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  • E Keeping Your Hooves On The Ground

    Dash tells what happened to her and Fluttershy immediately after her first Sonic Rainboom.
    8,035 words · 29,342 views  ·  2,531  ·  38
  • T Bringing Up Blueblood

    A spinoff of "My Little Alicorn." Blueblood must prove himself worthy of being an adult a
    158,939 words · 14,973 views  ·  1,159  ·  17
  • T Waning Moon

    Sequel to My Little Alicorn. Luna gets regressed and is flung into a deeper mystery regarding the Arcanus E Draconus...
    27,984 words · 9,529 views  ·  716  ·  9
  • T My Little Alicorn

    A magical prank backfires, leaving Celestia stuck as a filly and Luna having to take her place.
    179,845 words · 27,777 views  ·  2,651  ·  51 · gore
  • T A Taste of Meat

    An Equestria Girls tale. Rainbow Dash dares Sunset Shimmer to try meat. The results are not what any of them expected.
    4,839 words · 9,717 views  ·  1,220  ·  33
  • E Eye of the Hurricane

    Raindrops goes too far in dealing with her anger problems. (Lunaverse story.)
    27,195 words · 1,927 views  ·  183  ·  3
  • E A Chance Encounter (Continued)

    (Continuation of Hendy853's A Chance Encounter.) Lunaverse Story. Spike runs into a rather crazed purple unicorn and must escape.
    15,314 words · 1,423 views  ·  132  ·  5
  • E And That's Terrible

    Lex Luthor steals forty cakes from Celestia. That's as many as four tens.
    14,608 words · 2,713 views  ·  231  ·  13

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  • Today
    Comic Review: Issue #24

    Issue 25 and I are having a disagreement, so we're instead going to play catch-up and look at last month's one-shot. Discord is back, and he's taking Fluttershy and the Cutie Mark Crusaders on a trip through time. Maybe they'll finally kill the Daleks. Yep, kill them. For real this time. Totally for real. They're not going to come back next season. Nope. Dead. Deader than a doornail.

    ...I hate Doctor Who.

    The issue begins with Fluttershy and the Cutie Mark Crusaders going off on a trip to observe nature, complete with filly scout sashes and caps. (It seems to remind me of something I should be writing, but I can't quite put my finger on it...) They barely make it out the door before a meteorite crashes into the earth, sizzles a bit for dramatic effect, and pops open to reveal Discord. He was just hanging out in the Horsehead Nebula when he accidentally flew too fast and ended up going back in time a week. (Or in my headcanon, he went off into space to bug Picard, ran into Sisko, and got his ass knocked into last week with one punch.)

    Discord invites himself on the trip, but gets bored with looking at modern birds and alligators, and offers to take the group on a trip through time to see ancient and long-extinct creatures. The CMC are super-excited, but Fluttershy is anxious about leaving anypony in Discord's care...until she hears about the giant butterflies from prehistoric times. Will our heroes survive their trip through the world's future and past?

    You can probably guess my biggest problem with the issue, and it's the first word in the last paragraph. I have made zero effort to hide how much I disliked Discord's redemption, and while “Twilight's Kingdom” did a heck of a better job than “Keep Calm and Flutter On” showing him screw up and actually learn something, it's still not quite enough to make me excited about seeing him again. This issue...well, it wasn't “Three's a Crowd” in terms of annoyance, but it feels very confused about how to handle the character.

    Things start off just fine. While Discord is still not actively plotting their deaths or torment anymore, he's perfectly willing to encourage Scootaloo to poke a sleeping alligator while Sweetie Belle is in its mouth. (Although given how stupid that is to do, I assume he's also into Social Darwinism.) He also helped lead a seemingly heroic rebellion against an Egyptian Empire counterpart, but that was only because said empire was perfectly ordered, and a God of Chaos must have standards. All of these, plus his selfish nature and references to his lingering villainy, are quite fine.

    It's the fact that the issue also contradicts “Keep Calm and Flutter On” that bugs me. Specifically, the episode made a big deal out of Discord never having a friend in his life before Fluttershy. This issue shows that he was in a possibly romantic relationship with the leader of a feline rebellion (who is also apparently a previous incarnation of Twilight Sparkle) and was friend with one of those prehistoric butterflies. It could be argued that he wasn't actually friends with them, but even so, it feels a bit off considering how his becoming good was approached to begin with.

    That said, the rest of the cast is handled well. Fluttershy is a caring and protective guardian for the fillies, and is perfectly willing to chew Discord out when he crosses the line. (Although saying that he shouldn't have friends was pretty cruel.) The CMC are just their excitable little selves, with Sweetie stealing the show with some rare signs of insight and intelligence. The new characters are okay, although it feels like much of the story is setting up things that could be explored in more detail elsewhere, especially since the Ancient Egypt and prehistoric parts of the issue compromise a majority of the content.

    One thing about this issue that I do like is how it further solidifies the notion of a stable time loop, something initially set up back in “It's About Time.” In that episode, Twilight gets a warning from her future self, which causes her to worry herself over nothing, and ends with her going back in time to warn her past self. Here, Discord explains that the past cannot be changed and the present is set in stone, but your future is still being written. In effect, you travel back to something in the past because history dictated that you would travel into the past, but there is no guarantee that you'll return because anything that happens to the present you that is now in the past is technically your future.

    Fairly standard, but it's nice to have some more solid rules.

    The art is quite good, and I do like a lot of the jokes. Naturally, the issue is full of Doctor Who references, such as the time machine (a gigantic square thing that's much smaller on the inside), Discord wearing a fez, a panel with some Cyberponies, and an amusing bit where Discord pulls Dr. Whooves out of his machine and punt him into the horizon. Overall, however, the issue doesn't feel particularly groundbreaking or memorable for me. It might be because I'm not a fan of reformed Discord and don't care that much for Fluttershy, but I don't dislike the latter and I liked the former's appearances in Season Four (“Three's a Crowd” aside) and in Issue #2 of Friends Forever. This is very much a relaxing filler issue, and in that regard, it's fine. It's just not something I'll be going back to time and again.

    Next month is this month, and we've already talked about that. The month after, we have the conclusion to the ponies fighting the bulls. Hopefully it won't be a load of them.

    4 comments · 55 views
  • Thursday
    About today's comic

    This issue was well-drawn and had some funny moments. I also hate it completely, and all because of one single plot point:

    Twilight refuses to help.

    To clarify, the Mane 6 are in a town that is being harassed by a gang of bulls. The local law enforcement is a single sheriff that gets knocked out in one punch, and it's the same bulls that Applejack and Rarity were able to fend off back in Friends Forever #8. There isn't a repeat of that fight, but I can understand that; Applejack and Rarity had the advantage of being in a moving stagecoach, which gave them extra protection, and they are now in a strange land fighting the bulls head-on. So Applejack asks Twilight, the princess who can use magic real good, to help drive them off.

    She refuses. Why? Because she doesn't want to use her magic to harm anyone.


    Oh, it's because they're not magical! Yeah, just like those pirates you repeatedly zapped about a dozen issues ago - oh wait, they didn't have magic powers, either! And how about those bats you genetically altered to not like apples? They weren't magic, either, but that didn't stop you!

    Wait, maybe you're trying to be princess-like and attempt diplomacy first. That's fine. Shows some real leadership skills to - wait, you're not doing that, either? Even after they burned down a damn barn?

    ...Okay, comic, show writers, we need a chat. You seem to have this problem with pointing out a problem in your story, and then doing absolutely nothing to rectify it. That isn't how you do things. Pointing out a flaw on your own without actually addressing the flaw makes it many, many times worse. Remember when I blew my top over that mocking last page of the "Reflections" arc, where you laughed at everyone who bought into the promise of alternate universe counterparts besides the Princesses and Sombra playing a role? Same thing, only now it's in the main story.

    I'm not going to review this one. I might talk about it if the next issue is any good, but...I'm sorry, I can't take this crap. Now let's finally watch that trailer for Season 5. Surely it can't be...

    Time to bring out the old standby...

    8 comments · 217 views
  • 1w, 1d
    Comic Review: Friends Forever #11 (Rainbow Dash and Spitfire)

    Rainbow Dash is the fastest flier in Equestria. Spitfire is the leader of the Wonderbolts, the most elite pegasi of them all and whose ranks Dash wishes to one day join. The two have worked together numerous times, but today, they shall face their greatest challenge. For they have been called upon to perform one of the most difficult, thankless, and terrifying jobs known to pony kind...

    Teaching foals!

    Our issue opens with Rainbow Dash serving as the temporary mailpony. (No reason is given for her taking the role, so I'll just assume that Derpy's busy fighting a kaiju-sized muffin monster and leave it at that.) After flying through a suburb that looks nothing like Ponyville, she receives a letter from Spitfire requesting her presence and immediately abandons her sacred duty to go join the Captain of the Wonderbolts. Their mission? Serve as guest teachers at a flight camp for very young fillies. Easy enough, right?

    There's only one problem: Spitfire is terrible with kids. Can Rainbow Dash help her idol get over her issues?

    The first thing that stands out in this issue is the art, done by newcomer Jay Fosgitt. It's a decidedly mixed bag. On the one hand, the shape of the ponies feels very Calvin & Hobbes-esque, which is perfect for a story focusing on little foals. It just looks incredibly cute, which makes it even weirder when they keep making faces that wouldn't look out of place in a...less-than-seedy bit of fan art. Where the problems lie is the backgrounds, as nothing looks like it fits the aesthetics of the show. While living conditions have bounced all over the place in Equestria, Ponyville has always been shown to have a lower-tech, more medieval level of architecture, so having the story start in what looks like a modern suburb is really off-putting.

    The highlight of the issue is the interplay between Rainbow Dash, Spitfire, and the foals. Rainbow actually takes to teaching pretty well, although since it's another opportunity to have everypony pay attention to her and say how wonderful she is, that is to be expected. Spitfire's issues with kids, on the other hand, are portrayed in a realistic fashion. She's not some raving child-hater; she'd probably enjoy at least speaking with her class in any other circumstance. Instead, her problem is that she doesn't know how to teach foals, which is something that makes a great deal of sense. As the comic points out, you can't be patronizing or condescending, but you also can't be overly tough on ponies that look to be about preschool age. (One of the best moments in the issue is when Spitfire tries to use her “Wonderbolt Academy” drill instructor voice and behavior; she reduces the entire class to tears in about two minutes.)

    The story is ultimately about Rainbow Dash helping her mentor overcome her flaw, which is sadly something the show has done to death by now, but works much better here because they don't have to turn Spitfire into an oblivious jerk or manipulative sack of crap to pull it off. It's a realistic flaw, and I could tilt my head and see Rainbow Dash being able to help, which is furthered by the issue showing her first attempt at advice leading to the above-mentioned tears of the innocent.

    The foals are mostly nondescript, but are also a lot of fun and feel like actual kids. The first day of class is just them goofing around, including one lying on another foal's head like a hat, several of them doing stretches incorrectly, Peppermint Patty showing up as a pony for some reason, and one of the kids asking Spitfire if she has a special somepony. (Trust me, that's one of the first things any group of kids you are assigned to look after will ever ask you.) The second day, they react exactly how children exposed to a screaming angry pony would: they're terrified and crying for mommy. And all it takes to win their attention back is a display of awesomeness.

    The only foal to get any real attention is Loop de Loop, a shy little filly with a stated talent for flying. She's absolutely adorable.

    Overall, the issue is pretty good. It's a cute little story about how even our heroes can have flaws, and how you shouldn't be afraid to ask for help when you need it. The art is a mixed bag, but otherwise, a fine issue.

    Next time, Applejack must defend her extended family from robbers. And we have a full docket in December:

    * Twilight must save Pinkie Pie from herself

    * Applejack must continue to save the family.

    * And we get a Christmas special...about cyberbullying.

    Oh, and Ted Anderson is still working on the series. If you'll excuse me, I'll be looking through the latest thread comparing him to Hitler.

    7 comments · 193 views
  • 2w, 2d
    Comic Review: Friends Forever #10 (Fluttershy and Iron Will)

    Another month passes, and another pair of comics have graced out doorstep. I'll be getting to Discord's and Fluttershy's excellent adventure shortly, but for today, we're looking at another companion of Fluttershy's...a certain burly minotaur named Iron Will. Can Fluttershy help the big guy get in touch with his “inner pony?”

    Our issue opens with Ponyville, that wonderful town free of all of reality's vices and bigotry, stampeding away from the bellowing presence of Iron Will, who wants to see Fluttershy. The rest of the Mane 6 stand their ground outside her cottage door, but it turns out to be for nothing when Fluttershy walks out and calmly asks him what's wrong. Turns out Will's wife told him to not come home until he's learned how to be nicer, and he's come to the kindest pony he knows to do just that. Can Fluttershy help tame the savage beast? And why does Iron Will have to do this?

    First issue, and by far the biggest one, out of the way: EVERYPONY BESIDES FLUTTERSHY IS A DICK. The issue opens with the entire town running away from that no-good monster, and the minute Twilight (who has never seen Iron Will before and could have nothing more than second-hand experience with) sees who's coming, she mobilizes her friends to save Fluttershy from that greedy fiend. They never give him a chance to explain himself, nor do they even think Fluttershy (who has handled Discord by this point) is capable of teaching him how to be kind. And at the end, after Iron Will's learned his lesson and is throwing everypony a farewell dinner (a gag early in the story reveals that he's a gourmet cook), they immediately criticize everything he lays out because they're picky and selfish.

    And then there's Rainbow Dash, who is just a complete ass the entire issue. Every scene she's in, she finds a way to make everything worse. I imagine that's why the preview art for the next Friends Forever has her with a big head and tiny neck; Iron Will choked her until she was stuck that way.

    That said, the moments with Fluttershy and Iron Will are well done. The story builds from Iron Will's last scene in “Putting Your Hoof Down;” while he's very aggressive and demanding, he's also honest and has a softer side. He actually seems to enjoy taking care of the animals and the spa trip, until Angel ruins the former and Rainbow Dash the latter. The fact that he has a wife and son also help add more layers than just a big-mouthed salesperson, and the idea that he and his family live in a maze is amusing.

    The basic premise of the issue is that Iron Will's son is taking after his father's worst traits, i.e. talking back to his mother and teacher. And while Iron Will tries to become more understanding through animal caretaking, pastry sales, apple bucking, and finally the spa, he really doesn't see the value in it; his son is just trying to be like his old man. The final lesson has similarities to “Putting Your Hoof Down” in that it doesn't state that being assertive and forceful is bad, but rather that it isn't the end-all, be-all reaction you want to encourage.

    Beyond that, the issue is very simple and straightforward. The two just go to a task, something inevitably sets Iron Will off, and they try something else. There's a brief running gag about Iron Will asking to be paid for the work he's doing (for stuff like running the counter at Sugar Cube Corner, this makes perfect sense), and some of the ways he fails are pretty funny (again, Sugar Cube Corner and his encounter with Pinkie). The art is just generally okay; Garbowska returns with her more simple, but still cute designs, and while some of the poses and expressions are awkward, the overall look works for such a simple story.

    If you're not a big fan of Iron Will or Fluttershy, you could pretty much skip the issue. It's a standard story that features all of the other ponies being colossal flankholes. Still, it's a good story to pick up later at a lower price, or as part of a compilation, and if you're a fan of the two, it's pretty much a must-read.

    Next time, Rainbow Dash is summoned to aid Spitfire fend off the most vile creatures ever to crawl out of the primordial muck...children!

    9 comments · 140 views
  • 2w, 3d
    The election results are in...

    And on the plus side, I will have plenty of time to write again once the job that's actually making me happy is eradicated and I'm no longer destroying America.

    In the meantime, I'm still scrapping some story updates together. Hope to have something soon.

    44 comments · 425 views

Today the Brony Documentary group released a trailer for the extended interviews bonus, with extra footage of Tara, De Lancie and Faust. Most of it's pretty much your basic stuff, what Faust says...

In case you're lazy, she says that she had planned out destinies for the different characters, and mentions Rarity, Rainbow Dash and Twilight specifically. The first two are self-explanatory: Rarity gets a dress shop in Canterlot and Rainbow Dash joins the Wonderbolts. Those are pretty blindingly obvious, and have been built up to over the course of the show. But then she gets to Twilight...who was going to be Celestia's successor. Yes, successor. As in, princess. She also tweeted after the hype machine kicked into gear that this wasn't in her plan, so that seems to imply that this would have happened at some point in time, but not in the middle of the series' run.

This actually adds credence to the idea that MMC was going to be the series finale. After all the staff turnover and with DHX picking up so many projects, Hasbro cuts their losses and orders thirteen episodes to fill out the sixty-five needed for syndication. That way, they can just sell the airing rights after the fact and make a fortune. But when the show remained popular (and possibly because shows like Care Bears didn't take off like they had wanted), they decided to renew it for another full season. The only problem is that this meant MMC was already in production, and it would most likely be too late and too expensive to pull the episode and totally redo the ending.

So what does this actually mean? Not much, really, but it does give some more insight into the show's conception. And perhaps it can show that Hasbro isn't wrecking Faust's vision like so many claim they are.

InsertAuthorHere · 4,129 views · Report
#1 · 91w, 4d ago · · 2 ·

Uhm... okai... not sure what to say...

#2 · 91w, 4d ago · 2 · 15 ·

Twilight replace Celestia.....this just in: Twilight Sparkle new worst pony.

#4 · 91w, 4d ago · · ·

This new info and the current state of affairs... it could still happen. o_o

#5 · 91w, 4d ago · · ·

Now I think about it, it explains the wierd ending off Wonderbolts Academy. If season 3 would be the last season and everypony off the mane 6 would get their dreams, then Wonderbolts Academy could be one off the episodes about Dash getting her dream. At the end Dash would be accepted as Wonderbolt.

This maybe also explains the remors before season 3 about Flutters changing in a dragon and Rarity getting a duet with Octavia. Flutters changing in a dragon would help her overcome her fear of dragons and help her learn to stand for herself. Rarity meeting Octaia would almost certainly happen in Canterlot. It would help Rarity to get a shop opened in Canterlot.

#6 · 91w, 4d ago · 3 · ·

None of this really surprise me.  Twilight taking up a role as Celestia's successor has always to me seemed a very likely destination for her character arc -- either that or becoming the royal arch-mage/vizier, but now that she's an alicorn the former seems to be the only viable path, and it's not a bad path.

Now exactly how well this will play out over the course of next season (and however many more season might potentially come after that), well, only time will tell.

#7 · 91w, 4d ago · · ·

So wait, this implies its our fault. We the fans got this so popular that it warranted MORE episodes and seasons! While Faust's original vision for the work was good, it wasn't multiseasonal enough for US.

This is very interesting. You know what? I would love to see her "fanfic" on the endings for our characters the way she had intended.

#8 · 91w, 4d ago · · ·

It's been heavily speculated that the reason this season was thirteen episodes, or one half, was so the other half would go to funding Equestria Girls, and that it never had anything to do with the syndication limit at all. Hasbro knows that ponies is pretty much the life blood right now, so they are broadening their horizons and syndicating FIM for the future.

As for the video itself, a bit surprising given Lauren's reaction on Twitter. Sure, she was never expecting Twilight to actually become royalty herself, but replacing the ruler of the entire kingdom is pretty much becoming royalty, anyway.

So yeah, "ruining Faust's vision?" No, not really.

More like broadening it out while keeping both corporate parties (Toy branch vs Show branch) happy.

#9 · 91w, 4d ago · 1 · 1 ·

It means that we really are in a Babylon 5 - style scenario, looking forward to a season of fillers, hastily-conceived plots and episodes from the scrap pile.

FWIW, I'm hoping that Rainbow and Rarity both reject their automatically-assumed 'destinies'.  It would fit well into the message of the show if they decide that their relationships with their friends and their places in the community in Ponyville was more important to them than celebrity, recognition and even wealth.  "I'm happy here, with my friends.  Money and fame couldn't replace that!" would be a nice message with which to round out the show.

Yeah, that is interesting.  Perhaps if we had known this two weeks ago, a lot less people would've freaked out..  (By the way, did you know that kludge is a word?  Because autocorrect seems to want to replace every other word I type with that today.)

#11 · 91w, 4d ago · 7 · ·

So everyone saying Lauren Faust didn't want Twilight to be a princess can shut it? (Sorry, I get more than a little tired of people using her to justify their own arguments.) Huzzah!

As long as this burns hundreds of fanfics, then I'm okay with it. :twilightsheepish:

What I want to know is how they're going to pull themselves out of this hole they accidentally dug. If they did, like you said, intend for the show to end there, but renewed the show for another season due to unexpected popularity, they've got to find some way to keep it going, right? If they're creative, I'm sure they can find a decent way to prevent hitting a dead end.

#14 · 91w, 4d ago · 4 · ·





HAH! Sorry, that was mean wasnt it to all of the people who say "messing with Lauren's vision" and "Hasbro is teh dvil," and "Princesses are just pwetty and historically dont do anything (princess Grace, Diania, and Catherine just got DISSED! Though I thank them for giving me the chance to research the real princesses in the real world and see what they did for real and their real lives)? So basically, what we have on our hands is another "DBZ, Kim Possible" scenario where something that was only meant for a particular length (Dragonball was only meant to go for the first arc, and KP was meant for only the 65) and then it got so popular that they decided to keep things going. I wonder if that is another reason for the 13, so Megan and the group could set up an arc  and plot things out slowly to get everything set up. Meanwhile Hasbro goes for the spin off that they want.

My question is this then...Die hard fans, where were you when Danny Phantom was canceled? Why was I stuck with only 3 seasons, 53 eps, and two awesome made for tv movies? Why didnt you save this show? Heck, Hey Armold fans...where were you guys when Nick decided to be the biggest A-holes on the planet and left us the world's second biggest cliffhanger (first place belongs to the always awesome and rewatchable...Berserk). Some of these shows need closure

she wants the CMC to get their cutie marks, and they didnt, a thing that will happen in season 4? :trixieshiftright::trixieshiftleft::rainbowdetermined2::duck:

On the subject of destinies, I've made a blog post of my own.

I notice someone down-thumbed my previous post.  I'd be grateful if whoever that was could tell me (by private message if you prefer) what you didn't like; I'm genuinely interested in your opinion, okay?


I'd be okay with that, more Scootaloo is never a bad thing :twilightsmile:


they just annoy me now because we have seen them do their talents in many episodes and sweetie belle straight out says that even if she is a good singer she refuses to think its her special talent and tries to be like her big sister, you wont get the same cutie mark as your sister, the show shows that nopony can have the same talent, and all of the older ponies know their talents as well, but they arent allowed to tell them because they have to find it on their own, but they wont ever find it on their own if they keep listening to scootaloo trying to get a cutie mark like rainbowdash. I like them, and find them funny, but i dont like how they refuse to acknolodge that their special talent is what they refused to do for the talent show.

i will still regard this the s3 season finale as the actual finale when this show finally ends. the fact that twilight suddenly gets wings when i skip this episode before s4 we will solve when we get there.

#20 · 91w, 4d ago · · 8 ·


Sorry, Luna's already taken that spot.

#21 · 91w, 4d ago · 2 · ·


Possibly, or possibly not. The problem with Babylon 5 was that everything was resolved before the sudden renewal, while here, there's still a lot of ground to possibly cover. And in any case, it's kind of hard to have filler when your show is more of less slice of life, the very definition of filler.

Also, the idea you had for Rarity was kind of what happened in "Sweet and Elite." She goes to Canterlot, makes some huge waves thanks to a high-profile pony falling in love with her work, and feels she has to lie about her friends and origin to avoid being cast out. In the end, she learns that you should always be proud of where you're from. If the show had ended, that could have been a decent ending for her.


More like broadening it out while keeping both corporate parties (Toy branch vs Show branch) happy.

It also ties into the claim made back in Season 2 that the show's creators had input on the toys. Although given how rushed the finale was, it's also possible that the change was still mandated, but since they still had Lauren's idea lying around, they decided to work that interpretation into the finale as best they could. It's honestly a shame they couldn't devote the entire episode to it, but at least they'll be addressing what happens now in the next opener.

#22 · 91w, 4d ago · 3 · ·


> it could still happen.

"Only on the Hub"?

Sorry, I couldn't resist :facehoof:

#23 · 91w, 4d ago · 2 · ·

I never understood the argument that "this isnt what Faust wanted!". Honestly I dont really care what Faust wants since she isnt apart of production anymore and even if she was I would still judge each episode as I do now. Would be like saying Disney didnt follow George Lucas's vision in their new Star Wars movie. Regardless of if its a flop of success, I don't care what Lucas's vision was since he isnt a part of it.

This info does give us some insight into Hasbro's thinking and I guess that does make me a little less angry. Though I am still way more disappointed than angry. I've been back to watch the songs of that episode several times and the greatest crime is wasting such perfect material and plot with such a convoluted episode. I would have rather them shot for an average episode and just it ending up below average than to have all these amazing scenes and touching moments wasted because of time constraints. Now every time I watch Twilights "I've got to find a way", the groups "A true true friends" or "Celestias  ballad", I can't completely enjoy them because all I can think about is what might have been.


That isn't an exact analogy as Mr Lucas is supposedly going to be a story consultant on Episode VII (hopefully he'll convince J J Abrams not to turn the entire cast into hormonal teens).

Still, I do get your point; Lauren hasn't really be involved with MLP: FiM since the end of Season 2 and has only ever been credited with writing episodes 1x01 and 1x02, the pilot two-parter.  Although it still owes a lot to her vision, it's a lot bigger show now with a lot more different creative visions involved.

Hey look a Faust Tweet

>>846625 uh the heck is that a comment to?.....

>>846663 in reference to it 'Not being so far from Fausts vision'

>>846675 no i mean what is faust commenting about? all that link shows is a blank da page with her post on it.....

>>846692 ... What could the "Almighty Faust" be talking about when she says that? :facehoof: Especially so soon after we get a 4'th alicorn. Especially knowing she doesn't approve of Cadence being an Alicorn

>>846725 but that post was dated a year ago , and i didn't know anything on what faust had to say about cadence.....

#31 · 91w, 4d ago · 1 · ·

Personally i never was a fan of "Destiny". but i do believe that people can only go so far with their free will.

Meaning that because ones cutie mark is one thing, why does that mean they are tied to doing it?

It understandable if, per say a pony is a singer, or a baseball player, that they would be best doing what they do best, but what about if it isnt, like why can't ponies have free choice?

The thing im hitting at is mainly the royal guard. Does it mean that all of the royal guards are practically aryans, born and raised to guard the princess like roman storm troopers? or could they be stallions who had tallent, and careers, but they decided to join the military?

I remember one of my favorite stories of all time is a cup of joe by the Descendant, in it, Pony Joe was a soldier in the equestrian aremy and became a royal guard and then dcided to open his doughnut shop with the money he earned.

still though, cutiemarks related to fighting and killing by fanfiction writers are immediately poor characters in my opinnion. THink outside the box, there are ways to rationalize it.

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>>847030 I kind of view destiny in stories a lot like I do love; I don't believe in either of them, but in order for the story to make sense you have to pretend that they exist...well, most of the time, at least :pinkiesick:

You continue to post interesting things, I'm glad I follow you.  :twilightsmile:

You know I'm still confused at this prospect of hating on princesses and calling them weak, and yet the show has Luna and Celestia around! That makes little sense!

Well, I hope they realize how stupid it would be to cancel the show at this point. With the fans it has produced and the money they make off of it, why would they stop it and pray that care bears is going to somehow replace it?

Good to know, thanks!


I'm not sure either really, I'm still absorbing this... wow...



interesting that 2 other people would bring up Babylon 5, but that's exactly what I'm reminded of too.

Babylon 5 was a sci-fi TV series about a space station called Babylon 5.

Near the end of the show, they blew up the space station.

So there was no more Babylon 5, and everybody's plots were pretty much resolved, it was supposed to be the end of the story.

......and then the show was picked up for another season - and it was terrible.

I'm not saying that's where MLP will go, Babylon 5 was a serial TV drama and MLP is a kids show about candy colored ponies.

MLP can be different, this doesn't have to be an "endgame" story for it.

This show isn't even the kind of thing that even has an "ending", it's more like any episodic cartoon show and it just runs until there is no longer any interest in it. Like Family Guy or The Simpsons, they just get into something new next week .

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