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    I don't know when or where this happened...

    ...but I wish I had been there.

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    The more things change...

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    Better Late Than Never

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    Discussion time!

    Let's talk about "Bandwagons" vs "Inspired by"

    Sometimes we see stories that scream "bandwagon" to me. Say, like... a certain story with a wrestler makes it to the feature box and suddenly another wrestler story appears a few days later. But could that story simply have been inspired by the other?

    How about those that make it a habit of scouting for Feature Box stories then writing their own version of it? Is it just inspiration? Or is it seeking attention.


    Inspired by.

    What's the difference?


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    Merged Crossover Worlds - a rant.

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    Signal Boost! Middy's blog!

    If you have the chance to help someone, take a glance at Midnight Dancer's Blog. A friend of hers is in dire need, and could use some assistance. Take a look, and see if you can help!

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    Fimfic OC Creation 101

    Never go Full Reta Alicorn

    Okay, so that's not necessarily true in absolutely all cases. But it's a good rule of thumb to stay away from creating an alicorn OC until you have at least two of the following items under your belt:

    a) enough experience (and by that I mean more than a couple of 1k one-shots)

    b) a solid following of people that will help you not feel like you wasted your time writing it (or auto-hate it on sight)

    c) a proven record of being able to tell compelling stories. (No, your friend telling you your story is awesome is not proof of this.)

    Suffice it to say, if it's your first story ever... No. Don't. You're just setting yourself up for disaster, unfounded bashing, and an immediate alienation with most readers who won't care that it's your first story.

    It's not fair, especially if you come over with high hopes of recognition or to share something that perhaps is actually and truly important to you. But it's the truth. OC Alicorns, at first blush, basically take away most of the credibility in much less than 10 seconds flat.

    The fact is: OC Alicorns are very rarely needed. If at all.

    Beyond the color scheme, it's an interesting thing, how seeing an OC tag can make you doubtful about a story regardless of the experience of the author, but seeing an Alicorn OC is pretty much a guarantee of a shuddering "nope!" with possible auto-downvotes without even glancing at the contents of the story.

    In a way it is unfair, of course, but at the same time... it's an invitation for that. And if you write an Alicorn OC, well, you should expect that gut reaction for people to hate it.

    The reason is that—unless you have a proven record of being able to tell a tale—what you're doing by creating an Alicorn OC is basically telling the universe your character is a Mary Sue. You might be shaking your head and saying: "But mine isn't!"

    Well then, why is it an Alicorn?

    This boils down to basic character creation for any given story, not just fan fiction. Any story. Character building takes effort if you want a good character. Personality traits, physical appearance and power levels are not enough to build a character.

    I will get to effective character creation in another blog, but let's just brush the basics here. Those three things I listed? Those are the seeds of your character. If you're making a real OC, something that feels relatable and is more than a medium for your projections of what a super-being is, and something that is worthy of you writing thousands of words about... saying: "He's a broody, deep, scarred character who has phoenix-like wings of flame, a horn made of obsidian with gold and silver inlays and controls the galaxy's rotation around the Great Donut!" is, besides intentionally obtuse, not telling you anything about the character, as cool as he might sound in your head.

    But back to Alicorns.

    Alicorns are basically the most powerful creatures in the world of MLP:FIM. They have the overclocked abilities of all three races of pony: unicorn magic, earth stamina/strength and pegasi flight in addition to alicorn-exclusive magic (in accordance to the show) and an undefined lifespan ranging from decades—if you want Twilight to have an early death—to centuries, millennia and, in some cases, immortality.

    They are immediately assumed to be leaders. We don't have alicorn carpenters or chefs or accountants. They're royalty.

    In summation, they are better at everything than anyone else, and if they are not right now, rest assured they will be soon enough.

    So, it's with a healthy amount of trepidation that someone in their right mind would even glance at an Alicorn OC and expect anything less than an overbearing character that is there to do something better than everyone else.

    When creating a character, you have to ask yourself what the character is for, as much as who he is, where he came from, where he's going and what his favorite food is.

    Do you need a leader? Why does it need to be an Alicorn? Why isn't your character a unicorn if he or she is part of the nobility? Or a pegasi if they're a military genius or an Earth Pony if they have a financial empire? (To cast them in the cliched roles.)

    Not being perfect or immediately liked or immediately assumed to be the rightful leader makes a character more compelling than Rictus Magnus, the Alicorn of Stallionhood and testosterone-proximity-induced-pregnancy taking the role of the boss in the local town's Winter Wrap-up. (Unless it's a comedy, but we're assuming a serious story here.)

    Sure, having an Alicorn that can fix everything in a second makes the story easier. But it also makes it less interesting. It's just as bad as rewriting the episode with a Twilight Sparkle from 1000 years in the future, with all her power, appearing and just doing everything. You don't need 1000 words for that. You just need a sentence.

    Far more interesting is when you have a less powerful character that struggles to make things work. Say like... Twilight Sparkle struggled to fit in, do something outside her expertize and deal with her mess-ups.

    Any OC, well written, can be an excellent character and friend/leader/lover/mother/son/daughter/alloftheabove. But very few ever need to be godlike figures even if you want to argue it's just in appearance.

    If your OC alicorn is the villain, do yourself a favor and don't start the story with him/her. Create suspense and don't try to give too many hints. Make people like (or hate) the villain through their charisma and their actions rather than beginning with a mysterious creature that by the end of the first 500 words we know is an alicorn.

    [...]and from the collapsing tower in the middle of the abandoned forest, which was right-smack in the center of the Lifeless Wasteland, which lay north of the Empty Continent... a creature emerged, wrapped in a cape and hood which he ripped apart in a dramatic show of strength no living being in more than 300 miles could even glimpse.

    He stepped forward, his magnificent, Adamantium Clad hooves making small craters with each step to the slavering awe of no-one whatsoever; his mighty wings of FIRE with pinions of silver extended to their full capacity, toppling down the doorframe behind him and with it finally bringing the rest of the tower down—thankfully not killing or hurting anyone since there was no one in side as previously stated.

    His horn of obsidian with inlay gold shone with eldritch energies reminiscent of the constellations floating behind him in some sort of simile of a wavy mane, which no one was around to compare them to.

    For some reason he laughed evilly, and then spoke up in a voice that sounded like Tom Hanks after smoking a chimeny, "IT IS I! RICTUS MAGNUS! I come for this world, Celestia!"

    But no one answered. Because no one was around to see it anyway.

    I have yet to see a single "prologue" (or prolog as some people insist on writing it) introducing any OC alicorn that doesn't set the story for failure. If the main characters of your story don't know he/she is an alicorn, the readers don't need to know either until it's actually relevant. This is called "The Big Reveal" in most cases and it's "big" because no-one knew for sure the character was an alicorn.

    "Well done, Twilight Sparkle," said the figure sitting languidly on the throne.

    Twilight was grateful that the guards hadn't checked the magic inhibitor they had placed on her horn, or they would have noticed the crack Applejack had managed to create on it. Now that this mysterious villain was within sight, she would be able to use the power of friendship to bring him down.

    "I am amazed you were able to discover Blueblood's duplicity. I thought I had chosen a better pawn."

    "Ponies are not pawns!" Twilight shouted, her horn flaring.

    The figure's eyes widened when she cast the blast of pure, magical friendship at it, throwing the two guards away with its sheer power. Finally, after several seconds, she relented her assault, gasping and falling to her knees, tired.

    But at least her enemy was down and they could go back home and help rebuild Ponyvi—

    "Very amusing, Miss Sparkle."

    Twilight's head snapped up and she stared in horror at the pony walking down from the throne towards her. "But-but that's impossible! You're—"

    His wing extended and pushed her mouth shut just as his horn glowed with magic, levitating the magic suppressor off of her. "Now dear, no need to state the obvious."

    A big reveal, on the other hand? Works better.

    The bottom line is: Alicorn OCs are not a good idea in general unless you have a very specific role for them and that needs to go beyond, "I needed a main character."

    So guys, any additional Alicorn OC suggestions for new authors?

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    So last night I ventured into despair... visiting again after... uh... I don't know how long.

    I know. I know. It's okay for you to roll your eyes and condemn my idiocy. To be fair, whenever one of the very few fics there that I have on watch updates, I do read them exclusively, but the actual navigating trying to find something? Well... it's been a long time.

    At first, we would publish fics in our own free (pre-yahoo geocities ftw!) pages and mailing lists. Your stories would be read mostly from word of mouth, your own promotion of your page in your 72-characters-per-line emails, and these little cute things we called "Webrings". Webrings were awesome in just... their simplicity. Then there were the pages that started organizing the links to your page... such as the Anime Web Turnpike. I saw that thing grow from 10 links to hundreds... and then they got owned by has been the same monster for a long time. It's pretty much the Mos Eisley of the written word online, and that some people here actually wish fimfiction was like that place staggers the mind.

    But, anyway. Just visiting it reminded me of just how good we have it here. And I don't mean just because of how superior Fimfic's design and implementation of social networking is in comparison, but the sheer amount of quality stuff we have here.

    Yes, we have people with horrible, regrettable "grammer" skills, and sure, not everyone is a master story-teller here either... but honestly? I think our mentality of actively engaging authors with (sometimes) constructive criticism, offers for editing, hell, even some grammar lessons right there in the comments, or the kindly PM approach with a list of needed edits has really created a space where people actually want to not write like some grotesque reject from the dark depths of modern teenage text-code communication has saved us from going into the gutter with them.

    And sure, some of you might argue that has a lot more users and what not and that we're more of a niche. But, are we? I mean, really?

    When you browse you don't just go in blind and read a list of all the fics that have been added be it Twilight fan fiction, Twilight 50 Shades of Gray fan fiction, Mario Bros. fan fiction or whathave you. (And if you do, I-I don't know what to tell you. Celestia bless your heart but you need assistance before you go AWOL.)

    You go into the category of your choice first, reducing the amount of possible results. Then you go into the series of your choice, reducing it again. There you might or not toggle the filters to reduce the story list again. But, by then your experience in is not so much different than the front page here, sans the Feature Box of course.

    And yet, in those 5000 stories listed, you will be really hard pressed to find something that doesn't have a description that makes your eyes bleed. And when you do find something with okay grammar and maybe paragraphs, the storytelling itself is so bad it just... ugh. The comments will have some pointers sometimes, but because they're always separate, there's no interaction and therefore no sense of ownership for the author to take a hard look at their story unless they are exceptional and actually make an effort.

    When you look at the front page, sure you might cringe at the 'crap' you see there. But let's be honest, just because I dislike anon fics doesn't mean they're crap in how they're written, or their grammar, or even their storytelling. It doesn't mean they're bad stories. A lot of times we just call crap something that we don't like to read... and if we ignore that dislike of the theme or maybe even the author, we can see that, for the most part, our 'crap' here, is generally better written, edited and enjoyable than an equal amount of the crap that you find in fanfiction net at any given time.

    So yeah, I just had to share my frustration with just how bad stuff is there.

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  • 3w, 1d
    To Glimpse a Wider World!

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  • 3w, 2d
    Once again curiosity rears its head.

    I've been wondering lately: how did you guys hear about me? And...

    Did you follow me because of stories? Blogs? Met me at Bronycon?

    I'm always amazed and honored by how many people follow me here. To be honest, 50, 100, 200 followers is always incredible when it comes to reading fics.

    I was once told by someone that my follower count is nothing. That her friend had 13k followers (at the time, she has more now) in Etsy and etc.

    Of course, her friend makes jewelry and designs that are pretty awesome and way beyond my own skill on the subject matter, but—and I really don't mean to be disparaging of such an achievement for her friend or visual artists in general—the fact is that looking at a picture and liking it enough to want to see more pictures requires considerably less time than reading a story and deciding if you like it or not.

    True, some people might follow me because of a story or two only, but each of you guys has been more than kind enough to read my stories and that's more than a 20 second decision.

    I am very grateful for the time you spend with me and my stories, and that you deem me worthy of following. I'd like to hear a bit about you, if you could answer the questions at the top of the blog... and maybe tell me what you look forward to from this humble smartass that probably doesn't deserve such loyalty.

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  • 3w, 4d
    Signal Boost! EqD's NaPoWriMo!

    Once again EqD has decided to RUIN OUR LIVES I mean, boost our creativity! ABagofVicodin is hosting the new National Pony Writing Month event at Equestria Daily! So, stretch out those paws/hands/tentacles/hooves and start typing!

    Also, spread the word! The more the merrier, right?

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  • 3w, 6d
    Happy Nightmare Night, Everyone!

    Awesome episode today, I think, no spoilers in this blog tho, because... Bronycon Panels!

    I was fortunate enough to share the following two panels with a bunch of awesome people!

    Advanced Writing! (Edit: Now with the official handout! Thanks BH!)

    And... Crossovers!

    Also, you should check out:  

    The Fic Goes Ever, Ever On, hosted by Applejinx!

    Dos and Don'ts

    Love is in Bloom: Shipping and Writing Romance in Fandom

    Writing Comedy: How to Make Your Horses Hilarious

    Editors, Prereaders, Reviewers: Pillars of Support

    And of course the Equestria Daily panel:

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  • 4w, 4d
    So who would win?

    I have a random question... out of my stories, who do you think would win in an all-out fight?

    I have five options, since I don't want to have the whole list and Wrex doesn't count for this one.:

    Commander Sparkle (Sparkle's No. 1 Assistant)

    Notable Mentions:

    Superior technology.

    Proved tactical superiority and knowledge.

    Trained to fight by Krogan.

    Sweetie Belle (The Sweetie Chronicles)

    Notable Mentions:

    WoD Changeling effect.

    Considerable magical power.

    Trained in formal dueling and infiltration.

    Silent Jade (The Empty Room)

    Notable Mentions:

    Legendary Assassin

    Fought corrupted minor alicorn of winter... and won.

    Considerable battle experience.

    Gestalt Trace (Gestalt Trace's Last Stand)

    Notable Mentions:

    Excellent marksmanship

    Superior technology

    Not afraid to kill

    Hidden Tale (Deceit, The Three Sisters series)

    Notable Mentions:

    Celestia's Spy Master

    Confirmed master of close combat.

    Misdirection (Changeling)

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  • 5w, 18m
    To my Mexican friends here...

    Si viven en la costa, y los estados afectados por Patricia, mantenganse seguros!

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  • 5w, 4d
    Hey, so Mistletrapped is complete!

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  • 6w, 2d
    Random TSC thingy 3

    I love Rusty's imagery.

    If I could have Rusty's and Dromicosuchus' imagery and Capn' Chrysalis' ability to beautify the simplest things (like every alcoholic drink in TSC: Best Night Ever—he would ask me to name one, tell him a bit about it maybe and then he would create these amazing drink presentations),  why I would... take like 10,000 words for a single scene to finish, but hey, IMAGINE the mental pictures you would get out of it!

    Now I would need to add... say Loyal2Luna's Citadel-influenced politics to my Babylon 5-influenced politics and Chekhov-guns and foreshadowing skills, to the already assumed integration of Capn's Game of Thrones-like politics... and dude, that scene would have more hidden meanings than that moment when the Dalai Lama arches his eyebrow at you specifically. It would have an additional 15,000 words too I'd wager.

    And then we mix our combined powers with ShortskirtsandExplosions' ability to duke out stories like a pro wrestler can decimate a waffle.

    Why... Batman himself couldn't stop us then.


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  • 6w, 3d
    Random TSC Confession 2

    I sometimes get really defensive about TSC.

    I mean, usually the author of the original story each unique chapter is based on and I both put a lot of effort into being able to meet to plan, talk about the plot and characters, explore ideas that can be touched in TSC and write it in a way that gives more insight to both the plot and progression of TSC AND their own story. These things take months and in some cases over a year.

    The thing is, it sometimes TSC is absorbed into the canon of the original story as a decision of the original story's author, and it gets to me when people start attacking the idea just because they don't want something different from what they expected to happen. This has recently come up again and again ever since a certain future crossover with TSC was announced in the original's story.

    Despite assurances that the chapters happening concurrently to the TSC chapters would not affect their enjoyment, several individuals made a point of bitching about it and downvoting responses to them about how it wasn't what they expected.

    Let me put it this way:

    Can you watch The Avengers without having watched Captain America, Thor and Iron Man? Yes. Yes you can.

    Do you probably get more enjoyment if out of it if you watch all three movies as well or maybe just one? Most likely yes.

    So why is it so difficult to understand that TSC is an extra of sorts to each story it crossovers with, or even becomes canon of? Where does the need to jump into the comments and out of your contemptuous ass make remarks on how it's such an awful idea that will ruin the story?

    First of all... the story is not yours. To begin with. And second of all... no author is forced into TSC; no author is obliged to make it canon and no author has to put up with people bitching about a decision they've made to also try to bring a bit more enjoyment in some way, shape, or form to their readers.

    While I get that TSC is not everyone's cup of tea, just going in and starting so slam it and the author and claiming how "everything's going to hell" or "it's such a bad decision" or "I'm stopping here if you do it!" (That last one is my favorite. Honestly, readers like that are not worth the effort to even look at.) is honestly petty, annoying and sadly has made me lose respect for more than one person already. Not to mention it reads like some petulant child got given caramel instead of chocolate and instead of rolling with it and see if they like it, they throw a tantrum.

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  • 6w, 3d
    Random TSC confession number 1

    So, I'm re-reading some of the chapters... and while reading The Immortal Game chapter, I remembered why I had so much trouble with it.

    It wasn't just the fact that I had very little feedback while writing it, but what struck me after re-reading the original story a couple of times were two things in my opinion:

    1) The story got progressively less interesting as a character piece the more Titan was involved. He was all-knowing without it being written in a way that logically would grant him the knowledge he had about everything, according to the logic of the story.

    So, earlier when delving into the development of the story, I talked it over with AB and I was actually really glad that he suggested the period of time that Esteem was left in charge by himself.

    Personally, I thought the biggest strength story-wise for Immortal Game, was the initial saga up to the recovery of Twilight.

    Which brought up the next problem:

    2) Esteem himself.

    You see, to me he is definitely a deplorable villain, but not a real threat. Why? Well... he never won a single battle, to begin with. His love of fighting and his Bladecasting technique were his main traits when it came to actual ability on anything martial, but we never saw him achieve any objectives.

    By no means am I saying that he was a flat character. That honor goes to Cadet, but we don't care about him. Esteem had plenty of character buildup behind him. A solid history, quirks and was basically designed so we could hate him and never empathize with him... but he was more of a Cobra Commander.

    Like, we were supposed to know he was dangerous. And I guess he was, in a fight, but not as a general threat more than your regular berserker. There was no "genius" or even a "military general" behind his choices. No real plan. The scope of his plans were so simple that after the things Twilight's Fragment put Sweetie through before, it would have been laughably easy for Sweetie to get away and join the right side of the war.

    So when I was writing him, and then measured his honest incompetence as a leader vs the actual rapport, effectiveness and cohesion of Twilight's group? Yeah. I had to change him a bit. Make him a threat on a psychological level as well... something beyond a guy that would drop everything to get Rarity in pony-to-pony combat and forget about everything.

    I dunno, I realize it wasn't the best chapter and I missed a few details that would have added more of the original flavor of the original story, but... well, at least I'm glad that whatever else wasn't the best in the chapter, Esteem at least came out as a real villain.

    Also, I realize this sounds a bit like I'm blaming The Immortal Game, but I'm not. Honestly, the real issue with those two problems as I saw them, was that it just complicated the writing for me.

    The lesson learned?

    Don't be too harsh on characters, because while you try to fix stuff you assume you need to fix, you lose sight of other details in the story.

    Edit: And maybe another lesson: As much as I try to understand a character, no one writes them like the original author.

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  • 6w, 4d
    WDTP (Or I'm throwing stuff at you people.)

    With all the changes and the demonstrated limited understanding we've seen from some users of how fan fiction works when related to an ongoing show... (ie something written two years ago is not going to respect all the details of the latest episode) I have decided to present you with a simple way of expressing a nice time-code to shut them miscreants up.

    Because really. How many times are we going to get: (I'm actually saying this aloud with a mocking tone, fyi.) "Sweetie Belle's cutie mark is not that one! Haven't you watched the show? Her magic is green not [insert color]!"

    Let's face it. People here come to read, but they bypass really obvious things, such as "chapter published in 2011" (a.k.a. before you knew ponies existed.) Then they make smart-ass comments that might be an attempt to be helpful, but they come across as the condescending whining of an overhyped lemming that just found its first ravine and discovered the rocky bottom was not high enough to make things swift.

    In order to fix this, I have created what I call: the Wanderer D Table of Placement. Or WDTP, for short.

    How does it work? Well, it's fairly simple and reminiscent of the early 90s when you had your code to let people in-the-know understand more about you at a glance. But! This time, it's for our fics!

    So how does this work? It's easy.

    In your fic, in the description after you've written the important parts, instead of posting something long like "This happens between Seasons 1 and 2", you can post the appropriate code (even in a smaller font) with the information of what season and what episode were the last canonical things to happen.

    Note: This code is obviously not necessary for fan fiction that is 100% AU, like for example Night's Favored Child or Random Elements. But then, your description should indicate that already.

    So, for example.

    The Sweetie Chronicles started in November 11, 2011, but takes place between Season 2 and 3 given that Season 2 was underway already and I wanted Sweetie to have some information about the villains of the second season.

    So the description would look like this:

    Be Awed and Amazed by the tale of Sweetie Belle as she traverses the multiverse in search of her lost mentor and friend, Twilight Sparkle! Will she find her in post-apocalyptic Equestria? Or maybe in a strange world where everypony is the wrong gender? Or even where a Pony claims to be a human? Read as she journeys through very familiar worlds you might have read about... if you dare!

    WDTP: S2/3

    Meaning that it happens between Season 2 and 3!

    Let's say that we have something like The Empty Room, which happened much earlier.

    It appeared in EqD on June 19th 2011. So clearly it occurred before season 2.

    WDTP: S1

    But those are easy examples. Let's say we have a story that takes up to Season 3, episode 4 and everthing else is non-canon from there on.

    WDTP: S3E4\NC

    From Season 3, Episode 4 forward...Not Canonical

    A bit longer, but it gets the message through, don't you think? Let's say the above, but you also want to make clear that the comics have absolutely NO relevance to your story... (because we've all had those annoying "the comic showed" comments appear from time to time.)

    WDTP: S3E4\NC-CE

    From Season 3, Episode 4 forward Not Canonical - Comics Excluded.

    That way, when the next guy comes to tell you how this or that is true, and your fic is lying! LYING! Because of this obvious oversight, you can point them to this blog post.


    S# = Season Number

    E# = Episode Number

    NC = Non-canonical

    -CE = Excluding Comics

    -IC = Including Comics

    -EB: excluding books

    -IB: including books

    / = Between indicators

    \ = Non-canonical from the last indicator

    And for ease of dating:

    S1 - Season 1

    S2 - Season 2

    S3 - Season 3

    S4 - Season 4

    S5 - Season 5

    Anyway, I figure this could help. Or maybe not. I dunno. If I could draw ponies I would've drawn a nice chart with Twilight and Pony!Shimmer explaining things.

    What do you guys think? Useful?

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I've heard a lot of things...

I have marginally followed arguments about it, and honestly, what I will say below might have been said several times, but for now, bear with me.

I know that there are a lot of people angry about the lack of representation of our female bronies. And if you feel that way, you're right.

I don't dislike the documentary. Quite the contrary; I believe it went as far as it could with covering what it was aiming to cover: That the media perception of male bronies is erroneous. Whether they achieve that or not, is up to dispute, but I really believe that they never had the intention to go any deeper than media perception about the male aspect of our fandom.

Which sucks, mostly because that's not what we believed it would be about. I think, if we are to have a Brony Documentary, it has to be done celebrating what makes us strong: that we are inclusive. That we respect and appreciate all members of our community. From troll to outstanding bronies, we, in general accept who each of us are and what we love. Now, before you point out that we ban trolls for excessive attitudes, it is true that we do so, but, there has to be a limit on how much you can annoy people. If you want to argue this point, feel free to do so in another thread/blog, or PM with me, okay?

Anyway, back to the matter at hand.

Are female bronies, (or pegasisters) not appreciated enough? Yes.

Do people think that we, the male bronies, relish on the thought that we are special because we are males who like MLP? Yes.

Are we more special than our counterparts because of it? Hell eFFING no. Nope.

So, the documentary centers on media perception. Not in our history, or who we really are. Are we manly? Or are we Bronies?

I don't see "Brony" as a male word. Sure, the implication is there, but the meaning of it as we KNOW is not simply males. That's Fox News talking. Not Brony talk.

So, here's what I propose: Let's make our own, amateur Documentary FOR Bronies, BY Bronies.

Can we do it? YES. We can.

How? Simple. How many of us are in college? How many of us have editing skills? How many of us are studying communications, sociology, any sort of media studies? We can do it. We can use university cameras, we can cover the whole world BECAUSE we come from the whole world.

We have so much raw talent.

We have united as a community before, more than once to help any of us in need. Let's prove it. We can ask celebrities to help us, but we can do without. I KNOW you all have it in you. I know, IF we want, we can form some sort of cohesive project and make it work.

Are we going to let our sisters go away unsung and unappreciated? Hell no.

Who's with me?

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#1 · 148w, 5h ago · 18 · ·

I like this idea.

#2 · 148w, 5h ago · 1 · ·

*raises hand*

#3 · 148w, 5h ago · 1 · ·

Very nice.

#4 · 148w, 5h ago · 1 · ·

That sounds like a fantastic idea. Honestly, I'm surprised it hasn't already been done.

#5 · 148w, 5h ago · 1 · ·

You have my mental support.

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I've never even thought of "brony" being strictly for guys, nor have I ever considered myself special for being a male audience member.   I mean shit, I'm pretty sure there are more guys that girls watching the show, so really that would make them more special than us.  I haven't seen the documentary, and I kind of don't want to because I'm afraid that they presented bronies as people who have thousands upon thousand of MLP dolls and sing all the songs on trains.

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Nah, I'll pass :applejackunsure:. But good luck nonetheless.

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There are girls who like ponies?!

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I shall support this! (I am amateur fan-artist. :3)

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I like girls.

They have boobies.

I like boobies.

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I'd be up for helping how I can, though I don't have much in the way of artisitc ability. I'm somewhat good at organization *pushes his chaotic room out of sight*

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I 32'nd this:pinkiehappy:

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I'm waiting for the dvd version to come out so I can watch the special features. But as to your point I think the makers realized that Pegasisters were neglected as part of the fandom but by that time it was too late to add them to the documentary.

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I am with you on this

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Edit: Ah, now I see, that’s much better. I don’t have the skills to help so I’m out.

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I can write, I can voice act...I'm in!

Wanderer D
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#21 · 148w, 5h ago · · ·


sorry, got carried away there

Wanderer D
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>>750844 Dude, thanks, that was completely opposite to what I was trying to say. I'm sorry I insulted you, but thanks again for catching it.

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I should empathize, I would like to help in anyway I can, to whatever extent. considerding that my teaching puts a lot of effort on me, I'll try to do what I cna

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Thank you so much for this post. That's all my feels in written word. :pinkiesmile:

And I would definitely be onboard for assisting this to get off the ground. If I'm completely honest, I've felt a bit resentful about 'not existing' in some places despite having just as much stake in and love for the series. Not resentful in a 'rawr I hate guys' kind of way, because that's stupid. Just :fluttershysad:.


Hon, you're not helping.

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are not Paleosteno and Saberspark working on a brony documentary?  saber made "ballad of the brony" and paleo did something similar.

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I have some editing and animating skills. I'm all for this idea. Let me know if I can help!

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You have my support.:rainbowdetermined2:

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This idea doesn't sound too bad. Very well, You have my editing.

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In short, IMO, the whole documentary was a circlejerk idealization of bronies.  I hate how they focused on fox news, there were plenty of other news outlets that ridiculed bronies.  I also didn't like how they painted conservatives as the enemy.  I am a conservative/libertarian and also a brony.  They completely skipped over and ignored the gritty, dirty origins and parts of the brony fandom (e.g. 4chan).  They painted the bronies like a bunch of "loving and tolerating" hippies.   "Ohhh~ just look at those poor little bronies they are misunderstood special snowflakes".

Don't get me wrong, I liked the documentary overall but that does not change my above opinion.

Edit: good luck with your documentary endeavor.

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I'll help, as a female brony who dislikes the word Pegasister for those same reasons. I can do some art, write, probably voice act (never tried, but I can keep up a discussion with myself for hours, so why not?) , and don't have an Alicorn OC. I'm totally in.

So, what do you want me to do? Publicize, plan, draw? I'm off school for a week, so I've got pretty much almost nothing to do.

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Saberspark (creator of ballad of the brony) is already making a documentary that is going to do that and more. I saw the "official" documentary as a simple introduction. The brony cronicles (the name of the fan one) is suppose to look at the fandom more closely and more critically.

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I don't see how female bronies don't receive the respect they deserve. I don't know about anyone else, but I can (in my own opinion) that the talent majority of females compared to males, only in ratio, is higher in the female range. There are more talented male bronies because there are more of them.

Point is. Women are better than men, and I don't care if anyone wants to try and argue this, I'll take it to my grave.

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I'm in.

One thing though... we should form a group for this and actually have some organization and formally, we should start AFTER season 3 because right now we don't know if Twilight is going to become Princess or not and how that might affect the community

a good example of a brony documentary is The Ballad of The Brony by Saberspark... its a one man work, but the editing is excellent and covers from Seasons 1-2.

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I agree with you in full. I would put something else intelligent here, but you already did.

Wanderer D
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>>750875 Then we throw in our support. But there doesn't need to be only one, right?

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I kinda think a more critical and objective doc would piss people off a lot more. There are a lot of things in this fandom that are better left uninvestigated.

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But, but, D! There are no women on the internet! Only really effeminate men!

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I may not have editing skills, but damn it, I have a web camera and things to say! Count me in!

And yeah, I never thought of "Brony" as a masculine term, despite the "bro" part. I just never thought about it that way.

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So a documentary focused on the fandom, male and female, and how we act among ourselves? I could get behind this. I don't know what I'd be able to add to it, but I like the idea.

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I'd be more than happy to help out in any way that I can!

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You have my calculator.

#44 · 148w, 5h ago · · ·

The only help I can get you is bringing coffee.

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oh, and I was under the impression that the term "brony" came about because the pony fad originated on the /b/ board, and b + pony = brony. I don't know for sure if this is true; either way I never considered it particularly exclusively masculine.

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Yes, I'm with you.


#47 · 148w, 5h ago · 1 · ·


you're terrible :rainbowlaugh:

I'm in!! :pinkiehappy: not that i have any talent with visual arts of any kind :ajbemused:

#49 · 148w, 4h ago · 2 · ·


(Yes, I do like this idea, not as a snub or anything but I just love this idea in general and would like to participate if I can.)

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Let's make our own, amateur Documentary FOR Bronies, BY Bronies.

You're proposing a dangerous thing, D.

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