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  • 3w, 3d
    Let's Discuss Waning Moon

    Well, it's been far, far too long. It's time I stood up and discussed what's going on with the one story everyone wants me to continue.

    Waning Moon was supposed to be the third and final part of the "MLA Trilogy," as it were. It was supposed to pick up from the story threads left in Bringing Up Blueblood and My Little Alicorn, wrap everything up with a little bow, and be the end. As it stands, however, Waning Moon has basically languished in limbo, along with a good chunk of my other works. I've been called out over and over on not updating the story, and people have been asking when it will continue.

    So, what the heck happened?

    To put it simply, I rushed a half-baked story into production and released it before I really knew what I was doing.

    Waning Moon is a massive pile of plots. We have Princess Luna eclipsing Princess Celestia in popularity. We have the Arcanus E Draconus going missing. We have Pinkie Pie and Blueblood investigating the theft. We have the Cutie Mark Crusaders essentially serving as scoutmasters to the fillies from Canterlot. We have Twilight losing faith in her mentor over the previously-mentioned evil book. We have Kuchen living in Ribbon's head. That's not to mention Trixie, the battle of the Dash-Fluttershy fanfillies, the blood feud between the Cakes and Ribbon's parents, and everything else that didn't even get off the ground.

    To put it simply, it's too damn much. I try to put it down on paper, and the story comes out a bloated mess. But here's the worst part.

    There is no reason for filly!Luna to be here.

    If I cut Luna's plot out entirely, the main plot would be completely unaffected. The book would still be stolen. Pinkie would still solve the crime. The ending revolved around Celestia and her efforts to make things right, not Luna's. Even the whole "somepony's trying to kill Luna" subplot could be excised without affecting anything, and considering how much the end point of that plot kind of squicks me out now, that would probably be an improvement.

    So what we had is an uncoordinated, overstuffed mess of a story, with a billion plotlines that I had to keep intersecting to give the illusion that they all went together, and with Luna serving no importance other than being there to be cute.


    I am going to be perfectly honest with everyone here. I am a hack writer. I write sub-average to average fanfiction about pastel cartoon horses. Before this, I wrote self-insert fanfiction that I'm glad has been scrubbed from history. I will never write or publish an original work. I will never be a famous or successful author. When I eventually die, no one but my family will notice or mourn me. I am not one of the greats of the fandom, and I never shall be. I am unskilled, untrained, and most of all, undisciplined. And the main thing I write is about characters being turned into children, so there's probably something wrong with me.

    But I have standards.

    My Little Alicorn may have been conceived as a silly little bit of fluff, but when I was challenged to make it better, I worked to make it into something that at least had a little meaning behind the antics. Bringing Up Blueblood was an unnecessary sequel, but I enjoyed exploring redemption from a slower angle, and trying to make one of the most disliked characters in FiM at least somewhat likable. Little Sunny may be more of the same, but I am taking the time to explore the way a world unused to magical accidents would respond to such a transformation, as well as hopefully putting a new spin on a plot hook that's become increasingly common since Friendship Games.

    Even my non-MLA stuff attempts to be stronger than it probably is. And That's Terrible was Celestia battling Lex Luthor over cake, but was purposely written to be as over-the-top Silver Age as possible. Eye of the Hurricane (which will be finished) is largely about why you shouldn't try to take shortcuts to improving yourself. A Taste of Meat is mostly an excuse to make a cannibalism joke, but there's still at least a little substance beyond that. Point is, I don't like my stuff to come across as pointless or empty. I really do try to be better than that.

    And that's why Waning Moon crashed and burned for me.

    I have struggled for years to get back into writing that story, but I simply cannot manage it. I would like to do a "Luna is regressed" story, but I feel like it needs to be of a higher quality than what I am giving you. Everyone that takes time out of their day to read a chapter to one of my stories deserves to have something better than what I am providing. And that's why Waning Moon is (officially) going on Hiatus.

    When I start writing about Luna again, it may be in a new fic. It may be a continuation of Waning Moon. I may just jump to the sequel story involving Lofty joining the Royal Guard. But I want to give everyone the filly Luna story they deserve. You have all earned it.

    I'm sorry I disappointed you all.

    - IAH

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  • 4w, 2d
    Chapter Four is done

    I have finally finished this chapter.

    It will be up tomorrow.

    And now I must get sleep.

    Sleep is good.

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  • 5w, 4d
    Happy New Year

    Another terrible year is behind us, and a new one is coming.

    Sorry the chapter's not done. I ended up scrapping everything I did the last couple days because I wasn't happy with it. Sorry. Still hoping to have it done by the end of the weekend. I will NOT fall behind again. Nothing in the world can stop me now!

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  • 7w, 2h
    This weekend in a nutshell

    So I got up on Friday morning, ready for a busy day at work followed by a long weekend of writing. "I'm going to have this chapter done by Christmas," I said to myself.

    What I did not know is that the Nerd Gods were angry. I had already turned my back on far too many geeky activities over the last year. I had stopped playing board games. I had stopped playing online games. I was going to skip Babscon next year for financial reasons. I had not seen a single Marvel movie since my move. And now I wasn't going to the opening weekend for Star Wars?

    Such transgressions demanded punishment, so at exactly two hours into my shift, the gods did bellow, "Lo, his butt shall be glued to the toilet seat, unable to depart for but a scant moment before having to rush back and relieve himself. And then he shall be better come Monday morn so that he shall not miss a moment of employment." And it was so.

    So yeah...kind of hard to write when your guts are twisting into a corkscrew-like shape. Aiming for New Years now. Hopefully the Nerd Gods are not that petty.

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  • 7w, 4d
    For those going to see the new Star Wars this weekend...

    I wish I was with you. :fluttershysad:

    Oh well, I can always catch it once the crowds die down. That, or I'll drop dead of a heart attack in the parking lot like I almost did when I went to see The Peanuts Movie on Thanksgiving. Just please, don't screw this up, Abrams.

    ...And the prequels weren't that bad.

    *runs away*

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  • 8w, 2d chapter's late...

    Mostly because I've been working and re-working it in my head and on paper, trying to make it seem like less of a waste. Unfortunately, the fourth chapter is largely more plodding that probably should have been in the last chapter, but I can't skip it because it helps set up the fifth chapter, which is where things really begin to go into Crazy Land, which is really more of a barony. Plus, you know, there's work and all. Open Enrollment is here, people are calling to complain about everything, the media and politicians are openly wishing your career dead, and your workplace's human resources department lies to you over and over, instills false hope, and then shows up a week later to dash those expectations, all while claiming that they overpayed you by hundreds of dollars every other month and demanding the money back to cover their asses, and then not sending your paycheck with everyone else's and refusing to let you sign up for direct deposit because they keep finding new "overpayments" to levy against you. Not to mention the crushing loneliness as you watch all the happy families around you prepare for the holidays and realize you're a nobody with no family for hundreds of miles trapped in a job you hate, a hair's breadth from financial collapse, and with no hope for the future because you have no skills that are actually usable.

    In other words, I'm still working on the chapter. I may delay it a bit longer so I can get the forth and fifth chapters out at the same time, if only to make myself feel a bit better. Now if you'll excuse me, I must go stare at the darkness and wonder how my life got to this point.

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  • 10w, 1d
    Season Five Wrap-Up

    So, Season Five is finally over. As we prepare to wander about aimlessly until the next season (and movie) grace us, it's time to take a look back at what has transpired this year and see what to make of it. So let's go, shall we?

    The Good:

    Continuity: While other seasons have had references to previous episodes, as well as a couple sequel episodes, the references, callbacks, and continuations felt much stronger here. This helped give the series more of a connected feel and presented, at least, the illusion that things were progressing for our heroines. They even referenced one of the chapter books, bringing some bits of the expanded universe closer to the main one.

    Progression: Going hand-in-hand with continuity, some of the cast actually managed to advance on their goals. We had the typical episode about Rainbow Dash flying with the Wonderbolts (her "reserve" status is lessening bit by bit), but we also had Rarity finally getting her Canterlot shop (and being allowed to keep it, surprisingly), the CMC getting their cutie marks (even if it was rushed beyond all compare), and Twilight actually performing some princess duties that didn't just involve unfurling a banner or sitting and looking pretty.

    Emotion: This is highly subjective, but this season seemed to hit at the emotional level more than most of the others. The show has been full of heartwarming and heartbreaking moments since day one, but several of the episodes this time around ("Amending Fences" especially) hit that core harder than what has come before. Even episodes that make no logical sense ("Crusaders of the Lost Mark") work by going for affecting the audience on an emotional level.

    Fluttershy: It's odd to single out a specific character, but Fluttershy this season was largely fantastic. While still shy, nervous, and quiet, she also presented more of a sense of strength than she had in most other seasons - and even then, those previous moments were confined to her episodes. It seems that she's internalized that lesson from "It Aint Easy Being Breezies," and is now able to stand her ground when Discord tries to throw her friend into a puppet universe, or when Rainbow Dash blows up a factory to keep Tank from hibernating. It was a very good season for her overall.

    The Bad:

    Redeeming Villains: This season did it, and it did it badly. Discord's redemption continues to be handled poorly, and Gilda was a bit rushed outside of some solid interactions with Pinkie - who was the one that didn't need to forgive her, because Pinkie largely forgives anyone for anything. But none of that holds a candle to Starlight Glimmer, who was introduced as a cult leader out to impose her philosophy on the world, and then decided to destroy all of history (and kept planning to do so after seeing that the Mane 6 had to be together or bad things happened)...and is not only forgiven, but seems to be joining with the rest of the Mane 6.

    The Map: The Cutie Map (for lack of a better term) was handled a bit better than the keys in Season Four, but it was still underutilized. After making a big deal about it in the premiere, there were only three actual map-related adventures (with a fourth episode running alongside one of those adventures), and the whole thing was hastily wrapped up with no real payoff. The Cutie Map is still around, though, so it may play a role in seasons to come.

    The Finale: The season had the worst closing episode of the entire series so far, and nearly all of that is because of the last ten minutes. Before that, the finale was a goofy time-travel story of dark alternate timelines. After the reveal of Starlight's motivations, the whole thing comes crashing down. Bad form, all around.

    Final Thoughts:

    Overall, this season ranks just behind Season Two in terms of favorites, and would have been the best if it weren't for the critical mishandling of the finale and the dismal duo of "Princess Spike" and "What About Discord?". After a tumultuous third season and a rocky fourth, this season feels a lot more consistent, connected, and developed than the show has for a while. Most of the cast is given something to do - I can't think of any Mane 6 that felt truly left out this season, as even Applejack managed to get that precious episode that didn't involve farming or her family. As for what's to come...I don't know. If Glimmer joins the main cast, it could be good or bad. If she becomes a supporting character a la Spike and the CMC, it could be good or bad. We'll be busy killing each other over it during the hiatus, so who knows what'll happen?

    I enjoyed the season, and I hope for more pony adventures when the show returns.

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  • 10w, 2d
    This episode in a nutshell...

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  • 11w, 3h
    What's coming up... *Little Sunny discussion*

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  • 12w, 1d
    I still function

    Sorry it's taken so long since the last chapter. The next one is almost ready, and should be live by Sunday at the latest. Until then, I will leave you with a small, non-spoilery, out-of-context snippet from the next chapter:

    She spun her chair back to Sunset, the mad gleaming of her eyes blazing through the lenses of her glasses. Sunset could not help but shudder slightly when faced with the insane glare. “Now take off your shoes.”

    ...I am going to Hell, aren't I?

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  • 12w, 2d
    Twilight, we need to talk...

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  • 12w, 3d
    Another day, another terrorist attack

    In case you've missed it, a series of terrorist attacks have killed over 150 people in Paris, France. We don't know all the facts about why this was done, but I can guarantee that it will be over bullshit. If it's not some Muslim asshole murdering people over their religion, it's some Christian asshole murdering people over their religion. And that's assuming it's not just some bigot who wanted to kill people because they don't like how they look or where they come from. Or it's not just a bunch of fucking psychopaths who want to feel powerful in their final moments by terrifying and murdering people.

    It never ends. It doesn't matter if the borders are open or closed. It doesn't matter whether or not you practice racial or religious profiling. No matter how many people you arm, it won't stop. No matter what precautions you think you've taken, it will never end. People will continue to perpetrate acts of murder against people who they have never seen, who have done nothing to them, and yet must die because of who they are and where they are.

    And we will keep honoring them. The media will keep giving them power by reminding us to be scared. Politicians will weep pretend tears before declaring how brave and wonderful they are, and using these attacks to fuel their own campaigns that will breed even worse terrorists. Those behind these acts will beat their chests and proclaim how strong they are, when all they have done is murdered innocent people that just wanted to have a fun night.

    I am shaking, angry, and frustrated. I once thought humanity was a species that could be great, but when I see things like this happen, I remember that we are freakish monsters that deserve to be destroyed. I have no thoughts of happiness or joy to give. I have nothing but burning contempt for this sick world we have created.

    I'm sorry. I'll take my leave. I really hope tomorrow's episode is at least enjoyable, because fuck knows the world has seen enough shit tonight.

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  • 13w, 2d
    So, did I like this week's episode?

    ...It was a Discord episode. I hated it.

    I do not like Discord. I cannot stand Discord anymore. I find his antics tiring and annoying. This episode was a bloody chore to sit through. A moral like the one this episode had deserves something better.

    And I'm sorry if that's upsetting to Discord's loyal legions of fans. If you still like him, keep doing so. I will not begrudge you of that enjoyment. But I will say that I have come to hate the character so much that it's started to make me hate every single role John de Lancie has ever played. And that includes Q.

    I feel burned and drained after watching this. I need to go find something better to do.

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  • 14w, 4d
    Bronies are not the worst fandom anymore

    (Note: Much of this is a final gasp of venting. Things are about to get very angry up in here. You have been warned.)

    There are a lot of fandoms that get attacked as "the worst." The Sonic fandom has historically been a nightmare land of hatred and idiocy. Every console since the 16-bit era has had its share of trollish fans and stubborn defenders. And FiM's fandom has been a good-sized lightning rod for a while. The idea of teenage and adult males liking a "little girl's cartoon" was initially shocking, and even as that shock has largely faded, there are still plenty who view the fandom as nothing more than a bunch of perverts ruining things for children with their porn and hatred. And sometimes those criticisms are deserved. As a fandom, we have sometimes said and done things that are offensive or hurtful, and we need to own up to that.

    But then you have the Steven Universe fandom.

    As I mentioned long ago, back when some very vocal fans decided that FiM fans shouldn't be a part of the SU community, I commented that a segment of that show's fanbase seemed more in love with the inclusiveness and "progressiveness" of the show. And I can't say I completely blame them, given how screwed up the general culture and Internet can be regarding anything that doesn't fit the norm. Where it becomes problematic is how they try to defend the show from anything they perceive to be a threat. In the past, they bullied an artist because they drew Garnet "too light." Before that, they went ballistic because Pearl not liking to eat seemed to conflict with her saying she liked pie in a previous episode.

    And then you have what they more recently did. Namely, a segment of the SU fandom stalked and harassed a young woman to the point where she attempted suicide. What was her crime? She didn't draw Rose Quartz "big enough," cosplayed as characters of a different nationality than her own, and drew a somewhat-questionable picture of Fluttershy as a Native American. For this crime, blogs were dedicated to following her every step, her tumblr was buried in a sea of accusations of bigotry, and when news of her suicide attempt broke, these same people wavered between wishing she had died and trying to track down the hospital so they could keep up the harassment.

    This is already sickening, but even worse is when the show's staff stepped in on her behalf. The suggestion that people should be free to draw what they want was taken as a blanket approval for child porn, gorn, and all of the nasty stuff these "stalwart protectors" had been fighting against. So they turned on the people creating the damn show in the first place, accusing them of everything from racism to pedophilia.

    And all of this was in the name of diversity and equality.

    As a community, we have done some bad things, but this...this boggles the fucking mind. It's not just the bullying that gets me, it's the fucking weaksauce bullshit they use to try and make themselves seem like the victims. A girl tried to end her damn life because you didn't like the way she drew some fictional characters, the creators stepped in because they were upset at what you were doing with their work, and you act like you are the one being targeted by bullies. Maybe some of you had some shit in your lives. That's fine, we all do, and some people have it worse than others. But that doesn't give you the right to act like you're some kind of moral crusader when you behave exactly as vile as the people you should really be fighting against.

    Steven Universe is a good show. I will continue to recommend it to my friends. I will continue to watch it, and enjoy its catchy musical numbers, memorable characters, and engaging storyline. But the community can go die in a fire for all I care at this point. SU is, to date, the worst fandom, and I pray to god that FiM never sinks to this same level of shit. Even at our worst during the Derpygate fiasco, nothing quite compared to this.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I need a drink.

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  • 15w, 1d
    Me writing...

    Me: Yay, I'm writing. And I've got the best idea...

    Universe: Somebody already did it.

    Me: Huh?

    Universe: Yeah, there's, like, a fic a day uploaded with that same concept.

    Me: Oh. Well, I can do something different with it and...

    Universe: No, because every possible angle has been covered.

    Me: Well...shoot. Still, I can do the best job I can and make it something people will enjoy...

    Universe: You can't. Everyone that's done this is a better writer than you. Except for that one guy, maybe, but the vast majority are smarter, more clever, and better at telling a story than you ever will be.

    And that's when I shut down and stop writing, everyone calls me a liar and cheat for not updating anymore, and I make idiotic self-pitying blog posts in script format. But on the plus side, it's Halloween, so candy.

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  • 15w, 2d

    We have now seen four of the Mane 6's families. We obviously have Applejack's siblings and grandmother of indeterminate generations. Rarity's parents were first seen back in Season Two, and Sweetie Belle is a member of the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Twilight's parents have never spoken, but we have seen them multiple times, and her brother is married to her babysitter. And now we've seen Pinkie Pie's family in a more extensive light.

    You know what we haven't seen? The pegasus families.

    Yes, Rainbow Dash may have been with her dad in that one scene in "Games Ponies Play," but nothing was ever definitively stated. Meanwhile, Fluttershy's family has never even been mentioned. What happened to them? Did they all die in a tragic weather factory accident? Were they eaten by bears? Did they disown their daughter as a disgrace when she realized her true calling was to be a caretaker for animals? We need answers, dang it.

    ...Also, the episode was good.

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  • 16w, 1d
    Little Sunny Chapter 2 Follow-Up

    First things first: don't expect updates this quickly. These first two chapters were just a freak occurrence. I am still writing every day, even if it is just a few words, but I can't promise immediate results or a set schedule.

    This chapter and the second both serve to help set up the plot. In the first, we were introduced to the new experiment, got some basic establishment of Sunset and Human Twilight's relationship, and then Sunset got youthenized. This chapter was mostly about getting her out of the school and establishing more of Sunset's current situation. On that end, it was very easy to write conceptually, even if there were a few areas that were rather rough going.

    A massive revision was undertaken for this chapter. Wonder why Rarity was with Twilight when Sunset was found? Well, it was partially because Twilight Sparkle does not appear to have any transport besides a bus, but mostly it was because Sunset was going to stay with Rarity for the first night, and then move to Twilight's place the following night. This would have culminated in Rarity smuggling in fast food to stave off hunger (because Rarity's human parents are just as terrible at cooking as her pony parents are) and Sweetie Belle laughing at Sunset once the truth was revealed via social media. But as I was thinking things out again, I realized all of this was completely superfluous, and while the jokes I and the handsome fellow who I dragged into helping with this were amusing, it was for the best that the story just keep moving forward. Besides, Twilight's the most important secondary character, so it makes sense to keep them close together.

    This helped me shape Twilight's home life more and more. Basically, I looked at Princess Twilight, took as many of her elements that I wanted, and tried to apply them through a human's lens with Human Twilight. Her parents are pretty much completely desensitized to the incredibly weird stuff she does and brings home, and just want her to have friends and be happy. She doesn't get that, though, because she holds herself to an incredibly high standard, which means her parents hold her to an even more impossible standard, and she'll be disowned for the slightest misstep. If this doesn't sound like Pony Twilight, remember that she once brainwashed an entire town because she thought her mentor would banish her back to Magic Kindergarten because she was late with an assignment - which never had a due date to begin with. Human Twilight is just beginning her lessons on friendship, so she doesn't have Princess Twilight's character development yet.

    As for Sunset...well, that was fun and harrowing. Sunset having more childish impulses and a lack of total self-control is just how these stories work, so that was expected. It was when I was rewatching the first two EqG movies and noticing all the times Princess Twilight behaved like a horse in a human body that I got the idea to, more or less, reset her completely. Obviously, this gag will not be omnipresent, as Sunset can relearn human behaviors and master walking, running, and skipping on two legs, but I have plans for it.

    Celestia...well, I can't comment on that without major spoilers, so I won't.

    Overall, I just hope that you are all enjoying this little tale. There is still plenty to come, including Sunset acting adorable, getting Twilight in stereo, and Trixie's evil deeds, and I hope I can keep you all entertained throughout. Thank you for sticking around in spite of my bullshit. I'll see you all down the line.

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  • 16w, 2d
    I hope everyone got a good last look at Spike

    Because after the events of today's episode, somepony will be getting a nice purple-and-green suitcase.

    Also, it was quite amusing, which is what a Pinkie Pie episode should be. No Season Two Pinkie Pies here.

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  • 16w, 6d
    Chapter Two is coming....

    Six days after the first went up, I am already about 75% done with the second. Just to pass the time, here's a rough draft preview:

    Sunset Shimmer slowly exited the car, doing her best not to look at either of her friends. For all of her complaining, Rarity had at least found something workable in the store. Sunset had changed from her more grown-up clothing into a pair of faded blue jeans, off-white tennis shoes, and a pink shirt with a yellow, smiling cartoon sun in the middle. She let out a low moan and leaned against the open car door, doing her best not to appear as weak as she felt. “How do I look?”

    “Well, considering where your clothes came from, I suppose you look quite smashing.” Rarity smiled. “Then again, I was the one that picked them out for you. I suppose my eye for fashion works at any price point.”

    Sunset sighed. “...I look like a little kid, don't I?”

    “Well...that's kind of hard to avoid right now,” Twilight said nervously. “I-I mean, it's not like this is permanent or anything. We just need something to...tide us over until we get you back to normal.” She shifted her eyes away from her miniaturized friend. “W-We are getting you back to normal, right?”

    Sunset's free right hand slowly tightened into a fist. She still refused to lift her gaze from the parking lot pavement, but she didn't have to. “Of course we're going to get me back to normal. There is no way I am going to-”

    That was when she let go of the car door.

    Almost immediately, Sunset's legs began to quiver as she tried to orient herself. Her vision seemed to shake as she found herself leaning backwards and forwards at near-random, as if she was a float balloon that had broken free of its cabling. Finally, her right foot scooted against and slid off the ground, sending her tumbling onto the asphalt. Her hands shot out to break the fall, but as they did so they curled themselves into clenched fists and slammed to the ground knuckle-first, eliciting a cry of pain.

    Both Rarity and Twilight were on Sunset in a second, dusting her off and pulling her back up while questioning her about her well-being with the usual platitudes. By this point, though, the girl was having none of it. “I'm fine!” she snapped. “I just lost my-”

    She broke free of her friends' grasp, only to immediately find herself wobbling once again. With a small shout of alarm, Sunset left leg finally gave out and tucked itself into her right, sending her falling backwards onto her rear. And yet again her friends were at her side, albeit this time settling for just kneeling next to her and checking for any bruising or the like on her face.

    “Whatever is the matter, dear?” asked Rarity. “You don't seem to be...young enough to have trouble walking.”

    “Your legs didn't get injured in the explosion, did they?” Twilight's breathing became just the teensiest bit more labored as she spoke. “I mean, we didn't really have time to give you a full physical. Maybe there's some nerve damage, or your bones didn't regress at the same rate, or...”

    “My legs are fine, Twilight,” said Sunset. She winced as she rubbed the injured parts of her body. “And I have no idea what's going on. I haven't felt like this since...”

    Her eyes widened with terror – not the kind brought on by the maelstrom of conflicting emotions and impulses in her mind, but rather what could only come from rational thought and analysis. “I haven't felt like this...since I first stepped through the portal.”

    Now to go back to work.

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  • 17w, 2d






    (And that was how InsertAuthorHere died. Then he un-died and typed up this blog post.)

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Today the Brony Documentary group released a trailer for the extended interviews bonus, with extra footage of Tara, De Lancie and Faust. Most of it's pretty much your basic stuff, what Faust says...

In case you're lazy, she says that she had planned out destinies for the different characters, and mentions Rarity, Rainbow Dash and Twilight specifically. The first two are self-explanatory: Rarity gets a dress shop in Canterlot and Rainbow Dash joins the Wonderbolts. Those are pretty blindingly obvious, and have been built up to over the course of the show. But then she gets to Twilight...who was going to be Celestia's successor. Yes, successor. As in, princess. She also tweeted after the hype machine kicked into gear that this wasn't in her plan, so that seems to imply that this would have happened at some point in time, but not in the middle of the series' run.

This actually adds credence to the idea that MMC was going to be the series finale. After all the staff turnover and with DHX picking up so many projects, Hasbro cuts their losses and orders thirteen episodes to fill out the sixty-five needed for syndication. That way, they can just sell the airing rights after the fact and make a fortune. But when the show remained popular (and possibly because shows like Care Bears didn't take off like they had wanted), they decided to renew it for another full season. The only problem is that this meant MMC was already in production, and it would most likely be too late and too expensive to pull the episode and totally redo the ending.

So what does this actually mean? Not much, really, but it does give some more insight into the show's conception. And perhaps it can show that Hasbro isn't wrecking Faust's vision like so many claim they are.

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Uhm... okai... not sure what to say...

#2 · 154w, 6d ago · 2 · 15 ·

Twilight replace Celestia.....this just in: Twilight Sparkle new worst pony.

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This new info and the current state of affairs... it could still happen. o_o

#5 · 154w, 6d ago · · ·

Now I think about it, it explains the wierd ending off Wonderbolts Academy. If season 3 would be the last season and everypony off the mane 6 would get their dreams, then Wonderbolts Academy could be one off the episodes about Dash getting her dream. At the end Dash would be accepted as Wonderbolt.

This maybe also explains the remors before season 3 about Flutters changing in a dragon and Rarity getting a duet with Octavia. Flutters changing in a dragon would help her overcome her fear of dragons and help her learn to stand for herself. Rarity meeting Octaia would almost certainly happen in Canterlot. It would help Rarity to get a shop opened in Canterlot.

#6 · 154w, 6d ago · 3 · ·

None of this really surprise me.  Twilight taking up a role as Celestia's successor has always to me seemed a very likely destination for her character arc -- either that or becoming the royal arch-mage/vizier, but now that she's an alicorn the former seems to be the only viable path, and it's not a bad path.

Now exactly how well this will play out over the course of next season (and however many more season might potentially come after that), well, only time will tell.

#7 · 154w, 6d ago · · ·

So wait, this implies its our fault. We the fans got this so popular that it warranted MORE episodes and seasons! While Faust's original vision for the work was good, it wasn't multiseasonal enough for US.

This is very interesting. You know what? I would love to see her "fanfic" on the endings for our characters the way she had intended.

#8 · 154w, 6d ago · · ·

It's been heavily speculated that the reason this season was thirteen episodes, or one half, was so the other half would go to funding Equestria Girls, and that it never had anything to do with the syndication limit at all. Hasbro knows that ponies is pretty much the life blood right now, so they are broadening their horizons and syndicating FIM for the future.

As for the video itself, a bit surprising given Lauren's reaction on Twitter. Sure, she was never expecting Twilight to actually become royalty herself, but replacing the ruler of the entire kingdom is pretty much becoming royalty, anyway.

So yeah, "ruining Faust's vision?" No, not really.

More like broadening it out while keeping both corporate parties (Toy branch vs Show branch) happy.

#9 · 154w, 6d ago · 1 · 1 ·

It means that we really are in a Babylon 5 - style scenario, looking forward to a season of fillers, hastily-conceived plots and episodes from the scrap pile.

FWIW, I'm hoping that Rainbow and Rarity both reject their automatically-assumed 'destinies'.  It would fit well into the message of the show if they decide that their relationships with their friends and their places in the community in Ponyville was more important to them than celebrity, recognition and even wealth.  "I'm happy here, with my friends.  Money and fame couldn't replace that!" would be a nice message with which to round out the show.

#10 · 154w, 6d ago · · ·

Yeah, that is interesting.  Perhaps if we had known this two weeks ago, a lot less people would've freaked out..  (By the way, did you know that kludge is a word?  Because autocorrect seems to want to replace every other word I type with that today.)

#11 · 154w, 6d ago · 7 · ·

So everyone saying Lauren Faust didn't want Twilight to be a princess can shut it? (Sorry, I get more than a little tired of people using her to justify their own arguments.) Huzzah!

#12 · 154w, 6d ago · · ·

As long as this burns hundreds of fanfics, then I'm okay with it. :twilightsheepish:

#13 · 154w, 6d ago · · ·

What I want to know is how they're going to pull themselves out of this hole they accidentally dug. If they did, like you said, intend for the show to end there, but renewed the show for another season due to unexpected popularity, they've got to find some way to keep it going, right? If they're creative, I'm sure they can find a decent way to prevent hitting a dead end.

#14 · 154w, 6d ago · 4 · ·





HAH! Sorry, that was mean wasnt it to all of the people who say "messing with Lauren's vision" and "Hasbro is teh dvil," and "Princesses are just pwetty and historically dont do anything (princess Grace, Diania, and Catherine just got DISSED! Though I thank them for giving me the chance to research the real princesses in the real world and see what they did for real and their real lives)? So basically, what we have on our hands is another "DBZ, Kim Possible" scenario where something that was only meant for a particular length (Dragonball was only meant to go for the first arc, and KP was meant for only the 65) and then it got so popular that they decided to keep things going. I wonder if that is another reason for the 13, so Megan and the group could set up an arc  and plot things out slowly to get everything set up. Meanwhile Hasbro goes for the spin off that they want.

My question is this then...Die hard fans, where were you when Danny Phantom was canceled? Why was I stuck with only 3 seasons, 53 eps, and two awesome made for tv movies? Why didnt you save this show? Heck, Hey Armold fans...where were you guys when Nick decided to be the biggest A-holes on the planet and left us the world's second biggest cliffhanger (first place belongs to the always awesome and rewatchable...Berserk). Some of these shows need closure

#15 · 154w, 6d ago · · ·

she wants the CMC to get their cutie marks, and they didnt, a thing that will happen in season 4? :trixieshiftright::trixieshiftleft::rainbowdetermined2::duck:

#16 · 154w, 6d ago · · ·

On the subject of destinies, I've made a blog post of my own.

I notice someone down-thumbed my previous post.  I'd be grateful if whoever that was could tell me (by private message if you prefer) what you didn't like; I'm genuinely interested in your opinion, okay?

#17 · 154w, 6d ago · · ·


I'd be okay with that, more Scootaloo is never a bad thing :twilightsmile:

#18 · 154w, 6d ago · · ·


they just annoy me now because we have seen them do their talents in many episodes and sweetie belle straight out says that even if she is a good singer she refuses to think its her special talent and tries to be like her big sister, you wont get the same cutie mark as your sister, the show shows that nopony can have the same talent, and all of the older ponies know their talents as well, but they arent allowed to tell them because they have to find it on their own, but they wont ever find it on their own if they keep listening to scootaloo trying to get a cutie mark like rainbowdash. I like them, and find them funny, but i dont like how they refuse to acknolodge that their special talent is what they refused to do for the talent show.

#19 · 154w, 6d ago · · ·

i will still regard this the s3 season finale as the actual finale when this show finally ends. the fact that twilight suddenly gets wings when i skip this episode before s4 we will solve when we get there.

#20 · 154w, 6d ago · · 8 ·


Sorry, Luna's already taken that spot.

#21 · 154w, 6d ago · 2 · ·


Possibly, or possibly not. The problem with Babylon 5 was that everything was resolved before the sudden renewal, while here, there's still a lot of ground to possibly cover. And in any case, it's kind of hard to have filler when your show is more of less slice of life, the very definition of filler.

Also, the idea you had for Rarity was kind of what happened in "Sweet and Elite." She goes to Canterlot, makes some huge waves thanks to a high-profile pony falling in love with her work, and feels she has to lie about her friends and origin to avoid being cast out. In the end, she learns that you should always be proud of where you're from. If the show had ended, that could have been a decent ending for her.


More like broadening it out while keeping both corporate parties (Toy branch vs Show branch) happy.

It also ties into the claim made back in Season 2 that the show's creators had input on the toys. Although given how rushed the finale was, it's also possible that the change was still mandated, but since they still had Lauren's idea lying around, they decided to work that interpretation into the finale as best they could. It's honestly a shame they couldn't devote the entire episode to it, but at least they'll be addressing what happens now in the next opener.

#22 · 154w, 6d ago · 3 · ·


> it could still happen.

"Only on the Hub"?

Sorry, I couldn't resist :facehoof:

#23 · 154w, 6d ago · 2 · ·

I never understood the argument that "this isnt what Faust wanted!". Honestly I dont really care what Faust wants since she isnt apart of production anymore and even if she was I would still judge each episode as I do now. Would be like saying Disney didnt follow George Lucas's vision in their new Star Wars movie. Regardless of if its a flop of success, I don't care what Lucas's vision was since he isnt a part of it.

This info does give us some insight into Hasbro's thinking and I guess that does make me a little less angry. Though I am still way more disappointed than angry. I've been back to watch the songs of that episode several times and the greatest crime is wasting such perfect material and plot with such a convoluted episode. I would have rather them shot for an average episode and just it ending up below average than to have all these amazing scenes and touching moments wasted because of time constraints. Now every time I watch Twilights "I've got to find a way", the groups "A true true friends" or "Celestias  ballad", I can't completely enjoy them because all I can think about is what might have been.

#24 · 154w, 6d ago · · ·


That isn't an exact analogy as Mr Lucas is supposedly going to be a story consultant on Episode VII (hopefully he'll convince J J Abrams not to turn the entire cast into hormonal teens).

Still, I do get your point; Lauren hasn't really be involved with MLP: FiM since the end of Season 2 and has only ever been credited with writing episodes 1x01 and 1x02, the pilot two-parter.  Although it still owes a lot to her vision, it's a lot bigger show now with a lot more different creative visions involved.

#25 · 154w, 6d ago · · ·

Hey look a Faust Tweet

#26 · 154w, 6d ago · · ·

>>846625 uh the heck is that a comment to?.....

#27 · 154w, 6d ago · · ·

>>846663 in reference to it 'Not being so far from Fausts vision'

#28 · 154w, 6d ago · · ·

>>846675 no i mean what is faust commenting about? all that link shows is a blank da page with her post on it.....

#29 · 154w, 6d ago · · ·

>>846692 ... What could the "Almighty Faust" be talking about when she says that? :facehoof: Especially so soon after we get a 4'th alicorn. Especially knowing she doesn't approve of Cadence being an Alicorn

#30 · 154w, 6d ago · · ·

>>846725 but that post was dated a year ago , and i didn't know anything on what faust had to say about cadence.....

#31 · 154w, 6d ago · 1 · ·

Personally i never was a fan of "Destiny". but i do believe that people can only go so far with their free will.

Meaning that because ones cutie mark is one thing, why does that mean they are tied to doing it?

It understandable if, per say a pony is a singer, or a baseball player, that they would be best doing what they do best, but what about if it isnt, like why can't ponies have free choice?

The thing im hitting at is mainly the royal guard. Does it mean that all of the royal guards are practically aryans, born and raised to guard the princess like roman storm troopers? or could they be stallions who had tallent, and careers, but they decided to join the military?

I remember one of my favorite stories of all time is a cup of joe by the Descendant, in it, Pony Joe was a soldier in the equestrian aremy and became a royal guard and then dcided to open his doughnut shop with the money he earned.

still though, cutiemarks related to fighting and killing by fanfiction writers are immediately poor characters in my opinnion. THink outside the box, there are ways to rationalize it.

#32 · 154w, 6d ago · 1 · ·

>>847030 I kind of view destiny in stories a lot like I do love; I don't believe in either of them, but in order for the story to make sense you have to pretend that they exist...well, most of the time, at least :pinkiesick:

#33 · 154w, 6d ago · · ·

You continue to post interesting things, I'm glad I follow you.  :twilightsmile:

#34 · 154w, 6d ago · · ·

You know I'm still confused at this prospect of hating on princesses and calling them weak, and yet the show has Luna and Celestia around! That makes little sense!

#35 · 154w, 6d ago · · ·

Well, I hope they realize how stupid it would be to cancel the show at this point. With the fans it has produced and the money they make off of it, why would they stop it and pray that care bears is going to somehow replace it?

#36 · 154w, 6d ago · · ·

Good to know, thanks!

#37 · 154w, 6d ago · · ·


I'm not sure either really, I'm still absorbing this... wow...

#38 · 154w, 5d ago · · ·



interesting that 2 other people would bring up Babylon 5, but that's exactly what I'm reminded of too.

Babylon 5 was a sci-fi TV series about a space station called Babylon 5.

Near the end of the show, they blew up the space station.

So there was no more Babylon 5, and everybody's plots were pretty much resolved, it was supposed to be the end of the story.

......and then the show was picked up for another season - and it was terrible.

I'm not saying that's where MLP will go, Babylon 5 was a serial TV drama and MLP is a kids show about candy colored ponies.

MLP can be different, this doesn't have to be an "endgame" story for it.

This show isn't even the kind of thing that even has an "ending", it's more like any episodic cartoon show and it just runs until there is no longer any interest in it. Like Family Guy or The Simpsons, they just get into something new next week .

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