour out usually being the eyecolour.

    The reason it's called hot and cool colours is cus that's the association we have in our minds to them. Red, orange and yellow reminds us of fire, heat, danger, anger, that sort of thing and blue, green and cyan reminds us of water, cold, calm, sadness and things like that.

    Mixing in a cool colour with the hot ones help "ground" the character, at least in my mind. It'll make them seem more "natural" whereas having only hot or cool colours makes the characters look a bit eerie, like they are fire or ice elementals. This, I think is another reason why purple is a commonly used colour, it sorta straddles the line between hot and cool and can be used to subtly shift the balance back a little.

    Notice that Twilight are among the only ponies with about the same eyecolour as coat colour? It works for her cus purple doesnt necesserily have any associations to either hot nor cool, but it wouldnt work too much for anyone else, unless their entire personality revolves around a colour-indicated trait.

    3. Character-related reasons

    This is a weasel-word Ive used troughout this, mostly cus if I say "you gotta have a good reason to do it" some might think "I got a good reason, it looks cool!" It might look "cool", but it has no point unless it tells you something about the character.

    The problem with a lot of "cool" designs is that what little it tells about the character, it's either horribly stereotypical or it says something that the creator didn't intend to say.

    A typical Mary Sue character design, for example, would tell me that this is a character who tries too hard to be noticed, who desperately want to be special, but in the end is just like everyone else. Needless to say, this usually isn't what the creators intend to say with the design, at least not consciously.

    Same with dark colours. In the ponyverse, true black is usually reserved for genuinely Evil characters. Capital T Evil, rotten to the core, either trough corruption or else by it being their nature. But in the OCverse, its usually used to tell me that this character is a brooding antihero, which might just be one of the most boring character stereotypes ever.

    So, what I mean with "character-related reasons" is simply that if the character is interesting, and the choice you make helps to visually represent the character, then go for it. Jmjs "Darth Pinkamena" character for example, breaks the rule of not using too dark colours, but the point of the character is that she resembled Pinkie, only turned evil, which is an amusing juxtaposition if nothing else. So in this case, dark colours help drive that point home.

    Making an exception for character-related reasons is the best "second-tier advice" I can give. (Second-tier advice is what ive come to call writing tips that are useful for people who already know the chlichés, but struggle to evolve past simply avoiding them into knowing where and when to use them.)

    A common mistake I see people who knows about all the shit I've said before is that they'll make BLAND characters, characters that look like generic background ponies. The point of an OC should be to add something interesting to the universe, at least in the cases where the OC is important to the plot and not just background. The audience should be able to look at the character and go "okay, this is a character I'm interested in reading more about."

    Wrapping it all up, to make a good OC, at least by my estimation, pay attention to the silhouette, use colours with care and if you really wanna make him stand out from the pack in a GOOD way, give him something character-specific rather that something generically cool.

    A final note about cutie marks. Some designs are much easier to WRITE about than to draw. It's easy to for example that a characters cutie mark is a witch on a broomstick silhouetted against the moon, but if you are to draw this, youll have to draw a whole entire image worth of stuff just for that little detail. And in the end it's going to look way too detailed to be a cutie mark out of the show.

    Other designs might be easier to do, but harder to do well, like "half a comedy mask cutie mark, half a tragedy one". In practice, all you're going to end up with is a rather weird-looking assymetrical mask that doesnt even look like a face, cus faces can't smile and frown at the same time.

    This isn't necesserily a problem when it comes to stories, cus in text you can do things like that and it works. It becomes a problem, however, when a guy named Louis decides to do an illustrated audio adaption of your story and asks a swedish amateur cartoonist to illustrate a chapter, to take an example completely and utterly at random...

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  • 97w, 2d
    Even further adventures in music

    Out of Spit - Goto80 & Skuggan

    I've actually seen this guy live, Goto80, not Skuggan. (The one who ISN'T dressed like an anthropomorphic sallad.) There was a local 8-bit festival in town a coupla years back. Worth nothing in the clip above is that the kids they played for didn't like the music AT ALL, except for two panelists who got booed by the audience.

    [url]Some Say the Devil is Dead - The Wolfe Tones[/url]

    Allright, I really like folk music, deal with it.

    IT Must be Something Psychological - Katie Lee

    I'm not sure if Lucefudu would love this album or hate it, since pretty much every song is making fun of psychotherapy, espescially Freudian psychology. I tend to get mental images to music, since I'm an artist I'm allowed to without it being crazy, and the thing I picture to this song is some sort of gay love affair between Freud and Jung...

    Talking Seattle Grunge blues - Todd Snider

    Making fun of grunge, a little late perhaps, but still pretty funny. "Silence, musics original Alternative".

    Drink The Water - Justin Cross

    Hmm, MLP/The Backwater Gospel, would it work?

    Hades Town Anais Mitchell

    Between this, Nick Cave and Tom Waits, I think I might just have a fondness for the gritty Americana style of music...

    Wanna be a hippy - Technohead

    This song is absolutely terrible... and I still I like it. Call it a guilty pleasure of mine, I'l leave it here as proof that I'm NOT a music snob, no matter what my earlier song selecitons might imply.

    Harald - Sorkar och Strängar

    Get any swedish geek drunk, including me, and it's a roughly equal chance that they'll sing this song. I am not gonna translate it, for your sanity, but there's a translation in description. My LARPer friend tells me this is a VERY popular song on LARPs, go figure...

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  • 97w, 3d
    More adventures in music

    Smells Like Content - The Books

    I admit, I got into The Books mainly because the title of the song "Read, eat, sleep" which describes a typical day of mine fairly accurately. Folktronica blending acoustic music and sound collages. I'm pretty sure that listening to this makes me a hipster, altough the fact that I usuall portrait myself wearing big black-rimmed glasses prolly sealed the deal already.

    Actually, I've had the same personal character for about six years, a blonde owl in glasses, and I've been very much amused how people's reaction to it gradually shifted from "Oh, it's a geeky owl!" to "Oh, it's a hipster owl!" Go figure...

    Energy Flash Joey Beltram

    Filling the dancefloors, old-school style.

    My Last in Baltimore - Poxy Boggards

    More of the "anime shanties" series, or rather its folk rock side series. I am ridiculously fond of drinking songs, prolly cus they are easy to sing, being off-key and off-rythm is a feature, not a bug. For the record, you know Owlor is drunk if he starts to sing this and if Owlor starts singing this it's probably time to get the wheelbarrow... (I am not translating this) I'm not sure where this would fit on the scale, prolly somewhere past the blackout...

    Women Respond to Bass - Renegade Soundwave

    Just to prove that I DON'T hate dubstep...

    Star Trek Philosophy - Gene Rodenberry

    This isn't a song per se, but a clip from a lecture about the Star Trek phenomenon, discussing the pover of fandoms an whether they can be used "for evil" so to speak. I think his conclusion are as true for ponies as it is for star trek, call me an optimist.

    How It Feels to Blossom - Nadine Mooney

    How does it feel to blossom? Guess we'll never know.

    OPening of the Mouth - Nile

    WARNING: Death metal, your brain WILL melt, and not necesserily in a good way. The combination of extreme metal and anchient egypt actually works quite well, I mean, the singer is gonna sound like a 10 000 yeard old mummy being awakened from his slumber by a wedgie anyway, might as well work with it....

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  • 97w, 3d
    Stuff you'll only encounter if you're a ponyficcer, part 1.

    My notes for this chapter contains the words "Sunset Snow", capitalized like that, and I can't figure out if its supposed to be a pony name or not. I suspect what I meant was "Sunset. Snow..." cus the full line is "Sunset Snow gently trickling down in flakes" and if "Sunset Snow" is supposed to be a pony, then the scene takes on a whole different context.

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  • 97w, 4d
    Anime shanties and other music

    I'm just gonna dump some interesting songs I've been listening to lately

    Du Gamla Du Fria - Fågel Roc

    Finally I've found a version of the swedish national anthem I like, and the only one accurately portraying the diversity of cultures in Sweden, we aren't all blue and blonde-eyed, y'know? This is just a one-minute sample, but the full song is on spotify as well as a dub version called... guess what? "Dub gamla Dub Fria." I could not approve of this more.

    Walking Trough Your Town in the snow (cover) - Utah Philips

    That's it, why I should I write any more when someone's already managed to capture everything I've strived to capture in one song? Well, obviously it doesn't mean I'll stop writing, sometimes creativity is a compulsion, but this is a folk song that blows me away by how simple and perfect it is.

    Conna Be an Engineer - Peggy seeger

    Girl Power! I'm waiting for someone to create a steampunk ponyfic based on this song.

    Black Wings - Tom Waits

    Another one I've been wanting to fanfic, I just like the idea of having this mystic character you never see except trough rumours and second-hand accounts that all contradict each other. What's been holding me back is the fact that the characters would APPEAR very much like a Mary Sue due to how much would seem to revolve around her, but in actuality, she might not even EXIST, except as a rumour. It's an intruiging idea.

    Bahamut - Hazmat Modine

    Yeah, I don't even know...

    Hymn to Herne - Sj Tucker

    Who' Herne? Well, he's basically a ghost in English folklore who inexplicably has antlers on his head. "The horned one" is a common archetype in paganism, so many neopagans try to connect these legends to older pagan deities. How true that is, I don't know, but it's certainly a demonstration of how pagan elements manages to survive in folklore even in an ostensibly christian country like England.

    Roll the old Chariot along - Traditional

    I love the "Anime shanties" youtube series, fanart of anime characters combined with recordings of traditional sea shanties, cus its proof that someone else out there has just as weirdly specific interests as me. On spotify, there's a version of this with an all-female choir, and if I can just get my hands on that as an MP3, I'll totally make a "Pony shanties" version of it. Which ponies do you think is most likely to go to sea?

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  • 97w, 5d
    Sky Matron - New cover

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  • 98w, 2d
    Limericks for ponies

    For Lucefudu:

    There once was stallion from Bray-zil

    who bore his country no ill-will

    but then he got drunk

    played Carioca funk

    and suddenly got an urge to kill

    For Owlor:

    There once was a pegasus from Flankinavia

    Who listened to music from Saddle Arabia

    he put on sunglasses

    saw many fine asses

    but ended up kissed by Octavia

    For... well, you'll see

    There was a farmpony from Ponyville

    who worked all day at the still

    she had nothing to loose

    made lots of strong booze

    ...and that's how Applebloom found out her skill

    For Twilight

    There once was a unicorn from Canterlot

    who was put in a prison to rot

    but she had plenty to read

    and lotsa good mead

    she smiled as she slept in her cots

    For Luna

    There was an alicorn who was put on the moon

    everypony thought she was quite a loon

    but she had time to think

    and strong ale to drink

    So overall she thought it was a boon

    For Zecora

    There once was a zebra from the Everfree

    who lived in a house made from a tree

    She thaught a pony to rhyme

    cus he did it all the time

    And would you know that pony was me!

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  • 99w, 2d
    People don't read [spoilers for "Wearing Midnight"]

    Spoilers for "Wearing Midnight", formerly known as "I shall Wear midnight"

    Occasionally, I'll do a story that requires a little more of the reader. Not a lot, mind you, just stories that require you to have a certain measure of curiosty and look beyond the obvious surface. And every time I do that, I get disappointed in people, because they never do that! That's fine if I simply failed to capture their interests, but often they feel the need to rate or comment anyway, not having actually read the story!

    If all I need to do is pick out a pretty picture to use as cover art, and come up with some dumb description that basically just sets up a joke, why do I even bother to write a story? Why do I spend time i could've used reading the Hyperion cantos, or bake cookies or draw a pretty picture to think up plot, characterization and mood, come up with a theme, research and create allusions when all of that is apparently nothing but dead-weight, padding to make my latest punchline long enough for fimficiton?

    The latest example is my story "Wearing Midnight." The hook is that it describes Trixie as being a mass-murderer, but when you actually read the story, you find out that what she did was accidently kill a whole bunch of animals without intending to, simply because she didn't quite understand the forces she was working with. I purposfully waited until I finished the chapter where this plays out precisely because I didn't want to keep people in suspense, but I really shouldn't have bothered. I still got messages from people who didn't actually READ the story and judged it entierly based on the description.

    The story is RIGHT FRIGGIN THERE, right below the description. And it's not like its a long one, frankly, it would have been a one-shot if I hadn't introduced the chapter breaks. Even if you don't want to read the entire story, it won't take more than five minutes to skim, under a minute if you skip to the relevant chapter, which is clearly marked.

    I am usually the one opining tht authors should have an ear for their readers needs rather than act like the audience only exist to validate their own sense of brilliance. But when it all comes down to it, a story is a thing where even when it's as good as it can be, you only get out from it what you give in return.

    Characters are only as good as peoples ability to make them come alive, the plot is only as good as peoples ability to follow it and realize its broader implications and a theme is only as good as peoples ability to percieve it and recognize facets of it.

    If you don't actually take time to apprechiate the story, it doesn't matter if its the best thing ever written or a piece of crap, its all so much wasted time. And I don't mean this in a pretentious sense, everything is right there in the story. I'm not asking the readers to build the road for me, I'm just asking them to walk it.

    Now, if you did take time to read the story and still found it to be a piece of crap, that's another matter. I'm sorry, but I'd love to hear your thoughts about it, that way it wasn't a complete waste of time to write, but a useful learning experience, and I'll try to write soemthing better next time or at least something different.

    (That being said, I must confess that I can be very spiteful about this, and block people after three or more comments containing nothing but a meme or a clear indication that they haven't actually read what they've commented on. It goes against my principles, but it turns out that sometimes your principles are a cheap prize to pay for some peace of mind...)

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  • 99w, 3d
    Groove salad

    In case anyone missed it, this is one of the classics of the internet, soma FM, a series of internet radio channels for downtempo, electronic, indie, folk and all manner of other music. The channel Groovesalad is a very good channel to listen to when writing, minimum vocals and a generally downtempo mood.

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  • 99w, 4d
    Fanon questions

    1. Why would it even occur to someone from a world without advanced computers to play a style of music intended to emulate audio computer glitches?

    2. Wouldn't it make more sense for someone obsessed with hands to be inspired by dragons rather than humans, cus in this universe, dragons actually exist?

    3. Why exactly would modern gaming tropes exist in a world where the most advanced form of gaming is arcade machines?

    4. One of the basic principles of character design is that as much as possible, the colour scheme should be preserved. Why then did we take a look at a pony who's main colour scheme is white, blue and purple and decide that her eyes ought to be RED?

    5. Not a question, but an observation, for someone supposedly stuck up, Octavia seems to find herself in seedy clubs surprisingly often, clubs that just happen to be DJed by Vinyl, even tough in the show she's quite clearly a mobile DJ, not a club DJ (a mobile DJ is someone who plays parties, weddings, fashion shows and the like, things that generally requires you to bring gear.)

    I'm overthinking thiings again, aren't I?

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  • 100w, 2d

    Its kind of a tradition among authors, espescially brittish authors to make an article detailing how you make the perfect cup of tea, and I've always wanted to follow in their footsteps. Nine people out of ten will go "bah, who cares about that?" and maybe one in ten will actually find this interesting, and that's who I'm writing for.

    Allrighty then, how to make a perfect cup of tea... Let's start here: the reason why there's so many essays and different opinions on the subject is cus it's really a matter of taste. And while some people can take it a little too seriously,  think most recognize this. The reason we care at all is because many people have a really badly prepared cup of tea and dismiss the whole thing as nothing but browned water. Many of these I think come from a habit of drinking cofee, and while there certainly is a world of difference between a crappy instant coffee and a properly prepared cup, most people drink it as fuel, because we've created a society where people need a constant supply of stimulants to get trough the day,and noone seems to question this, but I digress.

    Point is, while tea is certainly a stimulant as well, it is not as potent, and you don't drink it mainly to stay alert. As such, it becomes extra important that the drink is appealing to the senses. (Altough, I'd say the same thing about coffee, life is way too short for bad beer and instant coffee.) And one of the joys of tea is that a decent cup doesn't have to be expensive. Seriously, you can get quite far on just tea bags and water. The main thing you need to know is that the water needs to be HOT, boiling hot, nothing less will do. Just let it cool down a bit before you drink it.

    That's really all you need to know, but honesty, if you're using tea bags, you're missing half the experience, loose-leaf is where it is at. I've heard lots of people say they have trouble using a tea strainer, but it in't all that difficult. You open it, you scoop up enough tea to fill the bottom half, then you close it. This way, the tea has pently of room to expand and there's little risk of some leaves getting in your cup. However, this is not how I do it, cus I like my tea strong. I grab a big chunk of tea with both halves, and then I use the back of a spoon or similar to get rid of enough tea to close it. With this method, however, you risk the tea expanding enough to open and leave leaves in the cup. These will just sink to the bottom anyway, so no big deal.

    Now, to acessorize. Many people prefer milk in their tea, and while the recommended way of doing things is to put the milk in the cup before the tea so that the temperature is raised gradually and the milk isn't scolded, in practice, I wouldn't bother. This method makes it hard to dose the milk, and it is very impractical if you're making onesies (tea for yourself). Just don't pour the milk right away, let it sit a while and you'll be fine. I don't use milk but I like my tea sweet, so either sugar or honey.

    Now, the thing you need to know about honey is that the type of flowers its gathered from influences the taste and texture. Since you can't really control where bees go, in practice it means that honey from different regions have a different taste. Honey from the south of sweden is firm and has a bright sugary flavour, honey from the northern parts of sweden is more viscous and has a more muted flavour. That being said, just get what's local, it's bound to be tasty either way.

    Also, and this is important, to me anyway, the only ingredients listed in honey should be "honey", nothing more nothing less. It keeps for a long time anyway, so nothing else is needed.  If you don't take milk, you might want a slice of lime or lemon in it. I find it is espescially good together with honey, and espescially with the more "basic" tea flavours. My circle of friends like to put in some fresh chopped ginger instead of lime, and while eccentric, the result is actually really good.

    Now, what tea to use? The main kinds are black, oolong, white and green, roughly in order of how oxidized they are. Black has the strongest flavour, and is my favorite. Tea comes in different grades depending on how small and high on the bush he tea leaf has grown, with the highest grade being orange pekoe. The region a tea is from also matters, much in the same way it does for wine. This concept is called terroir, the idea that the natural properties of a place has an influence over the taste.

    When it comes to tea, the most common region is Assam, if you see tea sold as "english breakfast", it is probably assam. It is a really good basic tea, invaluable for making the quintissensial brittish "cuppa". Other regions include Sri Lanka, in which case i's usually called Ceylon. It has more of a... crisp taste to it than assam, that's the best way I can describe it. Tea is also commonly blended and or infused with other ingredients to give a variation in taste. By far the most common is Earl Grey, which is flavoured with bergamot.

    I favour the blends "Himlagott" (a swedish pun, "himla" is an intesifier, but can also mean "heavenly", so itd translate to "damn good", only y'know, in reverse), which is flavoured with cornflower and orange blossom, "Rosa Pantern" (Pink panter, wich is liqourice and raspberry", and "Guteblandning" (blandning = mix and gute = a person from  Gotland, which is flavoured with citrus and anise. In general I like my tea either liqourice or citrus-flavoured, but I also like many floral teas.

    Now, how about herbal? Well, here's the thing, and if you want to be an insufferable knowitall, mention this next time someone talks about herbal tea. If there's no tea leaves in it, it isn't a tea, but an infusion. That's why I didn't count "red tea" in my list, cus that's Roibos and technically an infusion. It is, however, quite good and makes for a nice cold-weather drink, espescially with some ginger in it. Other infusions I'm more lukewarm towards, most of it is things people drink "for health reasons", meaning it pretty much tastes terrible. I used to make my own peppermint infusions, however, and it was pretty good.

    Tea is a very good drink along with a snack or a small meal, hence why the english have "tea time". If you wanna do it like the brits, make thin slices of white bread and put equally thin slices of cucumber on it. Sandwhiches in general works very well along with tea. Traditionally, tea time is around 4, if I don't remember incorrectly, but that's not to say that's the only time you can drink tea. These are MY tea times: With breakffast, in the morning after breakfast, after lunch, before dinner, after dinner, in the middle of the night when I'm working on a new story or artwork.... I really like tea, allright?

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So, me and Luce had this discussion about Pink Floyd and the rumour of Dark Side of the Moon syncing up with The Wizard of OZ. Being complete nerd, we of course started wondering how Dark Side of the Moon would sync up with other things, like friendship is magic. We ended up trying it with the first two eps and... holy shit! I did not expect it to sync up as well as it did.

first of all, the intro works absolutely amazingly, with the heartbeats and Luna appearing to rant "I've been mad, I've always been mad..." only to build up into breathe when she's defeated. There's also a funny moment where Spike gets smacked by a door at the lyrics "Look around..." Sound advice, too bad he did not take it.

Twilights visit to Ponyville is to the tune of "On the Run" and the manic laugh comes in not too far from Pinkie Pie. The bells of "Time" doesn't start when Applejack rings the dinner bell, but they are still going on when she does, sso I'm counting it. Actually, it appears as if she makes Twilight ring like a clock by shaknig her too hard. Time picks up speed when we're itnrouced to Rainbow Dash, and lyrics-wise it fits pretty well with the character, rushing by but not really going anywhere. It then turns into "Great big gig in the sky" just in time for Fluttershy.

Money plays us out with the first episode and into the next and also introduces Nightmare Moon. You wouldn't think this would fit, but it acually does. The cash register starts sounding just as ponies are getting unsettled and then Nightmare Moon appears to rant about he evils of capitalism.

The highlight of the second part is without question Brain Damage/Eclipse, which syncs up with the fight with Nightmare moon and cast the whole scene in an entierly different light. "You lock the door and threw away the key... there's someone in my head but its not me... you raise the blade, make the change, you rearrange me 'til I'm sane..." indeed.

Then the song builds as they ready their attack and the rainbow hits on precisely the line "I'll see you on the dark side of the moon..." Eclipse starts, fittingly enough, with Celestia coming in. The line that sticks out in this context is "and everything under the sun is in tune, but the sun is eclipsed by the moon..."

There's a closeup of Luna as the final line of the song is said: "There's no dark side of the moon, really. As a matter of fact, it's all dark..." and the episode ends as the heartbeats fade away. There's something of a story there, a very dark one about succumbing to madness and ultimately being defeated, and now I kinda wanna write this...

And I guess I should say this cus aftermore than an hour gushing about this, me and Luce almost  started wondering ourselves, but no, I am not high! But this excercise is entertaining enough sober, I imagine that if you smoked pot while watching it, it'd become the most genius thing in the history of ever! Of course, the fact that we where both on different stages of sleep deprivation might have contributed...

Owlor · 218 views · Report
#1 · 98w, 4d ago · 1 · ·

*Laughs* I recall reading an essay once that spoke at length about why dark side of the moon syncs up so well with stuff but damned if I can find it now ><:derpytongue2:

#2 · 98w, 4d ago · · ·

>>894729 That right there seems like an interesting article. If you find it, please share with us.

As for you, dear author. Where is that synchronization? I'd very much like to hear it even though I'm not a huge fan of Pink Floyd.

#3 · 98w, 4d ago · · ·


well, I think it has less to do with the album itself and more to do with human nature.We like to find connections, whether connections exist or not, cus who knows, they might be important? :derpytongue2:

If I where to guess why Dark Side of the Moon in particular it's because it straddles the line between a normal album and a concept album. There's definently something resembling a narrative in there, but its a vague an mostly internal one. So just about any story that fits it length could be mapped over it and the progression of emotions in the album would correspond with at last something in the story.

#4 · 98w, 4d ago · · ·


Me and Luce is working on putting it up somewhere now, but it's not going well. :ajsleepy:

#5 · 98w, 3d ago · · ·

>>895510 Definitely but the argument in the damn essay which I still cannot find *growls*here was that DSOTM was deliberately set up like a story. Traditional film media will follow specific pacing styles etc and they tried to mimic that with the album.

#6 · 98w, 3d ago · 1 · ·


Hmm, well, that was basically my guess as well. I espescially think the "hero's journey" might have something to do with it, cus both the wizard of Oz and the first episodes follows this trope to a T. Heck some of the common tropes of a heroic journey has direct pararells in the songs on the album.

Separation of the ordinary world: Speak to me/breathe

The call to Adventure: On the Run

Refusal of the Call: Time

Symbolic death/Meeting with the godess: Great big gig in the sky (Im counting it as both due to the themes of mortality and also the haunting female vocals,it can pull double-duty)

Woman as temptress: Money (it doesnt have to be a woman, temptation general, be it sex, money or power, but so much myth was shaped by a heterosexual male viewpoiny.:raritydespair:)

Atonement with the father: Brain Damage (You raise the blade, you make the change, you rearrange me 'til I'm sane...)

Apotheosis: Eclipse

#7 · 98w, 2d ago · · ·

>>898415 Exactly! That was the gist of the essay and I can't recall is it was deliberate on the bands part (Though the idea that it isn't sounds like too big a coincidence for me to swallow comfortably:derpytongue2:)

I have the hero of a thousand faces but it's one that I pick up and put down a lot since I find the author's writing style difficult to parse in spots.:twilightblush:

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