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Reviews on Requests Guidelines and Submission Details

Updated Version Number 2 - Updated May 2, 2013

While you guys wait for me to finally publish anything, I have decided it is in my best interest to review stories on request! I have plenty of spare time on my hands and I constantly need something to keep me busy nowadays. Of course, there might be a waiting list and definitely a couple of preferences which will be listed below.  This is mostly to help out new writers, like myself, get some critique. As a result, if you want your story's review to be not published, I respect your decision. I have been working on a decent amount of projects (mostly non-pony) so you could say that writing somewhat familiar to me.  I'm looking forward to this in every way and I can't wait to read your brilliant stories! Contact information and guidelines below. See you guys soon!

Guidelines (Please read before submitting):

Upon Submission:

Your story will be checked for the themes listed in these guidelines. Please list them along with the link if they fall into any of the categories. Expect an email or private message back within five days of submitting to confirm if you have been accepted or not. This usually matters upon the intensity and frequency of these themes. I usually won't turn anything down unless it makes me want to vomit all the contents of my stomach. These are all the things that I would expect in a submission email: theme tags (such as violence, gore, sex, etc.), your preferred contact (I know some people rather I don't use email so if you prefer that I contact you via FIM Fiction PM, this is where that should come it handy), and a link to your story (duh).      

Be Careful with These Themes.

Themes such as slavery, prostitution, and drug/alcohol abuse are fine but only in moderation and for essential character building and setting.

Gore and Violence Accepted at Responsible Levels.

Nothing like Cupcakes please. I have no stomach for that. When stories such as Fallout: Equestria have gore, it's fine. Nothing on the extreme levels though. For violence, I play Team Fortress. I'm not complaining.

No Purely-clop Stories.

I really don't mind clop, but when there's no reason for sexual interaction between any characters, I really see no point in it. In other words, unless you're shipping, clop is highly unadvised. I'm to read stories, not fap my troubles away.

In conclusion, practically everything is accepting as long as it is in moderation and is essential to your story. If you have any questions or think something needs to be clarified, please refer to the comments section.  


Thank you for taking your time to read the guide lines and I hope that it clarified some things. If your story is acceptable by the rules above, send a link to it on to this email address: admujicareviews@gmail.com

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